Bernie's Plan To Win In 2020

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Bernie opened up to TYT on how he deals with media attacks. Ana Kasparian, Maytha Alhassen, and Ashlee Marie Preston, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:
    Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Maytha Alhassen, Ashlee Marie Preston
    Cast: Ana Kasparian, Maytha Alhassen, Ashlee Marie Preston
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  • The Young Turks
    The Young Turks  Month ago +45

    To bring much needed focus to the pivotal issue of climate change, TYT is raising funds to host a Climate Change Town Hall.

    • Helga Buttercup
      Helga Buttercup Month ago

      @Steven Moomaw-Tupper what to bet over our dead bodies you will. All we have to do is point a air gun at you and you would run for the hills .you commie bastards .and after we win we will take away your weed crack cocaine heroin and your welfare away. No freebie care dead ass bastard not in our country move to commie Canada

    • Helga Buttercup
      Helga Buttercup Month ago

      @Bozo TheClown they hate liberal bitches that are bo or women real women dont walk like they have a turd up their ass have buck teeth a wort on their nose like bitch Clinton and her brat and vomit half n half warren and every liberal around .they could make a rat drop dead

    • Helga Buttercup
      Helga Buttercup Month ago

      Got news for grandpa suckers hes not going to win there will be no freebie shit jo triple taxes tompay for his freebie shit no taxes no house #5 so the bastard better just keep what he has or sell them to pay for all the fake care illegals criminals that he lives so much.praing he does real soon and I do mean soon

  • Goody Weaver
    Goody Weaver 2 days ago +5

    Fire Ashlee Marie Preston. It is outrageous that you had her on like some kind of reporter for months without disclosing she was a Warren surrogate. Now it turns out she has a history of some of the most disgusting racist, sexist, vile abuse on twitter I've ever seen. Encouraging everyone I know to unsubscribe so long as she is on TYT.

  • Alas. Dies. Laughing
    Alas. Dies. Laughing 3 days ago +10

    You guys have got to fire Ashlee Marie Preston. She goes on Twitter to smear Bernie by saying he's not good on LGBTQ issues which I know you know is absolutely false. I thought it was really weird that every Bernie segment she tries to change the conversation to being about Warren. I know that TYT has changed, but please do the right thing here.

  • Audio Sane
    Audio Sane 4 days ago +16

    Beware, TYT viewers! Ashlee Preston is a Warren surrogate! She's not here to be objective towards Bernie. Spread the news.

  • t0nyc0nde
    t0nyc0nde 6 days ago +3

    Is Ashlee wearing all of that huge and unnatural-looking hair as a joke? I’m serious. Is she being parodic, as with Lady Bunny?

  • iLindahLIFE
    iLindahLIFE 15 days ago

    Yeah this was a beautiful and respectful moment. Thanks Cenk

  • Sarah Welch
    Sarah Welch 23 days ago +7

    Oh my god, this segment was about BERNIE’S PLAN TO WIN IN why on earth would TYT include Ashlee in this segment when they know she’s a shill for Warren??

  • Vortex
    Vortex 25 days ago +9

    Bernie > Warren. Media is behind warren= massive warning flag

  • SBlackmare
    SBlackmare 26 days ago +9

    Ashlee is a horrible person. She has to play nice on TYT, but she is really just awful in her Twitter behavior. I didn’t know she was in this segment or I wouldn’t have watched it. I thought it was Bernie getting interviewed by Cenk.

  • Nigel Palmer
    Nigel Palmer 27 days ago +4

    LOL Sanders just passed the one million doners mark if Warren cant match it she should drop out and admit Bernie is the person ordinary ppl want to represent them she should drop back into her role as a Corporatist controlled by the Oligarchy.

  • L Cardoso
    L Cardoso 27 days ago +4

    Bernie Sanders 2020/ we love you 😍

  • PoeticPursuits
    PoeticPursuits 28 days ago +3

    I do not care when dark money buys you if it is buying you and you are for sale then I am not going to be your supporter. If I HAVE to I will vote for anyone over Trump, but I will be a core supporter.

  • B Havens
    B Havens 28 days ago +3

    DNC can back Bernie, or they can 4 more years of Drumpf, they might want to grow a clue. Not voting for the Shillary Rotten Nixon A$$ Kisser.

  • vikas kashov11
    vikas kashov11 28 days ago +1

    this old pickle will never win.........

