Hotel Hell S02E01 - Meson De Mesilla

  • Published on Nov 23, 2016

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  • Muz Anunciacion
    Muz Anunciacion Month ago

    fck this old lady... soooo idiot...

  • Rafael Martinez
    Rafael Martinez 2 months ago

    Oh good god he hired Jeff? When I lived in NM he was the worst fand b manager I ever met lol oh god

  • Rose Strife14
    Rose Strife14 3 months ago +1


  • Zane Saunders
    Zane Saunders 3 months ago

    that dude saying yes sir over and over made me so fucking uncomfortable

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 6 months ago +5

    David is an awesome dude!

  • rummimper flow
    rummimper flow 7 months ago

    Anne 😍😍😍😍

  • Mxddy
    Mxddy 9 months ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay turned Simon cowwell

  • Cobalt225
    Cobalt225 10 months ago

    Whatever Happened to Baby Cali?

  • brett robbins
    brett robbins 11 months ago +8

    I'm going on vacation to Italy, hoping the hotel I stay at has Mexican cuisine

  • Alex Wardi
    Alex Wardi Year ago +1

    Owner is a crazy person.

  • Dj Juice
    Dj Juice Year ago +3

    Dude I’m from El Paso. It’s insane that Gordon decided to go to shittown Las Cruces. Lol

  • seraphilight
    seraphilight Year ago +1

    Starts playing meaningful music when Gordon says nothing of note XD

  • seraphilight
    seraphilight Year ago +1

    Wonder if the guy was trying to get his wife to quit? That's the only way what he was saying make sense.

  • A N T O N 1 O
    A N T O N 1 O Year ago +2

    damn she sings so bad!!!! lol

    • Gerald Weir
      Gerald Weir Year ago +2

      She's not the worst I've heard. She's got tone and technique down, she's just not good with pitch, which is pretty damn crucial.
      Fun fact about singers, when you speak/sing you're actually hearing your own voice differently than what everyone else hears, which is why people are so surprised that their voice sounds different on recordings. The first thing that singers are trained to do is to understand how much higher (or lower) the way they are hearing their voice is as opposed to what it actually sounds like. Afterwards, they basically train themselves to sing so that their voice is actually on pitch, even though it sounds off-pitch to them.
      Or, you know, just sing songs in a minor key. You wanna know why metal/punk/folk music with untrained singers is usually in minor keys? Well, for a happy song you'd have to sing in a major key. Of the 12 notes, 8 are in a major key. A minor key has the same amount of notes, but you can add or subtract 2 notes from the harmonic and melodic minor keys. You have a better chance of sounding good in a minor key (10/12 notes) than a major key (8/12 notes).

  • Durick laod
    Durick laod Year ago

    puts his robe back on XD

  • Honker Enthusiast
    Honker Enthusiast Year ago +29

    I love david. what a nice guy.

    • Tofuchii
      Tofuchii 8 months ago

      His attitude and laugh is so contagious

    • user4105
      user4105 Year ago +1

      Honker Enthusiast I

    • DaBloodsploder Krieg
      DaBloodsploder Krieg Year ago +4

      Honker Enthusiast right? He seemed really polite but just a bit annoying