The Christmas Chronicles | Introducing Kurt Russell as Santa Claus | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • Kate and Teddy Pierce meet Santa Claus (Kurt Russell), live and in person. After his sleigh crashes, it's up to them to help him save Christmas before it's too late.
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    The Christmas Chronicles | Introducing Kurt Russell as Santa Claus | Netflix
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Comments • 79

  • Jacob Björnstedt
    Jacob Björnstedt Month ago

    Where is the music in the video from?

  • Pedro Cancelinha
    Pedro Cancelinha 3 months ago

    oh god..... EGO IS ALIVE!!!!!!

  • Vicente1964 LVVP06
    Vicente1964 LVVP06 6 months ago

    Alguém de muita influência na MÍDIA deveria dizer que a NETFLIX é uma GRANDE "M.E.R.D.A", e que deveria abrir FALÊNCIA. Dar lugar pra quem pode e tem condições de deixar todos os usuários satisfeitos. É a minha opinião.

  • TheMarionick
    TheMarionick 6 months ago

    Kurt Russell as Santa is everything I never knew I needed

  • Jackie N.
    Jackie N. 6 months ago

    THIS was really cute

  • Antonis Mitsos
    Antonis Mitsos 6 months ago

    The name's Snake...

  • Scotty Roddy
    Scotty Roddy 6 months ago +1

    If you left out the cheesy blues brothers songs... This would've been the best Xmas Movie Ever.. STILL TOP 5 AIN'T BAD !!! GREAT JOB !!! KURT RUSSELL = BEST SANTA

  • ProsperityGod 27
    ProsperityGod 27 7 months ago +1

    My Favorite thanksgiving movie

  • SuperUmizoomiFanAlt
    SuperUmizoomiFanAlt 7 months ago +1

    I love the Christmas Chronicles!!! 😄

  • oxi clean.
    oxi clean. 7 months ago +2

    what is Ego doing as Santa

  • süper kankalar pro
    süper kankalar pro 7 months ago

    500 like

  • Phillip Riggins
    Phillip Riggins 7 months ago +1

    Great movie, thanks for posting this video

  • Nakovi MKD
    Nakovi MKD 7 months ago

    The best movie!

  • كل ماهو جميل منوع

    Can you go hoh ho

  • 3rd Shift Philosopher
    3rd Shift Philosopher 7 months ago

    Escape from North Pole

  • 3rd Shift Philosopher
    3rd Shift Philosopher 7 months ago +1

    Big trouble in little Christmas

  • Otte Otte
    Otte Otte 7 months ago

    Fake news! :)

  • pxpiy ツ
    pxpiy ツ 7 months ago

    Great movie ♥

  • Lynn Delaney
    Lynn Delaney 7 months ago


  • Ricardo Vilema
    Ricardo Vilema 7 months ago

    Muy Interesante para los niños...

  • GalaxyNon Gamer
    GalaxyNon Gamer 7 months ago +2

    Already watched on Netflix

  • Joanne DeHerrera
    Joanne DeHerrera 7 months ago +1

    Kurt Russel was great in this now newly added Christmas Classic. Where can I buy the DVD so I can watch it whenever we want to?

  • Fatima Reyes Avilez P.
    Fatima Reyes Avilez P. 7 months ago

    Pleasee make a spotify playlist please please pleaseeeeeee i loved the music

  • heather willis
    heather willis 7 months ago +1

    I’m not much of a Christmas movie person, but my 4 year old picked this as our movie to Watch, and I really enjoyed it!! Kurt Russell was the Santa I didn’t know I needed in my life!! 🥰🥰

  • Kato Shuu
    Kato Shuu 7 months ago +1

    Just watched this with my sister and aunt. It's great!

  • Italo Gomes
    Italo Gomes 7 months ago

    Faz a 3° temporada de Riverdale

  • Mrs. Morbid
    Mrs. Morbid 7 months ago +4

    this movie is everything, seriously
    Kurt Russell is iconic

  • joel rojas
    joel rojas 7 months ago +1

    We q jazz cuando vas con tu fader Men saludos a tu familia ok

  • Bobby Rose
    Bobby Rose 7 months ago +14

    I don't go ho ho ho, that's a myth. Fake News! 😂😂😂

  • Eriqqus Browun
    Eriqqus Browun 7 months ago

    Will those Crooks leave Jack Burton alone; he's shown great courage.

  • Amaranda Lynn
    Amaranda Lynn 7 months ago

    "Fake news" 😂🤣

  • Amaranda Lynn
    Amaranda Lynn 7 months ago

    This was a funny movie :)

  • Scott Drangsholt
    Scott Drangsholt 7 months ago +5

    I didn’t know that ego was Santa ?

  • Emily Adams
    Emily Adams 7 months ago

    Bring back sense8! ❤️

  • Oliver Quinn
    Oliver Quinn 7 months ago +5

    You can't satire the amount of hardship, chaos and demoralizing servitude endured by the people who lived through the dark ages. Too soon Santa Claus, too soon.

