Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
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    Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news - or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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    Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

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    • Elli loves pizza
      Elli loves pizza 22 days ago

      "Us humans are afraid of aliens because we think they might treat us the same way we treat and exploit animals"

    • Schneeflocke Monsoon
      Schneeflocke Monsoon 26 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
      Would it not be more helpful and positive to find advanced civilizations who may have already seen the great filter and can help us avoid it?

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny Hour ago

    This filter seems pretty tough

  • Abdulah S. AlAsiri
    Abdulah S. AlAsiri 5 hours ago

    This sounds scientific but it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I do not believe in luck!

  • thomas getter
    thomas getter 6 hours ago

    It seems a lot more likely that we are behind the filter then ahead of it.

  • Fetus Deletus
    Fetus Deletus 9 hours ago

    The great filter is the sun exploding

  • ItzBatcho
    ItzBatcho 12 hours ago

    i searched mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and for some reason i got this

  • psychonaut ready for launch!

    7:33 dude is smoking a Bong XD

  • rad vlad
    rad vlad 13 hours ago

    Nice fairytale

  • rad vlad
    rad vlad 14 hours ago

    God made everything, deal with it.

  • rad vlad
    rad vlad 14 hours ago

    Where'd dead chemistry come from?

  • Spec Official
    Spec Official 20 hours ago

    Didn't we already find bacteria on mars?

  • BlackSuave44
    BlackSuave44 22 hours ago

    Distance is the great filter. Traversing even to our nearest neighbor, the moon, still takes three days. We can see the moon, and it still takes...three days to get to it.
    To get anywhere in space, we're going to need some speed, serious speed. We might even need...LUDICROUS speed. We need to get to other solar systems in a matter of weeks, as in a small number of weeks.
    If there's a such thing as warp drive, we need to figure it out. Or else, leaving Earth will be virtually impossible.
    Odds are, we were born probably a couple thousand years too early.

  • Caleb LoBue
    Caleb LoBue Day ago

    Or God?

  • Ha Vu
    Ha Vu Day ago

    It is arrogant to think all civilization think the same way as we do. That we are on the same level as a civilization eons a head of us. In a universe with trillions upon trillions of planets there is none that learnt your stupid levels.

  • Patasaim Man
    Patasaim Man Day ago

    bananas can destroy the filter they veda gud

  • PoliticallyIncorrect

    I’ve seen enough sci-fi movies to already know that Aliens are really bad news. I don’t think any sane individual would need a 9 minute video

  • cdwraw
    cdwraw Day ago

    Thats a very penis looking rocket.

  • Curtis Stone
    Curtis Stone Day ago

    We can't turn back into primates|destroys planet without technology to exit|

  • Pdog 10
    Pdog 10 Day ago

    I bet colonizing saturn is possibile not.Its just gas.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Day ago

    Well, with this and other interpretations of alien life, this all assumes that they will undergo the exact same sequence of evolution that we did (while also assuming they are carbon based and not something like silicon or some other complicated series of chemical reactions)

    Because genetic mutation is that which occurs often randomly and its only based on local environment that determines if it stays or not, so to expect an alien race to evolve into something similar to humans is rare, more than likely they may create their own unique branches where something hard for us to conceive would be resulted. For example, we project that these beings would have brains or the idea of an empire because that is what we can imagine, when aliens may have had such a divergent series of changes that they may not behave or be of the same nature, like say a dormant hivemind group that requires little energy and finds no purpose in exploring and "reaching out", in odds to us humanoids who require constant resources and have an innate instinct for the idea of territory.

    Or maybe also that we are expecting alien life to look familiar enough to us to find them through telescopes when in actuality they might be so foreign that it could have evolved into something we cannot even recognize as life.

    • Ryan
      Ryan Day ago

      Hell, it may even question what is sentience, as while we have our own form of "thinking", they may have their own thing that would be something so different than any organism on our planet

  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson Day ago

    I kind of think that any alien civilization that is advanced enough to cross the incredible distances to reach us, would not be here for conquest. They would be beyond any malicious intent, i truly believe they would be here in peace, and things would change for us for the better.

