AI Learns To Play CS:GO By Watching Humans Play!

  • Published on May 24, 2021
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    As a CSGO fan myself, this video has been so fun to make. I know that Valve has been developing their own bots with deep learning or something, but they have not released any information about it so I can't really discuss about them.

    This research is rather fascinating because it literally watches/spectates real players and learn from them. It would be really fun if this AI agent can scale up and learn even more details about the game.

    Counter-Strike Deathmatch with Large-Scale Behavioural Cloning

    OpenAI Five
    [Project Page]

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Comments • 98

  • Paulo Rodriguez
    Paulo Rodriguez 8 months ago +193

    a bot that plays without an aimbot thats sick

    • Skdooo Bep
      Skdooo Bep 23 days ago

      Respect for the ai

    • xbon1
      xbon1 2 months ago +1

      Its aimbot jf it ever takes a single shot

    • Xarnexes
      Xarnexes 7 months ago +1

      Yes indeed

  • aceofspades
    aceofspades 8 months ago +124

    How many years do you think it will be before we have AI based bots in multiplayer games that companies use to fill servers and trick players into thinking they are humans? And also using the EA patented technology of having those bots increase or lower their abilities to create a better experience for the player. It sounds both great and a nightmare at the same time.

    • Beepboopbeep
      Beepboopbeep 20 days ago

      @Vasaysan that's because mobile games are filled with kids as well which basically are bots most of the time so nobody can tell the difference

    • Zain Ahmed
      Zain Ahmed Month ago

      A single player game where you have bot as an enemy or different character or player is a dream, but companies can abuse this to fill up their pockets

    • Manly Man
      Manly Man Month ago +4

      @Vasaysan Yeah, honestly those fake IO games need to be banned. It's dtraight up dishonesty.

    • Shadow Wrath
      Shadow Wrath 2 months ago +1

      The battleroyale mobile games already do this

    • Marco
      Marco 2 months ago +3

      @trenton king just look at the names of the player you are playing with lol. Depending on the hour, I'd say at least 40% of players are computers. Name example (Julie/Elizabeth/Timothy) VS (bigsnakeXxX/yourmom/donteatme/bigD)

  • Fadexz
    Fadexz 8 months ago +91

    It’s actually really impressive in my opinion, it was actually playing the game correctly 99% of the time.

  • MrVipitis
    MrVipitis 3 months ago +14

    Level 2 and level 3 are difficult concepts even after playing for 4500 hours. And that is what the highest level sets apart from casuals.

    While neural networks can develop high level strategies, it's impossible to extract them from the matrices.

  • Thomas Biddlecombe
    Thomas Biddlecombe 8 months ago +116

    I spent over 2 years making a cs go RL DNN to play it and this makes me want to yeet my self out a window

    • Nah Classified
      Nah Classified Month ago

      @StudentX reinforcement learning dense neural network

    • Tim Weissenfels
      Tim Weissenfels 2 months ago +2

      RL DNN = Reinforcement Learning Deep Neural Network

    • Farenhite
      Farenhite 5 months ago

      I still think you should try it out, perhaps training it on data first then letting it train by itself.

    • Ansh Saxena
      Ansh Saxena 5 months ago +1

      @Krida Creations thanks a lot brother❤️

    • Ansh Saxena
      Ansh Saxena 5 months ago

      @Krida Creations what does that mean?

  • Timur 52
    Timur 52 5 months ago +9

    Today I've learned that the AI is naturally blind (seeing everything in low res)

  • Sagnik Dasgupta
    Sagnik Dasgupta 3 months ago +14

    Hold up... At 5:09 did the bot jump on cat to avoid a mid awper because it saw humans do it?

    • tornado
      tornado 28 days ago +3

      thats actually so cute

    • Ghoonem
      Ghoonem Month ago +3

      That's crazy, nice observation

  • Event Horizon
    Event Horizon Month ago +3

    Imagine if they made a bot in 2030 that can compete at the professional level and you could just get software and alt accounts to have a full 6 man party of these all playing super sweaty and toxically. Now imagine you add voice to these bots so every time they curb stomp a lobby, they would shit talk and bully other players. You would have some sort of ai processing game chat into text which could feed into future generation of gpt that could respond toxically and then translate that text into an ai synthesized voice all in real time maybe on the cloud due to processing requirments.

  • StudentX
    StudentX 6 months ago +4

    is the AI accessible to public? is it possible to train it more.

