• Published on Nov 14, 2018
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    Hey guys! I thought it was about time I showed you my latest everyday hair and makeup routine! Both super easy and quick and using my current favourite products. I hope you love it! J x

    IGK Jetlag Dry Shampoo - www.igkhair.com/products/jet-lag-invisible-dry-shampoo
    Ouai Memory Mist - bit.ly/2QuRlok
    IGK Beach Club Texture Spray - www.igkhair.com/products/beach-club-texture-spray
    Davines Oi Oil - bit.ly/2PmyQpO
    UTan Coconut Tanning Water - bit.ly/2QrzOxd
    Nars Radiance Primer - bit.ly/2QpBpDP
    Urban Decay All nighter Foundation In 5.0 - bit.ly/2QuYqoL
    Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer In Ginger - bit.ly/2PizkgB
    Bondi Bae By Nudestix - bit.ly/2Pm0naD
    Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder - bit.ly/2QuS1dm
    Mac Dark Tan Bronzer - bit.ly/2QyPNda
    Mac Extra Dimension Skin Finish In Oh Darling - bit.ly/2Pi2TyQ
    Nars Dual Intensity Blush In Frenzy - bit.ly/2QsvLAN
    YSL Makeup Setting Spray - bit.ly/2Qtt16a
    Benefit Kabrow - bit.ly/2QuF2se
    Benefit 24 Hr Brow Setter - bit.ly/2QrAe6L
    Benefit Gimme Brow - bit.ly/2QouquF
    Nars Climax Mascara - bit.ly/2PebnH0
    Lily Lashes In Hollywood - lillylashes.com/products/hollywood?variant=11412224577
    Stripdown Lip Liner - bit.ly/2QsT5OY
    Mac X Jamie Genevieve Lipstick - bit.ly/2PjGn8A

    Daily Makeup Bag: bit.ly/2QqEOBI
    Small Makeup Travel Case: amzn.to/2QqG4EW
    Large Makeup Travel Case: amzn.to/2QtFN47
    Brush Travel Case/Pots: bit.ly/2OxLocp
    Tweezers: bit.ly/2QtGQB5
    Scissors: bit.ly/2Oy3FGF
    Lash Glue: amzn.to/2RpcIYV
    Lash Applicator: bit.ly/2ODbhri

    Zoeva Complete Face Set: bit.ly/2uGUhT6
    Zoeva Powder Fusion: bit.ly/2uGnL3s
    Beauty Blender: bit.ly/2Qr7Y3L
    Smith Cosmetics 115 Foundation Brush: bit.ly/2QsDm22
    NARS Ita Brush: bit.ly/2QsuObd
    Smith Contour Brush: bit.ly/2Qr5Yc0
    Hourglass Powder Brush (Double-ended): bit.ly/2OBoUr2
    Zoeva Complete Eye Set - bit.ly/2uGWKg9
    Zoeva 224 - bit.ly/2upoieJ
    Zoeva Shader - bit.ly/2uGJxUZ
    Zoeva Pencil - bit.ly/2uGl5mD
    Morphe M507 - bit.ly/2uppCOJ
    MAC 224 - bit.ly/2uGoD88
    Smith 232 Large Blending: bit.ly/2QqHAXE
    Smith 230 Small Blending: bit.ly/2QtfTxD
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Brush: bit.ly/2OwMIfM
    MAC Lip Brush: bit.ly/2OBrai0

    Current Filming Camera: amzn.to/2xWnyh4
    Lens: amzn.to/2RkKDlE
    Microphone: amzn.to/2RnoAe0
    Drone: amzn.to/2zPrnpv
    Starter Camera (With Lens): bit.ly/2A7iHbG
    My Last Camera (With Lens): amzn.to/2RoaHfS
    Vlog Camera: bit.ly/2DTHlTH
    Computer: bit.ly/2RnlwPd
    Laptop: bit.ly/2s87bs8
    Ring Light: amzn.to/2kFz36Y
    Soft Boxes: amzn.to/2jUzeY0
    Editing Software: Final Cut Pro

    Instagram - jamiegenevieve
    Twitter - jamie_genevieve
    TheXvid - thexvid.com/user/jamiegenevieve

    DISCLAIMER: Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means that if you click and make a purchase I may receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this! Thank you so much for the support.
    This video contains sponsored content from GHD.
    J x

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  • Merlin's Mama
    Merlin's Mama Day ago

    Love this look on you Jamie, so beautiful💖

  • Makeup by TheTatyana !

