F8 2019 keynote in 12 minutes

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • Facebook’s F8 developer conference kicked off today, and its overwhelming theme, according to Mark Zuckerberg, is that “the future is private.” After a year plagued by controversy over whether Facebook is invading its users’ privacy and encouraging social division, it’s pushing hard on helping people connect with close family and friends.
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Comments • 970

  • Panaphat Pamano
    Panaphat Pamano 14 hours ago +1

    How can my friends shared the post on their STORY but I can’t. It’s work like Instagram when you click on the things that they shared it will go straight on original post like Instagram, but how can I do it. I use iPhone 7

  • George Cornelis
    George Cornelis Day ago

    Charlie Brooker watch this and he's gonna make next season Black Mirror script...Lol

  • Bassam Abulela
    Bassam Abulela 2 days ago

    Privacy and it's full of ads hahaha F*ck Facebook

  • trollaccount
    trollaccount 4 days ago +4

    I gave *InfluencerLeak* a try lastnight and received over 3,500 IG followers. highly recommended

  • Meet Tic
    Meet Tic 6 days ago

    why is this guy walking and talking like a robot ....

  • huvinesh rajendran
    huvinesh rajendran 6 days ago

    Well all of these doesn't matter unless u change ur business model

  • Paladin Smith
    Paladin Smith 6 days ago

    Lizard. 😂

  • Bumm Bumm
    Bumm Bumm 14 days ago

    I hate facebook

  • Felix Yan
    Felix Yan 18 days ago

    Stfu reptile

  • Kjell Frode Tislevoll
    Kjell Frode Tislevoll 19 days ago

    Dont waste your time on Facebook the sensorship site.

  • Cristian Chacin Castro

    This is very exciting 🔥🔥💯

  • Carolina Martins
    Carolina Martins 24 days ago

    I wonder how many of the people complaining here have actually quit using Facebook platforms

  • Patrick Cotter
    Patrick Cotter Month ago

    "We're committed to making sure our tools are used for good" such as doctored videos of political opponents.

  • Yaboijimbo14
    Yaboijimbo14 Month ago

    I don't know if it's just me but it seems like the new What's app on desktop looks identical to iMessage app on Macs.

  • Srinivas Pavan
    Srinivas Pavan Month ago

    Privacy is a joke if you are on internet
    - An unknown internet guy

  • Stephen McElroy
    Stephen McElroy Month ago

    why is this guy so scary?

  • Gilbert Virgo
    Gilbert Virgo Month ago

    Zuck is brilliant, but an awful orator.

  • CatiaProjects TV
    CatiaProjects TV Month ago

    He means no one will know, unless we sell them your data.

  • Suhail Shaikh
    Suhail Shaikh Month ago

    0:33 I still do not get what makes him laugh, it's a pretty serious issue.

  • Nicolas Lopez Carranza

    Zuck might not be a robot but his barber certainly is.

  • cocseac
    cocseac Month ago


  • Rilum Osmanaj
    Rilum Osmanaj Month ago

    Hey everyone! Hey Mark Zuckerberg! Hi.

  • umesh yakman
    umesh yakman Month ago

    Secret crash🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣privacy haha ......

    YASWANTH NAIDU Month ago

    Instead of developing all 3 apps why can't you unite all in one. ?

  • saikat chatterjee
    saikat chatterjee Month ago +1

    Zuckerberg talks about privacy 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kovilil
    kovilil Month ago

    "privacy is the future" and then he nervously laughs on how bad is their reputation on privacy. thanks, that is not a joke that FB ignored the whole thing until there were too many scandals. He still handles this as a light subject

  • LordAugastus
    LordAugastus Month ago +1

    i have never seen so manylies in one video. snake oil salesman dressed as a cyborg devil of sorts

  • waheed iqbal
    waheed iqbal Month ago

    thanks for this upload

  • Maruthu MJ
    Maruthu MJ Month ago

    why i am laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    i don't know

  • Antoinke
    Antoinke Month ago

    4:13 I'm sure at 100% that she is french

  • Eason Lin
    Eason Lin Month ago

    "you not come to facebook just to connect the people you already know, but to connect to people you might wanna know." so what the hell? remember that facebook once told me that do not make friends you dont know in reality.

