Coming Out (Part 2)

  • Published on May 17, 2015
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  • Kvar den tapte stille græt

    It was the same thing for me, towards pretty much everything you had just said. When I came out, it was very awkward, and one of the weirdest times of my life. When I came out to my dad, everything seemed somewhat normal. About three weeks later, he had came in my room and started asking me questions about what I want in terms of a family in the future. He had also asked if I was sure that I wasn’t bisexual. At the time, I was his only son. I kinda knew where this was going. It was just incredibly strange, just like a few weeks of silence on my dad’s end, and then he wants to know if I’m carrying on the family name. In terms of the delay, I experienced the same thing. I never had an actual relationship with a guy until I was 18. This guy also lived an hour away from me, since there was literally no gay guys that lived around me. I’m 19 now, and me being gay was never an issue with anyone. When I was in school, everyone pretty much knew. I’m not sure if there was any difficult experiences for you when coming out, but there wasn’t too much for me, and to this day, I haven’t had too much happen to me because of that. For the first little while after coming out was the only time it was any different than living normal day to day life. Sorry for the long message, but this video was very interesting :)

  • Alex Davies
    Alex Davies Month ago +1

    When I came out to my parents (about age 14 which was a short while before I got sexually abused-long story) anyway, I initially tested the water with ‘bi’, the day after I clarified that I was indeed ’gay’... skip a few years to age 16-17 I questioned ‘who’s business is it whom I sleep with?’ Now that I’m nearly 31, I feel like I’ve just about survived trauma after trauma ever since... and that others haven’t been that lucky, strong or skilful... additionally: When I first saw you on TV/Internet article it did sort of set my ‘Gaydar’ off... But then saying that my cat appears to have quite an accurate ‘Gaydar’ too.. Life is full of weird, fascinating and sometimes scary things that probably no method, concept or fundamental can explain... *shrug

  • Zorig Battur
    Zorig Battur Month ago +1


  • Zorig Battur
    Zorig Battur Month ago +1

    how old are u

  • Case Mikkelson
    Case Mikkelson Month ago +1

    I’ve came out twice. First as a lesbian. Second as a trans man. After a year and a half on hormones I realize I’m bi but heavy leaning on the gay side. But I’m tired of coming out. I don’t think I’m going. People will find out for themselves

  • Ashley Horan
    Ashley Horan Month ago +1

    I wanna come out to my mum but I just don’t know how...

    • Ashley Horan
      Ashley Horan 19 days ago

      I finally came out to my mum 3 days ago and I’m so happy I finally told her 😌🏳️‍🌈

    • Hopeless
      Hopeless Month ago +1

      Just tell her truth. I think that lie is not very good idea. She is her child and she will accept your decision.

  • Lakshya Vummethala
    Lakshya Vummethala 2 months ago +1

    Love you so much sweetie. Your videos make so much sense to me. I agree that coming out is a life long process. Let me tell you it is not just for LGBT community but it is the case with obese people as well that everything comes into their lives quite late. Good going dear.

  • Maxine Ride
    Maxine Ride 2 months ago

    I technically first came out to my teacher (More like I was asking advise on how to come out to a friend) I remember my throat clogging up and almost crying. It just made the whole situation that much more real. I didn't have the courage to come out to anyone by actually saying it and said it over text until my sister because I felt she deserved to here it from me. It was still vary scary and I was so nervous.

  • theexistentialvoid
    theexistentialvoid 2 months ago +1

    I really relate to the last point, since all my friends have been having crushes and even dating (I’m 14, so not so much of that yet) but while they’ve been wondering if they can ask out their crush, I’ve been questioning for about 3 years now.

  • - rxse gacha -
    - rxse gacha - 3 months ago

    idk why but I think it's cute when guys paint their nails

  • georgiy pasterskiy
    georgiy pasterskiy 3 months ago

    первод забыл включить. привет.

  • DeathBringerBecky
    DeathBringerBecky 3 months ago

    "What did she do?"
    "Well I'm gay so..."
    This is why I've taken to using they. I don't use a gender pronoun until the other person does. At least, I try to. I slip up sometimes. Shits been ingrained in me, after all.

  • Neve Hughes
    Neve Hughes 4 months ago

    I literally came out as bi one night just before I went to bed and I said it really quickly so I wouldn't have to talk about it. The next day it was like nothing had happened. Since then I generally say it pretty casually and thankfully no one actually cares or anything 😅

  • Angela Blake
    Angela Blake 4 months ago

    Troye always be confident of who you are no matter what. if anyone have questions for me, just simply rely to me and I will definitely answer it!😊

  • Angela Blake
    Angela Blake 4 months ago

    the first time I told my mom that I was bicurious, she actually was calm but didn't approve that at all but it's alright I always love being straight anyway. From the beginning to the end.

