Owner CANNOT Handle Gordon's Criticism | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Chase Varner
    Chase Varner 4 hours ago

    She knows that tastes gross

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 21 hour ago

    The chef/owner could eat everything on the menu in one sitting😂😂

  • Psycho Fish
    Psycho Fish 21 hour ago

    4:55 what stars u don’t have any 😂

  • Achaps _
    Achaps _ 23 hours ago

    It’s freshly frozen

  • I am milan
    I am milan Day ago

    Why would u order 1 of everything without 1st looking at the menu? 🤔

  • Trinity Smith
    Trinity Smith Day ago

    She sounds stupid

  • M J Grasscutter
    M J Grasscutter Day ago

    That throwing away of food every damn time really gets me. Gordon is a chef, he should respect food more. This consumerism elitist culture is nauseating.

  • Yizar Anthony
    Yizar Anthony Day ago

    *Fuck Him😂😂*

  • Silver Messenger

    He's Scottish rofl

  • Thicc Bear
    Thicc Bear Day ago

    Lmao she hasn't even cooked and she is already saying "What did I get myself into" 🤣

  • Ace G
    Ace G Day ago

    She knows nothing about pizza and she's Italian?

  • Christopher Milton
    Christopher Milton 2 days ago

    She thicc tho

  • DestructInk
    DestructInk 2 days ago

    I really didn't like this owner not only did she shit on Chef Ramsay the entire episode but after he left she sold the restaurant immediately

  • Midnightmisty winds
    Midnightmisty winds 2 days ago

    Why is that "chef" so judgemental 🤔

  • ThatOneZeldaGuy
    ThatOneZeldaGuy 2 days ago

    She's a cunt

  • Rascal
    Rascal 3 days ago

    This woman can't fucking cook but can't take criticism from one of the best chef in the world.

  • Darin Ward
    Darin Ward 3 days ago

    I mean, I'm not gonna lie, he goes a bit too far sometimes, like you should just say, it needs more salt, or it needs to be cooked more. Not say rude ass shit

  • TGUY 468
    TGUY 468 3 days ago

    "he can kiss my stars" what fucking stars? You fucking suck at cooking

  • German Lopez
    German Lopez 4 days ago

    Why are they talking trash if there food is going to the TRASH

    STAR MARCO 4 days ago

    I'm British, Irish, Canadian, and Russian and pizza is my FAVORITE food so girl don't be sayin British people know nothin about pizza......... Asshole😂

    STAR MARCO 4 days ago

    She's all talk no game like shut the fuck up u trick ass bitch lmao😂😂
    Messin with The Gordon Ramsey is a death wish sweetheart he'll ALWAYS win

  • Kymani Charles
    Kymani Charles 4 days ago

    "Hes british, he doesn't know anything about pizza"
    Apart from the fact that he is one of the best chefs in the world

  • Steve Meyer
    Steve Meyer 5 days ago

    Ugh...... Don't people realize. Gordon will hate everything. He'll yell a bit. Then he'll be nice and give you 300 grand. Just suck it up

    THE ADRIAN SHOW 5 days ago

    Funny how gordon eats pizza with a knife and a fork. Take it with ur hands!!!

  • eromitlabhitw
    eromitlabhitw 5 days ago

    2:14 F R E S H F R O Z E N

  • Ville
    Ville 5 days ago

    I hate this lady

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 5 days ago

    Gordon is a great chef he has 37 restaurants globally , with international restaurants spanning the globe in Europe, The Middle East, Asia and of course the United States. You have one and you can't even handle that maybe you should listen to the only person who knows what there doing in a kitchen.

  • Geometry Dash Articat

    4:21 Am I the only one seeing that on the left of the video? It's bobbing up and down. 😳

  • elyhk nezned
    elyhk nezned 6 days ago

    I thought ghe chef is crisi from masterchef.. Haha

  • blazeboi DINGO
    blazeboi DINGO 6 days ago

    How would gordon kiss her stars when she has none

  • Iminx y
    Iminx y 6 days ago

    Gorden eat carboards before that how he said it tast like it!

