… Take It In, And Apply It ~ Anthony Joshua

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • A new challenge is set - 2x Heavyweight Champion of the World
    #AJBXNG ~ Anthony Joshua
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  • Nazmi Ozvatan
    Nazmi Ozvatan 8 days ago

    8.50 music name?

    NFNM ASH 17 days ago +1

    What the song 5:47

  • william maras
    william maras 20 days ago

    9:17 what is the name of this instrumental I like it

  • PJ playz
    PJ playz 20 days ago

    Which song it is ? 5:30

  • Graiggerald Mapfumo
    Graiggerald Mapfumo 20 days ago +1

    Never doubted this guy i remember the night he lost to ruiz 5am my phone was buzzing getting questions left right and centre what happened to your boy... all i said was hes just taking a break hes getting them belts back

  • Koniu1990
    Koniu1990 23 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/EhvArsT5rgM/video.html POLAND !!!!

  • WarMachineXIIIX
    WarMachineXIIIX 24 days ago

    I rate him so much, cuz it probably would have broken me.. now we can see you can make it back from the abyss

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer 25 days ago

    Anyone know what song is it at 2:16?

  • mr.penguin
    mr.penguin 26 days ago

    Does anyone know where aj buys his shorts in this video?

  • Derick Akoto Kankam
    Derick Akoto Kankam 28 days ago

    2x Time Heavyweight Champion 💯

  • Syaifudin Lestaluhu

    I'm indonesia🇮🇩 i miss you @anthonyjoshua

  • Kalinho_PL
    Kalinho_PL Month ago

    I didn't wanna go to gym tonight then I watched this movie... Beast mode on

  • Komnos Rizos
    Komnos Rizos Month ago

    Song at 10:20.plz help guys

  • manuel zuniga
    manuel zuniga Month ago

    What’s the songs name that starts at 1:55

  • Omoba
    Omoba Month ago

    He's got a lovely team around him. His family and friends around him is to me the best thing ever! That they all surrounded him and even made him laugh afterwards is sth to treasure! Glad he's back to the top! It's wonderful...

  • TOXIC' Hattaiba
    TOXIC' Hattaiba Month ago

    What song???? 5.35

  • Gio Vini
    Gio Vini Month ago +2

    Congrats my g for retaking the title only you deserve!

  • Imrxn
    Imrxn Month ago +49

    Whos here after aj won😊😊

  • patrick bangura
    patrick bangura Month ago +1

    AJ I think this time you are more powerful than ever before. bro keep it up.

  • Public toilets Cheap toilets

    How back after he bounced back

  • Sid
    Sid Month ago +5

    AJ won. He took the L and bounced back.
    TWO TIME baby....

  • Game Set Match!
    Game Set Match! Month ago +38

    The title of this video is exactly what he just did. I came here cause AJ just got the win against Ruiz! Let’s go! The champ is back.

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith Month ago

    Should start with redemption song by Bob Marley then mix it into we are the champions! Been a supporter since the olympics my man! True champion and I’ve got everything crossed for you man! Good luck!

  • Dan f
    Dan f Month ago

    U gonna Beat this kid tmr

  • Brock Richardson
    Brock Richardson Month ago +2

    My brother coming from California you are the champ the greatest ever for me personally you are my inspiration and I pray you win and I know you have the skills and power and patience I will watch every second you will fill our spirits with you my brother coming from California myself every one betting against you but I have a lot of money on you and because I am real fan I always watch your footage #yougotthisbro

  • Exploring With Danny

    AJ all day♥️👊👊👊

  • Note Note
    Note Note Month ago

    Anthony just gained my respect. I have never watched a fight of his before, but I see a good, courageous and honorable man in Anthony. I have been where you are at, and it is very hard to get back up and win. You learn who your true friends and family members are and you discover that betrayal comes from places you never ever thought they would come from! Today you gained me as a person of prayer for you. May God give you the strength and the victory, because your victory will help a lot of us that are down.

    Just one piece of advice brother....I watched another video of you giving a tour of your training camp. You shown us a cross that your mother gave you. Please do yourself a big favor, and pick that Cross up from the floor and hang it on your wall. The symbol of Christ's victory over death, the devil and sin does not belong on the floor, but deserves to be treated with more respect than you would give your belts that you lift high up over your head when you win. Make Christ your strength, wisdom and honor. The Holy Triune God be with you!

  • BossingtonHill Forever

    Let's go CHAMP !

  • Oko Emole
    Oko Emole Month ago

    Comeback story. Road to Redemption

    Mouza PRODUCTION Month ago

    Aj is the definition of hard work I hope it will pay off bra.. All the best

  • Sachin kumar saw
    Sachin kumar saw Month ago +3

    Destroy him AJ💯💯💯,Sachin from India

  • Ayoub wazir wazir
    Ayoub wazir wazir Month ago

    Hey Mr Anthony Joshua my favorite boxer .. when will you fight



  • 519achilles
    519achilles Month ago

    Upset King indeed. Win this time AJ COME ON!!!

