"Master in the House" ITZY Cut Full Version (Ep 60, 61)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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  • Aries
    Aries 16 hours ago

    JYP is tough but it’s because he cares and he knows what’s best. I like the way he raises his artists, kind of like a father lol

  • blurryface
    blurryface 2 days ago

    Oh Sungjae!!

  • Who Is Teo
    Who Is Teo 2 days ago

    I cant with lee seungi fanboying

  • chimmy park
    chimmy park 3 days ago

    Back cracked omg lmaoo

  • Zeynep Betül Çiçek

    I really love Lee Seung Gi ❤️❤️🙈🙈🙈

  • Mu Ammar
    Mu Ammar 3 days ago

    That crack will remember youre getting old

  • xy watch
    xy watch 9 days ago

    synchronized dancing? search for SB19 Go Up 😁

  • Nimaia Tuasere
    Nimaia Tuasere 12 days ago

    I like itzy got7 but i don't like jyp

  • Jasmine M
    Jasmine M 13 days ago +5

    Food for the thought: you can actually compliment a group without bringing down another. :)

  • Mikay Mikay
    Mikay Mikay 13 days ago

    Lee Seung Gi oppa such a comedy act lol 😍😂😂 i remember Kwang Soo 😂

  • back then
    back then 13 days ago

    anyone else notice that ryujin was a bit off with the rest? like all of them were synchronized but she was always like 0.1 sec off

  • T Lee
    T Lee 14 days ago

    Yeji is so motherfucking hot

  • JuanLove SimplyStyle
    JuanLove SimplyStyle 14 days ago

    I like how they dancing.. super love it..

  • kumolin
    kumolin 15 days ago


  • Alicia .C
    Alicia .C 16 days ago

    I wish blackpink could transfer to Jyp because yg ain't it

  • Jodianne Guerina
    Jodianne Guerina 20 days ago +1


  • joanalyn Mahistrado
    joanalyn Mahistrado 20 days ago

    I always recap this thing I think someone say 'twice' in 0:25

  • ElementalHeroJoe
    ElementalHeroJoe 22 days ago

    Notice how JYP doesn't yell or embarrass them. He speaks softly and explains exactly what should be fixed. If he praised them because because of the filming, they would continue doing the same mistakes. Now look at ITZY. One of the big 5 girl groups 👑

  • Gerieline Ladera
    Gerieline Ladera 23 days ago


  • Diamond Sky
    Diamond Sky 26 days ago

    8:45 ‘ I don’t stand itzy yet but damn this girl looked like Naeun (apink) in this

  • CarLita_ MoLina
    CarLita_ MoLina 26 days ago

    Lee seung gi? He is?

  • skyler. nct forever
    skyler. nct forever 29 days ago +1

    yeji is so awesome

  • fam love o
    fam love o Month ago +1


  • Entertaining Stuff
    Entertaining Stuff Month ago

    Takes me back to the unnie’s days😂😂

  • owo ur mom owo
    owo ur mom owo Month ago

    and this is why all the jype artists are crackheads

  • 劉宣欐
    劉宣欐 Month ago +6

    JYP: “back cracks”
    Ryujin: stayed calm and tried not to laugh

  • Nayra Chrisleera
    Nayra Chrisleera Month ago

    8:38 Oh god I thought there was Suk Jin oppa messing up. I forgot his BGM's singer is JYP himself 😭😂

  • joanalyn Mahistrado

    I hope twice guest here two

  • Mina Dia
    Mina Dia Month ago +79

    *itzy dances*
    Me: wow they’re so good and in sync
    JYP: do it again
    Me: .....wut 😳

  • Choo EYY
    Choo EYY Month ago

    I didn't expect lee seungi here last time I watched this I didn't knew him...hahah

  • SuperMsnapped Andthatsjustfacts

    Chaeryeong is such a cutie uwu

  • Someone Youknow
    Someone Youknow Month ago

    What is Sungjae doing there? 😂

  • ashlyaaa
    ashlyaaa Month ago

    JYP is the best ent. company in terms of attitude

  • Milchy June
    Milchy June Month ago +2

    2:07 Seunggi: *stutters*

  • Mitch Perono
    Mitch Perono Month ago

    My bias ranking

  • iya_cruz 1977
    iya_cruz 1977 Month ago +1

    Watch the full episodes you'll never stop laughing ... I teared up laughing on the episode where SungJae flicked Seung Gi forehead it was soo hilarious and the episode where they met up the Master baseball player and gave them intense exercise, Se Hyung made SungJae ROFL and Seung Gi LOL, I teared up laughing too on this and watched that part over and over again🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I love how Sang Yoon get along with this kind of shows when this is his first time in a variety show, he's the serious type of person but he seem enjoying this now😍😍😍
    Lee Seung Gi idk what's with in this guy he's not as handsome as Sang Yoon or SungJae but I started to like him when I first lay my eyes on him in Huwagi and like him more when I watched few full episodes of MASTER IN THE HOUSE ...

    Even though sometimes there was an awkward/intense part between Seung Gi and Se Hyung or Seung Gi and Sang Yoon over all so far the variety show made me LOL ...