  • Sophie Williams
    Sophie Williams 4 months ago

    Troye straight on is attractive but when he turns his head a little to the sides it just MULTIPLES every time

  • Gabro Official
    Gabro Official 4 months ago

    You are very very brave person ❤️❤️im so proud of you

  • Hello It’s me
    Hello It’s me 4 months ago

    The fact that he got together with Jacob a year after this makes me so happy❤️

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 4 months ago

    ITS TIME TO COME OUT! 🇺🇸 🌈😎🤓🌈

  • - Westman
    - Westman 4 months ago +1

    The Gay Delay! No one talks about it!

  • vaishnavi badal
    vaishnavi badal 4 months ago +2

    He is totally totally most pretty person❤❤😍

  • buzzlightyear hugecock
    buzzlightyear hugecock 4 months ago


  • Amber Richard
    Amber Richard 4 months ago

    aw he seems nervous in this video and is talking so fast. he owns my heart💖💖💗💕💕❤️💓💖

  • Rararae x
    Rararae x 4 months ago

    I had that feeling the day after as well. I read somewhere it's called something like a vunerablity crash? (I literally can't remember the name, it's so annoying lol) but basically when you've been really emotionally vunerable, you tend to get really down and crash the next day. My experience was the same in the sense it was overwhelmingly positive, I mean a few girl mates thought I was into them for a minute afterwards but I gently explained to them that it would have felt like incest lol. But the next day I went from being over the moon and feeling so free to literally crying at the drop of a hat and I couldn't understand why I didn't feel more happy. Mine lasted a couple of days but then I was fine. Definitely would have helped knowing I'd feel like that prior though. 😂
    Also as a bisexual woman in a relationship with a cis straight man I'm literally coming out every time I meet some one new. It's frustrating sometimes but I've found my ways to be authentic to my self. Bi visibility day and pride month helps lol. ♥️

  • T.J
    T.J 5 months ago

    I miss you Troye!!!!!

  • Zofia P
    Zofia P 5 months ago +1

    I love this 😄♥️ but also want to point out that coming out is luckily great for some of us but other people ought to consider the safety in coming out too, since they don't want to get kicked out of home or anything. So I feel like we in the LGBTQIA+ community have to emphasise that coming out isn't necessary especially if it endangers you in any way, you know 😘

  • Nazarick
    Nazarick 5 months ago

    Why does he speak so fast? ;-;

  • Gaurav Shah
    Gaurav Shah 6 months ago

    I have have a similar experience but my the most scaring comment though was
    Don't you want to be normal? Don't worry, you will change

  • 黄正安
    黄正安 6 months ago


  • John Chaser
    John Chaser 6 months ago

    >When your TheXvid channel's dying down.

  • Echo Chen
    Echo Chen 6 months ago +1

    soooo glad you met jacob

  • Μαρίνα Γιώτη
    Μαρίνα Γιώτη 6 months ago +1

    Hey Troye! I know i am late here but at least i found you!Well i wanted to tell you,and you guys,i am 14 years old and since the beginning of school i am being bullied.Teachers don't really help and you can't just ingore it when it happens everyday.My 1st bff is a good friend with the bully and she says he is a good guy.My 2nd bff says he could assault him but of course I'm not letting him.What am i supposed to do?

    Thanks for reading the whole message!

  • jousif21
    jousif21 6 months ago

    Wow. You Stay amazingly happy *thumbup*

  • KXO_ Myself
    KXO_ Myself 6 months ago

    U are amazing ❤️

  • Carlos dmz
    Carlos dmz 6 months ago

    5:13 that happened to me ;-;

    ARI IRA 7 months ago +1

    Im Gay and Trans. My parends dont like it bc they lost the little girl they never really had. They allways say that this wont last forever. But it hurts. Also sorry im real fukin late

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox 6 months ago

      I don't know who you are but I'm proud of you :))
      and I love you

  • Jimena Acevedo
    Jimena Acevedo 7 months ago

    1. I'm 23 and I never had a relationship just yet. Never even kissed with tongue. Not religious, btw.
    2. I find this wierd but, the 1st time I felt like I had to repetedly come out to the people I knew and would meet was when my father died. I just cried and thought how hard would it be to tell them when they asked where is he. As you mentioned in your Coming Out (p1), I felt that throat-closing thing the 1st 2~ times.
    I felt that again when my sister came out as pan and with a girlfriend, and I had to be "careful" who I told that to. I was terrified my friends would not accept it. Some did, others... not so much.
    I think it's my turn now, I guess? I'm genderqueer. I told some of my friends and my sister by chat and it didn't change a thing. Now I have to tell my mom (I don't know how and I still live with her, so I'm kinda scared) and, even thought I know she's not gonna have a single problem, I'm friggin' *scared*. Also, I live in a Spanish-speaking country and... I don't really think my coming out would change much, since we have no pronouns to switch to even if I wanted that, which I just don't yet know if I do.
    Aaaanyway, I hope no-one I know will ever read this. Byee!