  • Eason Lin
    Eason Lin Month ago

    so here's the problem. when we talk about social media, we come up with extremism and terrorists group, but now, facebook is telling us that they are making the people in every group much closer. so is this a good thing or a good way to solve the problem? or just making it get worse.

  • Eason Lin
    Eason Lin Month ago

    so are they now breaking into different companies???

  • Eason Lin
    Eason Lin Month ago

    facebook talks about privacy. WTF

  • John Stockton
    John Stockton Month ago

    A point cloud of your personal living environment that is rolled out by a company that has a reputation for selling your data to make money. So now they can hear and see everything you do they also have a highly detailed plan of your personal living and working spaces, and they promise not to abuse this unprecedented access to your personal lives for dubious reasons. Honest.

  • Prez
    Prez Month ago


  • Jiawei Zhao
    Jiawei Zhao Month ago

    they are very trying to be the WeChat in China, but I think this is almost impossible.

  • M Jaffer Nizami
    M Jaffer Nizami Month ago

    Mark speaking about privacy... this video should be in top funny videos

  • Murad AbuGheddah
    Murad AbuGheddah Month ago +2

    Messenger being reliable

  • Victorizer
    Victorizer Month ago

    I love this. This is actually amazing stuff

  • Dimitrios Gavriilidis

    Tender and Badoo, they will eat your cake 🎂

    ANSHUMAN SINGH Month ago

    Well I have stopped using fb from last 2 years. I don't feel the NEED to use fb for social connection. Except mindless scrolling for memes, I don't know why a person is using fb

  • Gustavo Kramer
    Gustavo Kramer Month ago

    jajajajajajajajajajajaja it´s so funny

  • Deepanshu Mourya
    Deepanshu Mourya Month ago

    Worst presenters I've ever seen in an event

  • Pratik Giri
    Pratik Giri Month ago

    Is that Mia Khalifa ?!🤔🤔

  • rope
    rope Month ago

    I don’t see how ‘light speed’ relates to privacy. They repeat the word ‘privacy’ so many times that they’ve bent over backwards, saying that, when they’re clearly not gonna deliver, just something to brainwash you.

  • No Reason
    No Reason Month ago

    10:28 zuck is learning the way of human body language. . well done

  • Wolf Rage
    Wolf Rage Month ago

    Just talk about present

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago

    Patrao zuck

  • Andyyyk47
    Andyyyk47 Month ago

    Loool, that walk at the beginning

  • Hassan Mohammed
    Hassan Mohammed Month ago +1

    Facebook's current goal is to become WeChat.

  • Ridwan A. Moh
    Ridwan A. Moh Month ago +1

    7:57 David Wallace??

  • eden finch
    eden finch Month ago

    The ability to lie like a dog in front of ur face is the greatest technology breakthrough among others.

  • Alexander principale Aly oficial

    Sa îți iau Darc mode in pula fa pisato

  • J S
    J S Month ago +1

    3:13 wow she's really genuine. Doesn't feel scripted at all.

  • Anirudh Mallikarjun

    well facebook wants a piece of every pie in the freaking world

  • Kid A
    Kid A Month ago

    function (laugh) {}

  • sypen1
    sypen1 Month ago +1

    I can’t stand mark zuckerberg

    KEVA KHAJAO Month ago +1

    This is so creppy and disguisting. All of this.

  • Alexander principale Aly oficial

    Decei ai dezactivat contul de fb bagamias pula in morți mati de jeg sa îți iau familia in pula sa mă pis pă tine jegule ordinar huaaaaaaaaa fututi morți mati de javra nenorocita ce ești unde ești că îți fărâm capu. Bagamias pula in morți mati sa îți fut eu îți promit că mă duc la poliție și de pun plângere marsi fa și tu fututi morți mati

  • tom healey
    tom healey Month ago

    The future is private? CONFIRMS THE PRESENT PRESSING PRIVACY ISSUES THEN DOESN'T IT. Everything in this video is pointless. People more connected? Yes. To their phones. GREAT.Can people please wake up before AI does.....

  • Florian Wicher
    Florian Wicher Month ago

    a company whose entire business modell is focused on making money from your data cannot value privacy at the same time. It's impossible.

