First Time Trying TRADITIONAL FRENCH FOOD in Paris France! OLDEST Bakery in Paris

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
  • I went to Paris a long time ago, but I thought I'd come back and do a proper food tour! On this food adventure, I ate some amazing pastries, and one of my favorites was the pistachio escargot pastry. At Chez Fernand, you'll have some of the riches foods there like the legendary Boeuf bourguignon defiantly get that because the beef is incredibly tender. I had one of the best soufflés at La Cuisine de Philippe. You can get a savory one and when you need something sweet you can get the chocolate soufflé. If you want something cheesy, go to Pain Vin Fromage, it's a great experience because you get to cook your cheese and meats on a mini stove.
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    ✧ Du Pain et des Idées
    ✧ Chez Fernand
    ✧ Stohrer
    ✧ La Cuisine de Philippe
    ✧ La Droguerie
    ✧ Pierre Hermé
    ✧ Pain Vin Fromage
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  • Erica Oakley
    Erica Oakley 2 days ago

    I love this showcase of authentic traditional cuisine.

  • Shazbot
    Shazbot 3 days ago

    You didn’t have the best thing at Pain de Idées. You must have Sacristain!

  • 987 MoOZ
    987 MoOZ 5 days ago

    Bon Appétit 🇫🇷

  • 987 MoOZ
    987 MoOZ 5 days ago

    La France and butter bone " juste un bonheur "

  • Cassandra Guenther
    Cassandra Guenther 5 days ago

    I love how much you love food. You can really eat! I'm impressed. My eyes are always too big for my stomach.

  • Simply Now
    Simply Now 13 days ago +1

    did you eat "omlete du fromage"?

  • Andy Zweigel
    Andy Zweigel 13 days ago

    Hi Mikey, love your videos. I leave for my first trip to Europe in two days, and my first stop is Paris. I'm flying Delta First Class Suites, and while I don't expect it to be as good as the Asian airlines you've shown us, it should be pretty cool. I am going to follow in your footsteps and eat at a number of the places you recommend, including Chez Fernand for the Boeuf Bourguignon, La Cuisine de Philippe for their souffles, and I must try the Pistachio Escargot at Du Pain et des Idées; they look so delicious! I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for traveling the world and eating all that food for our benefit. I know it's a tough job, but someone has to do it, right? Keep on truckin'!

  • izz Hipp
    izz Hipp 14 days ago

    Don't eat the real snails....seriously don't do it in France if you haven't eaten them before and know exactly what they should look and taste like cooked properly. We had our entire dream trip ruined in Nice due to undercooked snails as well as months of treatment back in the USA. Dangerous and not good enough to risk your health over, as my fathers best friend wound up very sick from parasites and we we spent our trip in the hospital and hotel ( Cannot tell you how bad it was for him especially, but all of us after saving for years to go to France ). Read up on the risks. They aren't very good anyway imho.

  • Omar Sheriff
    Omar Sheriff 16 days ago

    Alibaba is the special name this bakery gave it. But it’s called a « Baba au Rhum » ^^.
    Litteraly Rhum flavored baba. I personnaly don’t like it, too much alcohol

  • Gastone
    Gastone 17 days ago

    lighten up and have a few drinks now and then, it's good for you.

  • Harpal Singh
    Harpal Singh 22 days ago

    Nice to see Notre Dame Cathedral (sad to think just weeks after this video was made it would be on fire)

  • crazyjackfr
    crazyjackfr 23 days ago

    obviously, nobody should put cured meat on a grill….. would you cook a sushi or put mayonaise on a Balut egg?? some foods had to be eaten the correct way….

  • AussieRose
    AussieRose 23 days ago

    Omg Mike the comment about Notre Dame and a couple of months later it burnt down are you physic ?

  • Xgino-oneX
    Xgino-oneX 25 days ago

    Lol il fait cuir son saucisson !!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • khana pakana
    khana pakana 26 days ago


  • Paul Connors
    Paul Connors 27 days ago

    Now I'm begging you, stop torturing me!

  • Paul Connors
    Paul Connors 27 days ago

    Please STOP TORTURING ME! Puhhhhleeeze.............................

  • Guy Layton
    Guy Layton 29 days ago

    Please give English food a chance! Check out St John, Hawksmoor and all the other amazing restaurants serving high end amazing authentic English food. It's not acceptable to just go with the inherited belief...

    • Leroy Jenkins
      Leroy Jenkins 18 days ago

      There's a reason British food isn't renowned. It's just not that good. Scottish Whisky is delicious though.

  • Bands_but_dead
    Bands_but_dead Month ago

    What are souffles made of?

  • Shae Stafford
    Shae Stafford Month ago

    Good thing I ate lunch before watching!

  • Liliana Arenas
    Liliana Arenas Month ago

    n'importe quoi avec la viande de grisson

  • Krisna Kartoredjo
    Krisna Kartoredjo Month ago

    Haloo guy Can you tell me where the location of this restaurant chez fernand at paris?

  • VioletUnicorn 918
    VioletUnicorn 918 Month ago

    STOP SAYING “RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Dave Martin
    Dave Martin Month ago

    bone marrow!!! Go!!! On prime rib

  • Maxime B
    Maxime B Month ago

    it s not for cook charcuterie it s for potatoes omfg why you do this

    • Leroy Jenkins
      Leroy Jenkins 18 days ago

      Relax Bayet. He's not French and Nobody told him not to. I bet it still tasted great.