    • Durban Poison
      Durban Poison 28 days ago +3

      vikas kashov11 I bet your nickname is old pickle?

  • Sara Kamal
    Sara Kamal 28 days ago +9


  • Sara Kamal
    Sara Kamal 28 days ago +11

    Is Ashlee incapable of talking about anything other than Warren? Please don't have her on. The Warren propaganda makes my skin crawl.

    • Cathy90
      Cathy90 5 days ago +2

      @Sara Kamal i cant stand her as well, tyt is losing me

    • Sara Kamal
      Sara Kamal 25 days ago +2

      SBlackmare I hope Bernie releases a Corruption/Campaign finance proposal soon so everybody at TYT can start advocating for him fully again. I can’t stand this shit either. The clip was about a personal question Bernie got, but Ashlee wants to talk about Warren’s selfie line instead..... kill me.

    • SBlackmare
      SBlackmare 26 days ago +1

      If it’s not about Ashlee, it’s about Elizabeth Warren! That’s her whole attitude and I cannot stand her! I literally quit TYT because she is on. She’s a truly awful person.

  • aaronsande
    aaronsande 29 days ago +10

    OK the way Ashlee KEEPS going back to Warren in this BERNIE video has escalated my alarm bells. I see minorities falling for her just as they did for Obama, nothing learned. She's the corporate backup plan. She's not good enough!

  • robert presley
    robert presley 29 days ago +2

    So...what's the deal with that woman's hair?

    • SBlackmare
      SBlackmare 26 days ago +2

      Yeah, I used to be a model and became a stylist after that, but I just cannot believe anyone would ever do that on purpose. I’m glad I never had her as a client.

    • robert presley
      robert presley 29 days ago

      @ThankYouStayedHere Sure.

    • ThankYouStayedHere
      ThankYouStayedHere 29 days ago

      the eunuch?

  • Danial Safvat
    Danial Safvat 29 days ago +3

    Preston is unfortunately not who TYT said she would be, "a brilliant mind". She has been a political hack who would have supported Hillary over Bernie as well.

  • Danial Safvat
    Danial Safvat 29 days ago +4

    Thank you Ana for finally mentioning that Warren will be taking big donors in the general election,.

  • sandorx4
    sandorx4 29 days ago

    This is stupid. Bernie don't stand a chance. It will either be Creepy Joe or Pocahontas.

    • Austin Lester
      Austin Lester 27 days ago

      @Danial Safvat Bernie had his chance but it was stolen from him. I doubt he will ever get a chance again in this life time.

    • Durban Poison
      Durban Poison 28 days ago +1

      sandorx4 Really. Explain.

    • Danial Safvat
      Danial Safvat 29 days ago

      @sandorx4 what?

    • sandorx4
      sandorx4 29 days ago

      @Danial Safvat Ah yes the black votes. It's extremely weird that an ID is not required to vote in that strange country of yours.

    • Danial Safvat
      Danial Safvat 29 days ago

      @sandorx4 sleepy Joe is slipping and Warrens base is all white voters, you don't win D nomination with 4% black votes. We'll see soon enough.

  • Christian Valencia
    Christian Valencia 29 days ago +5

    Why don't you guys at tyt call out Warren for taking corporate money in the general, instead it just worries you, she will lose to Trump if she is the nominee, stop propping her up

    • Danial Safvat
      Danial Safvat 29 days ago +1

      I think they will soon enough, Ana took a subtle jab at the last 5 seconds. Emma asked Warren a question about Military budget. But they are following Bernie in waiting for the right time I think, they just want to make sure Biden is not the nominee. Maybe I'm wrong, we'll see in time. But I agree that what they are doing is hurting their credibility and propping up someone who is not in the same league as Bernie.

  • #1 tricycle mechanic

    DAMN! Bernie looks 200 years old

  • oopsieeee
    oopsieeee Month ago +7

    Click Bait video.. supposed to be about Bernie and Ana and her coven turns it into a Warren campaign ad... TYT has really gone downhill. When is Cenk going to grow back his backbone and stand for the truth again? Dislike clicked again.

  • Andy Anaya
    Andy Anaya Month ago +7

    Warren won't fight for single-payer out of the gate -- her supporters have Stockholm Syndrome for the private insurance industry parasites. You get what you fight for, sellouts

  • Kirmie44
    Kirmie44 Month ago

    Why don't you interview Andrew Yang? A little hipocritical, don't you think?

