What goes on in WayV...

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
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    subtitles via wayv subs
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  • Moomin Jeno
    Moomin Jeno  Month ago +86

    watch my other wayv video as well 🥺
    hendery: thexvid.com/video/oLHszFW1LS8/video.html
    wayv: thexvid.com/video/6r5An_NkgU4/video.html

  • Cíntia Nishiwaki
    Cíntia Nishiwaki 3 days ago

    1:16 🥺🔥❤️😩

  • Cíntia Nishiwaki
    Cíntia Nishiwaki 3 days ago

    0:37 U DIDN'T DO THIS 😂 "Yangx2"

  • Le
    Le 5 days ago

    8:34 wayv earth sign line Virgo moon winwin taurus moon lucas and kun. Theyre so comfortable and happy ilovethem

  • Ice Si
    Ice Si 7 days ago

    คือเฮนเดอร์รี่อ่ะทำไมเรียกชื่อเตนล์ชัดจัง สำเนียงนางดูคล้ายๆคนไทยด้วย

  • Sasha
    Sasha 8 days ago

    Yangx2 hahah wtf

  • Katherine Bittner
    Katherine Bittner 8 days ago

    This is why I wanna live in Sam's basement

  • Eu T
    Eu T 9 days ago +1

    8:35 this is the most I have heard WinWin speak

  • Avery Wendell
    Avery Wendell 11 days ago +1

    2:44 i choked wtf

  • Amy Jinnie
    Amy Jinnie 12 days ago

    Can anybody tell me the song on 3:20 ? Thanks in advance

  • y. 7yd__
    y. 7yd__ 13 days ago

    0:01 song please?

  • Dhenok Maria Ulva
    Dhenok Maria Ulva 13 days ago

    The C in WayV really stands for Crackheads
    dont argue

  • Joanna Marie Gallo
    Joanna Marie Gallo 14 days ago

    Are they in sm entertainment korea or china?

    • Moomin Jeno
      Moomin Jeno  13 days ago

      Joanna Marie Gallo When employed: they fly to sm ent china but otherwise theyre always at sm ent korea

  • Asiya Kareemullah
    Asiya Kareemullah 15 days ago

    Jaehyun: don't touch my bread. Don't look down on me.

  • Eunice Cho
    Eunice Cho 16 days ago

    Lucas is pretty normal here while Hendery is wild.

  • Eunice Cho
    Eunice Cho 16 days ago

    Who wants to visit SM basement now?!
    Can we get out sane if ever?

  • m fng
    m fng 16 days ago

    kun is so sweet and precious ahhh

  • Mimi Know
    Mimi Know 17 days ago +1

    Me: Hey, look at my cool drawing!
    Friend: What? It looks like a simple stick figure.

  • evelyn hbjjhb
    evelyn hbjjhb 20 days ago


  • Levay Zafiro
    Levay Zafiro 20 days ago +1

    ten is so uwu

  • Downright Delinquent
    Downright Delinquent 20 days ago

    Lucas misses Mark and Jungwoo. I can see it in his eyes❤️😋. Lucas seems so mature and laid back here.

  • Downright Delinquent
    Downright Delinquent 20 days ago

    Gosh they are those guys who never run out of something to do.
    Yayy I have the same shoes hendery has

  • Anna Dziekonska
    Anna Dziekonska 21 day ago

    No one:
    Not one person in the world:

    Winwin:iT'S nOt tHAt SiMpLE

  • Little Rania
    Little Rania 21 day ago

    Heyy I was wondering if they could speak Korean? I mean yangyang, hendery and xiaojun ? I am curious

  • Wawa Wanie
    Wawa Wanie 24 days ago

    i can see winwin happy😰

  • ArmyAhgaseAtinyMonbebeStay MyDayNCTzenOnceInsomnia

    Im a new NCT (all Units) stan and fron what I heard, Im glad that they feel more comfortable now

  • Ms. ƙ-Trash
    Ms. ƙ-Trash 25 days ago

    Title: what goes on in wayv ?
    Me: what doesn’t go on in wayv?

  • mefa ahani
    mefa ahani 25 days ago

    that's it. i'm donating all my braincells to wayv

  • jeonkookie01
    jeonkookie01 26 days ago

    I can not wait to see WayV with Chenle and Renjun. 👌❤

  • Taeyongie뚜잉 뚜잉

    8:18 - 8:48 i never saw and heard winwin talking this much.

  • Loveburningheart
    Loveburningheart 29 days ago +3

    the maknaes should be grateful ten is limited in chinese otherwise he would show them no mercy...

  • OneUp
    OneUp Month ago

    Is there dorm in Korea or China?

