Parents Pretend to Call the Police When Kids Don't Listen | Supernanny

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • These parents don't know any other way to discipline their kids but to pretendo to call the police on them. Jo Jo is in disbelief! ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE:
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Comments • 254

  • RMoira6
    RMoira6 Month ago

    Dont call the police.... call santa

  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner Month ago

    Once across the road to my house I was screaming and the police came to my house... xD

  • Diego Bareno
    Diego Bareno Month ago

    My mom used to do the same thing.

  • nas reen
    nas reen 2 months ago

    We pretend to call monkey , that scares the kids and it's doesn't even last long but I guess nanny should send me some guidance

    FOURCE 2 months ago


  • EHplus456
    EHplus456 2 months ago

    What family is this???

  • P.N. Uranus
    P.N. Uranus 2 months ago +1

    If this family were one of those big lip people the police would've actually came. 😂😂😂

  • Michelle Correa
    Michelle Correa 2 months ago +1

    Mom:im calling the police
    Kid:no you aren't
    Mom:now you believe me

  • Random Soundstorm
    Random Soundstorm 2 months ago +3

    Is anybody else thinking about that vine where the girl calls 911 on the microwave?

  • julianne conlon
    julianne conlon 2 months ago +1

    Lmaooo Police have come to my house 55 times since 2015😂😂

  • Aki Begum
    Aki Begum 2 months ago

    I bet super nanny kids are always cleaning 24 7

  • K I U
    K I U 2 months ago

    Moms backbone is like over cooked spaghetti.. geeez 🙄

  • Doo Aaaa
    Doo Aaaa 2 months ago

    We need translate into Arabic please ❤❤❤

  • Susanne Palm
    Susanne Palm 2 months ago +5

    Never use the police to scare kids! Who will they turn to if something happens to them?
    Well, they sure not are telling the police anything because they have been taught that
    the police will put them i jail!

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 2 months ago

    My grandmother did this when I was six. This seems normal for me, it could possibly be wrong.

  • Nate Snyder
    Nate Snyder 2 months ago

    Why do ppl do that 😑😞

  • Erika Fulk
    Erika Fulk 2 months ago

    My mom always did that when I was little

  • Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog

    That so sad

  • myleigh tibbs
    myleigh tibbs 2 months ago

    My Aunt used to pretend when me and my siblings that if we didn't eat our veggies she'll call Santa and not bring presents, brother sitting there tearing up and me sitting here eating small pieces of the last "gross" tomato on my plate.

  • rissa dawn
    rissa dawn 2 months ago


  • Michelle Wolfe
    Michelle Wolfe 2 months ago +2

    How about when they need HELP from the police?? They would be to scared to call because they think they’ll be going to jail

  • earthworm sally
    earthworm sally 2 months ago

    My parents did this

  • sᴛᴀʀʙᴜᴄᴋs
    sᴛᴀʀʙᴜᴄᴋs 2 months ago

    Anyone else want to watch the full episode of this?

  • Aliyah Cowan
    Aliyah Cowan 2 months ago

    Good job mom

  • B3llet Truth
    B3llet Truth 2 months ago

    My parents did the same thing to me haha.

  • Courtney Paull
    Courtney Paull 2 months ago

    Lobe this!! So funny at the start.

  • Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With Metalheads

    One of the most interesting short clips from Supernanny!!! 😎😋

  • Adam Flynn
    Adam Flynn 2 months ago

    Silly parents

  • Mark Sundstrom
    Mark Sundstrom 2 months ago

    I can’t believe that they pretend to call the police I mean that is not right

  • Ender Zaia the minecraft fan

    Mom: I'm gonna call the police if you don't behave
    Me: I killed the police lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (joke)

  • Sackboy
    Sackboy 2 months ago


  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie 2 months ago +1

    my mom has threatened to call the police on me and once she actually did lmao

  • Neko Sushii uwu
    Neko Sushii uwu 2 months ago +1

    Why has this happened to me.....

  • Emoitionalpiesenpai
    Emoitionalpiesenpai 2 months ago +2

    Omg supernanny is truely amazing how does she do it? I'm a babysitter now but I'm still learning on keeping my temper down because I have anger issues and some times I can't control that.

  • 562debkat
    562debkat 2 months ago

    Such an old show.

  • athenalovesdance
    athenalovesdance 2 months ago

    Lollipops in the house. Get off the sugary junk and you won't have to call the police. Almost every Nanny show has the parents giving their kids candy cookies ice cream

  • HarryPotterFan8000
    HarryPotterFan8000 2 months ago +8

    I'd do this when my younger sister was annoying me. I'd say it just to get the little bugger out of my room. 😂

  • Blue Acidball
    Blue Acidball 2 months ago

    Police for what lol

  • MDProf - Mineplex
    MDProf - Mineplex 2 months ago +1

    Lol I did that to my 7-year-old brother and then he started crying xD

  • Fozia Tahir
    Fozia Tahir 2 months ago

    Step up to the plate yourself’s errr no, yourselves!!

  • Justusis DubElecTrapHub
    Justusis DubElecTrapHub 2 months ago +7

    Who threatens kids by calling the police! What the parents need to do is discipline the kids and not make empty threats!🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Sock It To Me?!
      Sock It To Me?! 2 months ago +1

      Because they think it’ll scare their kids into behaving

  • SaltyStudentGaming
    SaltyStudentGaming 2 months ago +1

    My stepmom does this. Suppler nanny come to my home.

  • AG lovely12
    AG lovely12 2 months ago +2

    That is just sick! What mother would do that?!!

  • Daisy Productions
    Daisy Productions 2 months ago +1

    That was an awesome pep talk from Jo, love it!

  • Guadalupe Gonzalez
    Guadalupe Gonzalez 2 months ago

    you go gril

  • Mackenzie McKinnon
    Mackenzie McKinnon 2 months ago

    I feel like I would be that parent

  • Sasha’s World
    Sasha’s World 2 months ago

    Lying wont help them

  • subtlewishes
    subtlewishes 2 months ago

    If you call the police over your five year old hitting you and whining about candy they will arrest you for misusing 911

  • LaPorscha Trueblood
    LaPorscha Trueblood 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where I can find the full episode? Thanks!

  • crystalgamer
    crystalgamer 2 months ago


  • Karly smith
    Karly smith 2 months ago


  • Rayan NOOR
    Rayan NOOR 2 months ago

    It’s a good boy

  • Sasha
    Sasha 2 months ago +1

    4:16 FOIND IT! FOIND IT! 😂

  • Du nja
    Du nja 2 months ago

    It atcually isn't THAT bad to pretend to call the police...

  • Latrina Murray
    Latrina Murray 2 months ago +1


  • Finny Winny
    Finny Winny 2 months ago +7

    When me and my older sister were little, my dad used to say that he would call the 7 dwarfs if we didn’t eat our food😂 my sister didn’t believe it but I would sit there crying thinking of them coming😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • LANAtoyworld
    LANAtoyworld 2 months ago

    *Cheer up all the mothers in the world*

  • Andrea Gonzalez
    Andrea Gonzalez 2 months ago +3

    my mom just hits me or argues with me to discipline me and it works mostly of the time 😂

  • Emirates lover and Ryanair hater productions

    The police will only arrest you when you commit crimes don't call the police to arrest your child when they did not commit crimes

    GLADDDYY YYY 2 months ago +1

    Hey, at least it works