  • Mark ledesma
    Mark ledesma Month ago +1

    i love escargot and dipping garlic oil in the bread is just awesome

  • Daniel Asher Saville
    Daniel Asher Saville Month ago +1

    You deserve 100 million subscribers ! I’ve got so sick of so many foodies on here putting on that face and making those sounds that are so false ! You are the real deal !

  • Linda Fox
    Linda Fox Month ago

    YUMMY..... Fan from Oahu, Hawaii!!

  • Rominder WKND
    Rominder WKND Month ago

    Wow you know how to eat potatoes in gravy. This was the sexiest food moment 😉

  • Jeanne Cooke
    Jeanne Cooke Month ago

    That's a Fabulous Meal! Pair it with a Beautiful French Wine!

  • Jack Miao
    Jack Miao Month ago

    Why are French thin from eating all the greasy food and carbs? It’s a myth

  • T I N Y• W I T C H

    The way you said chausson aux pommes made me smile omg

  • tcoudi
    tcoudi Month ago +1

    i have to buy marrow bones, my grandma used to boild them in the broth for sunday soup. just a slice of sourdough bread ( czechia here) and little bit of salt. best spread you ever tasted .

  • Rebecca Choi
    Rebecca Choi Month ago

    Next time try these, Roquefort - Blue Cheese Ewe's Milk Aveyron and aligot! Yum!

  • sk333tchy
    sk333tchy Month ago

    Do more French trips

    • sk333tchy
      sk333tchy Month ago

      Also, when you say that you think that the steak is something so good because of the cooking process, then we need to know why and what about it... your opinion at least, or an interview with the kitchen

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred Month ago +1

    There is no competition
    French food is the best,and you just tried few...

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred Month ago

    Love see tourist ENJOY my french food

  • Prabudh Goel
    Prabudh Goel Month ago

    "That's 100% haunted by the way" .. meanwhile the ghosts in the building watching Mike on youtube eating like the green ghost in ghostbusters. love the channel!

  • Honour Truth
    Honour Truth Month ago

    Ok just watched several of your videos and now this french food one and guess what I crave now? Apple pie. I don't know why.

  • Namisticot
    Namisticot Month ago

    Chocolate croissant... CHOCOLATE CROISSANT !!!????? You just broke my French heart TT

  • HungryItalianGirl
    HungryItalianGirl Month ago +1

    Perché cazzo stai mangiando il babà a Parigi?!

  • Tingyi Y.
    Tingyi Y. Month ago +1

    This is the best food video ever. Mikey is my favorite food TheXvidr! Thank you for making videos.

  • Akuma Akuma
    Akuma Akuma Month ago

    mdr la raclette c"est pas un barbac mec

  • hist bouddha
    hist bouddha Month ago

    raclette = cheese on the potato and don't grill the smoked ham

  • Florian t
    Florian t 2 months ago

    nooooo don't grill the charcuterie 😭😂
    anyway good vid haha

  • Kara Miller
    Kara Miller 2 months ago +1

    -watches while eating a cup of microwave mac n cheese -this is pretty good too....I guess... -thinks about life choices-

  • CandidLynn
    CandidLynn 2 months ago

    I am going to Paris this fall and I am def. going to try some of these places. Completely trust your recommendations.

  • tam phan
    tam phan 2 months ago

    Who says the bakery is the oldest in Paris? I know 4 bakery that says they're the oldest

  • Kala Her
    Kala Her 2 months ago

    The twilight reference tho! 😂💀

  • a d
    a d 2 months ago

    why do you make a concerned face whenever you bite something

  • AntiBrit wine n cheese
    AntiBrit wine n cheese 2 months ago

    De la charcuterie grillée... 😂

  • Ced Deocera
    Ced Deocera 2 months ago

    "That is a hundred percent haunted by the way". Wtf mike hahahaha

  • kikuass
    kikuass 2 months ago

    I was just smiling and nodding and humming the entire time you were describing the texture of the croissant
    The crunchy "crrr" when you break the croissant is one of my favorite sound in the world
    Thanks for everything, it was super satisfying
    Plus the way your entire face lights up when you taste good food is adorable

  • Paige Kr
    Paige Kr 2 months ago

    Ngl I dislike a lot about France but the bread was the only wonderful/appealing looking thing in the first 30 seconds 😭😭 i love their pastries and breads

    • Paige Kr
      Paige Kr 2 months ago

      OH GOD SNAILS 😭😭😭😭

  • BeanSidhe1985
    BeanSidhe1985 2 months ago +4

    "I'm gonna be butchering names all throughout this trip"
    *First French words you utter*
    cue French girl behind you staring judgmentally

  • Nafanua Pili
    Nafanua Pili 2 months ago

    isn't that "chocolate croissant" a danish

  • Aurore Durand
    Aurore Durand 2 months ago +2

    I am French and I never ever thought of cooking the jam during a raclette... You just opened my mind to new possibilities.
    I mean, I cooked bacon before, but the rest is usually eaten raw, as it is dried meat.
    God, you make me want to eat raclette in summer... Goodbye Summer Body. T-T

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea 2 months ago +1

    @7:16 BURF BOURGINION lol... mike always destroys pronunciation

  • Larry Lee
    Larry Lee 2 months ago

    The authorities should put you under shouldn't be showing food like this. You are unintentionly creating hungry zombies all over the world !

    J-R MARIMOUTOU 2 months ago

    Bœuf Bourguignon avec de la moutarde ? Pourquoi pas... Mais c'est une première pour mes yeux.