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen Month ago

    Anyone still supporting Facebook on desktop platforms? ;-)

  • Venkateswaran S
    Venkateswaran S Month ago

    4:09 OMG! King Julien

  • laughingalien
    laughingalien Month ago

    His firmware lacks a self-control module.

  • Mihai Ioan Tabacaru

    Tip to Facebook: Maybe hire likable people to present your products. All these people look shady. Also, never ever let Mark present in public ever again, especially when talking about Facebook & Privacy - It's just an insult. He's creepy and never funny. Do some good PR Facebook, 'cuz your credibility is going down the drain, FAST. Peace out!

  • Sarang Saraf
    Sarang Saraf Month ago

    11:30 So now facebook will know our home structure also.

  • Miyamoto Musashi
    Miyamoto Musashi Month ago

    this Guy should locked down

  • Alphfirm
    Alphfirm Month ago

    strong presentation by mark

  • BakedUp
    BakedUp Month ago

    Mark brushed up on some Obama speaking lol

  • Sergey Yurchenko
    Sergey Yurchenko Month ago

    No thanks

  • Gyan Satapathy
    Gyan Satapathy Month ago +1

    5:24 why Salma Hayek is speaking in developer conference?

  • Pro cool
    Pro cool Month ago

    How ironic!!!!! Mark Zuckerberg is talking about privacy!!!!!

  • pratik gupta
    pratik gupta Month ago +1

    1:45 she is high

  • pratik gupta
    pratik gupta Month ago +1

    Please help mark Zuckerberg, by wasting your valuable time on this platforms, so he become richest man in the world by selling our data

  • pratik gupta
    pratik gupta Month ago +2

    I haven't used Facebook since 2013
    Because of privacies

  • Visionary April
    Visionary April Month ago

    Wow that’s allot of good updates

  • RiTisH M
    RiTisH M Month ago

    Keep bluffing... Lizard sip sip

  • MikeWard1701
    MikeWard1701 Month ago

    End to end encryption means nothing if Facebook are the ones holding the keys!

  • Kirito Kirigaya
    Kirito Kirigaya Month ago +10

    Each presenter says the future is private.
    Then they give this smirk smile.
    What is that supposed to mean?
    What a shitshow

  • js
    js Month ago

    my friends tab:

  • Naren Jung Khatri
    Naren Jung Khatri Month ago

    So there is a friend for Sophia. American Scientists are so into robots manufacturing.

  • Makrand Bhatt
    Makrand Bhatt Month ago +8

    "Privacy Focused Social Platform."
    First step : store all the passwords in plain text.

  • Alexios
    Alexios Month ago

    Hate it or not most of you are active facebook users, so don't complain please. We all know that privacy is the main issue with the zucc services but still we dig right in.

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can Month ago

    I think zucker here had to say privacy on every sentence xD

  • JustGotALife
    JustGotALife Month ago

    @5:15 French amanda cerny

  • JustGotALife
    JustGotALife Month ago

    @1:00 Audiences are people in photo ,aka paid actors.

  • Raj M
    Raj M Month ago

    Privacy...🤔🤔 what is that...🙄🙄

  • Minzur Sherpa
    Minzur Sherpa Month ago

    All the things that I do not need in my life.

  • muhamed mhameed
    muhamed mhameed Month ago

    Damn robots nowadays are so human alike ..

  • A K
    A K Month ago +1

    Privacy in future.
    what about privacy in present ....?

  • R N
    R N Month ago

    Bunch of brainless losers

  • R N
    R N Month ago

    Duh you don’t, u are a liar

  • AK Muziq
    AK Muziq Month ago

    Anybody think Facebook development has stagnated and is just redesigning the old Facebook to fit the modern world with a bunch of bells of whistles?

  • krankenheim13
    krankenheim13 Month ago +1

    Zuckerberg is a little boy, completely out of touch with reality. He's been in over his head for years now. It's time for him to go and he can take Facebook right along with him.

  • Abhay Bhattacharjee

    Hydrogen free water😂😂

  • Bryan Chua
    Bryan Chua Month ago

    Sounds like WeChat features...

  • Manbendra singh Kandari

    Future is private
    But present Is NOT

  • John Kaufi
    John Kaufi Month ago +1

    The most underwhelming disclosures in the tech industry in 2019.

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