Witt Lowry - HURT (feat. Deion Reverie) (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • TOUR: neversroad.com
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    Mixed & Mastered by John Will : @iamjohnwill
    Directed by Drew Kirsch : @drewkirsch
    [INTRO] [HOOK]
    It doesn't feel right with you gone
    It hurts too much to be left alone
    I know I was never in your plans
    But it doesn't feel right in her bed
    It hurts to know
    If only I knew to love you, I would lose me
    Would wake up just to go back to sleep
    I hope you and him live happily
    But the memories girl, you gonna have to keep
    All the lies that you told me are on repeat
    I don’t know what’s real, you lie through your teeth
    If I could take the feelings that I had for you
    Just like our pics, I’d press delete
    I’ve been contemplating
    100 times, about 100 facts, I found out were lies
    I know you used me just to pass the time
    But you can’t ever say I didn’t fucking try
    What you meant to me is what I mean to art,
    Was real with you from the fucking start
    You played games with my fucking heart
    And after you I fell a fucking part
    I know we weren’t perfect,
    I guess I thought we were worth it
    I guess your love was uncertain
    You’re busy at the club flirtin’
    Friends just keep feeding you bourbon
    Car smelling like his cologne and your weed
    For months I would think, “Is he better than me?”
    I know that he can’t love you better than me
    I wonder was it your intention to cheat
    Can’t believe I believed you,
    Keep telling myself I don’t need you
    When talking to her I just see you
    Alone but surrounded by people
    Maybe one day you’ll change, and he’ll reap the benefits
    ‘Cause all you left me were questions and pain
    Don’t know why I care if you’re feeling the same
    I need to just get you up out of my brain
    I know I was never the plan
    You’re not the you you would claim
    You’re not the person I met,
    Don’t know the you you became
    Was addicted though to the pain
    And the constant games that you play
    Just being real when I say, that still
    (It hurts to know)
    And I tried to give you a chance
    But things were never the same
    I ended up all alone
    You ended up with a lame
    Was addicted though to the pain
    And the constant games that you play
    Just bein’ real when I say, that still
    (It hurts to know)
    Still, you’re who my family adores
    Maybe that’s why it’s hard to ignore you
    After all of the time we spent
    Sad to think that I still didn’t know you
    Woke up in a city that we never been to, I wish I could show you
    Even my music I put it below you
    Just know I would have done anything for you
    Remember I told you, I felt inadequate
    Because you came from a family with money
    And me, I have nothing, I work as a waiter with visions of turnin’ myself into something
    The music was buzzing but I couldn’t pay for a bill
    Off of people just saying they love it
    Had class in the morning, had work in the evening
    Then write through the night with no food in my stomach
    Just know that it’s hard, damn
    Girl it’s so fucking hard
    I keep telling myself that I need to move on
    But it’s hard to get close when I have up a guard
    I know everything change, the old me would prolly feel shame for the bottles I’ve bought on my card
    You would go to the bar, while I was stuck working a double to pay for the tank in my car
    And I guess, that it’s best I pretend like I don’t give a fuck
    even though to be real, I’m a mess
    I’ve been tryna find anything I can find just to fill in the hole in my chest
    And it’s sad to believe that a picture with me, is a picture of you and an ex
    You should know that it takes everything within me to delete when I’m sending a text
    It doesn't feel right with you gone
    It hurts too much to be left alone
    I know I was never in your plans
    I just can't get you out of my head
    It hurts to know
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    This song hits me hard and makes me cry but I know that at some point I need too let go but I know deep down that I'm not strong enough to do it but when I heard this song I finally got the courage too move on and I'm glad I found this song thanks Witt for describing my life right now I wish I would discovered you along time ago but anyways your songs keep me from ending it your the only one who understands what alot of us are going through your the only one who listens too what the fans have too say and you understand that alot of us are hurting from our past but you give us the strength too move forward and I want too thank you for that

  • Chris Schaefer jr

    Its amazing how much i get out of this song and witt himself. But finding out more and more people have went through this same shit is sickening and hurts to know. Thanks Witt for helping me through my hard times you really are a inspiration to alot of good people.

