Owner CANNOT Handle Gordon's Criticism | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters 5 hours ago

    Why do they bother calling Gordon Ramsey if they're only going to be offended & defensive? XD

  • Julien Ebacher
    Julien Ebacher 6 hours ago

    I want one of everything
    You want want one of everything?
    Yes, I want one of everything
    You want one of everything??
    Yes, I want one of everything
    You want want one of everything???
    Yes, I want one of everything
    ...Stupid bitches

  • Gavin Glover
    Gavin Glover 7 hours ago

    Its true

  • One in a billion
    One in a billion 8 hours ago

    14 June 1999 💙

  • Apollos 02
    Apollos 02 8 hours ago

    This is why women should stay in the kitchhhhh.........

  • Tony ARC
    Tony ARC 9 hours ago +2

    5:08 there was nothing on the fork lol

  • Adam w
    Adam w 9 hours ago

    "Oh fucking no fucking way!" "My name's, NINO!!!"

  • emily playz
    emily playz 12 hours ago

    Much criticism
    Such anger
    Much annoyance 😆

  • themonkeyhand
    themonkeyhand 12 hours ago

    Lazy coward owner.... and clueless bringing Gordon there and expecting anything but getting her ass handed to her.

  • Unknown Stormtrooper
    Unknown Stormtrooper 13 hours ago

    “He’s British, he doesn’t know anything about pizza”. She doesn’t sound very Italian to me does she know anything about pizza 😂😂

  • Samuel Hogg
    Samuel Hogg 18 hours ago

    All most of these places need is a competent head chef and owners who'll let him do what he needs.

  • Broke Nerfing
    Broke Nerfing 20 hours ago

    Like he didn't know the menu was huge 😂

  • Nightpony inRface

    Did she just use starving kids as an excuse?
    Someone plz tell me she is dead?
    Break Gordon's legs? Gordon could break his balls & then his spirit. (If that guy even has 1)

  • Abdullah Playz
    Abdullah Playz Day ago

    Dont say nothing about ramsay,HE IS THE BEST,I know how to cook bcuz of gordon’s Ramsay

  • One of Billions
    One of Billions Day ago

    I don't want to believe how so many arrogant, dumb, mean people are walking on the same fucking planet as i do. He didn't get this job out of nowhere. I know that because he's angry it makes the people fight and argue but if he said it calmly and politely, they would not take it seriously.

  • Meusana
    Meusana Day ago

    He's not even British.

  • XxstabbeduglyxX
    XxstabbeduglyxX Day ago

    I do feel like all this dramatic crap is fake just to make it entertaining

  • Markus Guadalupe

    I like how NiNo is in every ending now

  • smokestrong1000
    smokestrong1000 Day ago

    you people are so stupid. it's all a show. dude acts like an asshole and people act like it hurts their feelings to create drama. most people would just bring him in the back to teach them how to cook better

  • Tom Bartner
    Tom Bartner Day ago +1

    That little waiter LOVED being the go between/siht stirrer! Lol!

  • Shadow Gun
    Shadow Gun Day ago

    I love how you can hear Nino at the end of the videos 😂😂

  • Nae S.
    Nae S. Day ago

    Telling you your food is shit IS helping you, you stupid moron. You’re clearly in denial about your food. You wouldn’t have called him if you didn’t need the help, right? Dumbass.

  • Ruined Sandwich
    Ruined Sandwich Day ago

    5:40 my names ninooo

  • wulf gar
    wulf gar Day ago

    Fat fuckin slob bitch

  • Jamie 96
    Jamie 96 2 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay would love me because my boi pussy is fresh and never frozen.

  • TCP
    TCP 2 days ago

    she deserved a slap

  • rubberwoody
    rubberwoody 2 days ago

    Cool of Gordon to stand up for the waitress

  • Shin Higaku
    Shin Higaku 2 days ago

    My NaMeS nInO

  • slauter 19
    slauter 19 2 days ago

    I kinda like my salmon dry because i get real scared that its not cooked enough

  • Dana Whitestein
    Dana Whitestein 2 days ago

    everything is scripted.

  • Curlz Dove
    Curlz Dove 2 days ago

    “He can kiss my stars”

    What stars?

