Is this the biggest ever gap in terms of quality between Man United & Liverpool? | The Debate

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
    Steve Sidwell & Gary Rowett discuss how Manchester United have ended up in their current predicament.
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  • Noel Dowds
    Noel Dowds Month ago

    Should't Ask Gary Rowett He's Probably looking to goto BT ( He loves a move )

  • Darren Hicks
    Darren Hicks Month ago

    Man Utd need to stop living in the past. Fergies gone, deal with here & now! Top 4 dont exist anymore and lets celebrate change, your leicesters, crystal palaces etc are all up there now, this is why the PL is exciting, boring same ol same ol has gone!!

  • Raihanur Rahman
    Raihanur Rahman Month ago

    Steve was ended a draw

  • Jess Lana
    Jess Lana Month ago

    Who’s here after the 1-1 result? What did you think of the game? And the ref?

  • Paul Scott
    Paul Scott Month ago

    When champions league finals are the norm for Liverpool it shows the level at what liverpool are playing at so hopefully we can win the prem this season ,as for the result today i cant really say my head says its a draw lets see


    Ole has started the REAL rebuild traction will start and build up this season towards the end SADLY

  • Furio Giunta
    Furio Giunta Month ago

    A player that sat on the bench left the club years ago.
    This player is bought back as being the best player of the squad.
    Is it me or sounds this a bit strange.
    This way of running a company is pure poison/sabotage for what United STOOD for and a lack of self respect.

  • Eric Mugerwa
    Eric Mugerwa Month ago

    It was naive and irresponsible of Ole to expect Rashford and James to play every game. Selling Lukaku ironically puts youngsters at risk of injury etc

  • Eric Mugerwa
    Eric Mugerwa Month ago

    If Man Utd had Lukaku they wouldn’t be so bad now so it was terrible squad management and that few mill they got for Lukaku they’ve paid for with PL points...

  • Furio Giunta
    Furio Giunta Month ago

    You need the very best people at the top of your company.
    Obviously they're not working for Man U.
    Anything above 7th place as objective would be ludicrous.

  • Solo Vagant
    Solo Vagant Month ago

    You'd have to be seriously delusional to think that Solskjaer can tactically outwit Herr Klopp .........

  • Princely H. Glorious

    Nicklas Bendtner scored as many goals as Rashford (so far) in less games. Nicklas Bendtner was a bloody joke - just that Rashford is English.

  • 66kaisersoza
    66kaisersoza Month ago

    football is too scrutinised nowadays jesus!. The fun in football is being sucked out more and more, im starting to lose interest

  • Cody Rudra
    Cody Rudra Month ago

    Klopp knows how much hype Media giving about man u ...for Liverpool point of view every game is final ....they will be fully prepared.

  • Avishek Chowdhury
    Avishek Chowdhury Month ago

    I dont see football just by winning and losing...winning and losing can be impacted by good luck / bad luck.....But the actual performances and playing styles

    On that point, this liverpool team is one of the best ...most probably the best team in premier league.....They now lost 1 game....1 game for almost a season and half and drew only 7

  • Liverpool 4 Ever
    Liverpool 4 Ever Month ago

    The tone in this video is so filled oh hatred to The REDS!
    FYI we are going to beat the sht out of the mancs

  • Nico Widjaja
    Nico Widjaja Month ago

    Hi ferdinand scholes and gary how are you today? Please support ole for 10 years. He is your friend wright?

  • jake jackman
    jake jackman Month ago

    Ole looks like Professor McGonagall

  • Fully Lit
    Fully Lit Month ago

    Steve sidwell would only improve the Man Utd squad 😭😂😂😂😂

  • Mads Nielsen
    Mads Nielsen Month ago

    And nobody are talking about Tottenham

  • cameron dempsey MCFC 1894

    Biggest ever gap.... What about when United got relegated and city and Liverpool were challenging for titles in late 60s early 70s history just repeating itself

  • Corner Back
    Corner Back Month ago +1

    And now we go to football legends Steve Sidwell and Gary Rowett

  • Andy G
    Andy G Month ago

    also the biggest ever gap between the top and bottom in recent years , not great for the premier league teams at the top getting almost 100 points and one at the bottom 20. just points to a poor league compared to 10 years ago in my opinion.

  • Dee Jarrett
    Dee Jarrett Month ago

    Solkjaar is starting to resemble Golum from Lord of the Rings.

  • ThisIsTheTruth
    ThisIsTheTruth Month ago

    Man United gonna cry like a Bitch at Sunday

  • Corey Dawson
    Corey Dawson Month ago

    Why does Steve Sidwell sound exactly like Gareth Southgate 😂

  • ManUTD 4Life
    ManUTD 4Life Month ago +9

    Probably when Liverpool had Roy Hodgson and were 19th at 1 point and United were going after our 19th title?

    • IDOWU
      IDOWU Month ago

      @Paul Scott nice

    • Paul Scott
      Paul Scott Month ago

      Now its nice to see your arrogance smack you in the face cause who is laffin now you have a team of no marks he he lmao ynwa6 super cup

  • Habib Gullam Alibaba

    Man United being true to its word... you don't buy success. You buy what city are rumoured to chase.