  • 2694jordan
    2694jordan 6 days ago

    Drop the new album fam!!!!

  • Adam Banks
    Adam Banks 11 days ago

    Thanks Witt, all I can say is thanks, thanks for keeping me up when I was down. I’ve been sectioned for mental health I’m discharged now (1yr 3 months ) but you kept me a float I read your story in this I’ve been in the same situation, exactly the same. You kept me strong, I’m grateful. Thankyou.

  • Jon K
    Jon K 11 days ago

    The fact that every song you put out is relatable is fucking insane. One of my favorite rappers out there. On par w/ NF and Sik World. Too underrated.

  • Beast 947
    Beast 947 12 days ago +1

    Who hurt this guy

  • Hurleys
    Hurleys 19 days ago +1

    Jesus 6 months already felt like a week ago I was refreshing his ig waiting for the drop of this song lmao boosted the way up to my top 3 fave of witts songs

  • Daniel Cash
    Daniel Cash 19 days ago +6

    April 2019: I listen to this song
    August 2019: she left so I’m back

  • Ashleigh Downey
    Ashleigh Downey 19 days ago

    I fucking love this song. More importantly I love you and your music. I promise all Ashleigh's/Ashley/Ashlee's aren't bad 😂❤️

  • Bradley Laboucan
    Bradley Laboucan 20 days ago +1

    You dons't know that no matter how mad that it matters that it costs me my feelinga that boil inside and all i have to abide too is my self

    NETSEC ADG 23 days ago +1

    Great song, dam love the lyrics, it's like having someone write all the crap I've been through in my last relationship for me to reflect on. Giving all my best for this one person but was never good enough, spent 2years being manipulate, deceived, persecuted, drained, that I was diagnosed with depression and PTSD.

  • Malkia the poet
    Malkia the poet 25 days ago +1

    I know you use me just to pass the time...

    LARRY THE KID 26 days ago +1

    damn i felt that.

  • James T
    James T 26 days ago

    I wish you'd leave out the f-bombs so I could actually share your music with the fam.

  • Sad Edits
    Sad Edits 28 days ago +2

    1:33-2:04 Best part😍 Like if you agree

  • Christopher Hudson
    Christopher Hudson 28 days ago +1

    Witt and NF needa do a song together

  • Chrenery
    Chrenery 29 days ago +3

    6 months later and this song is still one of my favourites :D love you witt

  • Crash
    Crash Month ago +1

    Its sad that the music industry is so saturated with crap music and lyrics that dont mean anything. This is the kind of music we need on the radio people.

  • fari dan
    fari dan Month ago +1

    am a new subscriber

  • Kevin Malone
    Kevin Malone Month ago

    Is no one going to talk about how did he fet in contact with bruce wayne?

  • lyric. si
    lyric. si Month ago +1

    this is so good bro

  • MackAttackz
    MackAttackz Month ago +2

    IDK who all is still listening to this...but I hope anyone who feels the same shit I do while listening is getting stronger. It's fucking hard feeling broken and lost...here's to trying to recover.

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift Month ago +1

    your my number one rapper ily Witt Lowry you put so much meaning into all your songs you helped me alot you have gave me alots of hope now i believe in myself i have faith that i could over come anything that comes at me in life thanks Witt Lowry

  • jsb10142004
    jsb10142004 Month ago +1

    .. hopefully you are the one to read this,!!!! man I've been listening to your music for years now and man I Absolutly feel that shit in my heart and it's because I've been going through Almost everything you rap about the girl I love since I been 14 yrs old and I've gone through so much pain and hurt because of her and I've spent my whole life trying to please everyone in my life except myself and now people take for granted I'm now almost 30 and I'm at rock bottom and lost myself and have nothing In life because I was so lost in love with this girl trying to keep her in my life she's lied so many times cheated and left me 3 separate times for other guys and I'm back with her and now have 2 daughters with her now but now she takes me for granted and shows zero emotions towards me and I've lost my sense off reality I've always been About music and wish I could make music like yours I hope someday I get a chance to meet you I've been spreading your music to everyone I know I'm definitely your biggest fan💯 - Jaymie

