Method Man Breaks Down Production on Wu-Tang’s C.R.E.A.M.


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  • emanae86
    emanae86 12 hours ago

    word up he's talking about Jimmy Spicer Money (Dollar Bill ya'll) Adventures Of Super Rhymes is ILL TOO.

  • 9geist
    9geist Day ago

    Thatz why Meph is soo Dope !!!

  • Remi Martin
    Remi Martin 17 days ago

    Rza 36 chambers 🔥🏠 studio 💣💥.

  • Kamelody 2330
    Kamelody 2330 19 days ago +2

    Nas has a song called " no ideas Original " we always take ideas from others . that's all. Michael Jackson dance move . the moonwalk. its another example. eminem 90s flow style looks like MASTA ACE " disposal art " Album. etc.. not a big deal

  • Omegah TV
    Omegah TV 22 days ago +1

    Shorty next to Meth looks SO unimpressed during most of this clip.........she wrong doing that sitting in the presence of a hip hop veteran.

  • D E
    D E 22 days ago +1

    I'll give Hailey a pass. Wu was already on Ghostface solo album and Mariah songs by the time she was born.

  • Quintyn Fabela
    Quintyn Fabela 22 days ago

    That girl looks so bored

  • progress426
    progress426 24 days ago

    No Method to his Style..he said it back in 92'.

  • D The Chemist
    D The Chemist 28 days ago +8

    Why blonde sittin there lookin like a shy schoolgirl next to meth lol

  • Texas Milab 11:11
    Texas Milab 11:11 Month ago

    Damn if I would of known he straight bit

  • Zethu Ndlangamandla

    That's why we love him!

  • Frank White
    Frank White Month ago +1

    Swagger jacker



  • Neva2Bizy
    Neva2Bizy 2 months ago

    Method Man owes me speakers.

  • Brian Grisham
    Brian Grisham 3 months ago +2

    I remember dj quick hooking that dolla bill yall

  • Know Never
    Know Never 4 months ago

    Meth reminds me of Royce Da 5`9".

  • HebrewIsraeliteScholar 1984

    Suavementeeeeee !!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha I love this man,Wu-Tang forever mothafuckers

  • Shamir Al Nino
    Shamir Al Nino 6 months ago +2

    Mefff is a genius

  • shot diggs
    shot diggs 8 months ago +1

    The ending had me crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Willie Mendoza
    Willie Mendoza 9 months ago

    MethodMan 1 of the infinite 9 diagrams
    And the master of the
    THE ODB👐🐲🐉

  • twenty6s
    twenty6s 9 months ago +3

    did he just admit that he bites?

  • Black Sheepio aka Desi Beatz

    What's the name of this song? 2:12

  • illwitness
    illwitness Year ago +1

    Method Man is just so impossibly cool.

  • k-roc the ruler
    k-roc the ruler Year ago +12

    What's up with the chick sitting there looking like she hates her job, rolling her eyes

    • Texas Milab 11:11
      Texas Milab 11:11 Month ago +1


    • Gabriel Charles
      Gabriel Charles 8 months ago +1

      k-roc the ruler she's his co host for the TV show "drop the mic" you have to see the actual full interview to understand this video this is just a part of it.

  • Chris Dimes
    Chris Dimes Year ago +3

    Yeah it's called chop up someone else's music and call it your own. This was one of RZA's best beats but laziest productions as it was copy/pasted directly from the song

    • A F
      A F Month ago +5

      Chris Dimes It’s called sampling and they didn’t use software, they used vinyl. This is the early 90’s, technology was different. Music that was from their past was reborn in their new work and at the time the original samples were obscure & nearly forgotten by the public. Songs like C.R.E.A.M. gave them new life. As far as the musical idea, composers do this all the time - look up the definition. As huge as Wu is they compensated the original composer a long time ago. You may be mad at the technique but to criticize the technique itself limits your way of thinking and your own creativity. Basically, if you feel like you can do better stfu & do it. And reach Wu’s level. Since it’s so easy.

    • Nigmatics
      Nigmatics Year ago +3

      Chris Dimes Chris Dimes 90% of hip hop songs that are considered classic are simple 2 or 4 bar loops, either raw, or with drums underneath. If it works and is effective, that’s all that matters.

