Valve, you sly fox.

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
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    Steam Cloud gaming competitor to Stadia?
    SteamDatabase/SteamTracking: 0947d12
    Apple’s working with… VALVE… on an AR headset
    Microsoft wants to bring quantum computing to the cloud
    20 + 20 = 4000
    Ryzen 4000 in early 2020
    We have our first real defensive weapon in the Deepfakes war
    Microsoft stored Superman movie on Project Silica glass
    Some Samsung TVs will apparently lose Netflix support Dec. 1
    CGI James Dean to star in a movie
    CGI Peter Cushing:
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  • worth
    worth Day ago

    mcafee now with adobe deepfake sensor. this stupid world.
    please check out my beats even tho james hates hip hop

  • VargVinter
    VargVinter 2 days ago

    20 + 20 = 4000 ???? Back to math-class dear TechLinked ;)

  • J Paeno
    J Paeno 2 days ago

    Damn! I really wanted to hear this news, but grown up braces threw me off 10 seconds in. See ya!

  • Tyler
    Tyler 2 days ago

    who need actors when google can make their own faces

  • Andrew Peter
    Andrew Peter 2 days ago

    Light vulnerability TF!? But dangerous

  • Andrew Peter
    Andrew Peter 2 days ago

    Lots of cues..

  • Andrew Peter
    Andrew Peter 2 days ago

    Quantum supremacist..hmmm devious 😅

  • A fat cat from sweden

    I will not buy anything from apple

  • Em Rose
    Em Rose 2 days ago

    Wait why did he spell out Alexa?

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson 2 days ago

    uhh peter cushing? Star wars already used CGI to resurrect the dead in Rogue One

  • Kab Oodle
    Kab Oodle 2 days ago

    Of course the Microphone on these devices that are vulnerable would be called mems. Why wouldn’t they.


    Why would you hate End Game?

  • XionSteel
    XionSteel 2 days ago

    im so ugly that any picture of me scanned will be a deepfake ;

  • swaa
    swaa 2 days ago

    Please fix your clickbait

  • Dustin Wilhelm
    Dustin Wilhelm 3 days ago

    Haha, Cardi B reference definately not expected.

  • kevin ham
    kevin ham 3 days ago

    what is ar

  • treelon musk
    treelon musk 3 days ago

    i just got a valve index!

  • Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson 3 days ago

    I swear to Todd I will pirate all the games in the world if they delete my digital library.

  • PsychoWhite
    PsychoWhite 3 days ago

    2:50 Did he spell out Alexa just so he won't wake up the devices? Damn

  • Pixel
    Pixel 3 days ago

    so thats what jacksepticeye was talking abouyt

  • Martyn Knapton
    Martyn Knapton 3 days ago

    More Walken quotees = more likes. :D

  • Xasmanius Völk
    Xasmanius Völk 3 days ago +1

    3:00 home assistants get sniped now lol

  • cbxy
    cbxy 3 days ago

    Just use a Fire TV stick for these old Samsung TVs. Works like a charm.

  • Josh
    Josh 3 days ago

    World of Tanks is shit do NOT play it

  • Eric Wood
    Eric Wood 3 days ago

    Even actors' jobs are now threatened by automation :(

  • oldyogi23
    oldyogi23 3 days ago

    SLOW DOWN holy shit, like ryzen just launched the 3000 series and gen 4 pcie, now this coming year amd is realeasing the 4000 series and intel is doing pcie gen 5 like holy fuck guys breathe, take a break

  • Siddhesh P
    Siddhesh P 3 days ago

    eeeeuuuu that intro

  • Ashmeed Mohammed
    Ashmeed Mohammed 3 days ago

    world of tanks, for those too slow to play real fps games

  • Imran Ward
    Imran Ward 3 days ago

    Please do a more detailed explanation on the hacking of google devices with lasers. Like what? That’s crazy!

  • Tim Kelly
    Tim Kelly 4 days ago

    You should band, scripted hecklers

  • Fin Jackson
    Fin Jackson 4 days ago

    Those Samsung Smart TV owners should get themselves an Xbox One then.