  • Le Monke
    Le Monke 7 months ago

    We love a good part 2

  • shea mealey
    shea mealey 7 months ago

    I came out as bi to my friends and basicly my school. But not my fam

  • Alaajiah Gaither
    Alaajiah Gaither 7 months ago

    I love his eyes

  • drawing session
    drawing session 7 months ago

    You should definitely became a model, you're gorgeous!

  • S W
    S W 8 months ago

    I Love you so much !

  • KaiChannel
    KaiChannel 8 months ago +1

    I am almost 20 and never even had a date not to talk about kissing .....XD Sad life

  • taekookie trash
    taekookie trash 8 months ago +1

    okay im super late and no one cares but this video really made me realise something. In primary school i was a little... fast, i dated every boy and made out with a few at 9 years old. ew. but, i started to realise i liked girls too and since i realised im bisexual i havent kissed anyone..

    like i just stopped and now everyones so far ahead of me but since i realised i just stopped dating people or anything like that for ages.

  • exploring saturn
    exploring saturn 8 months ago

    I had that day. It was so flipping weird, no one knew what to say, and I wasn’t really100% either, I had like the flu or some crap. Everything felt... backwards...

  • Felicity Thunder
    Felicity Thunder 8 months ago

    I love gay people

  • NCTae
    NCTae 8 months ago

    I'm 16 years old, i think i'm bisexual but i can't tell my parents yet, i have had the secret for 2,5 years now. I still haven't had my first real kiss and never got a first date. My friends already had a lot of relationships and almost all of them already had sex.
    One of my very close friends is lesbian but i'm not ready to tell her im bi, because i do not know it for sure. My mother will be accepting when i tell her, but my dad always talks about gay people like they should not be in this world.

  • Matthew Hayes
    Matthew Hayes 8 months ago

    "well, I'm gay so...uggh" literally sums up my life perfectly 😂😂

  • Daniela Quezada
    Daniela Quezada 8 months ago

    I love you bby I’ll always be here for you at all times

  • Birds Forlife
    Birds Forlife 8 months ago

    I'm so late

  • James Valentine
    James Valentine 9 months ago +4

    i just want to say, i got "i'm so tired" as an advertisment. Best ad ever ❤️

  • JayDaHaa
    JayDaHaa 9 months ago

    I love this.💖 Thank you! - What an angel :))
    (Me) *Came out as gay in 2014/2015? - telling close friends only*
    ----------> late 2015 - 2016+ - began meeting lgbt+ people (came out to them too)
    --------> *2017 felt off about being 'gay' and realized that I was bisexual*
    ------> Mid 2017, openly stated being bisexual to other friends, class mates and family (rather bluntly lmao)
    ----> *Late 2018 - Present Day 2019 - Questioning being 'bisexual', realizing that i'm gay :))*
    -->(haven't admitted that to anybody yet - it's like starting all over)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~☁💕 Wb y'all??? x 😅

  • Ivy Land
    Ivy Land 9 months ago +1

    OMG you are such a CuTE UKe! !!,,!!!, in a good way

  • Ivy Land
    Ivy Land 9 months ago

    You are soooooo brave Troye, dont worry everyone still love you!,!,!!,!!,
    Plus me myself is bisexual, and a FUJOSHI.

  • Nightcore Cartoons
    Nightcore Cartoons 9 months ago

    Hey.. its ok

  • Amy Roche
    Amy Roche 9 months ago

    I came out over a year ago. Even though I’m out as bi I still feel like I’m figuring myself out and have moments where I’m not actually sure that I am bi. It’s a difficult thing to navigate being bisexual or pansexual and I don’t think that it should be necessary for you to come out because you might change your mind later. Don’t feel like other people have to accept you for you to accept yourself.

  • camzjergui
    camzjergui 9 months ago

    Awweee his friend Kaylie is sooo sweeet

  • camzjergui
    camzjergui 9 months ago

    Omg.. I thought i was the only one who was having this "delayed" thing going on. Im 14 and I feel like all my friends are doing stuff like dating and i just feel really left out.

  • Kiwi hi
    Kiwi hi 9 months ago

    lmao i love how troye's like "all my friends started getting girlfriends and boyfriends when they were like 13 or 14" and literally nobody even talks to me at school so i guess i'll be waiting until i'm like 37 yay😎

  • Your Dream
    Your Dream 9 months ago

    I'm 19 never been on a date while being straight! why am I having a delay in my life?😂