    • Kirmie44
      Kirmie44 Month ago

      @xander nvmd, they are pretty fair. Just a few bad apples as per usual

    • Kirmie44
      Kirmie44 Month ago

      @xander thanks, I searched and found it on there other channel. Still feel like all the news I hear from here is against him

    • Kirmie44
      Kirmie44 Month ago

      @xander where, didn't see

    • xander
      xander Month ago +4

      he has interviewed andrew yang before

  • pasGedden7
    pasGedden7 Month ago +1

    Tyt is not a independent news source it's an alternative corporate media source. You can not be independent if you've received $20 millions.

    • pasGedden7
      pasGedden7 29 days ago

      @Danial Safvat $20 million would make anyone an employee, so by that makes them an asset or property. $20 million is like shares into a company.

    • Danial Safvat
      Danial Safvat 29 days ago

      No , what? They are a private business like most other news organizations, so they will bring in investors, INVESTMENT DOES NOT MAKE YOU NOT INDEPENDENT, the issue is the money incentive like the advertisers, TYT claims that they are mostly fueled by the members, which is true. So your comment shows a lack of understanding tho it'd be a fair debate to consider whether they have been influenced by their investors.

    • pasGedden7
      pasGedden7 29 days ago

      @Aloha Fox Jeffrey Katzenberg’s WndrCo Invests in TYT Network as Part of $20 Million. After that, Tulsi is not a progressive and Elizabeth Warren is great! Forget about she stole his platform and forget that fact she will be taking money right after the primary.

    • Aloha Fox
      Aloha Fox 29 days ago +2

      pasGedden7 from whom?

  • Justin House
    Justin House Month ago +5

    Preston has smeared Bernie on Twitter several times. Good job TYT

  • Justin House
    Justin House Month ago +12

    Liz is no Bernie

  • Vance Johnson
    Vance Johnson Month ago

    You can't see trump as a human but expect to some how convert the right with that train of thought. 🤣

    • AMBA
      AMBA 29 days ago +1

      @William W haha Im aware of Greys Anatomy.... It amazes me everyday that people actually think he cares about anyone but himself. Its so painfully obvious its astounding!
      As a tv personality he was still extremely unlikable, but was entertaining to an extent (or at least I could appreciate it, I never watched the Apprentice)...
      I also understand how appealing it is for someone in 'politics' that doesnt sound like your average politician with the same old rhetoric (Trump and Bernie fall under that category)... But thats literally where trumps appeal ends! How anyone can believe or trust a single word that comes out that guys mouth is astounding... Proven again and again to exaggerate and straight up lie about even the most insignificant things... Hes completely been winging it since he won... Madness lol

    • William W
      William W 29 days ago +3

      @AMBA He's a reality TV star and nothing more (except maybe a money launderer and so on). He was washed up and so bankrupt before that show portrayed him as a business genius. It's like choosing one of the actors from Grey's Anatomy (an American medical drama) to do heart surgery on you.

    • AMBA
      AMBA 29 days ago +2

      @William W Alas, Im not American, so I cant help you guys with the voting... But good luck! Its amazing how much of a weird 'cartoon' trump is from the outside looking in... Still doesnt seem real. Its kind of amazing to witness actually lol... But ultimately, he is a human being wether you like it or not... Just a crazy money-hungry divisive shit-stirring grifter of a human lol
      Ill be happier when we stop seeing his face everywhere...

    • William W
      William W Month ago +3

      @AMBA He won't admit it. And that's why we shouldn't give a shit about his feelings. People who want to gaslight the rest of the country aren't worth the effort. "Vance Johnson" has zero interest in supporting Bernie or any other Democrat. It's up to us to show up in greater numbers on election day. I will say that Bernie does appeal to some Trump supporters by talking about the economic problems in their community and health care. But he denounces the racist comments and behaviors of Trump himself.
      So if someone on the "right" can separate their racism from their politics, then yeah. They can come on over. If not, I couldn't care less about their butt hurt feelings.

    • AMBA
      AMBA Month ago +2

      he's has said some pretty inhumane things tho... you gotta admit

  • Boss Freedom
    Boss Freedom Month ago +3

    Corporate Pocahontas lacks the character and judgement to take on Trump directly; she's already been humiliated by him once, she used to be a Republican, she exaggerated about her heritage to win position and favor, and she just copies everything Sanders does.

