• Published on Dec 12, 2019
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Comments • 267

  • Irvine plays
    Irvine plays 24 days ago

    Looks class, love the wrap

  • lee van cleef
    lee van cleef Month ago +1


    AAA BBB Month ago +1

    VW Colgate - R

  • Meh
    Meh Month ago +1

    This honestly is disgusting

  • Baked Beanz on Toast
    Baked Beanz on Toast Month ago +1

    The colour just reminds me of delicious crystal meth........!!!!!!!

  • Mark Flannigan
    Mark Flannigan Month ago

    Nice m8

  • AJ24ss
    AJ24ss Month ago

    do you have a job other then youtube or do your family just have money

  • Walter Maboyo
    Walter Maboyo Month ago

    That colour is terrible, looks like toothpaste

  • Andy
    Andy Month ago

    Get dynamic indicators, akrapovic exhaust & black pretoria alloys, it’s called discover pro nav with app connect

  • Master Peace
    Master Peace Month ago

    All the mods mentioned to be done, sounds like a repeat (and all in the same order) of what you wanted/had done to the RS.. then.. you got bored.... It's just all random, and what you're used to. Like here and there. No foundation.

  • Arron Lowley
    Arron Lowley Month ago

    You need to go to unicorn motor Developments if you want the best of the best, I own the quickest stage 1 cupra 280 in the uk, my mate ben stage 2 and my pal cole stage 3, all done at unicorn motor Developments tuned by rick

    • Arron Lowley
      Arron Lowley Month ago

      As for hybrid turbo my mate cole who has the fastest stage 3 cupra has a venom hybrid turbo, the only company in the uk to make a ball bearing turbo for the ea888, the other turbo to go for is the ttv5

  • Pedley
    Pedley Month ago

    Please put it on bags or you’ll regret it once you’ve spent a load on coil overs

  • Merlin Brooks
    Merlin Brooks Month ago

    Air ride?

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D Month ago

    I like the colour , will look amazing with black wheels 👌

  • adam sadler
    adam sadler Month ago

    Here the best headunit you can get for the `mk7, i had one in mine looks wicked and maintains all the control system buttons of the original setup.

  • Neil Best
    Neil Best Month ago


  • Aron Murphy
    Aron Murphy Month ago +2

    "so well built" not from what iv seen lad XD

  • Hugh Raynor
    Hugh Raynor Month ago

    I think the best mod you could go for at this point would be legally attaching your front number plate.

    • Lee G
      Lee G Month ago

      If you bothered to listen he is going to.

  • Dan 1
    Dan 1 Month ago

    Not really sure about the colour of the wrap tbh

  • X2 NDP
    X2 NDP Month ago

    when you getting a new car as your have all the mods done by the new year and nothing left to do on it.

  • dan_mk5tdi Paget
    dan_mk5tdi Paget Month ago

    Get yourself Carley obd to unlock things on your car

  • Mabs Kha
    Mabs Kha Month ago

    What's happend to the focus rs

    • Lee G
      Lee G Month ago +1

      Mabs Kha first place what came into my head ?

    • Mabs Kha
      Mabs Kha Month ago

      @Lee G but of all places why Spain??

    • Lee G
      Lee G Month ago +1

      I robbed it and sent it off to Spain

  • gerrard8djc
    gerrard8djc Month ago

    How much did Airtec charge you??

    • Lee G
      Lee G Month ago

      lol ignored get rekt xD

  • Lee C
    Lee C Month ago +1

    Wing mirror?? It’s a rear view mirror you wet wipe

  • iStewy
    iStewy Month ago

    Oetingger spoiler is the one you want🙏

  • Cynical Robot
    Cynical Robot Month ago

    Are you selling the stock wheels?

  • Jordan Jackson
    Jordan Jackson Month ago

    Love the golf R one day maybe 💪🏻

  • Lee Graham
    Lee Graham Month ago

    Colour is fantastic... good wrap 👍👍👌

  • Rookie Restoration
    Rookie Restoration Month ago

    20mm spacers would look good.

  • Yofresh
    Yofresh Month ago

    Them tires needs changing how you got stock wheels with a girly new wrap u rat

  • tech88596
    tech88596 Month ago

    Hit up royalsteeringwheels. com for a retrim buddy, too work 😎👍

  • Rq7
    Rq7 Month ago

    Remap go to r-tech

  • nathan harmston
    nathan harmston Month ago +14

    I just can’t get excited for this

  • Steve SAS
    Steve SAS Month ago +1

    Buy a performance car that is so ordinary & dull looking. Then have to spend a small fortune on making it look something special. The RS comes out the factory looking good. Ford have always got it right with performance looks, where VW have always been too subtle.

