Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
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    Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news - or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.
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    Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  7 months ago +1197

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    • Silver Spider
      Silver Spider 3 days ago

      @qp12qp Then time travel is useless.

    • Silver Spider
      Silver Spider 3 days ago

      You are trying to teach kid that we are from monkey? If evolutionary is true, why darwin cannot prove it, just still a theory. There is no good or bad, mean killing someone is meaningless. Live to just die?

    • BeatPlayer
      BeatPlayer 3 days ago

      omg ronnie

    • Jack Shillito
      Jack Shillito 7 days ago

      @Gun Creep yeah man your right wake up man wake up

    • Arsalan Hashemzade Sarraf
      Arsalan Hashemzade Sarraf 14 days ago

      @Gergő Szathmáry-Papp all just
      nonsense secular interpretation

  • Alex Helmin
    Alex Helmin 13 hours ago


  • Caligula Besniq
    Caligula Besniq 15 hours ago

    i like the Adventure Time reference

  • Dominic Bourque-Goodwin

    Feeling Doomed But Still Slightly Hopeful

  • Highmann Blaze
    Highmann Blaze 17 hours ago

    The same craters on the moon and on mars start happening in Russia.

  • Mikołaj
    Mikołaj 19 hours ago

    I say we are the only ones, and life is extremely rare. If there will others nearby, we would already find signs of them.

  • Off Monkey
    Off Monkey 21 hour ago +1

    This is why we went to Area 51

  • Paul Backer
    Paul Backer 23 hours ago

    I think the filter is behind us. I'm saying this as it took a great deal of steps to get to where we are at and a great many of those are flat out not available on a great deal of other planets. Things such as the water/land ratio needing to be around what it is here on Earth to promote complex thinking to the point of making tools but wet enough to support complex life to the oxygen/temperature needed to promote a fire...and with that, a way to not only make a natural fire, but the tools that can be made with using it as a building block as well as the complex thinking to not only use fire, but to be able to make it.
    To add with the fire, their is a complex civilization, farming with plants and animals to support the resources for others to be able to advance complex thinking. With that, the need for laws and protecting others instead of a flat out "Survival of the Strongest, but Stupid" system of laws. And with that, to have laws and with those laws, a common plan to move beyond the 'now'.
    Then from there, the time needed to develop all of these tools as well as the educational system to be able to teach each of these to the next set while avoiding all of the natural disasters such as Supernova, Gamma Ray Burst from afar, asteroid strikes and so on with events outside of the creatures control for not just a few years, but centuries as well as millennium upon millennium of the lack of a catastrophic misfortune.
    I'm not even going into the idea of biology with this one as I don't have an hour to explain further but think about why we haven't seen a sperm whale making fire or a mouse to speak...much less, drive a car.
    Plus, the distance between just two stars is extremely and mindboggling complex. It takes the sun just eight minutes to shower us with sunlight, but the nearest star outside of our solar system is 3.8 years to be able to shine on us. That's minutes from our star, to years for the next star. And with that, we are decades from being able to even see our sun with our own eyes, up close and 'personal'.
    The odds of just these are astronomical to accomplish and this is just a rather short list of what is needed. The "Filter" is quite advanced. I do see the human civilization reaching out to help other species eventually as our 'human' nature is going from a warlike civilization to one that truly does wish to help nature as a whole. We aren't perfect on this ideology yet, but we came a very long way to achieving this within the last hundred years, image a thousand to yet another million years from now from where we are today.
    I truly think that we aren't the first in the universe to do this, but with the gross amount of distance, technology required and with the astronomical speed limit to be achieved to even get close to the next star and with how many steps above it needed to even have the capability to not only think this, but to word it to others from not even within my area of the world...it is no shock, none whatsoever that we haven't seen complex life, outside of our own yet.

