i bought foods from SUPER BOWL commercials !!!

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • so i went to restaurants and bought the foods from superbowl commercials. let's just say the expectation vs. reality isn't always the best here. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe, thanks
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  • Analpeelsqueel
    Analpeelsqueel Day ago

    Don’t do my dog Wendy’s like that

  • Own Quttaineh
    Own Quttaineh 3 days ago +2

    No one literally no one Raphael I don't like fortnite that much whering a fortnite shirt

  • kiddadd
    kiddadd 4 days ago +1

    Wendy's does not taste like Burger King or McDonald's, that is blasphemy! Wendy's is better.

  • Caden Sanders
    Caden Sanders 5 days ago +3

    Fortnite is dead

    • TeamFlexx2v2
      TeamFlexx2v2 16 hours ago

      Caden Sanders your so random

    • Kible
      Kible 3 days ago

      Caden Sanders nobody asked...

  • 민Gacha
    민Gacha 5 days ago +4

    Is nobody is gonna talk about his FORTNITE hoodie?

  • -oCheezify Fortnite
    -oCheezify Fortnite 5 days ago +3

    Never ate Beef, Pork, BlaBla

  • Alishah Khan
    Alishah Khan 6 days ago +5

    Raphael lives in England but he still calls crisps 'chips'

  • Maki Sky
    Maki Sky 6 days ago +3

    Oh hell 😩 saying wendys tastes like mcdonalds. Triggered 😬

  • Adam Swallow
    Adam Swallow 8 days ago

    Come to the south of England and try whimpy

  • The Mendes Army
    The Mendes Army 8 days ago +2

    I literally watch the Superbowl just for the commercials

  • Alexander Maluchnik
    Alexander Maluchnik 9 days ago +1

    4:07 omg he has a fortnite hoodie

  • Acer Gaming
    Acer Gaming 11 days ago +2

    i like pizza hut best

  • Noemikim Lim
    Noemikim Lim 11 days ago +4

    Mcdo is nothing on the Philippines we have jollibee

  • Daina De Mal
    Daina De Mal 11 days ago +3

    I love domino's pizza. I'm from Belgium and when I go to the city (Leuven) with my friends, we always go to domino's. We love there pizza so much

  • mohammad soubra
    mohammad soubra 12 days ago

    Omagahh raphael is wearing a fortnite hoodie

  • RazzToxic
    RazzToxic 21 day ago +1

    ima say it now we like fortnite

  • MinePro 10
    MinePro 10 23 days ago +2

    Did anyone hear my house song in the pizza commercial if did like

  • Jewel Debeson
    Jewel Debeson 24 days ago +1

    I only watch Disney and Nickelodeon commercials 😝

  • Gary Bibby
    Gary Bibby 25 days ago +3

    it cringes me how he eats pizza

    • Roda S poda
      Roda S poda 19 days ago +2

      @aquxa how can you shut up on social media??

    • aquxa
      aquxa 24 days ago +1

      Gary Bibby shut up

  • SzBad GT
    SzBad GT 26 days ago +8

    why do these comments never get likes

  • Jose’s Avocado
    Jose’s Avocado 26 days ago +3

    He thinks it is the ice bucket challenge

  • LongLiveXXX1738
    LongLiveXXX1738 26 days ago +4

    Anybpdy realize that he is wearing a fortnite hoodie

  • TheChosenjelli 1
    TheChosenjelli 1 26 days ago +7

    who realized on his hoodie it sais fortnite leave a like if you noudist.

    • ItsAqua #1
      ItsAqua #1 25 days ago

      TheChosenjelli 1 noticed**

  • Daniel Lugo
    Daniel Lugo 27 days ago +2

    None of those are the nacho fried they are another thing they are the bomb....

  • Dustin Jones
    Dustin Jones 27 days ago

    Fortnite hoodie km

  • Murielle Koné
    Murielle Koné 29 days ago +4

    17:42 pourquoi quand les américains ils parlent français c’est grv mignon alors que nous quand on parle anglais mdrrr la catastrophe 😂!?

  • popperpenguins
    popperpenguins 29 days ago +5

    Mcdomalds is the best

    • FortniteGod 2314
      FortniteGod 2314 26 days ago

      Mcdonalds is always best

    • 4 PF
      4 PF 26 days ago +1

      popperpenguins 😂

    • popperpenguins
      popperpenguins 26 days ago +1

      griping is not a word so i don’t know what u even said and i’m pretty sure people don’t put their brother and their brothers friend in their profile pic...

    • Dustin Jones
      Dustin Jones 27 days ago

      @popperpenguins your still griping

    • popperpenguins
      popperpenguins 27 days ago +1

      you still eat disgusting burger king

  • Citrus Made Juice
    Citrus Made Juice 29 days ago +1

    Is that my teacher in the taco bell commercial?

  • Felisa 72
    Felisa 72 Month ago +1

    11:29 me

  • Karen Alvarez
    Karen Alvarez Month ago +4

    Tries Pringles combo it taste like cookies- raphael

  • demme lynn kemp
    demme lynn kemp Month ago

    This is such an original idea! I've watched you since you started and you're growing so much each video!!!

  • Tam Tam Playz
    Tam Tam Playz Month ago +1

    8:26 THAT GOT ME SO HARD!!!

  • Bucko C
    Bucko C Month ago +1

    That pringles one was not a super bowl chommercial

  • Shelby Freeman
    Shelby Freeman Month ago +2

    Maybe that taco bell doesnt have the real nacho fries because those aren't it lol

  • Dave Cohen
    Dave Cohen Month ago +4

    17:42 he said bon apple teet

  • Caroline
    Caroline Month ago +2

    I'm so hungry rn...

