Nicki Minaj PULLS OUT Of Show In Middle East For Moral Reasons!

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
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    After controversy surrounding her upcoming show in Saudi Arabia, Nicki Minaj has decided to drop out of the event due to the country's restrictive laws.

    What’s up guys? It’s Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and Nicki Minaj has officially backed out of Jeddah World Fest in Saudi Arabia and her reasons are VALID!

    Just last week Nicki was revealed as a headliner for the upcoming international music festival, but now she has decided to forego it after better educating herself on their political restrictions.

    Nicki announced the news Tuesday saying quote, “After careful reflection I have decided to no longer move forward with my scheduled concert at Jeddah World Fest. While I want nothing more than to bring my show to fans in Saudi Arabia, after better educating myself on the issues, I believe it is important for me to make clear my support for the rights of women, the LGBTQ community and freedom of expression.”

    Nicki was supposed to perform at the event on July 18th, but groups like the Human Rights Foundation asked Nicki and other artists to pull out in protest of the country's restrictive laws.

    And that’s exactly what she did.

    And in case you don’t know what kind of restrictive laws I’m talking about -- in Saudi Arabia, gender segregation is still a thing and same sex relationships are illegal.

    Women were only recently allowed to drive and attend sporting events, so yeah, they’ve got a long way to go and Nicki obviously doesn’t want to support a place that doesn’t align with her personal views.

    This cancellation is a win for activists who regularly ask artists to boycott Saudi Arabia until their laws change.

    And many fans are supporting Nicki’s decision on Twitter.

    One person wrote quote, “Holy sh*t, I actually respect her for this.”
    And another said quote, “Good move!”
    But others are disappointed that Nicki won’t be visiting Saudi Arabia.
    One fan wrote quote, “Da f*ck we bought the tickets for u !! Why u didn’t talk before??”

    Well my suggestion to you is to get a refund, because you have to respect Nicki for this move! Do you agree with Nicki’s choice to back out of the festival? Let me know your thoughts about Nicki in the comments right down there!

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Comments • 645

  • عبدالله
    عبدالله 12 days ago

    I think she should of come in appropriate clothes that match with the country and perform

  • Diana Bates
    Diana Bates 19 days ago

    Saudi Arabia you got to respect the laws there if you don't have respect for their laws and you don't need to come there. They don't want no butt naked woman dancing on no stage in front of all the men their losses for biblical they'll never change so you can forget about it Nicki and that's good that she pulled out

  • yasmine yaso
    yasmine yaso 20 days ago

    Right decision women there are just treated like animals there is no rights and no freedom

  • Ash Zmr
    Ash Zmr 21 day ago


  • Sherry Jacobis
    Sherry Jacobis 29 days ago

    Nicki girl I happy that you did Allah will surely bless you Cus he sees that you are not a muslim and yet you respect the laws of prophet Mohammed S.A.W and the fools who decide to do something like this surely going to hell

  • malka the kool kid
    malka the kool kid Month ago


  • Hannah Mya
    Hannah Mya Month ago


  • David Pabai
    David Pabai Month ago

    For moral reason? And this is coming from a country, whose government, murdered and decapitated a journalist. And they want to lecture us about moral principles? Like seriously? Please shove it.

  • Jaha sawaneh
    Jaha sawaneh Month ago


  • George Pule
    George Pule Month ago


  • Cheikh Mbaye
    Cheikh Mbaye Month ago

    Good decision

  • abc abc
    abc abc Month ago

    thank you nicki you have saved our brothers and sister so much sins that would take them away from god, just like YoU! thank you vm for not coming ,plz keep your filth away from us

  • Leena serag
    Leena serag Month ago +1

    I’m not Saudi yet I live in Saudi. Let me tell you that I’m so, SO thankful that Niki didn’t come here, not that I hate her, but literally Saudi is one of THE most disrespectful countries when it comes to open-minded people, like niki for example. They’re SO damn close-minded. I don’t hate Saudi, I literally live here and have friends here and I love it. But sometimes you gotta face reality. Everyone here wears stuff that covers their WHOLE ENTIRE BODY (And I know that it’s for religious reasons BUT they take it too far. Look at all the other Muslim countries; Egypt for instance, the majority of it are Muslims, yet they don’t take it AS far as saudis.) Anyway Niki did the right thing, but I feel bad for people who bought tickets.

