A Lurid Post-Mortem Of Anthem (The Jimquisition)

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    Anthem. Oh, Anthem. BioWare's ill-fated attempt to jump aboard the "live service" bandwagon is yet another cautionary tale the "AAA" industry won't ever learn from.
    With an obscenely troubled development, a handful of failed promises, and a legacy of embarrassing headlines, Anthem will go down in history, but not for the reasons BioWare hoped.
    It certainly won't be spoke about with the same reverence as Bob Dylan... which is what BioWare actually expected.
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  • RectalDiscourse
    RectalDiscourse 16 hours ago

    I am financially crippled.

  • Chapterhouse86
    Chapterhouse86 Day ago +1

    Goddamnit Jim, I work an overnight job at a group home and you almost made me wake up the whole house when you said , "Anthem: So shit the players want the bugs put back in!" Too fucking funny.

    ЯΛΤВΟΠΞS 2 days ago

    lol a very small % of humans will know who leslie granthem aka dirty den is.

  • scopeh2006
    scopeh2006 2 days ago +1

    I laugh my ass off everytime hear Jim say those fucking buzzwords -
    "Live service"
    "Trrrippllle A!"

  • Lucky ASMR
    Lucky ASMR 2 days ago

    I loved the idea of a Bermuda Triangle full of monsters and catastrophes. I love how Devs throw away amazing ideas and concepts.

  • Atlas Hugged
    Atlas Hugged 3 days ago

    i hope you’re ready to do another Anthem post mortem two or three years from now

  • Druga Strona Medalu
    Druga Strona Medalu 5 days ago

    clean sheet: copy destiny and warframe, but without anything good in them

  • FluffySpartan
    FluffySpartan 5 days ago

    anthem is arround 10 € and no one buys it at all xD

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids 6 days ago +1

    Frostbite Engine - built specifically for battlefield.

    EA - hey bioware use this engine you've never used and that was never design for an RPG etc

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids 6 days ago

    EA game not up to snuff.

    colour me surprised.

    EA was good when they just published and thats it.

    basically pre-2010

  • Adrián Acevedo Cortés

    It needs to become a free to play game if it wants to be alive.

  • Caine Paterson
    Caine Paterson 6 days ago

    These trailers you use look so good I can’t believe they fucked the game up so much

  • -
    - 6 days ago

    The development hell is one we've seen many times before

  • Robert Mastenbrook
    Robert Mastenbrook 7 days ago +1

    Robo Andrew Wilson is great

  • Zachary Farmer
    Zachary Farmer 7 days ago

    Just found this dude. Listening to this guy shit all over bad games is one of my new favorite pastimes

  • C Money Drumming
    C Money Drumming 7 days ago +1

    The game looks boring as fuck

  • Psychogre
    Psychogre 7 days ago

    Is there the opposite to Fomo? After all the crap Devs have done I find myself often very apathetic to new releases and instead waiting for sales of games I know our good that I hadn't gotten the chance to play.

  • Myke Fuerstenberg
    Myke Fuerstenberg 7 days ago

    EA should stick to making the same sports game every year

  • Escape Goat
    Escape Goat 7 days ago

    BioWare needs to die. EA should destroy them in typical Unicronic style. This isn't a case where a great development team is about to be split up/ruined by the big baddies at EA. This is a case where the great development team has, by and large, already seen the writing on the wall and left the company. It's a completely different company, with different staff, than it was back in the 2000s when it was still making games we all loved. So kill it. Pull the plug on this coma patient so we can at least remember them as they were, without having to be constantly reminded of what they have become.

  • Proggy Froggy
    Proggy Froggy 7 days ago +1

    Bioware better work their bloody asses off to make Dragon Age 4 a great game, or EA's surely gonna send them to the guillotine.

  • Tamamo No Mae
    Tamamo No Mae 7 days ago

    6:24 = Dat ass.

  • John HOlland
    John HOlland 8 days ago +1

    This is why I still play games from 5+ years ago, less money better quality. Something has happened to gaming companies in the past 5 years and it is copycatting buzzword filled bullshit that is causing it. Glad I found this channel expressing what I've felt for years about gaming.

