Anything In Your Color, I'll BUY It - Challenge

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • We can Only Buy and Eat One Colored Item / Food for 24 Hours Challenge! (I'll Buy Anything In Your Color Challenge with FaZe Kay, FaZe Jarvis and Girlfriend)
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Comments • 2 147

  • FaZe Kay
    FaZe Kay  Month ago +738


  • Gino Poblete
    Gino Poblete 7 hours ago

    The 20 dollar Nintendo gift card is red

  • Johan Ocampo
    Johan Ocampo 18 hours ago

    You’re my favorite TheXvid or

  • Antonio Johnson
    Antonio Johnson Day ago

    Can we play fortnite together

  • Sum_ _buckets YT

    Jarvis buy red iPhone 📱

  • est king
    est king Day ago

    Jarwis stuff is beast

  • Alex Vue
    Alex Vue 2 days ago

    Doritos= 🌱
    Plants= Doritos

  • Fort- Kid1234
    Fort- Kid1234 2 days ago


  • Frank alvarado
    Frank alvarado 2 days ago

    A RED Xbox wtf

  • Gabriel K 2029
    Gabriel K 2029 3 days ago


  • Kyle Buelte
    Kyle Buelte 3 days ago

    you are just a knock off FaZe Rug

  • MatrixFear
    MatrixFear 4 days ago +2

    *points at plants* "we got some Doritos"

  • Breena Breedlove
    Breena Breedlove 4 days ago

    Get a ps4

  • Nerf Central
    Nerf Central 4 days ago

    Faze kay- this is a 24 hour challenge come on wake up
    The rest of the vidio - them eating making a mess and playing games

  • Justin Gilman
    Justin Gilman 6 days ago

    i got both

  • Big Panda OG
    Big Panda OG 7 days ago

    THAT'S RACIST!!!!😂😂

  • Air J0rdan
    Air J0rdan 7 days ago

    Green Doritos wow

  • X x_Sami_x X
    X x_Sami_x X 8 days ago

    Low key kinda satisfying swing the cart being just all blue

  • cocogeorgia
    cocogeorgia 8 days ago

    Your garbage

  • Elijah Davis
    Elijah Davis 8 days ago


  • Werner Roelofse
    Werner Roelofse 10 days ago +1

    They are so dum they should buy iPhone 11 s

  • ThatXboxNerd Needssubs


  • Madison Curry
    Madison Curry 10 days ago

    Your boogers are green buy them lol 😂😂😂💯

  • Caleb Hart
    Caleb Hart 10 days ago

    Can I have a PS4 gift card

  • Uo Nes
    Uo Nes 10 days ago +1

    The oreo cereal is black

  • Basra Afi
    Basra Afi 11 days ago

    Hello faze kay, or I should say Plant MAN

    THE KING 12 days ago


  • Brian Alvarez
    Brian Alvarez 12 days ago

    Wow that’s insane 😂

  • tryhaderbro
    tryhaderbro 13 days ago

    where was the xbox cards

  • tryhaderbro
    tryhaderbro 13 days ago

    where were they

  • Apollo Ramon
    Apollo Ramon 13 days ago

    bro u guys have a maid in the house u guys are mean u have slaves just clean stuff by urself

  • DC Dumping Hipster
    DC Dumping Hipster 14 days ago

    Good thing my subscribe button is not red anymore and my bell is ringing and the Luke is blue lol

  • Rapid Snow
    Rapid Snow 14 days ago

    When will u perpose to charllete

  • Dylan McCullough
    Dylan McCullough 14 days ago

    Why didn’t Jarvis buy a red iPhone XR or iPhone 11 and Charlotte could of bought a blue one and frasher could of bought the green 11

  • Ryan Treacy
    Ryan Treacy 15 days ago

    WTFB i didt see the giftcard

  • Yahvieth Mulero
    Yahvieth Mulero 15 days ago

    Yes yes yes yes

  • Diamond DimeZ
    Diamond DimeZ 16 days ago

    Morgz V2 😂

  • Mon Ahmed Manzur
    Mon Ahmed Manzur 16 days ago +1

    Jarvis spend the most.

  • Kelsie Torres
    Kelsie Torres 16 days ago

    Oh my guys

  • Hasnain Iqbal
    Hasnain Iqbal 16 days ago

    I think sharlet hasnain the best stuf

  • Veaks
    Veaks 16 days ago

    Grabs and slaps her butt trying to wake her up

  • Gaming With Yosef
    Gaming With Yosef 17 days ago

    There in 807

  • Tony Halkias
    Tony Halkias 17 days ago

    Jarvis got da best food

  • Steffan Lund
    Steffan Lund 17 days ago

    I want 1 xbox live card

  • Lento Lemonade
    Lento Lemonade 17 days ago

    Gold digger JK

  • Zio Kim
    Zio Kim 18 days ago +3

    Frazier: You're spending so much money!
    *Mr. Beast has entered the chat*

  • Tyler Terry
    Tyler Terry 18 days ago


  • Alex on ipad
    Alex on ipad 19 days ago

    They probably did not buy it

  • Yimello
    Yimello 19 days ago

    Ur buying cereal, that is way too expensive

  • JadenStiles
    JadenStiles 19 days ago

    Uk people can buy looks of 1k vbucks but USA it’s 10 bucks for 1k

  • Mythic Gaming
    Mythic Gaming 19 days ago

    My teacher no glasses inside Charlotte I don’t Charlotte I don’t give a “&$(/!@(

  • Sara Shahid
    Sara Shahid 19 days ago


  • SxuceyIV
    SxuceyIV 20 days ago +1

    1:49 “Charlotte your spending so much of my money!” Isn’t that what gold diggers are supposed to do?

  • ETC alpha
    ETC alpha 20 days ago

    I Iove you so much Faze Kay

  • Eddie Nord
    Eddie Nord 20 days ago

    5:26 Look at my cart everything is so healthy (camera pans to the 10 packets of Doritos)

  • Squire _FN_
    Squire _FN_ 20 days ago

    Charlotte should have bought every Ben and Jerry's and every pop tart

  • 123 Fraqz
    123 Fraqz 20 days ago

    She gets slime with your money to prank you with savage

  • Square zebra Xbox
    Square zebra Xbox 21 day ago

    I love u Kay your my favorite youtuber

  • Jadiel Collazo
    Jadiel Collazo 21 day ago +1

    Where’s the code ????,

  • Scarred Falcon
    Scarred Falcon 21 day ago

    Kay sees plant tHaTs iNaNe bRo