  • zeebyCS
    zeebyCS 7 months ago +12

    Is it possible for the AI to learn from pro demos on HLTV? There's a biiiig resource of them there

    • zeebyCS
      zeebyCS 6 months ago +2

      @Ahmed HLTV has demos

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed 6 months ago +2

      if hltv just shows videos of players i dont think so as it wouldnt get any input data from the session such as the movement and mouse

  • outbreakm25
    outbreakm25 22 days ago

    I would love to play against these bots instead of the generic ones we get in game

  • Well Silver
    Well Silver 3 months ago +4

    AI playing Minecraft: if I crouch nobody will attack me, so I should crouch every 17 seconds and be annoying

  • Incredible Mike Frost😎

    AN important protocol should be added in these bots that they are supposed to help the gamers level up their skills. That would be fun. Like a God of war and his son type of thing.

  • M Extreme
    M Extreme 8 months ago +19

    2030: AI takes over the world

  • jlu
    jlu 3 months ago +2

    when it comes to recognizing enemy team i just use wether or not i can see their name tag above them.

  • Mega H
    Mega H 5 months ago +3

    CS 1.6 insane level ai:what the hell is this :headshoting using shotguns

  • Solome6
    Solome6 Month ago

    How did you get the inputs of the bot to the client/server?

  • YEN
    YEN 2 months ago +2

    For games like go or chess, you can put everything on a computer and just let it make a move. But I feel that if you want to play competitive games, the AI should use the same input devices such as mouse, and keyboard with the information given are only the monitor pixels and headphone sound. The AI agent should be connected to an arm and move the mouse to aim and press the keyboard to move. Otherwise, it's super unfair as computer will always manage tasks such as aiming and flicks much better than human players.

    In CSGO, you can have the best game sense and still get one tapped if your enemy has much better aim.

  • abdullah sabhan
    abdullah sabhan 8 months ago +9

    Came from discord, stayed for cs:go

  • Meyers07
    Meyers07 3 months ago +1

    Because bots actually can't see especially if it's valve game bots. Theoretically they see a top-down 2D plane of the current world/map are dots that represent items and objectives.

  • tiberius staicu
    tiberius staicu 18 days ago

    when the regular bots were too easy:

  • Fersuremaybe k
    Fersuremaybe k Month ago +1

    i think you saying that the bot for the dota2 was given more information was misleading, it was but
    it doesn't equal to them seeing you inside the fog etc

  • nan zhog
    nan zhog 2 months ago

    if there s a smoke ,how could ai solve it?

  • TruestBlu
    TruestBlu 2 months ago

    what about a bot that learns from cheaters and spinbots?

  • Juraj Pisar
    Juraj Pisar Day ago

    actually spotting bot in chess is not that hard. good chess engine are playing moves that even top players simply cannot find in time pressure

  • _ Germanikus_
    _ Germanikus_ 3 months ago

    I need that for warthunder to let the ai grind.

  • stratz808
    stratz808 10 days ago

    Cheating programs have setting for smoother aim and some even have auto walk

  • คมใน FAQ - Com-Nai-FAQ

    Bot to aimbot speedrun any%

  • My pet kirbo
    My pet kirbo 3 months ago

    Person who played shooter games and is used to calling people bots if their bad: ur a bot lol
    Person who plays chess and knows bots are op: why thank you

  • Zaid Lacksalastname
    Zaid Lacksalastname 8 months ago +14

    _laughs in doom_

  • MartianGoose
    MartianGoose 4 months ago

    Codmw2 bots
    And then i 360 no-scoped him whilst he was running from across the map


    Bro please make a tries to make a fighting game bot, SFV or MK11

  • J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan

    Didn't watch video but based on title this is like what alphazero? Leela? Stockfish? Lol

    Why are chess or 9LX clips usually about reactions interviews commentary drama memes etc while csgo or valorant clips are usually about actual plays?

  • Capi Flvcko
    Capi Flvcko 6 months ago

    Love your love for program

  • SampIeText
    SampIeText 3 months ago

    nah im good at CSGO bots
    they're smart enough

  • Cédric
    Cédric 2 months ago

    hey mate i want to taught a bot something where can i found it?

  • Hulo1O1
    Hulo1O1 3 days ago

    Ahhh i could hear the music at 0:42, long live the phoon!