  • Jerry Shi
    Jerry Shi Day ago

    It’s sad cuz my retarded cousin actually believes this and thinks this is 100 percent real and calls people dumb if they don’t believe in it

  • Anargya Al Khawarizmi

    Ancient alien ruins on Titan
    ¯\_(ツ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ツ)¯\_

  • Arjun Saradava
    Arjun Saradava 2 days ago

    Or we are the one who is thinking that something is coming and to protect ourselves from that instead we create weapons that can destroy our own earth... (Infinite Possibility)

  • Edwin Park
    Edwin Park 2 days ago

    Why do people always picture aliens as weird heads or features?

  • Vult
    Vult 2 days ago +1

    Nobody ever said that there was only one filter. If there is a filter behind us, that's no reason to believe there isn't one ahead of us. If there ISN'T one behind us, there isn't a reason to think one IS ahead of us. The presence/absence of a filter in one place does not cause/prevent a filter from existing elsewhere.

  • Emily Norris
    Emily Norris 2 days ago

    We are not special

  • SharkShocker
    SharkShocker 2 days ago

    Don't know why, but I like to imagine that aliens are so advanced and are able to be so old that they literally have bets on what race will win and extinction events are just a part of the game. "So far the game is still going strong as Jurblugr is still in the lead with their chosen race of humans. It's been seen that other participants attempted to copy Jurblugr's idea with humans and increased intelligence, but unfortunately they may be too little too late as humans are looking to colonizing the solar system within just a few centuries! Amazing! This likely could've only been accomplished thanks to an absence of extinction events. However, Drechora has been saving up additional environmental upgrade points as of late and it's presumed that they'll use them on Yellowstone to create another one. Will Drechora set this off before enough humans can escape, or will Jurblugr win this game and as such win all the money? Find out next decade on Total Drama Planet!"

  • Charles Gentert
    Charles Gentert 2 days ago

    It’s unlikely but possible for beings to colonize multiple galaxies.

  • Jerome Rovnak
    Jerome Rovnak 2 days ago

    You Ignore the Crop Circles - ? You Make Light of Contact World Wide - ? You Make A Cartoon of Values and Show Disrespect = The Depth of Your Arrogance Will Be The Worth Of Your Humility . Humans are being Farmed - World History's All , Call the Creatures Devils .

  • Chris Klein
    Chris Klein 2 days ago

    The content of this one is super interesting, but at the same time you don't really make a strong argument to back up your otherwise click-baity title. Why is alien life bad exactly? You just kind of say it is. If anything it sounds like, from this episode alone, that the presence of alien life makes overcoming the great filter more possible.

  • Boonky
    Boonky 2 days ago

    In my opinion we have only seen the human side of evolution. If the universe is so infinite how do we know that , for example dragons don’t exist on another planet or “people” who’s muscles are so incredibly evolved that they leap mountains or some other crazy other worldly creatures.

    (Can you tell that I really want Pokemon to be real)

  • Joseph Hodge
    Joseph Hodge 2 days ago

    Maybe the alians dont want us getting any bright ideas and ruin their shit
    Alian: well fuck humans are here who left a candy rapper et I'm looking at you

  • Green Moon
    Green Moon 2 days ago

    I believe the filter is behind us due to the fact that it humans aren’t able to evolve as easily as other creatures but then again that could be the filter.

  • zensus zensur
    zensus zensur 2 days ago

    empty planets, like America was "empty"? sure

  • LemmonLizard
    LemmonLizard 2 days ago

    If only humans could overcome their nature and stop pointlessly killing each other.

  • William Guy Thilgen Jr.

    Think about it for a minute, the Jews and Arabs have been fighting over a small piece of land that the Jews abandoned it and all moved to Egypt. After living in Egypt for a few hundred years, they decided to move back. How ever, while they were gone for a few centuries, Arabs moved in and settled most of it to what it is today. But because the Jews were there originally first, are demanding it all be returned. Aliens were here a few thousands of years ago and should they return are gonna to be no different than the Jews and want it all back.

    • Paragon Of virtue
      Paragon Of virtue 2 days ago

      William Guy Thilgen Jr. : the Jews belong to the caves of Europe.