  • Benjamin Chapman
    Benjamin Chapman 9 days ago

    This is the video that introduced me to the channel

  • stewok 1980
    stewok 1980 9 days ago

    It took me a year to get my money bk for this p.o.s. I had all the error reports and it shut my ps4 down even after patch and E.A. Took forever to get in touch with one call took 761mins and 1 live chat took 453 mins I had my ps4 replaced bcoz of it when I got my replacement I had to double check and it shut my ps4 down 3 times in a hour so had to get that replaced again and they gave me my money bk claiming noone else experienced what I had

  • kurt engel
    kurt engel 10 days ago

    only. one. thing. matters
    it *Sold

  • AwkwardRenegade
    AwkwardRenegade 10 days ago

    From the first footage (which wasn't even real) I could smell this game was going to be a failure.

  • Ryo .Hazuki
    Ryo .Hazuki 11 days ago

    EA will kill all developers.

  • L Ɐ Z U L I
    L Ɐ Z U L I 11 days ago +1

    Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-Bah! Boglin! -Jim Sterling 22:01 watch at 0.25x speed for better experience😂

  • elethio
    elethio 12 days ago

    WTF is anthem? A music game?

  • Nyxus Scarlet
    Nyxus Scarlet 12 days ago

    I saw a disc copy of Anthem at the store today. 'Twas marked down from full price to $15... Pretty sad.

  • Nanner Dunlocke
    Nanner Dunlocke 12 days ago

    It woudn't say this game is bad, just bland. Nothing in this game made me passionately angry or impressed. Its just another bland game to the pile. If it is trash, its an unused, crumpled piece of paper you dont need.

  • Marshal Dunnik
    Marshal Dunnik 14 days ago

    I know I'm not the only one pleased at the failure of Anthem, as it will - we hope - cause Bioware to refocus their efforts on what they do best, RPGs.

    • Nanner Dunlocke
      Nanner Dunlocke 12 days ago

      Nope, theres barely a skeleton crew in Bioware now.

  • Michael Kahler
    Michael Kahler 14 days ago

    Everything you need to know about Anthem
    4:32 over and over

  • Estevan Valladares
    Estevan Valladares 14 days ago +1

    It is funny how the producers and the consumers of video games "aged like milk".
    Most people talking about an era of video game industry may not have been old enough to have lived in that era.
    It was an era when developers were famous for working "on coffee almost alone" for days to deliver a product, a complete product. An era when game development were made for the game development sake alone. An era when there were no "politically expressive developers" who were just revolted "digital artists". Instead, they were HIGH SKILLED programmers, analysts, data base designers, who had artistic talent, and would outwork most of the "normal workers" from other fields, just because they could not stop. Burn out ? You never burn out from having fun, and working were like that.
    HOWEVER, consumers of video games were not whiny kids who dismissed their efforts and despite being delivered a work they could not begin to understand how to produce, called it shit.
    The consumers shaped the producers they ended up with. In our time, game developers would strive to be the best, because they were considered what they were, very skilled pop stars.
    Today, kids acclaim artists that are barely able to speak. Make up a full conditional sentence of any kind is too much. But they are revered as pop stars. Kids pay millions in merchandise to "artists" (if I can call them that) produced from top to bottom, by CGI, sound engineers, media machine, that are not even decent human beings. However, they think it is moral grandstanding to demand game developers do what they and their idols would never in a life time be able to accomplish.
    Game industry has this shitty products ? It has. But it is gamer community`s fault, as they treat game developers without the respect they might earn.
    It is like the voters who vote to those who promise what is impossible, and would forsake those who tell them the truth and promise to do what is needed.
    It is a pattern, in all things, made by whiny kids who demand what they could never do for themselves, from people they trust are able to do somethings they cant judge if they are, so they choose the wrong people.
    I guess there are N indie game studios out there with very skilled people doing amazing jobs with the little money they have, which these kids forsake because they are not AAA producers. And they could be the ones to deliver the goods, given the money people waste in AAA studios who have consistently never delivered.

  • Ian Iskandar
    Ian Iskandar 14 days ago

    595 Dislikes: *Exists*
    Me: Why are you ghey?

  • themisspultone
    themisspultone 15 days ago

    EA execs: We expect the public to play Anthem to 25/7.