  • potato family
    potato family 6 days ago

    **eats pizza from a bag** me: it's pretty good

    **for San ramsay eats the same thing** gordan: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS TASTE LIKE DOG FOOD

  • Just Add A Sploosh Of Color!! ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

    Gordon is a good man with ashole, but good critisism

  • Chloe xx
    Chloe xx 6 days ago

    "He's British he doesn't fucking know anything about pizza"? Don't be so rude.
    Can't believe how disgusting her behaviour is. He's 90 times better than she will ever be so🤷🏻‍♀️

  • The other "No" dude
    The other "No" dude 7 days ago

    I think I'd much rather recieve harsh yet constructive criticism from one of the best chefs in the world than for them to lie and my face and tell me my food is good enough.
    Gordon knows what he's talking about.

  • Sean Rapajon
    Sean Rapajon 7 days ago

    When you call him for help. But cant accept criticism. Then it might be a wrong decision to call him the first place

  • Angel La
    Angel La 7 days ago

    With a father like that, it's no wonder that woman is a stuck-up bitch

  • TUna GC SWE
    TUna GC SWE 7 days ago

    Is the water also dry?

  • ttrop
    ttrop 9 days ago

    i like how alot of these owners and chefs are so racists brining up his background of being a brit. like where we was born matters when it comes to food and taste.

  • ttrop
    ttrop 9 days ago

    "he can kiss my stars." how can he kiss something if ya got none

  • Musk3tt
    Musk3tt 9 days ago

    Checka chreet

  • PokemonAssociate
    PokemonAssociate 9 days ago

    “One Of Everything on the Menu!” Them:OOOoh HelL NoooOoO000

  • Tarik O.
    Tarik O. 9 days ago +1

    this fucking fat bitch

  • Dylonday _69
    Dylonday _69 9 days ago

    This CUNT can never eat a decent meal

  • abratasas cyphr
    abratasas cyphr 9 days ago

    "This looks like a fucked up version of a science lab." 😂😂😂

  • Omgitsshaniya
    Omgitsshaniya 9 days ago

    He’s so funny 😂😂 & ole girl was mad .

  • dropbit
    dropbit 10 days ago

    my names nino at the end kills me everytime haha, love the editors

  • king isabelino
    king isabelino 10 days ago

    favorito del nonna.. wrong grammar .. this is not authentic italian it should be "il preferito della nonna"

  • Anak Malaysia  Satu Bangsa

    Italy is nearer to England than America... Loads authentic Italian restaurants in England.. Hence knowledge on good pizza... Well...

  • Dark Reaper
    Dark Reaper 11 days ago +1

    "If he complains about this, I'm really gonna kick his ass."
    Girl, he will roast your jelly bean ass alive.

  • Madeleine Huggins
    Madeleine Huggins 11 days ago

    “He’s supposed to be here to help me, not tell me that everything’s bad.”

  • Rosie Rose
    Rosie Rose 11 days ago

    Does he actually have to pay for the food cause that would round up to 10000$ 😂😂😂 or does he not cause he barley eats it 🤔🤔🤔

  • Grupu'Andărcavăr 2k17

    Lady what stars....

  • Bill Randolph
    Bill Randolph 11 days ago

    That CC is a fucking fat nasty cunt. I hope she chocks to death on a bland tasting drumstick.

  • Johnny Massacre
    Johnny Massacre 11 days ago

    Every fucking time these chefs use frozen shit, and microwave shit -- this must be set up, surely they're not so dumb...

  • Dragonetta
    Dragonetta 11 days ago

    He's supposed to be here helping me, not telling me nothing is good. DUH! That IS helping you. Your food SUCKS!!!

  • Gloria
    Gloria 11 days ago


  • Boy Jupiter
    Boy Jupiter 12 days ago

    Restaurant owners complain about the criticism that Gordon gives. He’s there to share his opinion about the food and the negative things he says are actually the ways he is trying to tell you to improve the food. It may seem harsh, but that’s how he speaks, without sugarcoating anything. Listen to his point, not to what he says.

  • boris peters
    boris peters 12 days ago

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  • just some guy
    just some guy 12 days ago

    why does everyone call him british??? like it's not that hard to understand.

  • vicco9
    vicco9 12 days ago

    1:12 when he hits the right spot

  • Armin Cenan
    Armin Cenan 12 days ago

    2:33 then how the fuck is he supposed to help you by saying the food is amazing and walk out happy with the food when its shit...these people man...

  • Ben Bot 2K
    Ben Bot 2K 12 days ago

    its working

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A 12 days ago

    You can tell which restaurants would close even with Gordon's intervention when the owner is so resistant to criticism at the start

  • Guitars and Games
    Guitars and Games 13 days ago


    wow wow

  • Miles Edgeworth
    Miles Edgeworth 13 days ago

    That old man talking about legs can barely hobble across the kitchen. Surprised he isn't bedridden in a coffin yet.