  • cannon26ify
    cannon26ify Month ago +2

    Funny seeing TYT waving pompoms for a nearly 80 year old straight white man but they smear a women of color like Tulsi Gabbard to no end.

    • Boss Freedom
      Boss Freedom Month ago +2

      @cannon26ify You logic is strange and stupid. Sanders is not "all old white men" and Tulsi isn't "all women of color".

    • cannon26ify
      cannon26ify Month ago

      @Boss Freedom So you do believe that old white men know better than women of color I guess. Not really a surprise given the left founded the KKK.

    • Boss Freedom
      Boss Freedom Month ago +2

      @cannon26ify I find it funny that Republican trolls spend their time watching TYT. But I can see why, there is more substance in 30 seconds on TYT then in the entire conservative philosophy.

    • cannon26ify
      cannon26ify Month ago +1

      @Boss Freedom Nope but I find it hilarious that TYT actually overlooks a real progressive like Tulsi in favor of a corporate sellout candidate like Bernie who immediately bowed out to Hillary in 2016 and told his supporters to vote for her. Obviously a very principled person he is😆

    • Boss Freedom
      Boss Freedom Month ago +2

      Don't you need to go polish your bible or something?

  • Susan Hepler
    Susan Hepler Month ago +3

    The whole thing with personal attacks, look if someone lied or is lying about their policy and what it will do, I have no problem with that being personal attack! So long as it writes back to policy I'm cool with personal attack. But if it's personal attacks for the sake of personal attacks, IE what Trump does then I have an issue with that

  • Pick 1 Mike
    Pick 1 Mike Month ago +1

    I like Bernie but unfortunately he's running on old school ideas and conditions. He's simply a politician trying to talk a good game. I need "new school" leadership. There's only one candidate that has years of experience dealing with issues that we've never faced and will be facing...Andrew Yang is the only qualified candidate experienced with these new issues...and still he has ideas to address issues we've been complaining about for decades. He has my vote.

    • Durban Poison
      Durban Poison 28 days ago

      Pick 1 Mike Yang is a joke. His ideas or lack of suck.

    • Boss Freedom
      Boss Freedom Month ago +2

      @Kevin M Not to be overly harsh but F that, this isn't Dancing with the Stars. Sander 2020 or you eat a Trump Sandwich. That's the stark reality.

    • Kevin M
      Kevin M Month ago +2

      @Boss Freedom They are both good person. :) Stop fighting kids.

  • Gevian Dargan
    Gevian Dargan Month ago +4

    And what I like about, what has impressed me, about Sanders' campaign is how he has had those one-on-on interactions with the people he wants to represent.

  • Kristie Thompson
    Kristie Thompson Month ago +5

    The pain of the people is not only ignored by the corporate media, it's not even in their conversations. So sticks and stones may break our bones, but silence will always kill us.

  • Lorraine Roberts
    Lorraine Roberts Month ago +3

    Unfortunately not all progressive candidates get a fair go by The Young Turks Tulsi Gabbard doesn't get a fair go she's hated by the two female hosts of the show Ana Kasparian and Emma Vigeland she doesn't get a fair go and she definitely has to rely on other progressive platform Elizabeth Warren who's not a true progressive is not for medicare-for-all is well liked by MSNBC a corporate media network that I had a woman come on and call Bernie sexist that so evil that network is but they love Elizabeth Warren maybe because shes taken establishment pack money in past election and she's taking money from Goldman and sex and oil companies and fossil fuel companies and when she wins the nomination or so she thinks she'll take the pack money again I thought that was a big no-no for progressives So Tulsi Gabbard also has to rely on progressive TheXvid networks who do give her a fair go cuz she too is been shut out by the establishment corporate media as well but also been shut out by the biggest progressive platforms such as The Young Turks by Ana Kasparian and Emma Vigeland who are bias against her lucky she has the Jimmy Dore show he supports her

    • Graham Skelly
      Graham Skelly Month ago +1

      I like Tulsi, I like her anti war stance while still being strong. If Gabbard Wins I will work hard for her and hope she defeats Trump. Certainly TYT has put her on air, they have defended her when she was attacked unfairly. "monstrous!" But you are right, Emma and Ana have made their views clear, they are not hiding them so you can take their comments with a grain of salt, I do. Sanders and Warren are front runners, so they will get more coverage.

