We're in a BIND!

  • Published on Sep 2, 2021
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  • ꧁༒Set Apart༒꧂

    Can we just spend a moment to give a cheer to "Kenzie" for juggling motherhood x2, 'sub contractor', morale booster, cook, home organizer, cinematographer, and adorable wife? You go girl! :D

  • James Maloney

    One of the true measures of a man is that he never gives up. Bravo Spencer.

  • John Freeman

    You kids are a testament to the fact that you don't need to "know" how to do a task to successfully complete it perfectly as long as you possess the resolve to research the "how to DIY's"! and the determination and ambition to follow through! Your an inspiration to everyone that ever wanted to explore uncharted adventures!

  • Joseph NA
    Joseph NA  +134

    I love how she supports him. She's always encouraging him...even when she teases him

  • VardaMusic

    Thank you sincerely for sharing your set backs and “failures” with us so openly. This episode brought tears to my eyes because of the incredible attitude you bring to these moments, and the humble way you so freely share this process helps me to see my own “failures” in a positive light, too. You are, both of you, so inspiring and bring joy.

  • Delores Lowery

    From a women that's old enough to be your mother you are a great man in every aspect of your life.

  • Bill Van Auken

    I've followed numerous couples building their own homes, conventional and otherwise. You guys are far and above the best! Your humble honesty about the process, joys and frustrations makes living the adventure with you enjoyable. Some others focus on the successes and come across as experts. You are open acknowledging your learning as you go and let us in on the problem solving and partnership aspects of DIY. Thanks for letting this 70+ old guy share in this amazing project.

  • Alison Burt

    I see I am not the only one who dreads the final music, I wait each week for the next instalment of your lives. Thank you both so much for sharing this difficult but rewarding house build, it will all be worth it so soon now.

  • Marquita Waters

    Spencer, you're doing a great job on the solar panels. I agree with Shelly: "Don't be so hard on yourself." Look at all you and Kenzie have done, and count your blessings and praise the Lord for you both are truly blessed. I'm proud of you both!!!

  • Mina Lanzetta

    If you didn’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t be learning. Loved the conversation you were having with Beau, priceless! Once it is complete, all that hard work will be worth it. Need to see more of that precious baby, too many blankets and covers hiding his face. Another great video guys.

  • BrianPhillipsRC

    Great work guys! Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of this project. Showing what went wrong is a great way to help others out with their future projects!

  • UnapologeticallyMe!

    I hate when it ends. Spencer you're doing something many of us wouldn't even dare to attempt, don't beat yourself up. The house is looking amazing and Kenz motherhood suits you, you're glowing.

  • Fisher Queen

    Kenzie, the cinematography in this one is award winning material! Seriously, your creativity and video skills really shine in this one, and I am so proud of you!

  • Greg Murray

    Kens, I really love your production of every episode if Life Uncontained. Your music choices, camera angles, audio/video quality and content shared are all remarkable. Good job, Hon!

  • china Dolldr

    This channel relaxes me! They’re both so calm, chill, peaceful, and loving! They go so well together 🥰

  • David
    David  +11

    You know, Thomas Edison comes to mind with Spencer. It took Edison 99 times to MAKE a light bulb. He didn't think that he failed 99 times. He found out 99 times how NOT to make a light bulb, but he just kept going and figured out the ONE way to make a light bulb!! That's Spencer!! He is amazing!!! Love you both!!

  • MsJWheels

    So cute to see Beau giving Daddy a few "pointers". Adorable!

  • Carol Davis

    I'm amazed how patient you are Spencer. Most men would be cursing, and throwing things around. You've acclomished alot.

  • My kitties Murphy ❤️ and Lana ❤️

    Wow! Whoever is doing the filming and editing and everything else that you’ve done for this video, a standing ovation! It was spectacular and what a thrill to see your little daughter chatting with daddy. Honestly, this is the best video you have produced so far! Congratulations on all your success. 🎉❤️😘

  • Meredith Smith

    Spencer, everything in house building is a learning process. I know that you will take pride in what you both have learned with everything accomplishments. It just amazes me what you two have done. Up rooting your lives, start from a bare piece of land, learning as you go, and all the while starting and raising a family. You both have a solid foundation (in more ways that one) to show your children what it take with hard work and perseverance will get you in life. Great job! We all love watching your achievements and can't wait to see what the future is ahead of you.