  • J Michael
    J Michael 2 days ago

    *hes supposed to be here helping me. Not telling me it isn’t good*
    Congratulations, you just played yourself

  • Gabriel Penalver
    Gabriel Penalver 2 days ago

    I hope they air a deleted scene of this episode where Ramsay drop kicks this dumb bitch

  • DisThoughts
    DisThoughts 2 days ago

    I love how the waitress is stifling laughter every time he says something mean about the food.

  • Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange

    She must be thankful that a bloody “3 Michelin Star Chef” is tasting and criticizing her bloody awful and nasty dishes and only a few chefs could achieve such stars once a chef screws up just once he or she could lose a bloody star she is pissed with the Chef Ramsey and pretending to know more than him the she must quit cooking because she is serving dog food, puke, dog poo and etc.

  • Travis Levitt
    Travis Levitt 2 days ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t it be ‘favorita della nonna’?

  • Mason Manuel
    Mason Manuel 2 days ago

    Is this is in New Jersey

  • Tylijah Brown
    Tylijah Brown 3 days ago

    She reminds me of Vicki Vallencourt from waterboy just a couple of pounds over

  • Sir JGN
    Sir JGN 3 days ago

    Owner: "He's British he does not know anything about pizza!"
    Italians: *"Hold my Margherita, Americano"*

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 3 days ago

    Why did these people call Gordon if they didn't want criticism ?
    Like he's telling them there food is shit and they need to fix it
    Of course you can get mad but take his advice if there food was good then why aren't they rich like Gordon

  • gizzard2025
    gizzard2025 3 days ago

    Lol so much for being sneaky head server. She caught ya pitching that pizza lol

  • Steve Skywalker
    Steve Skywalker 3 days ago

    The old man saying “fuck him” is the best thing ever lol

  • chrischimera
    chrischimera 3 days ago

    She complaining about but this fatass whale called him for help lol.

  • Anthony Suarez
    Anthony Suarez 3 days ago

    That mom is a chickenshit.

  • Alex Gomez
    Alex Gomez 3 days ago

    Mediocre, at best

  • Adan Gomez
    Adan Gomez 4 days ago

    Who holds a fork with 2 fingers

  • Youngla14
    Youngla14 4 days ago

    “He can kiss my stars” what stars

  • Hxnnxh Hxrpxr
    Hxnnxh Hxrpxr 4 days ago

    When she was like ‘I don’t give a fuck about his stars he can kiss my stars’ I was like. What stars?

  • Zachary Lewin
    Zachary Lewin 4 days ago

    Dude he british

  • Zachary Lewin
    Zachary Lewin 4 days ago

    Dude my eggs would make him jump

  • mbadmofo
    mbadmofo 5 days ago

    Gordon critiques way too harsh, granted is a tv show and it’s for entertainment sakes. Of course the people he’s ragging on asked for his help so be careful what you wish for.

  • ontariodrome InThisBigCity

    It would be so fun to be Ashton here lol

  • David Parker
    David Parker 5 days ago

    It's fresh but it's frozen.
    did you guys not hear that?

  • dragonball3166
    dragonball3166 5 days ago

    He’s lucky they spit in his food

  • khidirova Ajszel
    khidirova Ajszel 5 days ago

    he is old ;(

  • Jam Mak
    Jam Mak 5 days ago

    Gordon: Thank you
    Waitress: You're welcome
    Gordon: Woaaw

  • kumar nishant
    kumar nishant 5 days ago

    Who does?? Who accepts criticism..

  • Black & Blue
    Black & Blue 5 days ago

    This bitch reminds me of my sister
    1: they both don’t listen to opinions or criticism
    2: they always have to be right and everybody else has to be wrong
    3: they’re both too much of a pussy to talk shit to someone to their face so they have others tell them for them

  • Miss Chantell
    Miss Chantell 5 days ago


  • UltraPi
    UltraPi 6 days ago

    *_F R E S H B U T I T S F R O Z E N_*

  • B&S Nation
    B&S Nation 6 days ago

    He can kiss my stars 😂😂

  • Joshua Fisher
    Joshua Fisher 6 days ago

    God thatvwoman has something up her ass

  • Lorenzo Duron
    Lorenzo Duron 6 days ago

    "He can kiss my stars"
    The Fault In Our Stars

  • Glitterpop785
    Glitterpop785 6 days ago

    She looks like a bigger version of Mila Kunis

  • SomeNiceMovies
    SomeNiceMovies 6 days ago

    The walls are moving...

  • Kavalan
    Kavalan 6 days ago

    Oh boy, another restaurant that serves "fresh frozen"...