  • RibbonnTeal
    RibbonnTeal 2 days ago +1

    *parkours over/around the filter*

  • Geoff Speedie
    Geoff Speedie 2 days ago +1

    graphics are a 10/10 amazing

    • Adian
      Adian Day ago

      Geoff Speedie PERIODTTT

  • Alifia Lara
    Alifia Lara 3 days ago

    what if there are aliens out there that try to hide their civilizations from ours just becos our elements of habitat just too toxic for them.

  • D Thomas
    D Thomas 3 days ago

    Why does everybody think the end of humanity as it is right now is bad it's actually a good thing because we are broken and falling and when being present so when he actually does come back and is present in there is no more satanic Rule and no more send it will be a good thing so please rethink your end is near process and ask yourself is it really so bad that we ended things the way they are

  • Blacki Chan
    Blacki Chan 3 days ago

    I find it hard to belive earth is the only place with lifeforms

  • zach jerret
    zach jerret 3 days ago

    You're so negative
    Only because they're evolving that doesn't mean they will just devastate us.who knows that they may want to be our neighbors and work together.

  • Ray Brunson
    Ray Brunson 3 days ago +1

    If there is great advanced civilisations in the universe (who is seem sure) they are already find us and maybe they have making us as well.

  • Ray Brunson
    Ray Brunson 3 days ago +2

    There s no way living form was only on earth.

  • KeesaMon
    KeesaMon 3 days ago +1

    i belive that this filter is us.. i mean just think about it.. we know for a fact that we as a species have limitations neurologically to see and hear and feel above a set frequency.. thats why dogs can hear and see what we cant see.. maybe these "aliens" are here among us ,right in front of us.. but we will never know with our limited resources or in built senses.. only if we could find a way to fire our senses or let go of our limited senses.. may be thats why people with enhanced consiousness know or understand a bit more than we do.. maybe these limitations are here because our brain knows that our body cant handle that level of software.. maybe thats why people with heightened consiousness leave their body.. maybe thats what is known as liberation or moksha.. its your choice..

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 3 days ago +1

      @KeesaMon,lol exactly only Knowledge is the key to understanding things tho.

    • KeesaMon
      KeesaMon 3 days ago

      @Football is life lol. true.. but saying " i dont know" can be a step in understanding things..

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 3 days ago +1

      Your logic Is great but Alien life is just not visible right now to understand that we r the great filter tho.

  • Hesi-_-Jordan
    Hesi-_-Jordan 3 days ago +1

    It is our doom

  • Maski
    Maski 3 days ago

    So, In a few years (roughly 10-20) climate change will almost certainly wipe out humans if we keep CO2 levels up. So Imagine this, if dinosaurs died to a meteor, and millions of years later we evolved into humans, what If climate change kills all of us, and some new species is to evolve from, us?

  • Ondra Svihalek
    Ondra Svihalek 4 days ago

    The animation looks like animation from pinata masters

  • jk45j f0908u4
    jk45j f0908u4 4 days ago +1

    I don't understand when they say "we should be able to see something." What, exactly?
    We detect habitable planets as a variation in the brightness of a star - that is to say, we don't even observe the planets directly. What could a civilization reasonably produce that we would be able to detect?
    Even radio signals are inconceivable to detect. It's like a fishing pole with a 1 foot cast length and you're standing on the other side of the lake precisely 80km away. Surely you can't detect the lure from that far?
    So what, exactly? We just see planets and solar systems and assume because there's no dyson sphere it's uninhabited? I genuinely want to know what they are looking for and not seeing.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 3 days ago +2