  • Bucky749
    Bucky749 Month ago +5

    Have you ever thought of doing a 24 hours where you can only eat food created in a certain decade and only watch shows and movies from that decade and dress up in costume just a random idea what do you think ?

    • MJ Blue
      MJ Blue Month ago

      Yes! He should do the 70s, 80s, and 90s but defiantly the 80s!!!!

  • Sharron Garado
    Sharron Garado Month ago +6

    Dont talk try it Before it will get cold

  • Tayvin Souza
    Tayvin Souza Month ago +3

    The pizza has glue

  • Domantas Sinkevic
    Domantas Sinkevic Month ago +4


  • Alexandria Rose
    Alexandria Rose Month ago +4

    best pizza hands down is papa johns

  • guillianne
    guillianne Month ago +2

    the thumbnail is a mood

  • omnypotentyam076 XD
    omnypotentyam076 XD Month ago +2

    NANI OMAYOA SIN- Wait is that pringles.

  • Random Things With Jacob

    14:28 that's what she said

  • rico2500 rico2500
    rico2500 rico2500 Month ago +6

    “I rate Wendy’s 5 star because it’s against McDonald’s“
    McDonald’s have left the chat

  • unhapee
    unhapee Month ago +1

    Girl said bone apple tite

  • Isaac Harrison
    Isaac Harrison Month ago +3

    Wendy’s is do savage on Twitter tho

  • #doublepeaches
    #doublepeaches Month ago +7

    3:28 why did u swear

  • simplynora.
    simplynora. Month ago +6

    me: *sees thumbnail*
    me: u wanna diss wendy's, wendy's gonna diss u

  • Fightingrat6
    Fightingrat6 Month ago +4

    I can't take you seriously with that fortnite seeater

  • Meadow Bal
    Meadow Bal Month ago +4

    Dominos has the best pizza

  • Meadow Bal
    Meadow Bal Month ago +2

    While I’m watching these delicious looking food I’m eating cornflakes

  • Nisha Aju
    Nisha Aju Month ago +6

    Maybe if you ate the foods hot maybe they might be better and a lot like the commercials 🤨😏

    • Savraj Johal
      Savraj Johal Month ago

      Nisha Aju But sometimes they serve the food cold 😕

  • Chelsey Reyes
    Chelsey Reyes Month ago +4

    The nacho nacho fries Commercial Felt a movie 🍿

  • a b
    a b Month ago +2

    I saw a commercial for Dominos exactly at 10:40. Is that a sign?

  • Ciken Pile
    Ciken Pile Month ago +3

    U play Fortnine? 🥶

  • xXKittyCatHereXx
    xXKittyCatHereXx Month ago +3

    Lets say this one time l went to pizza hut and it was good but when we orderd it its wan't that good so l just eat dominos now dont order pizza hut they get your order wrong and l love your vids!

    • DyariPlaysRBX
      DyariPlaysRBX Month ago

      @AngeryPileOfSpaghetti Actually, I don't live in the US. I'm a British person.

    • AngeryPileOfSpaghetti
      AngeryPileOfSpaghetti Month ago

      @DyariPlaysRBX I mean living in one part of America in California in san Jose really doesn't help

    • DyariPlaysRBX
      DyariPlaysRBX Month ago

      @AngeryPileOfSpaghetti Yeah! And apparently you think every Pizza Hut is the same and always better than Domino's! Wow!

    • AngeryPileOfSpaghetti
      AngeryPileOfSpaghetti Month ago

      @DyariPlaysRBX wow food IS different

    • DyariPlaysRBX
      DyariPlaysRBX Month ago

      @AngeryPileOfSpaghetti Where I live, Pizza Hut is good, but Domino's flavour was just a tiny bit better.

  • ItzPotatoz
    ItzPotatoz Month ago +8

    His Fortnite hoodie

  • Madison Reed
    Madison Reed Month ago +4

    Weird that your hair is blonde on the video but brown in the thumbnail

    • Shane Townsend
      Shane Townsend 27 days ago

      This whole conversation was hilarious to read 😂😂

    • Madison Reed
      Madison Reed Month ago +2

      Windy2 Ex LoL right ! Thank you. And I’m a girl

    • Windy2 Ex
      Windy2 Ex Month ago +2

      Chevoni Ormsby bruh all that the other guy did was answering your question. He said that early watchers will know, you then said he was being rude and mean when all he did was answering your freaking question. You’re being the rude and mean by insinuating other people 🙄

    • Madison Reed
      Madison Reed Month ago

      Chevoni Ormsby if you would read my comment before yours ,it says he changed it

    • Madison Reed
      Madison Reed Month ago

      Chevoni Ormsby goodbye ,have a nice one

  • Beth Lester
    Beth Lester Month ago +8

    Just saying dominios is the best in my opinion, the uk (particularly where I live) Pizza Hut pizzas are so greasy and you can’t even pick a piece up almost all of the toppings come off

    • guillianne
      guillianne Month ago

      in my region of uk the Pizza Hut is pretty good :)

    • AngeryPileOfSpaghetti
      AngeryPileOfSpaghetti Month ago

      @Beth Lester I had no idea they had different recipes for locations that's ridiculous

    • Beth Lester
      Beth Lester Month ago

      AngeryPileOfSpaghetti not like that where I live, I’ve been to other pizza huts (in america) and the pizza is good there, but just not around my area

    • AngeryPileOfSpaghetti
      AngeryPileOfSpaghetti Month ago

      Beth Lester Wow imagine being so sad you have to settle for bland Lukewarm dough (dominos) compared to perfection (Pizza Hut)