  • Donna Montgomery
    Donna Montgomery Month ago +1

    keep it up teamwitt

  • TheTycoonX
    TheTycoonX Month ago +2

    WItt Lowry x NF

  • Avery Clements
    Avery Clements Month ago +1

    This should have more then 2 million views this is the best song iv ever heard, it deff speaks to alot of people

  • Isaac Town
    Isaac Town Month ago +1

    Whoever don't like this song, i hope your sock gets wet or you step on a lego!

  • Cody Mortimer
    Cody Mortimer Month ago +1

    This is the worst feeling in the world I understand, I really understand.

  • LFC MAN23
    LFC MAN23 Month ago +1

    This song is criminally underrated..

  • Ahmed Z
    Ahmed Z Month ago +1

    give me more of this please

  • Dona Rooney
    Dona Rooney Month ago

    I enjoy the meaningful Lyrics but you have Nothing on Ivan b and NF There lyrics are powerful and leaves you with a different Perspective on life please when I hear you sounds like all the others

  • Albiru Biru
    Albiru Biru Month ago +1

    Hello everyone im a new fan of him😁✌🏻

  • Andrew Stoddart
    Andrew Stoddart Month ago +1

    Can somebody please give me a link to a store that sells that iconic black hoodie he always wears. Thanks.

  • Ludzie vs Ja
    Ludzie vs Ja Month ago +3

    Such a underrated song☺️

  • fabian isidoro
    fabian isidoro Month ago +1

    I love You voice, your lyrics your Musik

  • Baby Cas
    Baby Cas Month ago +1

    Killing it

  • Kool
    Kool Month ago

    they shouldve hired a hot actor to play the role..... no one in their right mind cant believe this ugly fat fuck could ever get a date xD

  • viper_king_ 420
    viper_king_ 420 Month ago +1

    Been listening to him since day 1 love this song.

    AiXAN AiXAN Month ago +3

    It doesn't feel right with you gone
    It hurts too much to be left alone.

  • Dylan Quinonez
    Dylan Quinonez Month ago +2

    I felt it most when you talked about struggling to maintain job as waiter and still rap. I can’t relate but it sounds difficult.

  • Erica Lynn
    Erica Lynn Month ago +2

    this song is so good it might even be in my top favorite Witt songs

  • Jackie Saav
    Jackie Saav Month ago +3

    My ex girlfriend and i broke up 6 months ago and I'm still a mess and this song rlly put it into words 😭😭

    • Hyde Gentry
      Hyde Gentry 24 days ago

      Shit bro try 4 1/2 years that's how long it's been since my ex left me I dont trust no one and I miss her and the sad thing is I don't even try to date cause I can't trust no one no matter what...

    • Mish Moves
      Mish Moves Month ago

      Yeah, I feel that way too...

  • Mastradon
    Mastradon Month ago +1


  • Adam Banks
    Adam Banks Month ago +1

    Still can’t get enough of this !!!!! You neeed Main Stream Witt since day 1!

  • Mista Mike
    Mista Mike Month ago +1

    Witt man, fucking love your shit. Made a rap with your style and it’s dope. Keep up the inspiration

  • Case Of Cola
    Case Of Cola Month ago +1

    Still listening to this beautiful ass song after about 6 months

  • Ragnar
    Ragnar Month ago +1

    Im hoping with all my hearth witt and nf make a song togheter

  • Ethan Armstrong
    Ethan Armstrong Month ago +2

    Realest rappers of all time. NF, Witt Lowry, Ivan B. If you think differently then fight me

    • DunderYey
      DunderYey Month ago +1

      I totally agree with you!

  • Gino Redel
    Gino Redel Month ago +1

    *Don't let this distract you from the fact that every planet in star wars has the same laws of gravity.*

  • collusions
    collusions Month ago +1

    Beautiful song once again Witt, I've been listening to you since 50k Subscribers and the growth has been insane, best of luck and keep doing great things.