      You do not understand radio astronomy I take it. So what is a radio wave?? Answer: electromagnetic radiation which is being transmitted in a certain frequency range = in other words *ENERGY.* Meanwhile spectroscopy detects and analyzes light.
      So understanding those 2 basic things = apply them to questions of matter and energy analysis. So if we can detect energy waves at a great distance - we can then ascertain the "background" energy readings for a given area of space. Now if we happen to discover EM readings outside of what is to be expected = we now have the basis for trying to establish what is producing that energy outside of the norm. The Earth as an example employs radio waves all the time. Accordingly anyone looking at the Earth from outer space = should see all that energy being emitted out into the surrounding space if they have the capacity to measure EM readings.
      Meanwhile as noted we can also measure light via the spectral bands which make it up. Now all matter is comprised of various elements = each which reflects a definitive spectral pattern. So we look at the Sun as an example and we see the light being emitted from it when analyzed is showing the patterns of elements such as hydrogen or helium etc.. Accordingly we can determine it is made up of those elements. That is how we establish "habitable" planets via the elemental make up of them as established by the light they are reflecting.
      So let's sum up. We look into space for signs of energy which is outside of the "norm" + elemental make up of planets as determined by the light spectra they give off. So a planet inhabited by a developing civilization should emit energy we can detect along with possibly displaying a elemental make up we believe to be capable of supporting advanced life. That pretty much sums it up. Have a nice day.

  • polasboek
    polasboek 4 days ago +1

    The first step of evolution hlshows evidedence for inteligent design and creation. Nobody was ever able to replicate that "first and simplest step" of creating life from dead chemestry.

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 3 days ago +1

      Intelignt life does not exists by chance you but look dead chemistry is dead if it somehow becomes alive it will become intelignet and take over its environment thats why evolution theory is the only thing that holds up for us not religion which is false tho.

  • monky monky
    monky monky 4 days ago +1

    your ideal scenario is fucking boring

  • Angelito Hurtado
    Angelito Hurtado 4 days ago +1

    Watched this with my brother at night and he can't sleep anymore thanks

  • Arthur Heuer
    Arthur Heuer 4 days ago +2

    I don't really care where the filter is. I'll always survive in some superposition of our universe; it's called quantum immortality.

  • Bryce Raber
    Bryce Raber 4 days ago +1

    What if... There's no great filter, and life is just so far away that we can't see it because of light's traveling speed, and there's tons of them because of the lack of this filter, and when they see us, they'll be like, "yo, dudes, there's a bunch of people livin' on a rock out in the middle of nowhere, go give 'em some juice boxes or whatever."
    And then they come over and they're like "Hey, dudes, we just saw you on your rock in our telescope so we just worm hole-d right over to say hello, and welcome to the biggest neighborhood ever. You need some spaceships or anything?"

  • Marc Meier
    Marc Meier 4 days ago +1

    Nice vid, but I can’t say I agree. Finding intelligent life could as much imply the “filter” is *behind* us. For instance, if we find a galaxy full of intelligent alien life tomorrow, it would likely mean we’ve already passed whatever threshold there was to keep others from reaching this point.
    Additionally, finding remnants of life shouldn’t imply our impending doom! Just because we happened to evolve from primates, making us aggressive, territorial, and somewhat insensitive towards our planet, doesn’t mean all intelligent life would evolve in the same way.
    Lastly, life is purely limited by the way we define it. Who’s to say all other lifeforms even need the same resources we need to survive? i.e oxygen, water, etc...

  • griachae
    griachae 4 days ago +1

    Don't want to ruin your day but a climate catastrophe is happening right now. Just saying

  • Alfa Proto
    Alfa Proto 4 days ago

    We already stop exploration for good, ever since every Earth's continents are explored. We have nothing to drive us to explore what is beyond Earth. If not, we have a small colony on the moon by now, or faster ships.

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 4 days ago +1

      Yep I totally agree humans r too ignorant and egotistical to real is the fade of the earth and universe lies in our hands if we destroyed it we r doomed practically already but thr r billions of homes waiting for us lol.

  • jerome dragon
    jerome dragon 4 days ago +1

    I wonder if the Jovians have legalized weed?

  • SDFF
    SDFF 4 days ago +1

    There's also the possibility that the first advanced civilization since the Big Bang has the technology to hide itself right in front of us, and has been wiping out any challenger in the galaxy for several billion years

  • hakonstand
    hakonstand 4 days ago

    Sorry, I am confused; why does finding alien life increase the risk of the filter being ahead of us? Is that meant that they are the filter?
    I assumed if anything, the more life we find, the smaller this filter really is, given that there is one?

    interesting video, by the way!