  • FullsunCulture
    FullsunCulture Month ago +3

    Hyuck said yangyang feels like a hyung. Wtf lmao now is when we know how childish and extra they can be

  • valemi
    valemi Month ago

    could it be Lucas isnt as close to the wayv members?, (new NCT members)

    • valemi
      valemi Month ago

      @Moomin Jeno Sorry I didn't know

    • Moomin Jeno
      Moomin Jeno  Month ago

      huhh??? lucas and hendery are literally best friends lol + the new members (xiaohenyang) joined the company in 2016 (w lucas only)

  • Aka Admin
    Aka Admin Month ago

    Who is still waiting to see the video about Hendery eating up a cat or at least the head of the cat? (I mean the thumbnail)

    • Aka Admin
      Aka Admin Month ago

      Moomin Jeno Thank you I will check it out! ;)

    • Moomin Jeno
      Moomin Jeno  Month ago +1

      Aka Admin hendery uploaded that picture on weibo :(

  • rajana xx
    rajana xx Month ago

    You know I can even understand korean better than Chinese. And that‘s scares me bcs I only can say : ,,Hello, My name is...“ in Korean.

  • Kpop boy groups makes me forget who i stan


  • C
    C Month ago

    11/10 chameleon impression

  • hae ra
    hae ra Month ago +1

    Damn how other people can ignore this bunch of crackhead😂

  • Deena Lee
    Deena Lee Month ago

    What does Gege and Didi mean? Im new to the culture

    • Moomin Jeno
      Moomin Jeno  Month ago +1

      Deena Lee
      Gege - Brother brother like “hyung/oppa” in korean
      Didi - little brother

  • moonchild luna
    moonchild luna Month ago

    im glad winwin talks a lot here, although I love it when he is in NCT 127 its nice to see him comfortable in speaking , I dont know but when i first saw him in NCT its like he is holding his breathe for a very long time

  • Drea_Ddaeng said
    Drea_Ddaeng said Month ago

    Kun, I'll include you in my prayers. Be strong biby

  • neolatte
    neolatte Month ago +1

    Kun already lost his braincells, WayV is too dangerous-

  • Julia Lawless
    Julia Lawless Month ago

    Seriously Lucas saying Ukraine is pretty made me almost fall to the floor sobbing. I'm so happy someone said my home is pretty

    • Moomin Jeno
      Moomin Jeno  Month ago +1

      Please,,, I've only seen it because of not but lord, thaT PLACE IS GORGEOUS

  • Eula Pilongo
    Eula Pilongo Month ago

    What did i just get into
    I have exams next week- why am i here

  • Disoryented
    Disoryented Month ago

    I need more Lucas in my life. Seriously

  • Rafaella
    Rafaella Month ago

    I STAN

  • Sami Mais
    Sami Mais Month ago

    Off topic but does anyone else get kpop music vids as ads (cuz last time it was Itzys ice mv and now it is seventeens hit mv )

  • jellalsprincess
    jellalsprincess Month ago

    "Yangx2" looks so funny to me

  • Lela Aqiashvili
    Lela Aqiashvili Month ago

    I wonder if wayv's makne line meet teail what would they call him?

  • Leah W
    Leah W Month ago +2

    Hendrey is coming for everyone's THROATS

  • •e v e r g l o w•
    •e v e r g l o w• Month ago +3

    wayv generally seems like the most crackheaded unit in nct but it they all seem so fun!

  • Lucent Fox
    Lucent Fox Month ago +1

    SM’s basement be wildin’. Also, I’m so happy that WinWin talked more because whenever I see him in 127 he’s way quieter. And let’s all admit it, they are the definition of crackhead culture. (I understood bits and pieces of what they were saying, so I’m not a total failure)

  • Brianna Shah
    Brianna Shah Month ago

    10:31 love this outro!

  • David Godos
    David Godos Month ago +2


  • Samera Star
    Samera Star Month ago

    Winwin is actually cold and shy at first but if he gets used to someone, he turns into the loudest cutest thing ever

  • Joseph Solace
    Joseph Solace Month ago

    H-hendery actually got ten to act cute...that’s an impossible feat

    • Moomin Jeno
      Moomin Jeno  Month ago +2

      Joseph Solace please- ten’s always acting cute in wayv 😂

  • Julliana Timbane
    Julliana Timbane Month ago +1

    8:20-8:40 I've never seen winwin speak so much I'm shook.

  • Stefanie Nguyen
    Stefanie Nguyen Month ago

    Winwin finally talks more (and has more line) because Mandarin is a language in which he is fluent

  • Daphne Blake
    Daphne Blake Month ago +1

    I hate how accurate Hendery's chameleon walk is