    So what lashes are these???!!

  • Charlotte Rand
    Charlotte Rand 14 days ago


  • Lauren Barbee
    Lauren Barbee 14 days ago

    Nooooo! Its sold out! I missed gettin your lipstick! Im so sad

  • Amelia Pullyblank
    Amelia Pullyblank 22 days ago +1

    The fact that she changes her hair so often is a god send, just scroll through her videos till you find your hair colour/style/tone and bing bang boom, auntie Jamie has given you some makeup ideas to go with your current hair situation

  • Nicky Clark
    Nicky Clark Month ago

    Your so pretty Jamie. You're lucky you can get away with this look hun my eyelids are green and purple and vieny 😢. But I do wear a simular kinda look with bronzer after I've concealed my eyelids. It's a shame mac aren't cruelty free as I would love that highlighter and the benefit brow products. The GHD curler is going on my Christmas list as I'm hoping to get my hair extensions done again and having it dyed my natural colour which is a dark ash blonde with grey and white. So I'm thinking a dark ash and grey root and sliver ends. I have like a million pictures on my phone from Pinterest lol. I'm putting it out to the universe. I'm 40 in 4 weeks so I'm thinking life begins so new me. Love your channel honey 🍯 xxxx

  • Thecountryhare
    Thecountryhare Month ago

    You are very, very pretty! I know people will disagree but, you look much better with less makeup. You are a natural beauty!

  • anna nguyen
    anna nguyen 2 months ago +1

    Damn I have to wash my hair everyday. If I don’t wash it gets so greasy and itchy.

    • anna nguyen
      anna nguyen Month ago

      Thecountryhare yes lol!! But washing and scrubbing your head makes your head clear if you know what I mean. It makes you feel idk refreshed even tho it takes so long to brush and blow dry afterwards

    • Thecountryhare
      Thecountryhare Month ago +1

      anna nguyen mine too! Drives me absolutely insane, I itch like I have bloody fleas and, you could fry a egg with the grease! I must wash mine every day or I look a complete mess!

  • Silvia M.
    Silvia M. 2 months ago

    What do you use before to Keep your curls?

  • Sunita Beghi
    Sunita Beghi 3 months ago

    I actually love this look....❤❤

  • Ashley T
    Ashley T 3 months ago

    Everyday? That would damage ur hair

  • Cyanidekisses11
    Cyanidekisses11 4 months ago

    Love this look! Could you do this look worth cruelty free products only?

  • Gresa !
    Gresa ! 4 months ago

    ew ur accent

  • Zara Maria Dixon
    Zara Maria Dixon 4 months ago

    I have the same hair type so this was so helpful and looks gorgeous!

  • Casey and Molls
    Casey and Molls 5 months ago

    LOVE this video, just made a makeup and hair tutorial myself, go check it out at my channel!!

  • candice lewis
    candice lewis 5 months ago

    Absolutely love this look♡ Your so beautiful❤

  • cmedina1330
    cmedina1330 5 months ago

    What kind of extensions do you have? They look so beautiful

  • James Wiliams
    James Wiliams 5 months ago

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  • missamandacasey
    missamandacasey 5 months ago

    omg Drogba at the end!! I can't deal wit the cuteness!!

  • laura sanderson
    laura sanderson 6 months ago

    I love this look !!

  • Eimear MacSorley
    Eimear MacSorley 9 months ago

    I've watched this sooo many times!