  • Alab Melendres
    Alab Melendres 4 days ago


  • Mistakes Were made
    Mistakes Were made 4 days ago +1

    This is my shower though for the day...

  • Master Baiter
    Master Baiter 5 days ago

    Why are we thinking of terraforming mars when there are billions of earths just like this one???

  • BedirDrawsStuff
    BedirDrawsStuff 5 days ago

    What if we are the first?

  • TehPunkka
    TehPunkka 5 days ago +1

    8:20 it might be my perv mind but i thought something was gonna happen :'D

  • ChaZ-E
    ChaZ-E 5 days ago

    Developed species will tend to destroy the planet, as greed (of power, resources etc.) is the driving force behind large-scale development.
    It is inevitable to stop greed-driven species from self destruction. Only in rare case, if species are enlightened to not cause harm to the ecosystem for the trade of resources. But this also implies that the species will not aspire for technological expansive development.

  • Larocque Mathieux
    Larocque Mathieux 5 days ago

    *Billions of new homes, waiting for us to fill it up with life* Best quote ever

  • Martin Castro
    Martin Castro 5 days ago +1

    just go around...

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 5 days ago

    I really don't like that you just *assume* that alien life would be bad for just *us*. It could possibly destroy the alien life, too. Humans have developed to kill everything that is different, Which I hate, so that extra terrestrial life could possibly be more "doomed" than us. And, there is a chance that we ally with the aliens, so no one will be "doomed". Like, if we allied with them, if our sun were to explode or a black hole appears to destroy our planet, they could possibly help us. Just because it is different, it does not mean that it will doom us. Like or comment if you agree, since I don't like people that see the world in black in white like Kurzgesagt does.

  • Kings Dominion Network
    Kings Dominion Network 5 days ago +2

    What If We Find Life But The Filter Is Still Behind Us? We Luckly Got Past It Maybe a Couple Of Others We're Just As Lucky?

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 3 days ago +2

      The great filter is not just survived via luck we r not the first intelligent species u know so in that sense alien life could exists or maybe we r the aliens lol.

  • Stephan Späni
    Stephan Späni 5 days ago

    Finding extraterrestrial civilisation could only be the greatest "motivator" to change our minds. It would be more beneficial for us : we would finally stop our egoistic "We Are The Only Planet", selfish, primitive behaviour, to hopefully realise what life is meant to be : to become more aware about Science, Art, and Peace, and not the profit-capitalistic values that are destroying our planet.

    I don't understand why Advance Alien life is so often represented so negatively. They had to integrate some noble values like respect, peace and compassion to evolve and reach this higher step of evolution, instead of destroying others.

  • Mack
    Mack 5 days ago +1

    idiot humans just go around the filter

  • The world of wolves Moonlight wolf

    What I learned humans are a Disease

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 4 days ago

      Humans r not diseases but we have so much power that we don't know what to do with it thus thats why humanity almost destroyed itself with wars lol.

  • HiDefStatic
    HiDefStatic 5 days ago

    I miss the birbs

  • Daniel Clements
    Daniel Clements 5 days ago

    The problem with this "Great Filter" theory is that it only explains one possibility out of hundreds if not thousands of different possibilities. The Great Filter theory is only an explanation as to why it might be very difficult to discover life elsewhere in our universe so if for some reason we actually find life it isn't a given that it would be bad for us because the theory says so, because such an event would call to question whether there is a "Great Filter" in the first place. The problem is that even though we have tried to look for life elsewhere (and we like to believe that advance sentient life would want to contact us if they could), we haven't done enough to conclude that if there was intelligent life out there we should have been able to contact them by now or they should have contacted us. For all we know some of the organisms on earth, such as the tardigrade, could have origins then earth itself. Also even though it is very unlikely it is possible that we have been contacted by another sentient life form that for some reason or another didn't become common knowledge to the rest of us.

  • Kingdom0921
    Kingdom0921 5 days ago

    How are we suppose to colonize gas giants?

