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  • Stop and Step
    Stop and Step Month ago

    💰💰💰 Visit for my favourite ONLINE CASINOS ! 💰💰💰

  • NickBroke
    NickBroke Month ago

    Me, I’m the bride

  • Marie,Marie.
    Marie,Marie. Month ago +1

    See Darren you finally got 20 spins and got £46:20p! It can give you treble that on 10! so why persist on gambling to gain 2 to lose 4! Love your streams but you really need to just take what it gives you sometimes,
    you might be surprised with the outcome!!
    Oh could you try Well,Well,Well next time in Coral (sometimes in William Hill depending on fobt!) Thanks👍

    • Marie,Marie.
      Marie,Marie. Month ago +2

      @Stop and Step
      Darren no need to give up on it I know you got your biggest win off it! But just take what it gives you sometimes like I said you could be pleasently surprised😉

    • Stop and Step
      Stop and Step Month ago

      You are right but it keeps dangling that carrot! I'm giving up on Millionaire now :)

  • Raymond Gallagher
    Raymond Gallagher Month ago

    Eye of houris is on my ban list permanently it’s shameful from blueprintt that slot

  • Cameron Barnes
    Cameron Barnes Month ago +1

    New to the channel, need more roulette videos mate

  • Jacinta Shemmell
    Jacinta Shemmell Month ago +1

    Glad your back watched u in the bookies 4 ages on rainbow riches xx

  • Long Schlong
    Long Schlong Month ago

    Tried my own bonus hunt today. £100 in with 20p spins (I’m not made of money) only managed to get 2 bonuses and got a grand total of £15.69 back. Won’t be bothering again, load of shite.

  • John Munro
    John Munro Month ago

    Will you play one of the slingo games ?

  • Veronika Lakatosova

    Some Angel Princess Bonus Please.!! And Shout Out 💯👍

  • Nickey
    Nickey Month ago

    Please shout out to nicky also want to se some super diamonds deluxe fortune spins

  • Dan Hall
    Dan Hall Month ago

    Lol, Ted censored 🤣

  • Dan Hall
    Dan Hall Month ago

    Ryan Slots did same games yesterday lol

  • John Smitherman
    John Smitherman Month ago

    Can you put a time in the description of when the bonus hint starts as that’s the best part 👍

  • Alex B
    Alex B Month ago

    Cant wait for some FOBT action next week. Nice bit of glare always adds to the experience.

  • Craig Watson
    Craig Watson Month ago

    Jackpot King games 1k bonus hunt 👍

  • Craig Watson
    Craig Watson Month ago

    Eye of horus is so trash I've never seen anything good ever come from that game nice upload tho mate

  • Simon Rodgers
    Simon Rodgers Month ago

    Hiya mate watch and like all ya videos any chance of a shout out plz

  • Mark w
    Mark w Month ago +2

    Why do you always sound like you have a gobstopper in your mouth while your talking?

  • Michael Work
    Michael Work Month ago

    The reason eye of horus is shocking is cause it can smash all them wilds in and counts the squares on the real as megaways and if it did it on top symbol it would be fucking colossal, so obviously it has to tone the real wins down abit like most slots with features like that. Just another win nothing or win massive. Banning a slot after 2 shit bonuses is madness. Games I've won massive on have often give me 4 shit bonuses in a row before.

  • Marie,Marie.
    Marie,Marie. Month ago +2

    Think I'll ban that slot he said!! he already had !

    THE BIG SHAG Month ago +1

    Put that eye of horus on your ban list it's shocking. Who wants 2 b a millionaire 14 dead spins in total naughty that is Darren.

    CCFCDANNY85 Month ago

    Why not carry on playing get some footage

  • Calum Andersen
    Calum Andersen Month ago

    Keep the videos coming darren. Wishing you plenty of luck mate.

  • spongelad1
    spongelad1 Month ago

    Oh dear the list of slots

  • Silvano Eduardo
    Silvano Eduardo Month ago

    typical Eye of Horus

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke Month ago +1

    Eye of Horus megaways is proper shit. Just thrown more Q, K, and A’s in by the look of it. Even if you got the eye it wouldn’t of connected.

  • Ch
    Ch Month ago

    Hello dude!

  • Josh J
    Josh J Month ago +2

    Pick the worse slots ever don't you daz

  • Frank Spencer
    Frank Spencer Month ago +1

    A good effort and fair mix of games, one slot playing better would of shown a profit. WWTBAM paid out 9k on a £4.4 stake with only 10 spins, so I assume the bonus is all predetermined like Vikings Unleashed, which I have done a lot of demo plays on it's spins gamble. The gamble should just award a random amount between 10 and 50 because it leads players down the path, if you are gambling for something it should award more. Rant over, good vid.

  • Gavin Sloan
    Gavin Sloan Month ago

    Treasure island plz in William hill...... slot king 🤴 thanks for awesome video .....

  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker Month ago

    Love your videos, watch everyday unlucky this time the big wins are coming

  • William Booker
    William Booker Month ago

    Love your got balls on your Gamble' channel on the net.shout out from Darlington sc USA.

