Dumplin' | Drag Queens Cover Dolly Parton's "Jolene" | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • Dolly Parton's legendary "Jolene" covered by some of your favorite queens from RuPaul's Drag Race, serving iconic Dolly lewks. "Jolene, I'm begging of you please don't take my man." Find out who you are and do it on purpose. Dumplin' is now available in select territories on Netflix.
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    Dumplin' | Drag Queens Cover Dolly Parton's "Jolene" | Netflix
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Comments • 2 284

  • Ghoulish Fool
    Ghoulish Fool Day ago

    They didn't bring Trixie in bc we all know that she would have slayed all the other Queens to shreds

  • El pendejo
    El pendejo 2 days ago

    History should be divided: "BDeLa" and "ADeLa". (Before DeLa and After DeLa)

  • K S
    K S 3 days ago

    What is the name of this remix?? Love it.

    ECEM AKAL 3 days ago

    Katya and manila yeahh !!

  • Daniel13333
    Daniel13333 4 days ago

    Bebe... Your Dolllywood look was more, Dolly in da hood. Sashay Away!!

  • NaughtyPuppet Show
    NaughtyPuppet Show 4 days ago

    Great choice of RPDR queens... Love this video.

  • Eleisha Harvey
    Eleisha Harvey 4 days ago

    I love how the video got progressively more gay as it went on

  • Ulises Bravo
    Ulises Bravo 4 days ago

    3:08 look at ben

  • Ulises Bravo
    Ulises Bravo 4 days ago

    We love a glamour toad

  • Andrea Osorio
    Andrea Osorio 4 days ago

    Ben dela and manila 💕

  • Elim Kwok
    Elim Kwok 5 days ago

    Takes real courage to get to a dolly parton Meetup dressed as Beyonce

  • Hemmotional Lee
    Hemmotional Lee 6 days ago

    came here to see trixie... SHE AIN’T HERE

  • Kali J.C Fiera
    Kali J.C Fiera 6 days ago

    They did a drag queen cover of Dolly Parton without Trixie....

  • Robyn Brown
    Robyn Brown 6 days ago

    I’m honestly offended that trixie isn’t in this 😂

  • Forever Shook
    Forever Shook 6 days ago

    "Cover" 👀

  • nvrm
    nvrm 7 days ago

    Why weren't all the queens from this video in the movie?

  • Tart Nouveau
    Tart Nouveau 7 days ago

    Lol Bebe got left out of the thumbnail

  • Okay I Guess
    Okay I Guess 8 days ago

    Bens out here s.uggling bowling balls... i live

  • Karen From Finasse
    Karen From Finasse 8 days ago

    Doing day drag was hard enough, thanks for ruining it for the rest of us you stunning queens.

  • A E M T
    A E M T 9 days ago +1

    I keep coming just for Bebe, who was clearly doing a complete different asignment. Iconic.

    • A E M T
      A E M T 3 days ago

      Omg she is Jolene!

  • Supergirly007 MDD
    Supergirly007 MDD 9 days ago

    I saw the movie as well and i love it! This video is awesome!

  • boycorrado
    boycorrado 9 days ago

    I love the way Alaska turnt out a look from one of the working girls from best little whorehouse in Texas. At the end scene where they sing Hard Candy Christmas

  • Bigouini
    Bigouini 10 days ago

    This lack of "Rakatititata" is homophobic

  • João Pedro Delorenci
    João Pedro Delorenci 10 days ago

    Is this the "All Winners Season" everybody keeps asking for?

  • Juuulian Cardenas
    Juuulian Cardenas 11 days ago

    Having manilla in all blonde without a black stripe is a choice 😔

    • Renee Jullianne
      Renee Jullianne 9 days ago

      Because it's a Dolly Parton tribute that's why they are supposed to be blonde, idk why Bebe is here tho, I think she didn't get the memo or she doesn't know Dolly..

  • robert Reichler
    robert Reichler 12 days ago

    I can't wait for ginger minj to get her own Netflix show.

  • TheStudio1001
    TheStudio1001 12 days ago

    Wheres' Trixie!!!! I'm calling the cops!