  • David M
    David M Month ago +1

    Your music has helped me get through so much rough times and hard shit. Thanks for being one of the artists I can turn too. You’re music has truly saved me

  • MinE_RaIdZ
    MinE_RaIdZ Month ago

    Your music progression is great but your lyrics and why your making songs isnt, i stopped listening 2 years ago cause of how many songs u be talking bout girls and whining about em and now i tried giving u another chance but again ive clicked on 3 new songs and there all about a girl like.........

  • ojas51
    ojas51 Month ago +1

    I rarely comment on anything here. But you brother made me cry. I have been through this shit. Everything you mentioned was pitch perfect. Thank you for this track. Loved it. Keep going strong

  • Fatima Saiko
    Fatima Saiko Month ago


  • Amber Lynn
    Amber Lynn Month ago +1

    This song hits so hard! It's so deep and so personal... I just can't go a day without hearing this song now...

  • Rome Hawk
    Rome Hawk Month ago +2


  • Sour AF
    Sour AF Month ago +1

    I finally found the music I need
    Eminem 👉 Nf 👉Witt 👉Phora

  • Gaz Nelson
    Gaz Nelson Month ago +1

    'I know I was never the plan
    Your not the person I met
    Don't know the you you became
    Was addicted through to the pain
    And the constant games you play
    Just been real when I say that still it hurts to know
    And I tried to give you a chance
    But things where never the same
    I ended up alone
    You ended up with a lame'
    Hits home hard everytime, the person I met would work out everytime we had arguments and lies. But after the last 2 lies, 'it won't drive us apart' and 'it won't happen again' it's never been the same and now any argument or lie just drives us apart. I've ended up alone and she's moved on

  • Kristen Stewart
    Kristen Stewart Month ago +1

    Come to vegas!

  • Jaymez Baxter
    Jaymez Baxter Month ago +3

    If you are listening to this song today
    because you are in a dark place, don't
    give up. It's ok to not feel ok. Don't lose
    hope. Stand strong and keep fighting
    for what you desire. You are not alone.

    • GrubGames
      GrubGames Month ago

      good idea lets write some shit out on the comments to get some likes bois

  • Pelin Juan
    Pelin Juan Month ago +1


  • Daniel Cash
    Daniel Cash Month ago +3

    This song changed my whole life😩😭

  • its me there
    its me there Month ago +2

    Omg... I can hear your pain through your voice... This is amazing, first time im crying because of song... I feel bad for finding this song today and not earlier

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore Month ago +1

    So much Love Witt ❤️

  • jay miller
    jay miller Month ago +1

    Kenzie I hope you see this

  • Meghan Posey
    Meghan Posey Month ago +1

    Wow. Raw and just real af. This exactly explains my recent breakup
    Thanks witt for always helping to heal people through your songs. Much respect God bless you keep going you're doing great!

  • LFC MAN23
    LFC MAN23 Month ago +1

    This song is so underrated..

  • kayc chaos
    kayc chaos Month ago +4

    I can't even describe how your music makes me feel but I fucking LOVE ITTTTT!!! keep it up, you're amazing ❤

  • Noheart Sky
    Noheart Sky Month ago +8

    This song gets me in my feelings 😣 I listen to it everyday..

  • Milica Krsanin
    Milica Krsanin Month ago +1


  • Celx
    Celx 2 months ago +1

    been here since 100k, remember tweeting with witt

  • OOF-White
    OOF-White 2 months ago +1

    Damn, seeing this live was amazing, listening to it again has legit gave me chills.

  • Lizard
    Lizard 2 months ago +1

    Don't know if you're over it or no, but, due to the fact I get caught in the same situation or kinda similar, I got over it just by using my mind. Why should I feel bad for a person who doesn't love me? I just removed that person, she can't make me feel bad. 1 second feeling bad is a second wasted. Hope you'll feel better. Btw I love your songs, I get over her also by listening them :)

  • Zachary Jones
    Zachary Jones 2 months ago +1

    I feel this song though