  • David mcgloan
    David mcgloan Month ago

    I think the colour looks very nice 👌

  • Mark Pyper
    Mark Pyper Month ago

    Have you seen someone has wrapped there golf r the same colour but in a 5 door

    • Lee C
      Lee C Month ago

      Mark Pyper he copied them

  • Adam Wilde
    Adam Wilde Month ago

    Don't like the colour as is, but I think its because like you say everything else looks stock? Once you change the wheels up and do your aero bits probably look nice.

  • Flawzi
    Flawzi Month ago

    Please put some wind deflectors on, would make the car look Sickkkk

  • Mike Evans
    Mike Evans Month ago +1

    Definitely don't like the black door handles. Everything else matches but that just looks daft

    SPAKKA WASP Month ago

    I think the front end would look much better with a body colour front splitter. Looks like it's missing something from the front atm too much gloss black

  • Sean Barker
    Sean Barker Month ago +2

    You want to make the r badge a little more subtle on a glow in the dark car 😂😂😂

    • Jack The Hat
      Jack The Hat Month ago +1

      This comment deserves more recognition.

  • MrPageee
    MrPageee Month ago

    Love your vids mate , ignore all the negativity it’s just down to jealousy a have a mk2 focus st3 in performance blue and never seen so many jealous people around me 😂 if everyone had the same colour and mods to there cars life would be boring love the car and colour keep the great vids hope your doing well

  • Holtii14
    Holtii14 Month ago +4

    Doing all this to a car that isn’t even yours 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • s k
      s k Month ago

      @big jak of course you can

    • Dallas Grantley
      Dallas Grantley Month ago

      @big jak you can modify financed cars, it's a little harder but it's fine

    • Holtii14
      Holtii14 Month ago

      Abc Abc yeh that’s true but his plans go beyond this 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Lee G
      Lee G Month ago

      Holtii14 I’m fairly sure there’s some way you can do it so that you can and as long as it is stuff what can be removed just like he did with the st and the rs

    • Holtii14
      Holtii14 Month ago

      Abc Abc my original comment. Doing all this to a car that you don’t own 🤣 is not allowed, that’s my point

  • Dylan Grundy
    Dylan Grundy Month ago

    Discover Pro Nav with CarPlay update, or get the 7.5 Screen installed
    And the spoiler you’re after will probably be the Oettinger 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Dominic Ball
    Dominic Ball Month ago

    Also 100% the Oettinger spoiler, I loved it, so much better than Maxton, have a look at OSIR spoiler too but hard to get hold of at a decent price

  • Dominic Ball
    Dominic Ball Month ago

    I tried H&R, Racingline and Eibach Pro springs and the Eibach Pros were 100% the best springs, H&R were too low, very ver hard and rubbed ALOT, eibachs sat perfectly and were also slightly softer, also some Eibach spacers wouldnt go Amis 😅

  • simon pace
    simon pace Month ago +1

    That car has nothing on your focus rs BACKWARDS!

  • Just Generic
    Just Generic Month ago +1

    oettinger wing is the one u want

  • mr lion
    mr lion Month ago +3

    Wrap.. Exhaust.. Tune.. Sell 😴😴😴

  • Sebastian shvane Stabonkity

    I’ve currently got the fastest stage 2 leon cupra in the whole of Europe on dragy 100-200kph and 60-130mph. You want a fast car go to unicorn developments. They also have just recently made the quickest 2L mqb car running 6.1 seconds 100-200kph on stock block 560bhp with a venom turbo on! Brilliant turbo’s buck for money and new. The car runs sweet!

  • Jack ///M240i
    Jack ///M240i Month ago


  • celtos255
    celtos255 Month ago

    Virtually the same brakes are fitted on the clubsport s, u shouldn't be having issues stock power.... I'd suggest getting them looked at

    • Lewis Cannon
      Lewis Cannon Month ago

      He's just saying they are shit because he doesn't like the look of them .

  • Callum Robson
    Callum Robson Month ago

    For nav and that speak to VW retrofit in either redditch or manchester

  • Christopher Dobbin
    Christopher Dobbin Month ago

    @b7tmy look up on Instagram @gingerjoebarber he has a killer golf r

  • ross maclean
    ross maclean Month ago +10

    The wrap is 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Smegx1982
    Smegx1982 Month ago

    I have a set of revo 19 wheels for sale, perfect for the big break kits.👍

  • Darren Craig
    Darren Craig Month ago

    Chuck a massive turbo on it 600bhp go for it lad

    • Jon m
      Jon m Month ago

      Good shout, hopefully he will send it into a wall and we won't have to watch him ruin cars anymore

  • Ryan Crow
    Ryan Crow Month ago +1

    Colour looks so wrong on that :(

  • ozar
    ozar Month ago +1

    the RS was so much better

  • Nick Sadler
    Nick Sadler Month ago

    It would be so sick if you wrapped your fiesta the same as your old one