  • durenatu
    durenatu 12 days ago

    Ok but where's Tracy

  • Jadon Figueroa
    Jadon Figueroa 12 days ago +2

    When you can't afford to book Trixie and Katya was on clearance

  • Mike Nicholson
    Mike Nicholson 12 days ago +1

    Manila and Katya are the reason why I question my sexuality daily
    I feel like Bebe didn’t understand the assignment....

  • Lady La Diva
    Lady La Diva 13 days ago


  • katya zamo
    katya zamo 13 days ago

    manila looks stun

  • James Houghton
    James Houghton 14 days ago

    Even though Alaska came out of a toilet, she still gave me chills with how intense she grabs the camera.

  • Renzo Cabitlada
    Renzo Cabitlada 17 days ago


  • Blank jnhbgfvdc
    Blank jnhbgfvdc 18 days ago +1

    alaska with her natural brows is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gonzalo lopez
    gonzalo lopez 18 days ago


  • William Murphy
    William Murphy 18 days ago

    Whoever left these biological women for Jolene should get his eyes checked.
    Manila and Katya are the reason why I question my sexuality daily

  • Kattis T
    Kattis T 19 days ago

    Bebe: "I think I was confused by the assignment"

  • Meme Child Of Brendon Urie

    It was homophobic to not include trixie

  • Lava Donut
    Lava Donut 19 days ago

    DeLa crying whilst eating pie is me

  • El Vieira
    El Vieira 19 days ago


  • Juliana Ribeiro
    Juliana Ribeiro 19 days ago

    Trixie not being in this video is homophobic

  • Josh 1999
    Josh 1999 19 days ago

    Should’ve replaced Bebe with Trixie ... I think she was confused with the assignment ...

  • Ester Sales
    Ester Sales 20 days ago


  • heyitsluciana
    heyitsluciana 20 days ago

    I’m in love with this

  • Andrea Marceaux
    Andrea Marceaux 20 days ago

    this is my favorite song and the real dolly partten gave me books.

  • Noah Potter
    Noah Potter 21 day ago

    Where trixie??????????? This is trixies like song wtf

  • Ellie Paige
    Ellie Paige 21 day ago

    Are we all just going to ignore how different Alaska looks? Like she stole jaymes mansfield's face for that last scene...

  • Emma Vlogs128
    Emma Vlogs128 21 day ago

    At 2:06 is that Bebe zahara benet?

  • heygirlhey kisskiss
    heygirlhey kisskiss 21 day ago

    bravo ladies!!!!!!!!♡♡♡

  • CesshireCat
    CesshireCat 22 days ago

    How can Trixie not in here lol but goddamn!! Manila is so ever fcking gorgeous!!

  • Hgatha Eduarda
    Hgatha Eduarda 22 days ago


  • Hgatha Eduarda
    Hgatha Eduarda 22 days ago

    I love

  • Sorel Harrison
    Sorel Harrison 22 days ago

    Trixie were are you

  • Shane Tallon
    Shane Tallon 22 days ago

    Why’d i think i seen Rebel Wilson aka Fat AMY on the mechanical bull... but i think it was Ginger

  • Wabi Sabi
    Wabi Sabi 23 days ago

    where's trixie????

  • maxxwell.t
    maxxwell.t 24 days ago

    that moment when you realize trixie is not in the dolly parton tribute:(

  • Ana Martins
    Ana Martins 25 days ago

    Dumplin é um filme incrível 🐝

  • Roy Miguel
    Roy Miguel 25 days ago

    When did dolly where bebe last dress?

  • milagros vallejo
    milagros vallejo 25 days ago

    As a drag race and jojos fan. I discoved more that GOLD w thos

  • Candace Shirley
    Candace Shirley 25 days ago

    This is too much fun

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez 27 days ago

    The fact that trixie ain’t here is homophobic jajahsjakagagahhahagahsgskgs

  • CheekyFaceStyles
    CheekyFaceStyles 27 days ago

    Bebe ruined this trixie should have replaced Bebe that would have made it better

  • Bernardo León
    Bernardo León 28 days ago

    Manila astuning as Always.

