Peaky Blinder's Funniest Moments Must watch


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  • Historical Otaku
    Historical Otaku 10 days ago

    Tommy: NO FIGHTING
    also Tommy: *shoves the fucking waiter that bumped him*

  • reda chiban
    reda chiban 12 days ago

    The 34dislikes are men from tge cavalry haha

  • gratify
    gratify 24 days ago +31



  • deko Suárez García
    deko Suárez García Month ago +10

    3:28 HAHAHAH

  • Melvin Benjamins
    Melvin Benjamins Month ago +29

    The scene where michael meets john and arthur for the first time was hilarious too. Was hoping it would be in this vid lol

    • rasyoot
      rasyoot 19 days ago

      oh my god I clicked on here expecting for that scene. it's hilarious

  • Stefano Mura
    Stefano Mura Month ago +1

    Pochi bloinders

  • Marios Petaj
    Marios Petaj Month ago +87


    • A A
      A A 3 days ago

      Marios Petaj no focking farting

  • Anne Stask
    Anne Stask Month ago

    2:33 add two shots of vodka...

  • Franc Reka
    Franc Reka Month ago +107

    I like the part when tommy suggests the family takes a vote about peace or war, the whole family votes for peace and tommy say “Alright then, let’s get on with the war”

    • Jp3
      Jp3 3 days ago

      Franc Reka what they voted for was peace within the family so they could start the war against the Changrettas. That's why he said that

    • Curlat
      Curlat Month ago

      @Colorful Art 4x2 i think

    • Colorful Art
      Colorful Art Month ago

      Franc Reka in which episode ?

  • MsB inSYDNEY
    MsB inSYDNEY 2 months ago +448

    Hilarious that Tommy pokes fun at John for wanting to marry Lizzie then he ends up getting her pregnant and marrying her anyway.

    • Elleenrouge 87
      Elleenrouge 87 10 hours ago

      Nobody touches what he has already touched

    • Kirsty Belle
      Kirsty Belle 6 days ago

      Cheers for spoiling the storyline!!!

    • Yorkarenka
      Yorkarenka 19 days ago

      @Zhi xci Nah, he stopped John because he had made a deal with the Lee clan behind John's back and wanted him to marry their girl instead, as M Bayrak said above.

    • gratify
      gratify 24 days ago +2

      you just spoiled it for meee nooooooo

    • M Bayrak
      M Bayrak 26 days ago

      @Mystic Aura Tommy schemed to forge a peace pact with the Lee clan against Billy Kimber back when he stopped John

  • Passerby Tanuki
    Passerby Tanuki 2 months ago


    waiter: i'm about to end this mans whole career

  • Alan Silva
    Alan Silva 2 months ago +82

    There is no much room in there, but...

  • Josie Hammond
    Josie Hammond 2 months ago +62

    That last one tho😂😂

  • Lirian Olendil
    Lirian Olendil 2 months ago +30

    Please make more! We need this 😂

  • sbonnet2004
    sbonnet2004 3 months ago +150

    The end is hilarious :-)

  • r.s.b 1997
    r.s.b 1997 3 months ago +55

    Tommy's smile☹❤