The Sega Genesis Mini gets Even More Amazing Games

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Today Sega revealed ten more games coming to the Sega Genesis Mini this fall! Let's discuss them!
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Comments • 850

  • Derek and Josie
    Derek and Josie 7 days ago

    Are you gonna review this, Rich???

  • Frank Szulakiewicz
    Frank Szulakiewicz 2 months ago

    I disagree with his statement that all At game consoles were bad. The Sega Genesis HD console was actually quite good. They got the sound and music right, and the graphics were spot on. Plus you could play cartridges on the system.

  • Steven Aremu
    Steven Aremu 2 months ago

    Suck it sony

  • Damin Mance
    Damin Mance 2 months ago +1

    Sega mini is another crappy genesis stop supporting this crap!

  • Kashif Tatari
    Kashif Tatari 4 months ago

    Wish Sega started with an sms mini followed by Genesis, Saturn and DC!!

  • NevEd
    NevEd 4 months ago


  • CIBNintendah & Legahcollectin

    ITS A PLUG AND PLAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt B
    Matt B 4 months ago

    Can’t wait for the hack! Finally will have 32x, SegaCD and Genesis all in one package.

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a 4 months ago

    so it's going to be more
    S A A A Y G A A A H
    and not
    se GA

  • Tetsuo Yakama
    Tetsuo Yakama 4 months ago

    No Road Rash 1,2 & 3?? Come on Sega!

    SDBROOKS08 4 months ago

    Doesn’t matter what games come on there. We jail breaking it as soon as we find out how.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni
    Fahd Al Zarooni 4 months ago

    It’s awesome that they included Mega Man: The Wily Wars, I love that remake, hopefully they will include Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 (Ultimate), & Addams Family games on it, & Cool Spot or Quack Shot. 😆
    On 2nd thought, the final line up is already good. 😆

  • Pete W
    Pete W 4 months ago

    No Maximum Carnage
    No Gauntlet 4
    I don't know if I'll buy.

  • John Monroe
    John Monroe 4 months ago

    We all have rgt85 to thank.

  • Chad Lane
    Chad Lane 4 months ago

    Can it do Sega Genesis cartridges

  • Alexinytown
    Alexinytown 4 months ago

    Needs TMNT Hyperstone Heist

  • aaron1651
    aaron1651 4 months ago

    Hope they add Quackshot

  • Orlando Diaz
    Orlando Diaz 4 months ago

    If they announce sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles they’ll hit it 100%

  • Sam White
    Sam White 4 months ago

    Sony knew how easy it was to hack the ps1 mini so why would they load a ton of games on it???

  • Vegesther
    Vegesther 4 months ago

    It is but for one that needs a RPG fix other then the Phantasy Star games the Genesis didn't really have any other RPG's to play on it.

  • -_- some guy
    -_- some guy 4 months ago

    sux we only get 3 buttons like we only have 3 fingers lol someone should make a meme

  • DeadGuy Plays
    DeadGuy Plays 4 months ago

    All we need is that 6 button controller!

  • DeadGuy Plays
    DeadGuy Plays 4 months ago

    Ooooh k i want. Gimme dat.

  • Illyrian King
    Illyrian King 4 months ago

    We need Ristar and Sonic 3 and Knuckles

  • MrRighteousfish
    MrRighteousfish 4 months ago

    Beyond oasis is one of my favorite all time games. As a matter of fact I name most of my characters Ali. After the protagonists of Beyond Oasis some 25 years later.

  • Dre The Kidd
    Dre The Kidd 4 months ago

    I got the flashback megadrive and it's lacking. Big time.

  • angusyoung119
    angusyoung119 4 months ago

    I'm getting it

  • Convex Cornet
    Convex Cornet 4 months ago

    They need to add the games to the classics hub too.

  • Burning Typhoon
    Burning Typhoon 4 months ago

    I dont understand why they chose the gimped version of Street Fighter II.

  • Jr Carclay
    Jr Carclay 4 months ago

    Gunstar heroes is trash lmao,but these games are ok at best,i have every game psysical and complet so far of what will be on the this console and i have an exclusive repro megadrive carr of mega man ww in english. But i will still get ours and japans at launch cause gotta support the return of SEGA!!

  • Blast Man
    Blast Man 4 months ago

    Not only does Mega Man Wily Wars contain 3 games in 1 but also an awsome Wily Tower stages with Megadrive Exclusive bosses.

  • Joey Lav
    Joey Lav 4 months ago

    Can you play real game in it?

  • honeytos28
    honeytos28 4 months ago


  • Polar
    Polar 4 months ago

    This is what my child hood was made from. Now all I want is a n64 mini

  • Joseph Huffman
    Joseph Huffman 4 months ago

    Lots of good games on this so far. It's hard to think of other games I could want.

  • chaseman94
    chaseman94 4 months ago

    If and when this sells well I'm praying for a Dreamcast Mini.

