McCarthy speaks on abortion, immigration at weekly news conference

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke about new state laws restricting abortion and President Trump's immigration proposal at his weekly press conference. Watch his remarks.

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  • Martin Ljubic
    Martin Ljubic 4 months ago

    Please Mr President Trump, leave abortion alone,
    for it is a right- a woman's inalienable right to her
    own body. Not even a fetus can claim a 'right' to
    any part of another human being. Reproductive
    organs are inalienable from the woman to whom
    they belong. They cannot be expropriated for the
    duration of a fetus development to full term. To do
    so is to treat woman as barnyard animals and to
    engage in animal husbandry. I cannot claim a
    right to your eyes AND a fetus cannot claim a right
    to another's womb. Therefore, a fetus is and will
    only ever be, inside the womb by permission, and
    never "by right". A woman always has the right to
    evict/abort a fetus. AMERICA is a country founded
    on individual rights, "rights", in short.
    **Mr President, I want you to win in 2020!!**

  • Timothy Johnson
    Timothy Johnson 4 months ago

    Nothing but lies

  • John Brown
    John Brown 4 months ago +1

    There are enough poor black and brown and white people who have been here for hundreds of years who need opportunity and jobs and resources. This is the real starting point.

    • John Brown
      John Brown 4 months ago

      SUGAR XYLER ! I wouldn’t go that far. Tbh there is a reason the work is at 7 billion, and is staying steady, it’s because the earth can feed 7 billion. We are just poor managers of the population and resources.

      SUGAR XYLER ! 4 months ago

      🌍 Over population is the world's worst problem

  • Patrick Brown
    Patrick Brown 4 months ago +2

    You’re all about putting down the Democrats,,but constantly turning a blind eye to all the negative things that the Republicans did,& keep on doing

  • juicy420jam
    juicy420jam 4 months ago

    Booooo this man!

  • Omar Noble
    Omar Noble 4 months ago

    Can he answer any of these questions without mudslinging at the democrats? The hypocrisy of his statement on politics before people is too much to bear.
    This press conference might as well have been a Fox News broadcast.

    • Jason m
      Jason m 4 months ago +1

      No because that's all they have. They can't back any of their claims with facts or accept the fact that it's really Republicans responsible for all this so they blame it all on Dems.

  • Jack Jammen
    Jack Jammen 4 months ago

    The beginning was cut off.

  • Toxic Grunt
    Toxic Grunt 4 months ago

    Democrats are obstructionalists.

  • yonni onelove
    yonni onelove 4 months ago

    Why CBSN not airing the all conference

  • Gustavo Goikoetxea
    Gustavo Goikoetxea 4 months ago +4

    What does he mean!!! What does he mean when he says democrats don’t want to protect a child born alive!!! That bill was passed in 2002!!! A baby born alive is already protected by federal law!!! Why!!? Why is he lying up there! What is up with this news people not asking him about the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002???????

      SUGAR XYLER ! 4 months ago

      @Toxic Grunt
      😁 There's a monster under your bed *Go look*

    • Toxic Grunt
      Toxic Grunt 4 months ago

      @neo flare
      OK, keep lying to yourself. Everything I said is verifiable. Even the partial birth abortions.

    • neo flare
      neo flare 4 months ago +2

      @Toxic Grunt none of that is true my man

    • Toxic Grunt
      Toxic Grunt 4 months ago +1

      @Gustavo Goikoetxea
      Nope, not true. He said after delivery the doctor will make the infant comfortable then the woman and the doctor will have a conversation regarding the child. And NY has a partial birth abortion where the baby's body is hanging out of the mother & the doctor cuts the spine at the neck. Then stabs the baby at the base of the skull killing it.

    • Gustavo Goikoetxea
      Gustavo Goikoetxea 4 months ago +2

      Toxic Grunt no, that’s a lie. If you are talking about the interview that Virginia politician gave; he specifically said none-viable fetuses and babies with extreme deformities...they aren’t talking about perfect healthy baby!
      You need to look it up

  • sam Iaint
    sam Iaint 4 months ago

    Republicans and Trump want to cut government assistance. This includes the single mothers. Republicans want to outlaw abortions and cut assistance and punish young woman who gave in to biology. What happens to the kids when society turns on them. If Abortion is to be outlawed, maybe a mans penis should cut off, if he follows his biological impulses, and knocks a young girl up. There would be a lot of eunuchs in the Republican ranks.

  • George Kafantaris
    George Kafantaris 4 months ago

    Don’t get fooled. Outlawing abortions is the benign way for white men to assert power -- over women.

  • Mrs Shantel
    Mrs Shantel 4 months ago +6

    I’m so sick of the party lines all I hear this man saying the democrats the democrats that’s not how you run the government

    • Toxic Grunt
      Toxic Grunt 4 months ago

      @david cottrell
      When did the Republican Congress push to impeach your boy Obama??? I'll wait for an answer...