    • Leena serag
      Leena serag Month ago


  • Leena serag
    Leena serag Month ago +1

    I’m not Saudi yet I live in Saudi. Let me tell you that I’m so, SO thankful that Niki didn’t come here, not that I hate her, but literally Saudi is one of THE most disrespectful countries when it comes to open-minded people, like niki for example. They’re SO damn close-minded. I don’t hate Saudi, I literally live here and have friends here and I love it. But sometimes you gotta face reality. Everyone here wears stuff that covers their WHOLE ENTIRE BODY (And I know that it’s for religious reasons BUT they take it too far. Look at all the other Muslim countries; Egypt for instance, the majority of it are Muslims, yet they don’t take it AS far as saudis.) Anyway Niki did the right thing, but I feel bad for people who bought tickets.

  • Leena serag
    Leena serag Month ago

    I’m not Saudi yet I live in Saudi. Let me tell you that I’m so, SO thankful that Niki didn’t come here, not that I hate her, but literally Saudi is one of THE most disrespectful countries when it comes to open-minded people, like niki for example. They’re SO damn close-minded. I don’t hate Saudi, I literally live here and have friends here and I love it. But sometimes you gotta face reality. Everyone here wears stuff that covers their WHOLE ENTIRE BODY (And I know that it’s for religious reasons BUT they take it too far. Look at all the other Muslim countries; Egypt for instance, the majority of it are Muslims, yet they don’t take it AS far as saudis.) Anyway Niki did the right thing, but I feel bad for people who bought tickets.

  • Zane Ali
    Zane Ali Month ago

    Allah bless you Nicki this could be your ticket to heaven 🙏Good job👍

  • Ti To
    Ti To Month ago +1

    Nicki is the queen canceled 1m show for human rights

  • Danna Lopez
    Danna Lopez Month ago

    Some vulgar ILLUMINATI,plastic monster has "moral values"???!!!!!Fuck-NOOOOO!Kill me!
    Im so glad this transvestite cancel it!Im so happy.I do NOT want her in Saudi Arabia.And actually her act is something very good-artists should NOT be accomplices of Mohammed Bin Salman!He just wants to cover up his crimes!With some music and concerts!
    But music and crimes do NOT match!

  • λνλ λΧτરλ
    λνλ λΧτરλ Month ago +1

    Saudi Arabia does not like homosexuals and homosexuals🤒

    • Hannah Mya
      Hannah Mya Month ago

      Religion in general don't like homosexuals. Thats the way it is

  • NextSuperstar88
    NextSuperstar88 Month ago

    You think huge celebrities boycotting a show is gonna change the Saudi Arabia law’s on women and LGBTQ? DREAM ON!!!
    These countries are rules by religion belief!

  • the funniest video ever

    I just heard the news, I love nicki minaj now

  • Kelli Kocha
    Kelli Kocha Month ago

    I have so much respect for her doing this. Saudi Arabia is a terrible country. I think everyone should educate themselves on their laws.

    • The Punisher
      The Punisher Month ago

      Kelli Kocha educate yourself about believing fake media

  • RSR X2
    RSR X2 Month ago

    Meh we want Rihanna instead. She's the most loved by arabs.

  • RSR X2
    RSR X2 Month ago

    Her loss

  • Sherrie B
    Sherrie B Month ago

    She walks around naked....what kind of example is that

  • Fatima Mohammed
    Fatima Mohammed Month ago +2

    It’s great that she pulled out because Saudi Arabia’s crown prince MBS murdered jamal khashoggi, imprisoned family members in a hotel because they disagreed with him and started the war in Yaman and so much more, think all of the artist shouldn’t go there

    • RSR X2
      RSR X2 Month ago

      Fatima Mohammed gossip without proof is just gossip and what do we call people who gossip without proof? Oh yeah, bitches.

  • Lunch Money
    Lunch Money Month ago

    if your “culture” is gonna be disrespectful to women and LGBTQ folk than don’t be mad that ppl gonna not wanna perform ! or be associated with you sis! the rest of the world is progressing while the saudis living in the past. Nicki had a right to pull out and she did. fans that bought tickets can still go to the show cuz she wasn’t the only artist or they can get a refund. the ppl from saudi rhag are complaining are obviously hurt that nicki not going anymore lmao and they have nobody to blame but their government and themselves

  • Noble one
    Noble one Month ago

    We don’t need bitches in Saudi arabia we are MUSLIMS sons of jesus and prophet Muhammad
    Our government are bitches like nikki but the people not like this

  • Aridayamendesarmy
    Aridayamendesarmy Month ago +3

    Honestly Saudi Arabia isn't that bad as the media makes it look. I lived there for 3 yrs of my life but it's her choice if she wants to pull out.