  • Reece Shrosbree
    Reece Shrosbree Day ago +1

    Big brain

  • Reece Shrosbree
    Reece Shrosbree Day ago +1

    This intro sounds like peppa pig 🐽

  • Bryson Kinnan
    Bryson Kinnan Day ago

    Everybody always says the mitochondria is the “powerhouse of the cell”, but nobody really knows what that means. Great video, by the way. One of my favorite kurzgesagt ones

  • solid
    solid Day ago

    0:11 you forgot area 51

  • Max Long
    Max Long Day ago +1

    Why bother even looking for aliens?

  • Donavon Ho
    Donavon Ho Day ago

    I prefer the way stephen hawking put it.

    life is so improbable and the universe's history and size so expansive that human civilization is just a blip in time. There may have been other civilizations in our discernable universe, we just missed them, and those that come after us may miss us too.

  • Alaris Poljanac
    Alaris Poljanac Day ago

    I believe the filter is ahead of us.

  • Unknown Soldier
    Unknown Soldier Day ago +1

    Knowing women they probably start having "relationships" with the aliens and claim love is love.

    DIY MAN Day ago +1

    Or we could be simply be created by God and this whole space thing is completely pointless since we are the only ones. Because so far for life out side of earth the score is Bible 1 vs science 0

    And i just started comments war.

  • Rose Marie Adoracion

    This is my idea we will runout of air

  • Fred TES3e
    Fred TES3e Day ago +1

    5:54 What the Reapers? That's too depressing...

  • Lefty Luchiano
    Lefty Luchiano Day ago

    7:31 Ayy lmao

  • nyquil michael
    nyquil michael Day ago


  • Rahul McDan
    Rahul McDan Day ago

    What is your personal "driving force" to live, work and struggle, if you know that someday in the future, life and everything we accomplished will cease to exist and sink into oblivion? (Sun engulf Earth, Heat Death, Big Rip, colliding pocket universes, possible proton decay, death by black holes, etc) Thank you in advance.

  • Bird Up
    Bird Up Day ago

    You know, this is a really serious video and all people can do is make memes out of it.

  • Toxic_gaming
    Toxic_gaming Day ago +1

    the death star

  • Zafoshin
    Zafoshin Day ago

    a bit paradoxical that discovering life is bad, because we haven't discovered enough life. At some point the straws of hay become a stack and it would be actually good. At least in the context described in the video, because good and bad are relative terms.

  • Live freely and Wonderfully in joy.

    The narrator siad life began when dead chemisty decided to become alive that was not an wise move tho😂

  • Ashliyahnah Taylor

    How can we spread to other planets when we haven’t even roamed 90% of the ocean. We only know 10% of it

  • AndrewTehThug 100
    AndrewTehThug 100 2 days ago

    We already have aliens. Bacteria and cells

  • Kirk Powers
    Kirk Powers 2 days ago

    This vid makes me almost as depressed as Interstellar (the ending didn't help).

  • Josua D
    Josua D 2 days ago

    any chance that the great filter MAY be in our back, and in front of us?

  • Gabe Newell
    Gabe Newell 2 days ago

    What if aliens are stupid and we are mor einteligent than them?

  • RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

    Funny how this clip is WAY more satisfying as sci-fi than current Dr. Who.

  • Marmda Sun
    Marmda Sun 2 days ago +4

    Why does life have to be built on water and oxygen?

  • Shane Lewis
    Shane Lewis 2 days ago

    Okay that ending got me

  • Xion
    Xion 2 days ago

    1:38 planets do not have a limited lifespan and carrying capacity. Like adding a new room to a house or the advent of a mobile home a planet can be upgraded to accommodate more people and even be mechanized thru science to become mobile. Incredible science would be needed and the mining of additional materials from other objects in space but it could be done. If you think it's farfetched you go back to the start of man and the evidence you have is telling them we sent a vehicle with people in it to the moon and back, and see how crazy they'll think you are.
    In another 100-1000 years technology will be incredible if that is we don't blow are selves back to the stone age with nukes.