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    im not even an aj fan but i can admit that the shot that stunned him was definitely lucky, ruiz wasn't even looking

  • Andy Mac
    Andy Mac Month ago

    Andy was definitely in control wen the fight got stopped but it shouldn't of been stopped there.. He was on his feet and awnsering the refs questions

  • FreshPriince
    FreshPriince Month ago +2

    5:36 geez Some scary fast punches

  • Titus Ronoh
    Titus Ronoh Month ago

    Wilder will murder you

  • Leroy Hyde
    Leroy Hyde Month ago

    A.J had an strategic game plan to defeat Ruiz in few rounds. But he underestimated the determination and hunger of Ruiz. Joshua predicted an easy win, but never researched who he was fighting.. 😟😟😟

  • Alfresh Mohsen814
    Alfresh Mohsen814 Month ago

    All the best bra

  • mason deeks
    mason deeks Month ago

    Ruiz is an awesome fighter aj is an amazing fighter as well why do people hate on aj because he lost geez.you win some and you lose some he still shows respect no matter what that's why I'm a big fan hopefully he will be ready next time#team aj

  • De Otio
    De Otio Month ago +5

    no more cameras, no range rovers, no interviews, no girls, just hard training from dusk till dawn. you lost your hunger that's why you lost

  • Muhammed Rahman
    Muhammed Rahman Month ago

    AJ you were to nice to Ruiz. I think just for the fight, you need to get your 'roadman' side out in a humble way. And fuck the snicker eating piece of shit up. Let's go champ🥊

  • King Brent_0
    King Brent_0 Month ago +1

    I can’t even think of what’s gonna happen to the best person you fight anthony

  • quame70
    quame70 Month ago

    You never lost this fhight but your believen in your self..Lets go go back to basic...train, eat, sleep, and get a good pussy...your Will be alwright...Lets go champ

  • big geoffy
    big geoffy Month ago

    AJ the philosopher = biggest tit in the game.

  • Kristiqn Mitev
    Kristiqn Mitev 2 months ago

    The problem is you cant keep up with his speed!

  • Olakunle Michael Oladoyin

    Wow... I learnt alot from you since I have been following you. You are great Boxer

    Failure is part of life.

    You come back strong against Ruiz in December

    keep shine.........................

  • 763
    763 2 months ago

    Losing is the best thing that can happen to you. The best have lost and have become better because of it.

  • Ruqslo
    Ruqslo 2 months ago

    3 weeks to go. I believe in you Champ!

  • Mohit Kaphalia
    Mohit Kaphalia 2 months ago +1

    Good luck for this fight waiting for December 7

    ARIEL GOLD 2 months ago +2

    aj might not throw a single hook in the rematch

  • D4RKPopSouls3
    D4RKPopSouls3 2 months ago

    Cant wait til Fury gets his hands on him.

  • Paul Oji
    Paul Oji 2 months ago

    I absolutely believe in Anthony J. Please I want you to be more hungry and eager. I watched you and parker. Please stop bending low for ruize and keep your head high and bring out your hand left hand for him to play with. He will be tired....you will get ruize down by targeting your punch. And dont walk away please when you knock him down.

  • Paul Oji
    Paul Oji 2 months ago

    I dont believe how many times you lose and I know you will get back your title back comes december 7th...........my little advice my brother. You are more stronger than this man. You have height advantage and you can punch very good......I absolutley believe so much in you. You are the reason I started watching boxing. Please my advice to you. I know ruize is going to upset you to open up. But stick with your style and give him one hand to play with. Take him to round 12 or you knock him out. Please dont eat anything in saudi Arabia. Please let your sister or close relative to serve you food or as well prepare it for you and drink as well. Victory is yours.

  • SAcurls Defined
    SAcurls Defined 2 months ago +1

    use your speed to your advantage, you can dance all around Ruiz like a balarina. dont let him see your punches- let him feel it😉

    • German Ottoman
      German Ottoman Month ago

      Ruiz is a very very fast Boxer. I think Speed is not the key, he should let Ruiz dance till he gets tired and then knock him out when he got a chance.

  • kamal
    kamal 2 months ago +1

    This dude is a beast !

  • April Brown
    April Brown 2 months ago

    Much respect to this man.

  • KingGabe 69
    KingGabe 69 2 months ago

    All these bitches thinking ruiz is gonna win again My boys AJ WILL LEGIT PUNCH THE GREASE OUT OF RUIZ AND MAYBE PUNCH LIKE 20 POUNDS OUT OF HIM

  • Mikael Nordahl
    Mikael Nordahl 2 months ago

    One punch changing a whole match, thats heavyweight boxing in a nutshell hahah. As long as he doesn't get hit by one of those perfect punches in the rematch, Im pretty sure AJ is gonna bring the belts back to England.