    • Trashyhalaishere
      Trashyhalaishere Month ago

      BUT from my point of view ( btw i live in Saudi) i see that it is a terrible place for women, lgbt people, and everyone that is not saudi or American....

    • RSR X2
      RSR X2 Month ago

      Aridayamendesarmy Of course nobody payed attention to your comment. Truth is a poison to them. Avoidance is key to them. *shake my head*

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin Month ago +1

    Smart move. Women don't have the same rights to epress themselves sexually over in the middle east like they do in AMERICA. Nicki could get arrested and put in jail for along time. Even get her head cut off.

    • RSR X2
      RSR X2 Month ago

      Steve Martin you're weird.

  • Hayat Jan
    Hayat Jan Month ago


  • pauli v
    pauli v Month ago

    Oh yeah she remembered at the last moment lgbtq and Women right of course , believe what you want

  • Jood Faisal
    Jood Faisal Month ago

    I think she should’ve educated herself before agreeing.

  • Nicole Wilson
    Nicole Wilson Month ago

    I think it was wrong to pressure her to not go. She should havr went what ever the law over there her fans wanted to see her. I'm a woman and still would have lived her...real love

  • pretty little liars

    We should start a new hashtag that says fuck nicki Minaj 🖕🖕

  • Kranti gouripur
    Kranti gouripur Month ago +1

    She can wear a sexy abaya and perform that's acceptable probably a transparent black one just be creative

    • Mix Explorer
      Mix Explorer Month ago

      Kranti gouripur and than do a surprise Ass shaking in that abaya and talk about her sex fantasies . She is just as lowest it gets . Queen of the toilets 🚽

  • Shamshun Naher
    Shamshun Naher Month ago

    I m glad she didn't go to saudi arabia and I hope she never goes there . We muslim womens are happy with all of the rules . Pls don't try to interrupt in it

  • Rania Zaou
    Rania Zaou Month ago +1

    Lmfao no one wanted her there
    I'm arab and Muslim
    I can assure you only few ppl cared ..good thing she ain't going 🙏😆

  • Polo Rico
    Polo Rico Month ago

    Are ya that fucken stupid people to connect the dots she would bin in person the would rape her an American government won't b abel to go get her on less ya wanna start a war a real war for one person lol the women have no rights there the mint she would say something like go fuck ur self it would be a real rap up for her her body gourds won't do shit on less they like jhon wick

  • Dalikir F2P
    Dalikir F2P Month ago +5

    She would get sniped in the head for showing Immorality 🙏🏼 better stay in your filthy Country Girl

    • Dante Joseph
      Dante Joseph Month ago +2

      @Rania Zaou You were waiting for her to get sniped. That's just horrible to be honest. You want something that bad to happen to someone you've never met or who has never done anything to bring harm to you.

    • Rania Zaou
      Rania Zaou Month ago +1

      I was actually waiting for that to happen lmao xD she only feared for her life ..human rights my ass

  • panterastriker
    panterastriker Month ago +1

    Thank you for not going to saudi . Just dont go there and everything will be fine . People just dont want you there.

    • panterastriker
      panterastriker Month ago

      RSR X2 just have a look in every news agents posts in social media on Nicki Minaj performing in Saudi , chrck all the comment sections , you will see clearly muslims are not happy on MBS inviting minaj to perform in Saudi . Specially in the month of holy pilgrimage of thousands of muslims in mecca and medinah . Not a single muslim want her there because of her hypersexual songs and motive .

    • RSR X2
      RSR X2 Month ago

      panterastriker and how do you know that they don't want her there without speaking to them. When did you have a chance to talk to them? As far as i know, you're just siting behind a screen.

  • mataan cabdi
    mataan cabdi Month ago +1

    Allah protected to you on our holy land yo binu salman go to her home if you need this p*ch

  • Tariq al
    Tariq al Month ago +1

    Thanks God! She is not coming. I couldn't find any appropriate respectful picture. We want someone like Adele. Despite being from a western country, she never dress or sing dirty words.