  • Penguin Boi
    Penguin Boi 2 days ago +4

    This video: *exists*
    Me: X doubt

  • Herbstlaub
    Herbstlaub 2 days ago +1

    With a sample size of one population, imagining a "filter" is speculative. If we would find another civilization it would say nothing. However, there are plenty of plausible reasons why we would not recognize another civilization existing in the universe.

  • FrostiMintz
    FrostiMintz 2 days ago

    There was a water bear spillage on the moon, we made artificial aliens

  • Jack Wolfgramm
    Jack Wolfgramm 2 days ago

    It's unlikely that the endosymbiosis of mitochondria was the "great filter", as other such events (like the incorporation of cyanobacteria in to the ancestors of plants) has happened multiple times. Our best guess would be events that have happened only once on our planet, like the formation of cellular life, or the rise of very intelligent animals.

  • josh orwell
    josh orwell 2 days ago

    What a fuckin stupid video!!!

  • Oz Kal
    Oz Kal 2 days ago +1

    Couldn’t disagree more

  • Daantje Banaantje
    Daantje Banaantje 2 days ago

    But... What about other dimensions

  • MWW PlayZ
    MWW PlayZ 2 days ago

    What If We ARE The Great Filter? Maybe Every Alien Species Is Trying To Avoid Us?

  • Rat-Poison 7877
    Rat-Poison 7877 2 days ago +10

    I mean, we are aliens.
    We are them and they are us in a way, don't be racist.

    • Rat-Poison 7877
      Rat-Poison 7877 Day ago

      @Langdon Alger No problem.

    • Langdon Alger
      Langdon Alger Day ago +2

      Good job disregarding the entire video to focus on splitting hairs.

  • Stolen Password
    Stolen Password 2 days ago

    I honestly would love to be the one who makes the AI that fucking kills all of us which is why I've been working on neural network AI for the past 4 years

  • Peter
    Peter 2 days ago

    Who's here after the UFO government confirmation

  • Squiggly Spoodl
    Squiggly Spoodl 2 days ago

    Yea this is big brain time

  • Pixie The Sylveon
    Pixie The Sylveon 2 days ago

    This video: *exists*
    Area 51 raiders: *heavy breathing*

  • unyeckenerd
    unyeckenerd 3 days ago

    *Nuclear Bomb*
    Alien: nah fam I got a green head

  • neojso
    neojso 3 days ago

    It may be more logic that we all re living in a stimulations. Then it makes better sense that why the creator don’t make anything outside our solar system and beyond... too much cpu is needed for stimulating another intelligent form.

  • Will Hain
    Will Hain 3 days ago

    Surely the discovery of intelligent life abundantly would defeat the argument for there absolutely being a great filter in the first place?

  • BlitzBurn
    BlitzBurn 3 days ago

    But what if we at this point are the only species with the capacity to leave our home planet? What if every other alien species either cannot create the tech due to biological limitations or unique planetary conditions?

  • kala captain
    kala captain 3 days ago

    What if there is an intelligent species that destroys any other as soon as they aquire space caring technology?

    • Sam Ashby
      Sam Ashby 2 days ago

      kala captain so humans?

  • Dj Hudgins
    Dj Hudgins 3 days ago +1

    Life cannot spontaneously create itself, creation needs a Creator.

  • BillyBob Bobbins
    BillyBob Bobbins 3 days ago +1

    The answer to the great filter debate is simple.
    Our existence is virtual. A simulation.

  • bloodrune329
    bloodrune329 3 days ago +2

    Crazy how a bigger cell used a little cell to make energy, and now big animals use bacteria to digest their food and get energy.

  • Azophi
    Azophi 3 days ago

    *Scratches at a level 6, deeper grooves at a level 7*

  • Azophi
    Azophi 3 days ago +2

    Big brain

  • Quick Handz
    Quick Handz 3 days ago +1

    Aleins are real bois

  • Mr Important
    Mr Important 3 days ago

    Great filter = warring superintelligences wage an ever accelerating conflict that consumes all resources available and then burns out