  • kai
    kai Month ago

    I don’t get why some people ( not ton these comments) still continue to blame JYP for letting go of certain idols. He always has his reasons.
    For expnple Minho and Felix we’re eliminated on the show and people were really mad. But I think it was necessary, it knew they were going to get added back because it’s more of a tactic to attract more attention and to help the two of them. Felix was majorly struggling with his Korean and could barely understand the words spoken by the Korean producers and it wouldn’t be a good thing once they debuted so I’m pretty sure JYP eliminates him to let him completely put all his focus on korean and not have to stress about filming or practice.
    For Minho he was really really shy and lacked confidence even though he was amazing and I think JYP let him go so he could get time to himself and gain the confidence.

  • kai
    kai Month ago

    SM has always had a bad rep on their staff and treatment towards the artists but the artists are all one family who probably lean on each other a lot for support. We may not see that and only see the staff trying to o separate group members or the artists but I’m sure they are really close.
    JYP has always treated his artists respectfully. He has experience being an idol so knows exactly what can cause scandals and avoids them from talking about those things, which can seem controlling to some fans but I hoe story think that it’s good he cares enough for them to have to prevent them from saying stuff. With his dating ban for 3 years it’s reasonable considering the fact that 3 years is usually the period where you see whther groups will begin to fall or get famous. And I think he just wants to avoid extra stress (if they date they’d have to go on dates and it takes time off the actual practice) it allows the artists to focus first and they’re free to date after the ban is lifted. He also plans his comebacks at a 2 week GAP and allows them to comeback many times, which may seem as overworking them but I think fans also often forget that most of the groups have their own producer in the group to help produce and make songs for the group so groups like stray kids and got7 may get a sudden blast of comebacks every two months, while other groups may not have as many comebacks because song production is slower, for DAY6 they are a band and so they are given more flexibility with their songs and when they want to have a comeback.

  • abc defg
    abc defg Month ago +1

    "Honesty, diligence, humility"

  • Neli Chairi
    Neli Chairi Month ago +3

    I watch this cause seunggi, i like to see when he feel shy😁👍💕he really love every girl group, no wonder he have ex girlfriend from girl group🤣

  • sis wyd
    sis wyd Month ago +2

    ok this is besides the point but lia did very well especially the first time. usually she's a little stiff but that first time she popped off. idk that's just something i noticed. also her hair like that is so pretty. lmao she's bias wrecking the heck out of me

  • Neo lang po
    Neo lang po Month ago


  • dior shit
    dior shit Month ago +5

    i’m glad he’s serious on them but it’s also good he acts like a friend aswell

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy 2 months ago +1

    Awww I feel bad for Seung gi man outwitted by Kim Soo Hyun although it was a pretty amazing Drama I would still put Seung Gi over Soo Hyun he's just that Awesome and right now I just can't even wait for Friday and Saturdays to come I literally think of next episode to Vagabond

  • 38 Yen
    38 Yen 2 months ago

    Lia's smile reminds me of Park Bom

  • helen hoang
    helen hoang 2 months ago

    Who’s the leader in itzy

    • kpopholic trash
      kpopholic trash Month ago +1

      helen hoang
      Yeji. The one with the ponytail, white shirt and white pants.

    JEONGYEON I LOVE YOU 2 months ago +6

    Waiting for itzy to tease Jyp like how Twice and Got7 did 😂

  • michael c
    michael c 2 months ago

    I always find it so weird when 40 year old men have like tiny “crushes” on these girl groups, like guys from variety shows.... mainly bc these girls are still underage. However I know it’s for entertainment?? I guess

    • michael c
      michael c 2 months ago

      These guys r popular tho, big actors in Korea

  • TWICE mina i miss you
    TWICE mina i miss you 2 months ago

    I feel like JYP is just cold at first but once they get closer he treats them like daughters just like TWICE

  • Alisha Omar
    Alisha Omar 2 months ago

    wow I never knew how hard companys were.OMG, every k pop idol is soo strong and strong hearted.

  • makeup videos
    makeup videos 2 months ago

    حسسني بحال إلى كيصنع النووي 😒😒

  • makeup videos
    makeup videos 2 months ago

    they don't need more practise they need a good song

  • Lalrinzuali Ralte
    Lalrinzuali Ralte 2 months ago +1

    *let's all wear black pants and not tell Yeji*

  • Athena Queen
    Athena Queen 2 months ago

    Ryujin is so pretty

  • Kerus
    Kerus 2 months ago

    I just started to understand why they called JYP a family.

  • Koki_Lee
    Koki_Lee 2 months ago

    Why did cheayeon not dance in the music video

  • tais
    tais 2 months ago

    bro i think that if i was a trainee, i would give up rlly quickly bc they put SO MUCH pressure on them and my self esteem and self confidence (that i already don't have) are veeeery low so it would literally kill me inside

    • nabila shukri
      nabila shukri Month ago

      me too..my confidence is too low..if I was them I will give up to be kpop idol already

    • kpopholic trash
      kpopholic trash Month ago

      Yea that’s how a person improves. If you have low confidence there’s a low chance of improving. Stay strong!

  • blackcat
    blackcat 2 months ago


  • Mkp
    Mkp 2 months ago

    Let’s all wear black and white and not tell yeji and ryujin

  • Hina Janjua
    Hina Janjua 2 months ago

    he reminds me of gordon ramsey!! stern and mean on the outside, but has good intentions (plus a lot less cursing)