  • Dark_ Nigh
    Dark_ Nigh Month ago

    I'm from Saudi Arabia and we don't need a woman rights because these days men needs their rights and we (women's) can do anything and it is our choice we chose to be like this

  • Jamie husband
    Jamie husband Month ago

    The fans should be able to get a refund

  • TayTay BeyNippy
    TayTay BeyNippy Month ago

    I’m so fucking proud of her. I’ll never ever have anything negative to say about her after this move. She gained so much respect from me. And she can do no wrong in my eyes anymore.
    I do sympathize with the fans tho but she did the right thing.

  • Ashiqul Islam
    Ashiqul Islam Month ago +11

    Alhamduliah. i never became this much happy before..

    • The Punisher
      The Punisher Month ago +1

      You can get away with her in the UAE but Saudi? No way

    • Ashiqul Islam
      Ashiqul Islam Month ago +2

      Rania Zaou did u noticed they set the concert on the month of hajj. What is Mohammad bin salman doing? Even Saudi Muslims they don’t even care. Brothers from Saudi Listen YOU’RE BRINGING BACK ERA OF JAHHLIYAT. What are you guys doing? Nicki minaj is a person who criticised Muslims in her beam be up Scotty song. and your dying to see her filthy body?? OPEN YOUR EYES!! OPEN YOUR EYES!! END IS NEAR!

    • Rania Zaou
      Rania Zaou Month ago +3

      Lmfao same ..I don't even live there but I was like Allah is gonna bring hell on earth if they let that filth preform her filth in the land of mekkah smh 😭

  • Bilal Jatt
    Bilal Jatt Month ago

    Glad this bitch is not coming to Saudi Arabia can't stand this ugly cheap bitch

  • Kianne _
    Kianne _ Month ago

    No first of all, the government told her that if she doesn't dress respectably then she shouldn't perform, yes I understand her but she should at least respect our country and its laws, she should know that. There's a lot of barbz here in Saudi Arabia including me, she could've just did what she had to do and performed. Saudi Arabia is beginning to change its laws, it's beginning to open up which is why they did 2030 vision. It's not like before, I'm honestly very happy about it. Also, about the LGBTQ rights, we are living according to our religion and the Quran, we have borders and if she won't respect it then we won't do the same, I mean she performed in UAE and they have the same laws as us but kinda different. I saw a lot of westerns hating on my country and it hurts a lot btw, the media is corrupting us with some fake ass news. Please educate yourselves before you talk. thank you for anyone who read this and understood :)

  • ThatOromoGuy
    ThatOromoGuy Month ago

    I believe you should keep your ideologies where it belongs, don’t force it upon others and other countries. First liberate your own... you don’t know how many ppl in Saudi are relieved to hear that she’s not going. Believe me, as a business person, you’ll never back away from money... she didn’t back out because of her beliefs, she backed out cuz she might get killed. Period. For the many ppl that support her in Saudi, there are many more who either don’t give a shit or opposed her! Don’t blame it Some restrictive laws, she just saved her life. Smart move!

  • Yuri ‘
    Yuri ‘ Month ago

    It’s actually hurting people count us as animals, but what can I say.

  • Kingof PcGames
    Kingof PcGames Month ago

    The West (America) rules and freedom whatsoever😝 can't be copy pasted to Arabic culture , we have our culture before America was discovered 🤣( no offense) nikki's appearance is uncomfortable to families and Arabic audience to watch, we have different mentalities, plus they did wrong in first place to invite her, Maria carey did come and she wore respectful and nice dress and performed so well😉 and didn't cause any media troubles, nikki just want to make us look bad😏

  • Shukria O
    Shukria O Month ago +17

    I am glad you she pulled out, thank you Allah❤️

    • Lunch Money
      Lunch Money Month ago

      PakMan nicki ain’t never fkd no producer sis 😂 but u got a point cuz nicki can’t end something that isn’t real 🙈😂

    • PakMan
      PakMan Month ago

      @Lunch Money nicki couldn't end taking dick from producers and you think she can stop God 😂😂😂

    • Lunch Money
      Lunch Money Month ago +1

      nicki ended allah and that’s periodt

    • dragon Icy
      dragon Icy Month ago +1

      Bitch go die

    • Shukria O
      Shukria O Month ago

      aisha good girl Literally😂

  • Elizabeth Walker
    Elizabeth Walker Month ago +13

    She did not back out for moral reasons, she backed out because of the backlash. If she had morals she would've never agreed to perform there in the first place.