      Now your attack on Warren is false. First Warren is different then Sanders which is why some main stream DNC find her more palatable then Bernie. She is also given a leg up by the main stream media in an attempt to divide the "progressive wing of the party" As soon as she threatened to to take the lead, Many Wall Street people came out saying if she won it would be a disaster...

      Some progressives really like Warren for her excellent work on the Banking issue, (I love her grilling CEO and regulators for not doing their jobs) Some progressives find her a little weak on her Foreign policy (I know I do) Emma Vigeland called Warren out for dodging a question. Over all if Warren wins, I will work hard for her, hope she defeats Trump

      But I find what pulls people toward a candidate is what they stand for. Gabbard is for getting control of the endless wars. She has some good thoughts on other topics. What will not draw me to Gabbard is tearing Warren down, with weak slanders that she takes PAC money in the past and will do again. Or TYT gives Warren to much attention and ignores Gabbard. Write an essay (hopefully shorter then my comment so more people read it, ) on why 'we should vote for Tulsi'

      that will be how you move her up in the polls and how she can stay in the race, it is a long race anything can happen.

  • President Donald J Trump


  • gud bie
    gud bie Month ago

    Sounds good, doesn't work

  • avalacos
    avalacos Month ago +5

    id like to see more of this Bernie. Not that i dont like normal Bernie, but it might show a softer side to people who only hear the accent and hear an angry old man.

  • Ryv Mutsu
    Ryv Mutsu Month ago +4

    Videos with Ashlee now I'm increasingly skipping, because of her either lack of self-awareness or disingenuous commentary, it's more stress than needed to listen through her hypocrisy and tone deafness at least regarding the 2020 P election.

  • jaykay415
    jaykay415 Month ago +2

    Either Preston missed the memo that this was about Bernie, or the video was mis-titled after the fact.

  • Jason Ruggles
    Jason Ruggles Month ago +6

    Only mentioned Bernie at 5:33 im done with TYT going back to Secular Talk and The Jimmy Dore show

  • Brandol Reis
    Brandol Reis Month ago +3

    If tyt is going to look pasts warren’s claim of needing to take big money in the general, then they should shut down Wolfpac because they clearly don’t believe in it

  • Jason Ruggles
    Jason Ruggles Month ago +3

    Dude this is supposed to be about Bernie and they just talked about all types of shit and everybody else other than Bernie, Bernie's first mention is at 5:33

    • pogo575
      pogo575 27 days ago

      Jason Ruggles Holy shit you are at least a liar or you didn’t even watch the video.

    • discipleofsakura
      discipleofsakura Month ago +1

      Except that whole video of him talking at the beginning🙄

  • adam imberti
    adam imberti Month ago +2

    Bernie's plan.
    1) Promise dumb people things he can't afford to give them
    2) Rant wildly
    3) Have pudding cup
    4) Nap

    • Boss Freedom
      Boss Freedom Month ago

      Trump' Plan: Plunder the nation for another 4 years and convince dimwitted Republicans it's good for the family.

    • discipleofsakura
      discipleofsakura Month ago

      You accidentally typed "Bernie" when you meant to type "Trump" the, Adam. You also missed Trump's #5 - furiously masturbate while watching Fox and Friends.

    • Jason Ruggles
      Jason Ruggles Month ago +1

      Did you watch fox and see trump or something cause Bernie Sanders is the amendment king for a reason fool

  • nole 89
    nole 89 Month ago

    Is that a wig or is all that hair really hers?

    • adam imberti
      adam imberti Month ago +1

      It's a poodle and it's a he.

    • BillyGoat
      BillyGoat Month ago

      nole 89 Black women usually wear wigs

  • John Solo
    John Solo Month ago +10

    For a segment about Bernie you guys talk a lot about Liz Warren

  • Tim
    Tim Month ago +5

    Leave it to TYT to make a segment that's supposedly covering Bernie about Elizabeth Warhead.

    • pogo575
      pogo575 27 days ago

      So the trolls are trying to get warren and Bernie split? Nice, that means Biden is almost done!