  • evanthebouncy
    evanthebouncy 6 months ago +4

    openAI 5 is pretty bad if you played repeatedly against it. It basically only knows 1 strategy with a small lineup of 20 heroes in the pool, and teams were able to exploit it with boots of travel + bkb just backdooring the tower.

    unlike a human that can adapt and change strategy, the boots of travel + bkb backdoor strategy can be _easily_ replicated with anyone at a lower skill level, and in another week (should openAI five actually kept their agent online) a LOT more people would have picked up this strategy, and openAI 5 would need another month and a few million dollars to "learn" how to counter it, if it even can discover such a strategy in self play.

    I hope this clears things up

    • 129das
      129das 15 days ago

      the issue with openAI 5 is it getting all the info at once at extremely fast speed it imposable a human to do. So it going to move the best possible moves doesn't mean it will always succeed but has a high chance too. AI can react faster then humans we know that already.

    • xbon1
      xbon1 2 months ago +6

      Bro if 99.4% of pro niggas can’t figure that out then it did a good job

  • Jeremy Heggli
    Jeremy Heggli 9 days ago

    A bot in cs Go if made like chess is way to Hard to defeat. They got made that easy so players have a chance. No one want to play agist bots who carry the game. No one

  • E
    E 6 months ago +4

    2:15 maybe if all of them are bots controlled by one computer ore strong comunication betwean pc's

    • MthYsdAsd
      MthYsdAsd 6 months ago

      Guess ill be a farmer

  • Calvin Robertson
    Calvin Robertson 20 days ago

    ok this is really cool.

  • donkiGaming
    donkiGaming 2 months ago

    Never expected AI to play Battle Royale

  • X X
    X X 8 months ago +1

    very cool

  • fodeer
    fodeer 3 months ago

    No entiendo nada... me aburrí y detuve el video... aunque se que es interesante. Me gustaría descargar el video, doblar el idioma a español, reemplazar la pista de audio y subirlo de nuevo... y no te estoy pidiendo permiso...

  • glichjthebicycle
    glichjthebicycle 3 months ago

    No offence but the intro doesnt really make a lot of sense. bots in league and csgo are not designed to be good. they are just assets to use them in some scenarios such as ai games in league and to "replace" a teammate in csgo. but in chess they are specifically made to be the best possible. in csgo you could do the same. give every bot perfect movement, perfect aimbot and they just run around onetapping everyone with ak. your intro doesnt make sense.

    • BigMad
      BigMad 3 months ago

      Your explination doesnt make much sense either. What he is alluding to is the ai's lack of intelligence and complex understanding of the games, not really how well they play. if u were to give these bots perfect movement and perfect aim, they could "play" the game really well but would still lack intelligence as they are just an alorithm that doesnt change compared to machine learning ai which progressively get better overtime developing new strategies and understangings of the game.

  • gmanhero
    gmanhero 2 months ago

    you see the For honor bots tho?

  • Professhional Hunter
    Professhional Hunter 7 months ago +3

    Why the hell i hear asian instead of agent

    • galaxxxi
      galaxxxi Month ago

      @A Texan Kid exactly what he said

    • A Texan Kid
      A Texan Kid 4 months ago

      What is that supposed to mean?

  • Harrison Zandonella
    Harrison Zandonella 3 months ago

    Bruh just leave the computer on so it can keep going

    • Harrison Zandonella
      Harrison Zandonella 10 days ago

      @galaxxxi Ik it was a joke

    • galaxxxi
      galaxxxi Month ago

      thats futile because it will never be enough training to compete with 45,000 years of experience

  • Chris Died
    Chris Died Month ago

    Dude, why the fucking history lesson? Just fucking show the ai learning csgo in a timelapse...

  • Benjamin Gray
    Benjamin Gray 9 hours ago

    do ALL bots see everything as 8 bit mario no wonder they suck i to would struggle if everything was pixels

  • X4pZy
    X4pZy 4 months ago

    brust fire...

  • qaarkk
    qaarkk 8 months ago +2

    ngl i thought this was a 3kliksphilip video first

  • SoraAnime
    SoraAnime 8 months ago +2

    Dude what are the chances I just subbed literally 1 minute ago and got this notifcation now statistics kinda be out here

  • lomana lemisio
    lomana lemisio 15 days ago

    "Mr Anderson"

  • Send Help
    Send Help 8 months ago

    The yt send me too fast

  • Watercup 7
    Watercup 7 8 months ago +1


  • n8o
    n8o 8 months ago

    So Early!

    • bycloud
      bycloud  8 months ago +3

      too fast too quick

  • FilKamPL
    FilKamPL 7 months ago +2


  • Doktor_Kitten
    Doktor_Kitten 7 months ago