  • Dees Nails
    Dees Nails 7 months ago

    Loved this movie

  • Diana Rodriguez
    Diana Rodriguez 7 months ago +1

    Love this movie

    JPOTT GAMING 7 months ago

    Absolutely greatness! Kurt is The Best Santa!

  • xFenix A2x
    xFenix A2x 7 months ago +14

    Easily a CLASSIC! I’m not big on Netflix movies. This one really impressed me though! Great story, great music and GREAT SPECIAL EFFECTS!!! A GREAT movie for the kids especially the smaller ones as this really captures the imagination as to how Santa works his magic on Christmas Eve! Bravo Netflix! 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Vader dex
    Vader dex 7 months ago +2

    This movie is better than any Christmas movie

  • Everett Goetzman
    Everett Goetzman 7 months ago

    santa doesn't like guitars very much

  • Patrick Mike
    Patrick Mike 7 months ago

    Santa Plissken

  • zancospancos
    zancospancos 7 months ago


  • Lisa S
    Lisa S 7 months ago +3

    It was a cute movie. The elves reminded me too much of Minions though, but they looked cute at least.

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni 7 months ago

    Who still uses a camcorder? 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • General Videos
    General Videos 7 months ago

    I love the part when they go into restaurant for ride. How typical of each race to respond or react.

  • Edward Hockey
    Edward Hockey 7 months ago +3

    Snake Plisskin needs his eyepatch back

  • Demented Toaster
    Demented Toaster 7 months ago

    That mall grab tho

  • Jodi Reikimedium333
    Jodi Reikimedium333 7 months ago

    Really good movie

  • Celtic Owl
    Celtic Owl 7 months ago

    Can't wait for this!! When can we watch in the UK? 🎅🎅🎅

    • Yozzer2781
      Yozzer2781 7 months ago +1

      Orion Opals it’s out has been for a while now duh

  • G Mon
    G Mon 7 months ago +13

    I usually don't enjoy movies like this, but I really enjoyed this one. Good job, Netflix.

    • xFenix A2x
      xFenix A2x 7 months ago +2

      G Mon same; wife put it on and made us watch and we all ended up loving it

  • lakesha chaffold
    lakesha chaffold 7 months ago


  • 2 Nuts 1 Sack
    2 Nuts 1 Sack 7 months ago

    Holly fuck

  • Leeboy
    Leeboy 7 months ago

    Just finished watching Loved it Definitely going on my Crimbo Movie list

    COZY TEDDY BEAR 7 months ago

    This movie looks good

  • maccc55
    maccc55 7 months ago

    Honestly guys it’s not that bad

  • Mike's Workshop
    Mike's Workshop 7 months ago +3


  • WulfCry
    WulfCry 7 months ago

    This movie has the Xmas spirit. 10/10

  • itz_ diidz
    itz_ diidz 7 months ago +3

    Great show

  • jeje jerome
    jeje jerome 7 months ago

    Il est tomber bien bas

  • Excited Cat
    Excited Cat 7 months ago +27

    Will there be more future sequels and/or spin offs with Santa and his elves?
    Cause this movie was really good!

  • Joseph Ocasio
    Joseph Ocasio 7 months ago +59

    Kurt Russell is the best Santa Claus of the 21st Century.

    • Mrs. Morbid
      Mrs. Morbid 7 months ago +2

      He looks like santa crossed with old-school biker dude
      leathers, furs, the hair, the beard lmao he's a man's man kind of santa

    • Binal Bulsara
      Binal Bulsara 7 months ago +2

      This is an amazing Christmas movie! Absolutely loved it! Definitely have told everyone at work to watch it! Makes me want to believe in Santa again

    • ogMamaRed 380
      ogMamaRed 380 7 months ago +1

      That’s so true

    • JP Sulley
      JP Sulley 7 months ago

      Don't forget about Ed Asner from Elf!

    • ogMamaRed 380
      ogMamaRed 380 7 months ago +2

      Joseph Ocasio kinda would have been cool if Tim Allen made a cameo but this movie was great I seen it twice with out my kids lol shame on me 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Fille Kille
    Fille Kille 7 months ago +3

    Can u release the song in the prison

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville 7 months ago

    I wonder if this series is good, it looks great for the holidays though! 😄😁👍

  • Aaron Gaming
    Aaron Gaming 7 months ago +5


  • Elizabeth Natuna
    Elizabeth Natuna 7 months ago +2

    Great job!

  • كيرا Keara
    كيرا Keara 7 months ago +1

    شفت الفيلم😐🖐🏻

  • NextGen
    NextGen 7 months ago +19

    To the few people that read this it would make my day if just a single person liked this comment I want to become a successful youtuber and if just one person likes this comment I am 1 step closer!👀🙏❄⛄