Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Gradle and Jenkins


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  • Salvador Juan Martinez

    This was an awesome presentation, helped me a lot to get started

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 7 years ago

    There's a typo in the task integrationTest config (slide 37 at 24:16):
    testResultsDir = file("$testResultsDir/integration")
    $testResultsDir is not defined. What should it be?

    • Salvador Juan Martinez
      Salvador Juan Martinez 6 years ago

      +Andrew McLaughlin default for unit tests is "$buildDir/reports/tests" , so guess you could use "$buildDir/reports/integration" for example.
      Also, since i'm doing this, using Gradle 2.8, using testResultsdir and testReportDir is deprecated, the new way is this:
      reports.junitXml.destination = file("$buildDir/test-results")
      reports.html.destination = file("$buildDir/reports/integration")

  • Tony DelAguila
    Tony DelAguila 6 years ago +10

    Nice Presentation, loved the Austrian/Arnold Schwarzenegger/Terminator accent, kept me engaged!

  • Wilson Mar
    Wilson Mar 6 years ago

    [27:31] liquibase and flyway compares schema versions

  • Anderson Vieira vale
    Anderson Vieira vale 3 years ago

    do you have github with this codes?

  • himanshu goyal
    himanshu goyal 2 years ago

    can i get github repo path if you created any public repositories? I would like to implement it on localhost