  • Terence Clyde
    Terence Clyde 4 days ago

    Never played World of Tanks but I am so grateful they funded some Into the Hatch with The_Cheifton. If you havnt, it is a bloke going around and inside actual tanks. Some great sponsoring out there, good on ya Wargamming.

  • Subham Dey
    Subham Dey 4 days ago

    Linus plizzz giveaway me one graphics card plizz 🙏🙏😢😢😢🙏😢😢😢😢

  • pino de vogel
    pino de vogel 4 days ago

    Only thing i need steam to do is intergrate lan over the internet.

  • Chased _Away
    Chased _Away 4 days ago

    Portal 3 portal 3 portal 3!

  • Duane
    Duane 4 days ago

    Riley.... Please for the love of every facial haired person - shave the pr0n stash..... *NOW* ! You set off my stranger danger alarm.

  • liton rahman
    liton rahman 4 days ago

    I dunno if any1 else told you but you look like Enzo from TVD

  • Ben W
    Ben W 4 days ago +22

    "He's dead!"
    "Don't worry, we can fix that in post."

  • riocc
    riocc 4 days ago

    NOOOOO, why would Valve work together with the Cancer of the Tech world... SJ dying was the first step, but Apple has to have the same downfall very soon. It's just not good for the world having them around

  • Richard Dougherty
    Richard Dougherty 4 days ago

    What a knee slapper! Ha ha ha ha ha

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko 4 days ago

    Nobody: Kim Kardashian: My pictures are registering as deepfakes!

  • Joseph Stott
    Joseph Stott 4 days ago

    Christopher Walken is my new favourite Techlinked host

  • vBDKv
    vBDKv 4 days ago

    Fuck Valve and fuck Steam.

  • Jon Helgi Torsteinsson

    1 up for porn stash.

  • James Lloyd
    James Lloyd 4 days ago +1

    I also got this fever, plz help

  • José Neto
    José Neto 5 days ago


  • P33b4Ugo5omwh3r3
    P33b4Ugo5omwh3r3 5 days ago

    "hopes" yeah hoping is one thing and real life is another thing. More realistic managements and less what ifs and similar gambling scenarios. Jesus it has been so long people use to code on garbage systems now no one can write a proper code or anything on far advanced technology. Are all the companies ran by idiots on purpose or wtf is going on?! Do banks seriously have infinite funds to burn on failures ?!

  • Andy Jay
    Andy Jay 5 days ago

    did he just say "doo doo"

  • Mahesh Gowda
    Mahesh Gowda 5 days ago

    Congrats techlinked you guys deserve it and all the best for future

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi 5 days ago

    Microsoft: Storing data where it can shatter!

  • Linus Sebastian
    Linus Sebastian 5 days ago +4

    Whoever wrote the intro is getting fired.

  • Amr Ahmed
    Amr Ahmed 5 days ago

    his face is asymmetrical

  • Diego Bahena
    Diego Bahena 5 days ago

    2H20... basically same amount of characters as in 2020. So there's no point in changing that 0 for an H.

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi 5 days ago

      Am I the only one who can hear a little bit of static in some parts of the video?

  • Isaac Park
    Isaac Park 5 days ago

    Im just tired of valva not making games anymore. I mean “real games”. Their company goal has been derailing ever since they made steam. Whats the point of existing when you nolonger have a clear goal for your company?

  • Rob
    Rob 5 days ago

    "MEMS mics respond to light as if it were sound. No one knows precisely why."
    Why not? Were they living under a rock for the last 900 fucking years when people speculated and confirmed Wave-particle duality? Ars Technica being garbage, as usual. Jfc

  • Slagg CS
    Slagg CS 5 days ago

    HL2 E:3 ..... Noobs

  • gameflux
    gameflux 5 days ago

    I dont like smart TV s !

  • Hasan Akdoğan
    Hasan Akdoğan 5 days ago

    was that Christopher Walken impression at the beginning? :S

  • Eddy Terrero
    Eddy Terrero 5 days ago

    I love you guys , you keep me updated with the lastest moves in the tech world , please keep doing it i appreciate it :).

  • Toughnut
    Toughnut 5 days ago

    Did he say taint-tastic?