    • Rania Zaou
      Rania Zaou Month ago +1

      Yeeeppp thanks for saying facts as a member of arab/muslim community I'm a witness to a lot of backlash..she only trying to save her Ego and get ppl to say "aw respect"smh

    • afolabi victor
      afolabi victor Month ago +1

      @Elizabeth Walker shhhh don't tell anyone

    • Elizabeth Walker
      Elizabeth Walker Month ago

      @afolabi victor 😂

    • afolabi victor
      afolabi victor Month ago +2

      Don't talk about Nicki like that

      Ur still right tho 🙇🏼

    • Tochi Chikwendu
      Tochi Chikwendu Month ago +4

      Elizabeth Walker that's actually true

  • YoUsEf ALGhAmDi
    YoUsEf ALGhAmDi Month ago +2

    That’s a lie , it cot cancelled because Saudi Arabia said so

    • Yuri ‘
      Yuri ‘ Month ago

      YoUsEf ALGhAmDi no we didn’t lmao

  • Johnny Rocketz
    Johnny Rocketz Month ago

    Im just glad she didn’t go. If she did, muslims will crap a brick on her. Im muslim, and a barbz attack me with ur quran verses that even people in the middle east don’t follow.

  • karen sanam abdullah hosein

    The dajjal itself pure shaitan. .

  • Good Girl
    Good Girl Month ago

    I'm OFFENDED that there are Muslims in Saudi Arabia that invited her to perform, she's so unislamic, Saudi Arabians are ass lickers of anything western it's pathetic! I'm totally offended by Saudi Arabian people ehk.

  • abdu aziz abdu rahman


  • Hakimi laboad
    Hakimi laboad Month ago +2

    Nicki minaj come to Africa plz

  • jolly rancher
    jolly rancher Month ago +1

    Allah did not permit Nicki Minaj to preform in Jeddah thanks to the LGBT community!!! ...Its funny, you would have thought the Islamic community would have made her cancel her show instead it was from a group of individuals who share her moral code of life . King and Princes Salman shame on you u have been shunned by the people of Lut ,have some self respect and pride for who u are don't pretend to be who u aren't or many people will slap u in the face .

  • Trolololololololololololololololololololololol

    Lol they are trying to make The whole world like America

    • Ma B
      Ma B Month ago

      HAHA IM DEAD!!!! this is so true though

  • Fs 4000
    Fs 4000 Month ago

    Honestly why all the fuss!! I think it’s for the better anyways especially for the Saudi people. If you have your believes don’t bring someone that’s represent the opposite and put them on the spotlight!! And for those people who are gonna say I’m ignorant or whatever, oh please trust me I know more than you will ever will. First of all let me put it out of the way no I’m not from SA but I’m from the Middle East I went there more than I can count. They do have some strict rules but not everything you hear is true. Plus if you hadn’t notice it has been improving and improving by the second. They are trying to open up without losing their identity which a really hard thing to do. The change is not easy when they have been like that for ages. When it comes to the clothes they don’t HAVE to wear hijab and cover their faces in a lot of modernized cities including Jeddah and Ryadh. It’s kinda more as a personal preference or belief. They are required to cover most of their body yes but it’s mostly about respect. What you guys don’t understand is that the KSA is the capital of out religion it’s like our holy space our church you don’t expect people to wear Bikini and get away with it in a church. You have to show a little respect! I know it might seem crazy to you gays but that what it is and you can’t just judge them for that especially when you have similar beliefs yourself I mean common can you you honestly look at what your sisters and priests are waring and doing don’t you notice something. Cover the women head with a cloth (check) cover most of her body (check) and they can’t have sex or get married (by the way that’s a little bit extreme even for us) ALL JUST FOR GOD!!! And yet no body is making a fuss out of it can you guess why ?? Let me answer that cause they are your beliefs you can’t say anything about that can you. But because we live in the Middle East it’s just tragic and wrong and is against the human law!! Oh and it has to be forced on us right cause surly no one can possibly respect their religion like sisters do their just doing what their men’s want . Oh please grow up people!!

