Sir Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson's party apology is 'worthless'

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • Sir Keir Starmer has slammed Boris Johnson's apology over attending a lockdown garden party as 'offensive' and 'pretty worthless'.

    During PMQs, the Labour leader confronted the Prime Minister, asking him 'when will he do the decent thing and resign?'

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Comments • 1 790

  • Matthew Waller
    Matthew Waller 19 hours ago +1

    The ordinary person got fined, yet Boris will no doubt get away with it yet again purely because of his position. One rule for them and one for the rest of us.

  • Stuart F
    Stuart F 19 hours ago +661

    Johnsons arrogance is beyond unbelievable.

  • Dave Tighe
    Dave Tighe 19 hours ago +312

    My brother died of covid in May 2020, couldn't visit him in hospital, hadn't seen him during the 6 weeks of his hospital stay, there was a closed funeral which I wasn't allowed to attend and I never saw him again due to the restrictions in place, this makes me feel sick.

  • Rita Stewart
    Rita Stewart 19 hours ago +414

    I find it difficult to understand how ''' I want to apologise'' is being regarded as an apology.

    NE16 REGION 19 hours ago +355

    "I sympathise with people who have suffered up and down this country" hard to believe from a man who sat across from a woman who had lost her father, pretended to care, all the while sitting in the same garden that him and his cronies had been slamming back "booze". Disgrace to the country, all of them.

  • Tanner Wilson
    Tanner Wilson 19 hours ago +450

    Even as an American! Make him face a no confidence vote and force him out. He’s had major issues way beyond the parties.

  • Donna Blackman
    Donna Blackman 19 hours ago +337

    Boris is innocent just like prince andrew 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Fawzie Kefli
    Fawzie Kefli 19 hours ago +215

    He regrets being caught and wished that he had made sure there was

  • Carol Shortall
    Carol Shortall 19 hours ago +308

    He’s saying he thought it was a work meeting!

  • ShadowRaven
    ShadowRaven 19 hours ago +95

    Can we introduce a "lead by example" law where anybody that is part of government or a political party is to be given the maximum penalty for any crimes they are deemed guilty of?

  • Starcry
    Starcry 19 hours ago +90

    I had a trumatic birth (ended in a c-section) and had to do it without my husband and then stay alone in an understaffed ward for a week. (Thus my medical needs weren't properly met.) My husband didn't even know I was alive until my mum used her status as a member of NHS staff to get into the hospital see if I was ok.

  • Roz Power
    Roz Power 19 hours ago +139

    Any apology is just adding insult to injury!!! to those people who lost love ones and who could not be there to hold their hands and say good bye I cannot imagine the deep loss and anger and I am so very sorry for those people. Its beyond disgusting!!!! people were praying for him when he had covid and in Intensive Care I am not saying that is wrong but people really need to WAKE UP

  • Sir Chris Witless, jesuit puppet

    “If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let us do it.”

  • DErek BERT
    DErek BERT 19 hours ago +61


  • Conor Macgregor
    Conor Macgregor 19 hours ago +95

    I have never laughed so much whilst watching PMQs 😂

  • Will B
    Will B 19 hours ago +94

    Anyone that was fined for breaches to covid policy should be refunded

  • Cecilia Decker
    Cecilia Decker 19 hours ago +74

    He keeps repeating that he wishes that things had been done differently. I guess he means that he wishes they had covered up the parties in a better way. No shame.

  • C Young
    C Young 19 hours ago +73

    Ladies and gentlemen, WE GOT HIM

  • LS
    LS 19 hours ago +172

    He should have said i went out into the garden to test my eyesight 🤣

  • Thomas Jeremy Visser
    Thomas Jeremy Visser 19 hours ago +142

    If BJ really wants to honour the people that make a difference, he should resign.