  • Khan Krum Gaming
    Khan Krum Gaming 15 days ago

    BioWare has something the other studios didn't. They have Anita fucking Sarkeesian … next time, they should call you down to their studios, you have knowledge and experience they can actually put to good use and you are feminist. You are the total package! her contribution was "women should wear a hijab, and have flat chest!" that was it. You have your sources, ask for the run down of what she contributed, tell me I am wrong. Please. I spent $90 on this, tell me I wrong so I can sleep at least some nights in comfort.

  • Crepitus
    Crepitus 15 days ago

    bioware is dead. long dead.

  • Pyre
    Pyre 15 days ago

    At what point do all gamers understand you don't buy EA games, under any circumstances? No matter what it is, no matter how much you want it. Any company this bad, you do everything you possibly can to *hurt* them, but under no circumstances do you ever give them your money. Not even to save the developers they've already swallowed whole.
    People need to stop. Learn to boycott. Learn that the only valid response to corporations like this is to make them suffer and, if necessary, starve them until they die.

  • Jon Doh
    Jon Doh 15 days ago +1

    As an Australian art piece once said, "Let's all laugh at an industry, that never learns anything tee hee hee."

  • Professor Dick-Butt
    Professor Dick-Butt 15 days ago

    Every time EA shoots itself in the foot, every time their nuts are mercilessly roasted on social media, I feel a wonderful warmth inside. I'm reminded that there really is a god.

  • Nemeciist
    Nemeciist 15 days ago

    pretty sure in order to mortem u need to be alive first.... game was stillborn

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul Mechanics 15 days ago

    Mass Effect was their Bob Dylan. Shame on them for that shit. And shame on the critics for pushing them to abandon proven territory. Shame on you. 😡

  • DeoMachina
    DeoMachina 15 days ago

    baba ba ba baa ba ba

  • Xeno426
    Xeno426 15 days ago

    4:26 How many in that video are still part of Bioware or the Anthem team?

  • Random chap
    Random chap 16 days ago

    shame you didn't do this a 2 weeks later when they lost another game director

  • Josh Luck
    Josh Luck 16 days ago


  • strangways78
    strangways78 16 days ago

    im fine with jim going through the pink phase, fine. but can we agree on demanding the old intro?

  • Wdf1987
    Wdf1987 16 days ago

    So this is what Kim Justice has been up to since growing up. He's now Jim Sterling lol

  • Mark James
    Mark James 16 days ago

    I've never played this game. What's wrong with it?

  • Shazbot81
    Shazbot81 16 days ago +1

    3:15 - this description sounds 1000x better of a game idea than what anthem actually became. It's a shame they didn't stick with that original idea, too hard to monetize I guess.

    F3ARL3SS MR X 16 days ago

    ea. this will be a live service game for ten years.
    every developer in the world: YOU SERIOUS HA HA HA HAAA HAAA

  • Just no
    Just no 16 days ago

    nowadays having a dlc means it will take a few years for a full game, buy the overpriced demo now ):

  • Mitch McCann
    Mitch McCann 16 days ago

    why Peter Gabriel?

  • codiene
    codiene 16 days ago

    Anthem had so much potential and ea fucked it

  • Shane Scarff
    Shane Scarff 16 days ago

    That mass effect music still gets me

  • Natasha Halberton
    Natasha Halberton 16 days ago

    When you run out of ideas for your videos, so you go back to games that are already notorious and are pretty well known to have flopped. Next you'll be talking about the me3 ending before the update. Do a positive review about a good game 😑😒

  • Marcus Dranz
    Marcus Dranz 16 days ago

    I would have gladly played the original design doc. If you have to get into a mech suit to _survive_ then you are neck-deep in some shit.

  • TheBros2theend
    TheBros2theend 16 days ago

    God bless heal save and forgive you Jesus Christ loves you amen.

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer 16 days ago

    Oh look, yet another Jimquisition video about Anthem...again.

    Must be a slow week hm? Must be rough when your desperate reach for relevance involves hanging around a game you claim to hate so much. Even more so when you hate it so much you just won’t ever stop talking about it.
    It’s okay to move on. Unless you’re just that pressed for content ideas 😂🤷🏻‍♂️