    • Stop and Step
      Stop and Step Month ago

      Thanks, and a shout-out in Wednesday's video.

  • John Conlon
    John Conlon Month ago

    Stop bottling fishing frenzy megaways you,l thank me

  • Lee Castree
    Lee Castree Month ago

    I think it's time you gave up

  • Geeman
    Geeman Month ago

    If you don't make the 1k back think you should spin up on roulette 👍🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Andrew Teare
    Andrew Teare Month ago

    As I said on your live stream eye of Horus easy to trigger bonus but crap at paying out and it's on my fecking pee taking tunt list of never playing again list

    • Andrew Teare
      Andrew Teare Month ago

      @ticktock T hate piss taking slots that end up costing a fortune

    • ticktock T
      ticktock T Month ago

      Think I'll ban that slot, he says again & again 😅

  • Thomas Dilley
    Thomas Dilley Month ago

    I've never seen a good win on eye of horus

  • Chris Soumi
    Chris Soumi Month ago +1

    You really should know how coin value works by now

  • shivatara moori
    shivatara moori Month ago

    Warte immer gespannt auf deine online Session.

  • Sarah Evans
    Sarah Evans Month ago +1

    Jackpot king games hunt

  • James Collins
    James Collins Month ago +3

    That millionaire bonus wasn't a bad bonus it was an outright troll

    • ticktock T
      ticktock T Month ago

      Maybe I played it at just the right time, & if I'd seen Stop&Step's outcome I wouldn't of bothered, I seemed to get plenty of free spins with tidy wins....the base game was encouraging too.

  • Rewind N
    Rewind N Month ago +2

    What bakery does he own ?

    • Rewind N
      Rewind N Month ago

      @englishcat19 yeh what chain. What the name of the business

    • englishcat19
      englishcat19 Month ago

      Mushy N it’s a chain of bakeries in the south and southwest.
      When I met Darren I didn’t clock the name of the bakeries

  • Dale Nicholls
    Dale Nicholls Month ago

    Time to get back on super star turns in the bookies slots, it’s the highest percentage jackpot paying slot I’ve ever done. The red wheel is minimum £200. Chances of getting that on the highest bonus alone on these blueprint gaming is very small. It’s the best slot around.

  • LKJ
    LKJ Month ago +1

    Any chance of some live casino games soon please? Thanks, like the vids!

  • mark thomas
    mark thomas Month ago +7

    Thought you said you’d never EVER play horus Megaways again?

    • ticktock T
      ticktock T Month ago

      Just one more last chance 😆

    • Mr Plow
      Mr Plow Month ago +2

      Gambling addict innit.

    • alicoops99
      alicoops99 Month ago +1

      Look out for more Eye of Horus Megaways next week!

  • Tim No friends 4eva
    Tim No friends 4eva Month ago +3

    Another great promotion for slots, losing lol

  • MrMacca451
    MrMacca451 Month ago

    Who Won the Hampers?

  • Crazy Reels
    Crazy Reels Month ago +1

    unlucky on who wants to be a millionare darren, its savage getting that many spins and it was rubbish 👊👊👊

  • Crop King
    Crop King Month ago +1

    Can you do reel Kings till you get the big red scroll pots bonus

    • Marie,Marie.
      Marie,Marie. Month ago

      I've done that in buzz bingo!! 2 days later still no red curtain!!

  • Popabianca Cristiava

    Play wild fury on bookies! Watch you.

  • Pat
    Pat Month ago +10

    Playing eyes of horus used to be a great game for me now it is a disgrace I've had plenty of free spins and won nothing can't remember the last time I had a big win on that game

  • Jamie Evans
    Jamie Evans Month ago +5

    Who Wants to be a Millionaire makes me angry! You gamble all that way for a heap of dead spins. And there was a 34% chance it was going to lose the whole bonus. It should be banned.

  • Step and stop
    Step and stop Month ago +5

    !editcom !banned eye of Horus megaways
    Sorry I’m in moderator mode 👍

  • Perry Tatler
    Perry Tatler Month ago

    Fucking disgusting they give you so many dead spins I don’t think that’s on at all and something should be done about it

  • Lewis Elliott
    Lewis Elliott Month ago +1

    Let me guess what happens 🤔🤔😂

  • Robin Cattani
    Robin Cattani Month ago +2

    what an absolute piece of shit the eye of horus megaways is, I got 5.10 off £2 spins just now.....

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago +3

    You need to put book of dead on ban list you keep chasing wild line and it's winning you nothing

    • Deborah Peters
      Deborah Peters Month ago

      @jamie hughes I think they mean dead or alive might be wrong lol!!!

  • Ark Harbron
    Ark Harbron Month ago +5

    Next Friday do a jackpot king only bonus hunt try!!

  • UKdaddy Dave
    UKdaddy Dave Month ago +4

    Eye of Horus is your new nemesis, enjoyed the video. Looking forward to yer nest video

  • Sam Small
    Sam Small Month ago

    like this for no reason