The 25 Games That Defined The Decade - #19

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • On the seventh day of Christmas my true love said to me:
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  • X
    X 2 days ago

    ah this game reminds me of how I used to play sonic mega collection plus on my PS2. I loved that game

  • X
    X 2 days ago

    the only present I left to the last minute was a gift card for my sister, but that was because she was meant to go get it. and by last minute I mean end of november

  • Jack Wood
    Jack Wood Month ago

    Rosemary, olive oil, salt and cracked pepper, and a little Parmesan on top. You’re welcome.

  • Char10tti3
    Char10tti3 Month ago

    Loved playing Sonic on the megadrive when my dad discovered it in the loft :)

  • Char10tti3
    Char10tti3 Month ago

    Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Jack Cook
    Jack Cook Month ago

    Now now now hold on, you act like sonic unleased (the one with the werehog sonic) was not a good sonic game, it is a personal favorite of me and my little brother. We really enjoyed the day/ night difference in the stages because they fit well with our playstyles allowing us to easily share a save file and progress further than we normally would alone, i seriously enjoyed that game

  • Sillius Soddus
    Sillius Soddus Month ago

    I already do the Christmas Dinner tips. Score!

  • Tom X2
    Tom X2 Month ago

    I wonder what this could be with the thumbnail *cough* sonic mania *cough*

  • daggern15
    daggern15 Month ago

    Can't say I'd ever say Mania has defined the decade in any way. It's more of a homage of games past and hasn't spawned a million games copying the idea/formula

  • Spud Magnum
    Spud Magnum Month ago

    I had a game breaking glitch and couldnt continue the levels 3 times in this game lmao

  • A Mutant Banana
    A Mutant Banana Month ago

    Potatoes are the best. I care about the actual potato.

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson Month ago

    Christian Whitehead commented (on the Sonic 3 prototype that was just discovered) that Team Mania developed the drop-dash move completely on their own and the fact that this prototype had the "drop-dash" is a really wild coincidence. Yes, it is intentionally coded into the prototype, it is not just some glitch.

  • WolvesbaneNetwork
    WolvesbaneNetwork Month ago

    No, your wrong nerd. I will debate you on this. Potatoes are excellent and everyone cares.

  • BubblegumAllTheWayDown

    Sonic isn't even good tho

  • Tallen Smith
    Tallen Smith Month ago

    Welcome back to Tallen Disagrees,
    Look Sonic Mania is great, but more influential than undertale? Sorry. No. But also I can't even call Sonic Mania that important until more companies let fans make games. Hopefully Sonic Mania will become as decade defining as I want it to be.

  • Jeremias Sur
    Jeremias Sur Month ago

    Bet you the last one is gonna be super cynical or something. Like it's gonna be about how micro transactions and shitty policies took over or something

  • Cheryl Xiu
    Cheryl Xiu Month ago

    I swear, KSP better be on this list.

  • JayofLegend
    JayofLegend Month ago

    I'm wondering which number Hearthstone will be at, because I credit it existing with the big resurgence in Magic the Gathering and Yu Gi Oh in the last few years, as well as every digital HS clone and Argent Saga

  • Soper Frazzy
    Soper Frazzy Month ago

    I looked at the thumbnail without my glasses on and thought it was the normal sonic mania cover

  • Ahsain
    Ahsain Month ago +3

    At this point I'm more invested in the opening rambles that the actual list

  • redmonkey 02
    redmonkey 02 Month ago

    i like how the gameplay ended on attempt 19

  • Potâto
    Potâto Month ago


  • Luk & Lok
    Luk & Lok Month ago

    Thanks for the cooking tip Dan I love me a crunchier roast potato

  • Blue Pikachu5
    Blue Pikachu5 Month ago

    Been seven days... no FTL... better come

  • Niccolo L
    Niccolo L Month ago

    I didn't even know Sonic Mania existed XDD

  • Brigand Boy
    Brigand Boy Month ago

    Only people I have to buy for are my nephews and nieces. Switch games, probably, and a plushy toy.

    The rest of my family get cash in a card. They are impossible to buy actual gifts for.

  • humor86
    humor86 Month ago

    Dude, stop stressing me. I should have done all the shopping this weekend, but I'm in bed with a freaking mancold from hell >

  • Auden The Ice Dragon
    Auden The Ice Dragon Month ago +1

    I immediately recognized the thumbnail

  • h91
    h91 Month ago

    Thanks for the cooking tips Dan

  • The Anonymous Commenter

    A recap:

    25: Pokémon GO
    24: Watchdogs 2
    23: No Man's Sky
    22: Cities: Skylines
    21: Undertale
    20: Beat Saber
    19: Sonic Mania

  • NamesNetworkNick
    NamesNetworkNick Month ago

    We all know what this one is.

  • Yoloswaggleton
    Yoloswaggleton Month ago

    The thumbnail is surely Sonic Mania, I haven’t watched the video yet but these thumbnails are TOO EZ.
    Edit: Smashed it.

  • Bug Batts
    Bug Batts Month ago

    I can already tell that the cover is Sonic Mania

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter Month ago

    Dan definitely doesn't know what this list is supposed to be. Most of these are just games he likes and aren't really all that important.