    • Fs 4000
      Fs 4000 Month ago

      you can’t just meet or see something and pretend like all of the people there are the same that’s not fair. I lived in Baltimore and noticed a lot of crimes there but I don’t say that the Americans are all thieves and rapists cause I know their not.

  • zainab choudhary
    zainab choudhary Month ago

    Anyways im not in jeddah im in riyadh

  • Amirah Mzm
    Amirah Mzm Month ago +1

    Hahahahahhahaha sorry clevver this is just too funny. Alhamdulillah that’s she’s not going KSA but she dont want to advocate the country but uses arabic words in her songs where she going with this ya tell me

  • NIJ
    NIJ Month ago

    Yeah woman and gay rights she stands for humanity, but in the other hand she support her pedophile brother and ex convict bf
    Btw, did I hear her said in her song "fag"? Wtf , u still believe that shit, it's agenda and the media putting pressure on everyone to change facts.

  • Gizem Arslan
    Gizem Arslan Month ago +1

    Well done Nicki👍🏼

    SURDINH0 ADAM jr Month ago +1


    SURDINH0 ADAM jr Month ago

    WHO BOUGHT TICKETS IN THE 1st PLACE ? muslims should not listen to music.

    • Antonio Sić
      Antonio Sić Month ago +1

      Wtf do you mean by Muslims shouldn't listen to music?

  • Nathan Tisdale
    Nathan Tisdale Month ago

    Go Nicki

  • P Fuoco
    P Fuoco Month ago +1

    Oh.... thank god she better educated herself. I'm sure she had no idea that there were issues with the LGBTQQAIP community in saudi arabia. No no....she wasn't pressured into changing her mind. Morals? Balls! I'm sure she did lots of research! LOL

    • P Fuoco
      P Fuoco Month ago

      @qwerty do you really think that you need to do research to know that Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country, has issues with homosexuality, women's rights, Jews, democracy.... LMAO. she's too busy to know that?
      Did you need to do research to know that? If you did....well....I don't know what to tell you, except.... don't go on a family vacation to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Ethiopia....etc....oh ya, in case you didn't know, North Korea is a no

  • سلمان Salman
    سلمان Salman Month ago +7

    Youre free to believe whatever you want but saudi arabia isnt free to believe what they want?? Level up.

    • سلمان Salman
      سلمان Salman 18 days ago

      Sina Sho brainwashed for having the wrong idea abt Islam and what not,!

    • Sina Sho
      Sina Sho Month ago

      i dont follow any religion how am i brainwashed.

    • سلمان Salman
      سلمان Salman Month ago

      Noor K Are you the people? The people know what they want, including myself. Let the people speak to themselves. We dont need someone to speak for us. Thanks

    • سلمان Salman
      سلمان Salman Month ago

      Sina Sho Wont be surprised if ur brainwashed to not understanding that!

    • سلمان Salman
      سلمان Salman Month ago

      Sina Sho we are not following our ancestors. We are following our religion

  • Waadk
    Waadk Month ago +15

    Sorry clever don’t agree with everything you said, please before you post a video do your research and actually talk with woman from Saudi arabia

    • Happy Meme
      Happy Meme Month ago +1

      What woman ? I live in Middle East and I speak Arabic even and I know all how crazy sudia Arabia laws are . Maybe you need to... just saying .

  • marwa faynuus
    marwa faynuus Month ago +2

    Morals lol.

  • مرزوق العتيبي

    As a Saudi this is good news for me we need better music that actually music not porn on a stage

    • e. t
      e. t Month ago

      How about you stop the porn happening between your brothers and sons .
      Or stop turning a blind eye when your husband takes the houshelp by force .
      Sick women

    • RSR X2
      RSR X2 Month ago

      Raign you can identify behaviour from written words? Woah you must be smart!!!!!! You should apply for a PHD i bet they could learn from your wisdom!!!!!!

    • RSR X2
      RSR X2 Month ago

      eileen perez you can sense emotion through a screen? Woah technology! Does it work the same with smelling your bullshit?

    • RSR X2
      RSR X2 Month ago

      Noor K you can do the same to your cheap pussy

    • John Carlo Sapongay
      John Carlo Sapongay Month ago

      not tryna a racism but saudi arabian people are so nasty and smells odor