  • Mia Celice Melberg
    Mia Celice Melberg 5 days ago

    I cant figure out if this TheXvid Channel is her to make me feel god or hopeless

  • V
    V 6 days ago

    I really, really like these videos, but the logic used in this one really doesn't make sense to me. If the filter was behind us, we've already passed it. If it is ahead of it..in and of itself, how do we know it would happen to us? If we saw it a thousand times, maybe then it would start to be concerning...

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 4 days ago +1

      Yeah but a filter will always be a filter but we r just lucky that we r intelligent tho lol.

    JAKEaVADER 6 days ago +2

    But what if we find aliens weaker than us

  • Peter Müller
    Peter Müller 6 days ago +1

    Who makes up so stupid things? Worst thought experiment ive ever heard of

  • GeekRoom
    GeekRoom 6 days ago

    What if theirs other planets like our earth but when it first started and it has like dumb aliens that will do exactly what we did

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude 6 days ago

    Life, uh, finds a way

  • El chico de las naranjas

    the mytochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Milos Mrdovic
    Milos Mrdovic 6 days ago

    There is no filter. We are just too arrogant to realize our limitations and insignificance in the universe.

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 4 days ago

      Yep u can say that but nobody really don't know where the filte is but I have my reason lol

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 6 days ago

    Isn't this idea just crazier than god?!

  • Travis Griffing
    Travis Griffing 6 days ago

    3:10 omae wa mou shinderu

  • Simin
    Simin 6 days ago +2

    And why exactly is alien life bad now?

  • Eli Garcia
    Eli Garcia 6 days ago

    Aliens already live on Earth and they do invade. Have you felt why sometimes your energy has left you. Or why things don't feel right in life. Like this is really what it takes to live, huh? Well that's not only you and you're not crazy.

  • cartman bra
    cartman bra 6 days ago

    Its sex that rules everything

  • Tommaso Fasciolo
    Tommaso Fasciolo 7 days ago +2

    On the other hand, if you wish for our civilisation to end, discovering alien life would be great news!! Life is sorrow, why bother? And we would be able to witness an extraordinary event!

  • bow hello
    bow hello 7 days ago

    What if there is life on other planets but there so advance that they know how to make it seem that there is no life on that planet.
    Well probably they don't want to show off quick they probably seeing how we're going and probably after they show themselves. If that's true they probably want to build trust mabye because they was another advance civilization and they took them over and now they are careful who they meet and don't show themselves like notin they probably wait.
    That's my theory

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 4 days ago +1

      Yub that kind of theory was debunk like the Fermi paradox some people might say its bogus which I agree 100% ,but inteligent life must exists outside our filter just saying lol.

  • Gigi J
    Gigi J 7 days ago

    I feel like a better way to die is a low birthrate. You'll be sad but you'll be used to it

  • Gigi J
    Gigi J 7 days ago

    What if there is no filter, what if they didn't have the time. Unless that is the filter

  • DRSReaper275
    DRSReaper275 7 days ago +1

    I think the filter is in front of us because mars had life on it once but everything became extinct,same for Venus

    • DRSReaper275
      DRSReaper275 6 days ago

      I guess ur right but don’t call me a bendy pencil but there was life on Venus and Mars considering they had water and a atmosphere

    • Harly The Gamer
      Harly The Gamer 6 days ago

      Actually, Your wrong, They MIGHT have had life, we don't know, they might've always been dead, you bendy pencil

  • Down Right Fierce
    Down Right Fierce 7 days ago +3

    There are a lot of assumptions in this video.

    • Football is life lol.
      Football is life lol. 4 days ago

      lol So true

    • Diego Cabrejos
      Diego Cabrejos 6 days ago

      Everything regarding aliens is just assumptions. We have to remember we are still “young”, only 10 thousand years of civilization.

  • Patrick Pawol
    Patrick Pawol 7 days ago

    Unless God desired for there to be life on other planets, then Earth is all she wrote. ISAIAH 45 verse 18.

    • Joke Misser
      Joke Misser 5 days ago

      you’re bringing up religion, on a science video about evolution.

  • Sergey Yakovlev
    Sergey Yakovlev 7 days ago

    What program do You use to make this cartoon?

  • Bluepixel Music
    Bluepixel Music 7 days ago

    The aliens themselves aren't the thread, its the filter