  • amberlynn0629
    amberlynn0629 9 months ago

    Amazing as always

  • Lucy Seaton
    Lucy Seaton 9 months ago

    After this video I went and bought the ghd curler why am I like this 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • Ant (mrheavyhand)
    Ant (mrheavyhand) 9 months ago


  • andreea 23
    andreea 23 10 months ago

    Love your accent🤣

  • Sophia Papadopoulos
    Sophia Papadopoulos 10 months ago

    Love the look, you are a breath of fresh air... love your accent as well 💞

  • J Millsy 10
    J Millsy 10 10 months ago

    Gorgeous, u really made me want nars radiant foundation but now I need UD ha ha.

  • Sydney Meris
    Sydney Meris 10 months ago

    Oh my god, I am in love with her skin

  • Natalie Soraya
    Natalie Soraya 10 months ago

    your sooooo beautiful jamie! your lipstick is the most stunningggg shade for you! have u been wearing it with a different/darker liner in your more recent vids? cos coming back to this one,the liner seems more cool toned and is absolute perfection!! xxx

  • M Ellerby
    M Ellerby 11 months ago

    If you watch this with TheXvid subtitles it auto correct curls to ‘cuddles’ aww

  • Angela McElroy
    Angela McElroy 11 months ago

    That’s a full moon n 90s lip

  • Laura r
    Laura r 11 months ago

    Anyone know what eyebrow brush Jamie used here?!?

  • Sujas Rait
    Sujas Rait 11 months ago

    ♥ ♥ This is awesome!! I loved your video.. ♥ ♥
    I created something similar yesterday!
    I have just joined the TheXvid family and am so inspired by you!!

  • Louie Lee
    Louie Lee 11 months ago

    Hands down, this is my fav on you sis 😍

  • Honey Martin
    Honey Martin 11 months ago

    Literally watched the first 5 seconds and hit subscribe

  • Ellie Kate
    Ellie Kate 11 months ago

    I just wish you’d do one video where u try an use less highlighter 🥺 I think sometimes too much can ruin the look. Still beaut tho

  • Ceri Grey
    Ceri Grey 11 months ago

    Like a wee duck 😂😂

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    Cecilia Barrios Year ago

    A wee bet more loosay goosayyy! OBSESSED WITH HER VOICE.

  • Lisa Victoria
    Lisa Victoria Year ago

    Hair maintenance and extensions vid??? What extensions do you useeee? X

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    Eilidh Baxter Year ago

    what brush do you use for your highlighter?

  • littleadventures
    littleadventures Year ago

    You always do, but this?! This is exactly how I want to look as an everyday makeup + hair situation (me being very bad at makeup, so dramatic colours is a big no when done by me in harsh daylight). 😍😍😍

  • stacey leigh stewart

    Just bought this set myself and the Ouai products.. Actual amazing! And I love you! ❤️

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    where you from your accent i love it

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    Loved this video!😍

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    I love your makeup! So beautiful! I always look up to your makeup techniques to get that glow going!

  • Makenzie Markovic

    *woahh glowinn* lmaoooo

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    Amanda M Year ago

    Love thisssss 💕💕💕 still waiting on that piercing viddddd😍

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    kealey windle Year ago

    Beautiful 🎀

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    Ida Magnsjö Year ago

    You look stunning!!!

  • A
    A Year ago


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    Yennni Fgv Year ago

    wow, you without makeup I'm shook! lol you're so beautiful!!

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    sumayyah j246 Year ago

    Jamie you are SO BEAUTIFUL!! Fave beauty blogger 💕

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    fasha muse Year ago

    Nude lip is my favourite look on you💕

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    Jill Year ago

    jamie what brush did you use to sweep a little bronzer on your eye lid ?

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    Dee Luther Year ago +2

    Beautifully You Are
    Happy Thanksgiving to you n Ur Family

  • Debora Rocha
    Debora Rocha Year ago

    @ Jamie Genevieve, Which of the Mac bronzers is this that you used please?

  • weezeldiesel
    weezeldiesel Year ago +1

    lmao me when i do my makeup alone "good job everybody!"

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    What would you call this hair style??? Thanks

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    I have a request please always show your hairstyle in your makeup tutorials even if it's the same I just love it so much