  • Miguel Sedek
    Miguel Sedek 4 months ago

    where is mortal kombat?

  • Kenzo Goodman
    Kenzo Goodman 4 months ago

    Hopefully other Japan exclusives get added, like Pulseman

  • PogueSquadron
    PogueSquadron 5 months ago

    Please don't get your hopes up over Wily Wars. It is...not good.

  • xP
    xP 5 months ago

    Fat Slob!

  • OST Talk
    OST Talk 5 months ago

    I don't know why people think Mega Man: The Wily Wars is a good game. You can throw it in the garbage along with Mega Man & Bass in my case. Even the music is terrible, especially the stuff Kinuyo wrote for the Wily Tower Section.

  • Anonymous Game Critic
    Anonymous Game Critic 5 months ago

    Ok, now I’m excited!! I mean I admit I’m guilty of liking the AtGames Megadrive HD Flashback, NOT the one you reviewed (not that trash) but the later 2018 2nd model was pretty decent... Ish, but too little too late!.... Anyways, go Sega my man!

  • wedphotog1
    wedphotog1 5 months ago

    Why bother with Street Fighter when they’re packing in the 3 button pad?

  • Emperor Steel
    Emperor Steel 5 months ago

    Spoiler: Rich salutes at the end of the video.

  • Devilz DandruFF
    Devilz DandruFF 5 months ago


  • DoubleCrit
    DoubleCrit 5 months ago

    I have faint memories of the Genesis as a kid, as I never had my own. Obviously they can all be emulated, and I have played several of these on PC or GameCube (Sonic Mega Collection). But I look forward to trying these with a real-ish Genesis controller. Hopefully they include savestates, Ristar and Rocket Knight Adventures!

  • Ed D.
    Ed D. 5 months ago

    Sega, can you please add Zero Wing? :-D

  • Google+sucksballs
    Google+sucksballs 5 months ago

    But will it have the game Mr.Balls like the @games ones did? lol

  • SEB1991SEB
    SEB1991SEB 5 months ago

    They should have a couple of secret hidden games on there that you need to do certain things to unlock, like finish certain games or something. Then a couple months after its release, when everyone has just started to get over the Sega Mini, there'll be massive hype for it again when people on the internet post videos of them having unlocked a secret game.

  • Dutch Retro Guy
    Dutch Retro Guy 5 months ago

    This is epic. I'm genuinely hyped for the new Sega Mini!
    And it makes me so sad that Sony didn't do anything anywhere near as good. If only they'd chosen better games, a better emulator, etc.

  • angry pandas
    angry pandas 5 months ago

    If there’s no sonic 3 this is a disgrace. I don’t know why Sega haven’t re released this game since the genesis collection for ps3/360.

    Honestly there have been so many genesis compilations released for different consoles already that this hardware just seems redundant.
    The only selling point for me is Castlevania Bloodlines, but that just got a re release in the Castlevania Collection that just came out.

  • Matthew Herman
    Matthew Herman 5 months ago

    Can it be hacked though. Lol

  • Styve Peabody IV
    Styve Peabody IV 5 months ago

    He should review cucumbers first review whole foods

  • Zombie Killa
    Zombie Killa 5 months ago

    comic zone!!!! my brain gets childhood PTSD, fucking played the game till i got braincancer, very nice

  • Beep Meep Boop
    Beep Meep Boop 5 months ago

    They should have a service to where you can buy games directly from Sega and put them into the console to add more games. Like, cheaply. Maybe $4 or $5 a game.

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 5 months ago

    No 6 button means no mortal kombat unfortunately, but the other games look solid.

  • Starve The Beast
    Starve The Beast 5 months ago

    Does this mean Sega is officially back in the console wars?

  • Buby Anwar
    Buby Anwar 5 months ago

    Does it have graphics card & other components from Cutting Edge Gamer tho

  • Gavin Cox
    Gavin Cox 5 months ago

    Does anyone want Ristar on there?

  • Starve The Beast
    Starve The Beast 5 months ago

    Only 3 buttons? I guess they're not planning on including Street Fighter ll. I'd like to see Ecco the Tides of Time included with the saga CD soundtrack. Actually The first Ecco game was improved by the CD soundtrack aswell. I remember renting Thunderforce 3 as a kid, but never got to finish it. Looking forward to playing Castlevania Bloodlines for the first time. I've played many other versions except that one. Earthworms Jim 2 would be nice to see aswell. Can't wait to play Contra. I currently have to versions of shinobi 3 (the original cartridge and a copy included in 360 sega hit collection). It's quite possibly my all time favorite, but it would be cool to see Shinobi 2 also. Could do without Altered Beast and Sonic Spinball. I wouldn't mind playing Out Of This World and Flashback with a save state. I hope there's a few more shmup titles included; maybe like Whiparush, or IncsectorX. After all, the Genesis did dominate in the shmup category. It would be a shame to see only one title included in the library. Keeping my fingers crossed...