    • Chris Dimes
      Chris Dimes Year ago

      You want me to send you the sample? This project could have been done by an amateur with basic software to "produce"

    • tochiRTA
      tochiRTA Year ago

      it really wasnt cut and paste

    REN MACHIEVELLI Year ago +1

    I bet that white girls butt smells like fish

  • NeoNitty
    NeoNitty Year ago +14

    Dope. And the CREAM sample from the Cherelles is legendary

  • chris B
    chris B Year ago +3

    🙌 for ever!

    LUCKY Year ago +5

    What video is meth talking about ? The one he don’t like

    • Robert Acevedo
      Robert Acevedo Year ago +2

      LUCKY: OR it could be the other new video...”Time Is Money/Hood Go Bang”.

    • Robert Acevedo
      Robert Acevedo Year ago +1

      LUCKY: The new video “People Say”.

  • giovanna G
    giovanna G Year ago +24

    This girl f me up 😣 this is method man girl 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • James Schultz
      James Schultz 19 days ago +1


    • Cr4zy Goose
      Cr4zy Goose Month ago +2

      +giovanna G For wtf... thats not fucken rainbow clown shitty ass 69... Its method man ffs! Does she even know who he is?!!

    • giovanna G
      giovanna G Year ago

      Meghan Gochin I don't know her 👋

    • Meghan Gochin
      Meghan Gochin Year ago +1

      Its Haliey Baldwin, They are there promoting their show on TBS.

  • Sean DFC
    Sean DFC Year ago +9

    Ghost Dog is still one of my faves

  • subscriber10304
    subscriber10304 Year ago +2

    What did he said at the begining ? about not giving his buissness ?

  • Eminem
    Eminem Year ago +16

    Wow so method stole all he's verses 😂😂I'll give him a pass though.

    • Robert Acevedo
      Robert Acevedo 11 months ago +3

      Its not stealing...stealing is when u take something word for word. Example: Jay-Z repeating many of Biggie’s rhymes WORD FOR WORD. In this case, Mef was INFLUENCED by these songs. He put his own spin on these older records that he’s talking about.

    • Brother Biz
      Brother Biz Year ago +1

      Eminem his fuckin name is stolen also. all the wu did was steal. their names the beats, the knowledge probably read books and stole certain words to make them look smart. these guys are criminals before anything. all of them would be dead by now if it wasnt for hip-hop

    • Eminem
      Eminem Year ago +2

      Cracked Corn wouldn't go that far as too call him a phoney.😏

    • Eminem
      Eminem Year ago +4

      Henry Lin everyone gets something off of each other. Evolution of hip hop.

  • picasso lamar
    picasso lamar Year ago +4

    👐u album Fireeee!

  • Mariachiloco1231
    Mariachiloco1231 Year ago +24


    L.A. GRAMS SHOW Year ago +10

    👍💀👍💀👍💀👍👍😵👍😵👍😵👍💥💥💥we need a "Jhonny blaze" &" Bobby digital" album!! "Can't forget Digi of i did I'll feel gypped like my sandwich anit a sandwich with out miracle whip" method man qouet ..if you guys don't know where that's from you ain't no real Wu fan .👍💀👍senz 1996 bro.. please bring back real street guther hip hop!!!!!

    • Jah The God
      Jah The God 8 months ago

      L.A. GRAMS WAX SHOW that’s my favorite method man rhyme too... but that’s 98 fam!

  • Jared RG
    Jared RG Year ago +26

    Lol that white girl looks so uninterested. Total disrespect to the culture.

  • 827jdi75jdiev
    827jdi75jdiev Year ago +4

    Y’all the 🐐for this

  • Isa Anzak
    Isa Anzak Year ago +6

    Is that Hailey Baldwin? Why?😂

    • Bibo Thor
      Bibo Thor Year ago +5

      she is Method man co host of his new show 'drop the mic'

  • Young Dexter
    Young Dexter Year ago +30

    So basically it’s just a big ass sample

  • StunnaCole
    StunnaCole Year ago +4

    That fuckin album is classic we needed that wutang these days

  • Fahim Faruk
    Fahim Faruk Year ago +1

    good one bro

  • HypealotNetwork
    HypealotNetwork Year ago +58

    Love seeing Wu tang in all these interviews. Meth has great intellect!! Wu!

    • NeoNitty
      NeoNitty Year ago +1

      HypealotNetwork word cause you know we’re gonna get good interviews and stories