  • karld83
    karld83 Month ago

    Let's say utd win tomorrow....confidence will be up and it's not too far then behind liverpool. Anything can happen and stranger things have happened but utd could mount a title challenge..the size of the club and history could sweep them along

  • Abdul Mannan Bashir
    Abdul Mannan Bashir Month ago +1

    Never underestimate Man Utd even with our setbacks we are still UNITED

  • F1GPP
    F1GPP Month ago


  • evil_befall
    evil_befall Month ago +1

    Should have let pogba go to real
    now hes crying we wont let him go and its affection him

  • Manchester Is Red
    Manchester Is Red Month ago

    Ole keeps making the same mistake and no one is highlighting it...Fred, pereira, young and mata are not good enough...Williams, Garner, Gomez and anyone else would make us a far better team creating far more goals

  • Wzi k
    Wzi k Month ago +1

    Gary rowett the biggest ever gap is between them stuck out ears 👍

  • Lion D. Luffy
    Lion D. Luffy Month ago

    I'm ready to bet anyone that Utd will win this match

    • Prithvi
      Prithvi Month ago

      Lion D. Luffy

  • Andy S
    Andy S Month ago +1

    Keep up the good work Ole 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 your doing a brilliant job 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Margaret Ledwidge
    Margaret Ledwidge Month ago

    After just 9 games ,, Liverpool are 18 points above man u who are in the relegation zone ,, Norwich up next for yet another man u tonking

  • Phospherous
    Phospherous Month ago


  • greengreensio
    greengreensio Month ago

    Manager is the blame for this... no back up striker is just dump.

  • greengreensio
    greengreensio Month ago

    Manager is the blame for this... no back up striker is just dump.

  • Ravlar RS
    Ravlar RS Month ago

    Thing is Liverpool self funded a lot of transfers through Coutinhio

  • Tha Poet
    Tha Poet Month ago

    Absolutely not

  • Conor S
    Conor S Month ago

    You are forgetting two little times called the 70s and the 80s

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ Month ago

    All the harsh digs we getting we deserve. Liverpool gon have a field day

  • daft wod
    daft wod Month ago

    Sidwell said chinks. We should ruin his life.

  • Dom Edwards
    Dom Edwards Month ago

    I mean United were relegated once, so no

  • mikexhotmail
    mikexhotmail Month ago

    Agree...still those gap has anything to do with who is going to win the match.
    ps. For performance wise the position on the table already answered that?

  • M Zico
    M Zico Month ago

    Ole needs to go mayn

  • Eazy Kidda
    Eazy Kidda Month ago

    pathetic get 2 proper pundits on!!

  • Billy Moore
    Billy Moore Month ago

    No. Liverpool were absolutely shite during United's dominance in the 90s

  • NoSurrender786
    NoSurrender786 Month ago

    United are definitely the Liverpool of the 90s

  • Gabbylicious One
    Gabbylicious One Month ago +4

    The biggest gap is when Man United were in their prime

  • Shu-ya Zhao
    Shu-ya Zhao Month ago

    For goodness sake, haven't you people learn from your bad or wrong choice of players to acquire? Man Utd current players need only three players to turn things around:

    1. Bring back Christiano Ronaldo to mentor Rashford, Martial and Greenwood
    2. Sign Marco Reus to stabilize the midfield attack and defense
    3. Sign Ganso from Santos to bring attacking creativity to the team

    Stop investing in players that don't synergize with the current young team. Learn to listen from We The Fans.

    • Margaret Ledwidge
      Margaret Ledwidge Month ago

      Yep the same current young team you mention are total crap, and not good enough for the prem , take a look at the Chelsea young players who are miles way above your crappy young players ,, after only 9 games you are 18 points behind liverpool which also means you will be probably be in the relegation zone

  • B Roadman
    B Roadman Month ago

    United are the most overrated team in history

    JON EDWARDS Month ago


  • realnesx
    realnesx Month ago

    Selling lukaku bad mistake and martial would play better in a better team

  • MB Pal
    MB Pal Month ago

    Jus imagine mane salah tht speed n firmino flicks around , jus raping these lads

  • duncan perry
    duncan perry Month ago

    I see Sky Sports are hyping this game up to be the biggest upsets of the season. Same as the Newcastle, Leicester city games and all the other's beforehand.

  • Vic Vinegar
    Vic Vinegar Month ago

    Liverpool were shite for thirty years. There has been a chasm of quality between Liverpool and Man United in all that time which has only been bridged recently. Football fans have goldfish memories.

    • Margaret Ledwidge
      Margaret Ledwidge Month ago

      Bit of vinegar to go with the salt eh ,, man u 18 points behind the mighty liverpool after just 9 games which will probably be 40 odd by the end of this season ,, keep spreading the love Vic with your Banter/Deadwood club , the shame of world football ,, I seriously think man u will get a proper tonking 5 nill on Sunday and that will probably put man u in the relegation zone what with being just 2 points above just now ,, 😏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Next Machina
    Next Machina Month ago

    I reckon United should sack Ole Gonna Solskjaer and appoint Jeremy Corbyn as manager. No qualifications required. ☹😖🙁😯