  • Ebbe Pettersson
    Ebbe Pettersson 13 days ago

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  • DreamSlayer
    DreamSlayer 13 days ago

    "He's British he doesn't know anything about Pizza"

  • sQuidd
    sQuidd 13 days ago

    " you can kiss my stars" 4:48. What all your 1/2 stars??

  • Brandon Kim
    Brandon Kim 13 days ago

    What episode

  • Jason M
    Jason M 13 days ago

    I hope that fattie chokes in her food

  • Vishvesh Tadsare
    Vishvesh Tadsare 13 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay traveling on plane.
    Pilot : We landed smoothly.
    Gordon : Well thats what you call a fuc*** smooth landing? It's disgusting.

  • Gerard Cortes
    Gerard Cortes 13 days ago

    " he's supposed to help me, not criticize me"

    I can see that this woman hasn't been doing research

  • -Electrifyyy
    -Electrifyyy 13 days ago

    He said it was dry before he even tasted it 😭😭😭

  • thorn x
    thorn x 14 days ago

    oh my god why does that chef look like baby ariel with the same voice, attitude and looks like her

  • Uni SQUAD
    Uni SQUAD 14 days ago

    That girl is Super right there are staving people in this world and he's wasting it

  • Brian Luna
    Brian Luna 14 days ago

    Ramsey is the best

  • MinerGames
    MinerGames 14 days ago

    Cici Says "He is a bigger asshole than i thought" says the person who said Britain dont know anything about pizza

  • Kathan Playz
    Kathan Playz 14 days ago

    “Hes british he doesnt know anything about pizza” YOURE AN FUCKING AMERICAN PIZZA IS ITALIAN

  • Aden Yt
    Aden Yt 14 days ago

    Ur an actual bitch gordon

    PARKER THOMAS 14 days ago

    I’ve seen a menu that was legit 6 pages long not lying it was like a newspaper down I. Corpus christi

  • melissini 77
    melissini 77 14 days ago

    Sissy looks like mila kunis but fatter

  • Cody Nonnemacher
    Cody Nonnemacher 14 days ago

    People in the back talking shit say it to his face

  • Rebecca Gilroy
    Rebecca Gilroy 14 days ago

    If you ever meet Gordon Ramsey and he askes for water DO NOT GIVE HIM ICE IT IS FROZEN HE DOES NOT LIKE FROZEN FOOD

  • Amazing 10
    Amazing 10 14 days ago

    The waitress has shit on the pants.

  • James Hixon
    James Hixon 14 days ago

    He doesn’t even eat it fucking food
    He is s dumb hoe

  • FabledSomething
    FabledSomething 14 days ago +2

    Guys, I'm a madman. It's been two weeks since i finished my Kitchen Nightmares bingerun. I watched all seasons from UK season 1 episode 1 to US Season 7 episode 9. I did it in 10 days and 9 hours. Who's gonna beat me? It's quite possible, i even had breaks now and then xD Had to sleep too, and poop.

  • SirPug
    SirPug 14 days ago

    Could somebody tell me what episode is this?

  • gor9027
    gor9027 15 days ago

    Why even bother inviting Gordon if you know that he's going to be blatantly honest and can't handle criticism?

  • TehAwesomeBhopping Kid

    americans know nothing other than stereotypes, unless they've been to the country theyre shit talking about. AND that bitch talks out her arse

  • TehAwesomeBhopping Kid

    are americans shit cooks or is ramsay picky af

  • Avacados Are green
    Avacados Are green 15 days ago

    3:45 “tell him there’s starving people in the world , We found the reason why .

  • Vijval Nandigala
    Vijval Nandigala 15 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay reacts to Shokegi No Soma

  • Travelling Around The World

    Gordon: This looks like a fucked up version of a science lab. Thank You
    Waitress: Your welcome

  • The Cover twins
    The Cover twins 15 days ago

    Pause at 1:12
    Just do it😂😂

  • Danny Kruppa
    Danny Kruppa 15 days ago


  • Gooby !
    Gooby ! 16 days ago

    this fat sack of worthless female shit is so fucking stupid i hope she dies of starvation.

  • Amar Original
    Amar Original 16 days ago +3

    Whale watching is really funny when the whale is angry!!

  • james mcintyre
    james mcintyre 16 days ago +5

    The cow says he can kiss her stars buuut she can't achieve a single one