  • Robert Saldana
    Robert Saldana Month ago

    The intro rambling rant is equal parts irritating enough to strangle Dan and hilariously off the wall entertaining

  • DigitalParallel
    DigitalParallel Month ago

    Why are all these "games of the decade" from current gen so far?

  • TheAmorphousGamer
    TheAmorphousGamer Month ago +5

    Are almost *all* of these going to be games from the second half of the 2010s that didnt actually influence anything?

    • AnonEyeMouse
      AnonEyeMouse Month ago +1

      Yeah... pretty much. Beat Sabre and, at a push, City Skylines for it's usurping of simcity could be seen as influential... The rest are just his preferred games.

  • Mr MACC
    Mr MACC Month ago

    Ha ha ha awesome advice on potatoes Lol

  • myfatassdick
    myfatassdick Month ago

    How are you gonna fit almost every single gta and both red dead redemptions into this list?

  • Gregory Wainer
    Gregory Wainer Month ago

    But.... I like the inside of the potatoes.... :(

  • Thaddeus Nichols
    Thaddeus Nichols Month ago

    dont you talk shit about crush 40

  • Psdnmstr
    Psdnmstr Month ago +4

    I feel like you dont understand how long a decade is.

    • Parker Erich
      Parker Erich Month ago

      Minecraft will probably be up there and that was 2011

    • Psdnmstr
      Psdnmstr Month ago +2

      @Empyrean Equinox For basically this whole list he's only been talking about very recent games, when this list should go back to *2010*. So many majorly influential games came from around that time, but instead this has basically just been a list of recent games he happens to like.

    • Empyrean Equinox
      Empyrean Equinox Month ago +1

      In what sense?

  • Rhys Noble
    Rhys Noble Month ago +1

    Pay day is the 20th december, yeah i'm waiting till the last minute :'(

  • Accursed Sidor
    Accursed Sidor Month ago

    I don't know if it had the impact your going on about, but it definitely should have. No gimmicks, just a straight up game delivering what the customer wants. Now that is something you don't see everyday.

  • Gizmoo247
    Gizmoo247 Month ago +2

    You heard it everyone, Dan doesn't like Ireland.

  • blalo'u
    blalo'u Month ago

    Well, that thumbnail was no surprise

  • Inverted_Walrus
    Inverted_Walrus Month ago

    I've just realised the thumbnails of these videos are poly blurred versions of the games. I only noticed cause I saw the thumbnails of this video and thought the colour scheme looked familiar and saw the blue body with the white face and thought "SONIC!!!". I'm probably dumb for only just spotting this but I'm proud of myself, fuck you.

  • Sean Taggart
    Sean Taggart Month ago

    Sonic mania

  • Justice
    Justice Month ago +2

    We might not be procrastinators anymore but he knows we ain’t getting presents until the day before Christmas

  • 8MSquared
    8MSquared Month ago

    I knew it was sonic by the thumbnail

  • J2Jgames
    J2Jgames Month ago

    Thank you for reminding me I still need to play this! Love sonic

  • Second
    Second Month ago

    youtube spoils what the game is if you hover your mouse over the video thumbnail, is there a way to disable it for this series?

  • migwar
    migwar Month ago +37

    19. Sonic Mania
    20. Beat Saber
    21. Undertale
    22. Cities: Skylines
    23. No Man's Sky
    24. Watchdogs 2
    25. Pokémon Go

  • ShadoSnake
    ShadoSnake Month ago

    I didn't know this existed, let alone this decade, until this video
    I thought Sonic died last decade... I really hope the latter part of the list is better

  • MellerYeller
    MellerYeller Month ago

    I see TheXvid's rewind guys saw this and were like "GENIUS, only too much commentary"

  • Lemony Lemon
    Lemony Lemon Month ago

    Hey Nerd, you should try hotdogs, horseshoes, and hand grenades again. They’ve added so much, it’s almost a new game.

  • Tom Houghton
    Tom Houghton Month ago +1

    The youtube algorithm really hates these videos. I literally have to go onto your channel page to find each part and they're never in my suggested, even if I still haven't seen the next part.

    • z beeblebrox
      z beeblebrox Month ago

      I've seen almost every one in my recommendeds, but maybe I'm just weird

    • Sarcastic Brit
      Sarcastic Brit Month ago +1

      TheXvid would never promote something under 10 minutes! Except Rewind, music videos and TV highlights, of course.

    • Nicholas Ziemba
      Nicholas Ziemba Month ago

      That's probably intentional on Dan's part lol

  • Lee Atkinson
    Lee Atkinson Month ago

    Or just don't buy shitty gifts and don't expect any shitty gifts. done! Christmas solved! if they wanna give you something just ask for the money, then you can spend it on something actually worth it.

  • lostfan10000
    lostfan10000 Month ago

    An English Fellow: "No one has ever given a fuck about the potato."
    Ireland: *Sweats nervously*

  • Cajunvoodoo
    Cajunvoodoo Month ago

    im waiting for witcher 3