  • CLOUT Ryan
    CLOUT Ryan 7 days ago

    Give me a dollar for every time Gordon says it’s bland

  • judsonkr
    judsonkr 7 days ago

    I remember this cow. People need to recognize their limitations.

  • cylynt symphonies
    cylynt symphonies 7 days ago

    Why do they keep inviting him if they are not gonna listen...

  • Ant Amaya
    Ant Amaya 7 days ago

    1. Hire Gordon Ramsey. 4 Star chef, famous for his Super High Standard on food quality and taste. And serve him frozen salmon.
    2. Become Surprised that he's Super Critical about the food's quality and taste, and that you served him frozen salmon.

  • Retro Vigillanty
    Retro Vigillanty 7 days ago

    She is so stupid.

  • Andre Miko Manuel
    Andre Miko Manuel 7 days ago


  • crow
    crow 7 days ago

    I love how Gordon is nice to the waiters, but tells it how it is. "this looks like the festering corpse of a cow. thank you love."

  • Srg Fkct
    Srg Fkct 7 days ago

    She kind of looks like a “slightly plumpier” mila kunis

  • Labossi Contact
    Labossi Contact 7 days ago

    Nino wouldn't have time for her bullshit

  • Josh Sumner
    Josh Sumner 7 days ago

    Gordan Ramsay just delivered so much savagery

  • loganciappa
    loganciappa 7 days ago

    I dont get these people. Do you SERIOUSLY think hes going to like your food. Like for real. Theres literally a video dedicated to him liking food cuz its so rare.

  • Ave Vee
    Ave Vee 7 days ago

    Cece is fucking insane....... what........ is wrong with her.......

  • MrGoalie2012
    MrGoalie2012 7 days ago

    owners titties are huuuuuuuuuuuge

  • John Estrada
    John Estrada 8 days ago

    That server, Ashton, needs her own spin-off. Genuine af

  • Kassy Becerra
    Kassy Becerra 8 days ago

    Poor waitress 😣

  • Cohen Jake
    Cohen Jake 8 days ago

    The funny thing is that pizza came from Europe, so even though he didn’t originate from Italian culture, he probably still knows about pizza

  • Nr1Humanoid
    Nr1Humanoid 8 days ago

    Ramsey's helping you BY telling you your food's not good, you Jabba like bimbo.

  • Yuri Nakamura
    Yuri Nakamura 8 days ago

    the one that does notknow anything about Pizza is that dumb ass bitch of a chef

  • Nicolas Costas
    Nicolas Costas 8 days ago

    I'm a very basic cooker...but even I know the how a pizza should be cooked and seasoned.

  • Nathan Coreas
    Nathan Coreas 8 days ago

    But she has no stars

  • Cynicaly
    Cynicaly 8 days ago

    "I don't fucking care how many stars he has. He can kiss my stars"
    So Gordon has nothing to kiss?

  • Cthulhu For President

    Lol. So many empty threats on this show.

  • Rulerzful
    Rulerzful 9 days ago

    Fat bitch

  • Kara's Vids
    Kara's Vids 9 days ago

    I like watching gordon but who else thinks he might have been a picky eater as a kid? xD

  • Nadia Begum
    Nadia Begum 9 days ago

    "HE'S BRITISH, HE DOESNT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PIZZA" excuse you darling, I've made better looking pizza than what you served up and I'm a British 16 year old who can only make a toastie perfectly. Fuck you xxx

  • iiLucasDude
    iiLucasDude 9 days ago

    “He’s British he doesn’t know anything about pizza”

  • Dan Tirk
    Dan Tirk 9 days ago

    ill bet that chef is the older sister of a handful of 1st generation siblings of catholic parents. its written on her demeanor. reminds me of my sister lol i love it

  • Nerd Vlogs
    Nerd Vlogs 9 days ago

    You have no stars

  • Mrs McMiller
    Mrs McMiller 9 days ago

    fuck him 😂🤣

  • Muhammad Farrukh
    Muhammad Farrukh 9 days ago

    He can kiss her 0 stars

  • whobitmyname
    whobitmyname 9 days ago

    Well, I certainly wouldn't like this restaurant to burn to the ground.

  • Karam Swaid
    Karam Swaid 9 days ago


  • Mihaela Andronache
    Mihaela Andronache 9 days ago

    Omg italians and drama😂