  • Sean E. Connor
    Sean E. Connor 28 days ago

    Were the fuck is Trixie Mattel

  • Darreyl Henderson
    Darreyl Henderson 29 days ago

    Was I the only one who was hoping that they'd do an actual cover version of the song, instead of just lip syncing to Dolly?

  • heather
    heather 29 days ago


  • Yami Shino
    Yami Shino 29 days ago

    Dela Manila Alaska and Katyaaaaaa!

  • Evie Murray
    Evie Murray 29 days ago

    Only reason Trixie actually wasn’t invited was because trixie said if she met dolly, dolly would be dead.

  • Kemaria Roach
    Kemaria Roach Month ago +1

    Was bebe supposed to be jolene bc she doesn't even match the song!?!

  • fre439
    fre439 Month ago

    Severe lack of Trixie in here but still nice

  • Adrian Mellon
    Adrian Mellon Month ago +2

    Two words to describe bendela

    *heaving buzum*

  • 董阿費
    董阿費 Month ago +1

    Most of my favorite queens are here ! Love it!

  • jk i’m crying
    jk i’m crying Month ago

    alaska is fucking hot i can't

  • Bloom 2
    Bloom 2 Month ago

    Bebe Sahara Benet, I'm sorry my dear but you're up for elimination!

  • M4GIX
    M4GIX Month ago

    Haha Nice :D

  • Eli Horwitch
    Eli Horwitch Month ago

    Where's Aja to help Bebe when you need her?

  • Diana Murillo
    Diana Murillo Month ago

    Bebe you....
    sashay away

  • Show me Love 💗
    Show me Love 💗 Month ago

    Omg! I can't believe they included ONLY robbed queens for this!
    Come thru charity work!

  • Petter M.
    Petter M. Month ago

    The remix sounds like the music of a Disney Channel show intro.

  • MedusaMel
    MedusaMel Month ago

    I want alaska's fuchsia dress

  • Lucas Trier
    Lucas Trier Month ago

    What are you guys talking about Trixie is there at 2:15 just not in drag.

  • Ruby Varrow
    Ruby Varrow Month ago

    You go ginger rock those water waders

  • Snowly Dropz
    Snowly Dropz Month ago

    Katya and Alaska: SEXY OMFGG 😍
    Manila and DeLa : SLAYED THIS 🔥
    Ginger: LOOKS STUNNING 💗
    Bebe: she was in this?

    STRANG3R U LOV3 Month ago

    I was shook when I saw Alaska and katya

  • Amy McLaughlin
    Amy McLaughlin Month ago +1

    not having Trixie in this is the equivalent to Cher saying no one has done an accurate impression of her when Chad Michaels is right there

  • Grace G
    Grace G Month ago +1

    I love Bebe 😂😂😂

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago

    Trixie should've been the statue lol

  • Alan Servin
    Alan Servin Month ago +1

    The fact trixie wasn't in this is a crime

  • Bradley Clayton
    Bradley Clayton Month ago

    Bebe is giving me desperate housewives alfre Woodard which i do appreciate but it does not resemble Dolly parton

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S Month ago

    When Alaska got the rhinestoned plunger I died

  • Inbal Ida
    Inbal Ida Month ago

    when katya was lying on the "floor" of the bull i gasped.

  • jeffree stan
    jeffree stan Month ago

    I think I'm in low with KATYA

  • Jen Greg
    Jen Greg Month ago

    Living for bebe lol

  • E
    E Month ago


  • GeminiBandit 21
    GeminiBandit 21 Month ago

    Where the hell is Trixie Mattel. I'm looking at you Katya

  • Erooun
    Erooun Month ago

    Alaska, Bendela.....you're safe!
    Bebe, pardon my beautiful doll, but you are up for elimination. Manila, you lost your wig, you are also up for elimimation.
    Ginger Minj, Katya, condragulations you are the top two queens of this week.

  • Raul Mangela
    Raul Mangela Month ago

    I just cant believe Netflix didnt called Trixie

  • Ray Dawn
    Ray Dawn Month ago +2

    Those 666 dislikes are from Trixie in different acounts

  • Carolina Santos
    Carolina Santos 2 months ago