    • Toxic Grunt
      Toxic Grunt 4 months ago

      @Patrick Brown
      OK, I'm a Black man but I'm a racist. You people just throw that word around like a baseball. Stop commenting, you're an idiot.

    • david cottrell
      david cottrell 4 months ago

      @Toxic Grunt lets do the math. From the beginning of the filibuster in the 1930's. till Obama was elected the republicans uses the filibuster 60+ times. Then after Obama was elected the republicans used the filibuster 80+ times in 8 years. Think about that! Under Obama republican congress broke all the records for obstructionist. Republicans in full control of the government for over 2 years were obstructing each other so much they were only able to pass one bill into law which was tax breaks for the rich! Hate democrats that's fine but republicans hold the national record on obstruction.

      SUGAR XYLER ! 4 months ago +1

      @Patrick Brown
      👍 Exactly

    • Patrick Brown
      Patrick Brown 4 months ago +2

      Toxic Grunt you are only grunting toxic waste from your racists mouth,,you need to wake up b4 the Republicans leave you homeless,,oh,my bad I guess you’re one of the wealthy ones,

    FLOWER 4 months ago +4

    Democrats were the ones who were up in arms over the GOP putting children in cages. You want all children to be born take care of all of them after they're born GOP.

    • Jason m
      Jason m 4 months ago +3

      @Christopher both you and toxic are fucktards.

    • Toxic Grunt
      Toxic Grunt 4 months ago +1

      So true!

    • Christopher
      Christopher 4 months ago +2

      Liberal policies either ABORT or IMPRISON TENS of MILLIONS of young black people.

  • Real Christian.
    Real Christian. 4 months ago

    This is the guy that admitted the Benghazi Hillary investigation was fake and just wasted tax payer money to make Hillary look bad.

  • Lynn Carlberg
    Lynn Carlberg 4 months ago

    McCarthy was caught on tape saying Trump takes money from Russia.

    • Richard Owens
      Richard Owens 4 months ago

      @Toxic Grunt The reality is that you're an idiot - but, you're too stupid to notice!

    • Toxic Grunt
      Toxic Grunt 4 months ago

      @Richard Owens
      Yea, right... OK, I'm going to talk to someone else who's reality based.

    • Richard Owens
      Richard Owens 4 months ago

      @Peter Throp life And, why are you so lazy? You have the internet at your fingertips, just like the rest of us, don't you? How hard is it to research this? If you're interested in the truth of the matter, and you don't want to take some random stranger on TheXvid's word for it, why would you not just look it up? This is not a debate forum! This is the comment section of a TheXvid video!

    • Richard Owens
      Richard Owens 4 months ago

      @Toxic Grunt It came straight out of Donald Trump Jr's pie hole in 2008!

    • Peter Throp life
      Peter Throp life 4 months ago

      @Lynn Carlberg Why are you so ugly. I MEARLY ASK YOU TO BACK UP YOU CLIAM.
      AND NOW YOU JUDGE ME. You need to examine your self worship.
      God bless.

  • Doodlebugdude
    Doodlebugdude 4 months ago +5

    There is no legislation needed.
    One already exists.
    It's called homicide.

  • Richard Owens
    Richard Owens 4 months ago +5

    The question he needs to answer is, why is abortion any of his business? If he is not a woman seeking an abortion or the man who got her pregnant, what business is it of his whether she gets one, or not?

    • Toxic Grunt
      Toxic Grunt 4 months ago

      @SUGAR XYLER !
      And I'm calling the men Ghost Busters to handle the case, they're funnier, better & classic.

      SUGAR XYLER ! 4 months ago

      @Toxic Grunt
      😁 You're the one with the monster under your bed

    • Jason m
      Jason m 4 months ago +2

      @Toxic Grunt that's not what he said, try again.

    • Toxic Grunt
      Toxic Grunt 4 months ago +1

      So a woman being attacked can only be helped by women cops, police men stand down. Or a woman who's house is on fire has to call an all woman fire team, fire men stay at the station. Or a woman being haunted can only call the women Ghost Busters. Right...

  • The American Traditionalist

    It has been pointed out that this Alabama law has been signed by 25 white men. All I have to say is thank you to white men for sticking up for the unborn and having a sense of moral decency, and this is coming from a Hispanic woman!

      SUGAR XYLER ! 4 months ago

      😷 I know about Hispanic women. *They have their legs up more than an antenna*

    • Jason m
      Jason m 4 months ago +2

      @Christopher wtf are you going on about? Dipshit. 🤦

    • Victor Harris
      Victor Harris 4 months ago +3

      @Richard Owens dont bother he's a product of trump university.

    • Richard Owens
      Richard Owens 4 months ago +1

      @Christopher Wtf are you talking about?

    • Christopher
      Christopher 4 months ago +1

      @Richard Owens ...liberals are Hollywood fantasy "people" who only care about "race" and Hollywood celebrity.

  • Bryce Cheng
    Bryce Cheng 4 months ago +4

    I wish somebody would abort this subject.