  • James Rhine
    James Rhine Month ago +8

    Since Warren plans to take big money if she wins the primary and courts the establishment, she must not get our vote. Shame on TYT for not making this a larger story. Warren voters are being duped into thinking she's a grassroots candidate, but it's only political theater to grab the progressive vote.

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander Month ago +2

    I only see mainstream news outlets in order to be filled in on climate related disasters (better camera equipment) presidential debates and when I'm at someone else's house when they have it on. I use the TV to cast my online videos, especially when having house parties for Bernie. I live in a swing state so I feel like it's important to get Bernie's message out. I serve good snacks like warm crab dip and spinach artichoke dip so people show up for that if for no other reason.

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander Month ago +1

    It's heartening to see so much more gray hair in some crowds. Finally I don't feel like I stand out as one of the few older people when I get to go to a townhall. It was sort of embarrassing in the last election. We get townhalls because all we have is a scattering of small towns, suburbs and rural areas so we don't get the big crowds they get in the cities.

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander Month ago +5

    I don't see Castro pointing out Biden's self contradiction as problematical and I'm an old person. Even my 90 year old mother pointed it out right before Castro did. Neither of us saw it as ageist or personal.

  • Ryv Mutsu
    Ryv Mutsu Month ago +5

    If only Ashlee would stop blathering about Warren (with many agreed notions even) for a half moment and accept the reality of her methods, and see why they are antithetical to principles of accountability to the people (not to mention increasingly playing ball with establishment), no less in a segment about Sanders~

  • Durga Soham
    Durga Soham Month ago +9

    The Young Turks are corporate endorsers of Elizabeth Warren's campaign, and that's why even though Cenk has been doing a fairly good job of standing up for Sanders (so far), every woman on this show is blatantly shilling for Liz and using their video titles as clickbait to suck people in thinking it will be about Bernie. It's been happening every damn time. Don't trust the Turks. Use them where they show up with good info, but read between the lines. They're working an agenda just like they did for Clinton in 2016.

    • LegalShield Barbara
      LegalShield Barbara Month ago +1


    • Ryv Mutsu
      Ryv Mutsu Month ago +1

      Not every woman, and it's nuanced with Clinton given that after Sanders was cheated out of Primary, she become the lesser of two evils which is what moral, ethical people should focus on rather than selfish whims at the risk of worse collateral damage - like kids in cages for instance, and a pho front at best for relief support in Puerto Rico, and much more~ That stated, I think TYT is taking the approach of try to point out the problem of Warren's methods whilst also not dividing otherwise a strong front on variably universal progressive values. Not everyone is informed though often thinks themselves informed. It seems best to focus on defeating the threats like Biden, Harris, and the other corporate dems.
      Still, I tend to prefer Secular Talk, Rational Nation, some others for audio less filtered. Otherwise the wealth of combined hosts' knowledge on TYT has and continues to be valuable and on or around point.

  • Amy Whitman
    Amy Whitman Month ago +6

    Okay I'm glad Bernie and Warren are still tag teaming with each other. What is important right now is to get Biden out of the way as he shouldn't still be the front runner. But on the subject of fund raising, I'm surprised no one on this panel appears to be aware that Warren already violated the spirit of her primary pledge to NOT hold big ticket fundraisers when she used $10 million from her Senate re-election campaign to fund her current campaign. AND she's holding meetings with Hillary and other super delegates.

    • James Rhine
      James Rhine Month ago

      Biden could easily be out of the way of Warren wasn't running, and given her cozying up to the establishment and plans to take big money should she make it to the general election, then she needs to drop out to not water down the progressive vote.

  • athlonz2007
    athlonz2007 Month ago +4

    Andrew Yang 2020

  • Jim French
    Jim French Month ago

    🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁☠️ WE ARE IN THE OPENING CHAPTER☠️ 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
    🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁☠️OF WORLD WAR THREE☠️🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
    🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺THE BLARE OF TRUMPS BERZERKS 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺
    🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 AND THEIR BALEFUL DEEDS 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺
    🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 SHALL SWEEP ACROSS THE WORLD 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺
    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 AS WILDFIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Slow Poke
      Slow Poke Month ago

      Now tell me sumpin I don't know?

  • Jn Hln
    Jn Hln Month ago +13

    Is this video mistitled? Why is most of this video about Warren?

  • Robert Beccue
    Robert Beccue Month ago +12

    Remember Bernie Sanders and teach your children about him and we just might have a better country in the future.👍