How Competitive Smashers See Casual Smash


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  • IntroSpecktive
    IntroSpecktive  8 months ago +853

    Happy 2018! This will be a fun year on this channel! Hope you all stick around :)

  • Pickle Chicken
    Pickle Chicken 11 hours ago

    Did he really just do tha5 to his certificate

  • Werner Werman
    Werner Werman 12 hours ago +1

    *B U T T E R F R E E*

  • Connor Andresen
    Connor Andresen 20 hours ago

    i have actually run into players with a for glory level skill inside of for fun... i want to die

  • Pichu de boi
    Pichu de boi 2 days ago

    Luigi *lenny face*

  • Psychoscan 73
    Psychoscan 73 2 days ago

    Why does introspektive sound like a casual smasher?

  • Obsidian8R
    Obsidian8R 3 days ago

    It's funny how my fg win ratio with 10 000 battles played is 69%... ok

  • EZ BOI
    EZ BOI 4 days ago

    Fak u

  • WonderBlocksTalks
    WonderBlocksTalks 5 days ago

    that pokemon rap was false

  • Ultra Necrozma
    Ultra Necrozma 6 days ago

    Im one of those friendly for funners but i will play for glory or team smash whenever i want to actually fight. Tbh in my opinion both have their own bad side. Other than that this was hilarious and i almost died when you called ashley toon lucina

  • Sickle
    Sickle 8 days ago

    It's funny how the casual players complaining about toxic competitive players are just as if not more toxic.

  • Griz Bear
    Griz Bear 8 days ago

    1:41 hold the phone! 1st, 2nd, 2nd, and 4th? Where is 3rd dammit

  • AscendtionArc
    AscendtionArc 9 days ago

    Woah casual play gets pretty sexual" - That broke me.

  • Sanity
    Sanity 12 days ago

    Dude that soundtrack from Pokemon white 2 abd black 2 is one of my favorites... thanks for bringing back some great memories, THEN ITS THE POKERAP! OMG MY CHILDHOOD!

  • OreosLoveWaterbottles 3847


  • TheBulletBot
    TheBulletBot 12 days ago

    And I thought I was being original playing luigi.
    Time to start maining R.O.B

  • buddy boy vlogs
    buddy boy vlogs 14 days ago

    palkia = butterfree

  • Fail Meep
    Fail Meep 14 days ago

    Eevee is a dragon type 100%

  • Commander B
    Commander B 14 days ago

    I get that this is a joke video, but for me, I see competitive players as people who take a game way too seriously. Sakurai himself said that they ruined the vision he had for the games, fun quirky battles. Anyhow, aside from that Nintendo's online was utter shit with Smash4, I only played one game, and it was so laggy that I just couldn't even play, they should be ashamed. I'm not much of an online player anyhow, so with the Switch, I'll just stick with physical multiplayer. It's kinda sad that games are moving away from sit down couch play, it's like they want to spread the stereotype that gamers are friendless losers

  • Cremudgen Guy
    Cremudgen Guy 16 days ago

    so u meen how melee/sma5h smashers c brawl/sm4sh rite

  • Drunken Knight
    Drunken Knight 16 days ago

    Did the math and 13% of 70,000 is 9,100 which is fine I just don’t believe it

  • Jesse Keplinger
    Jesse Keplinger 17 days ago

    I like how he didn’t make the casuals seem dumb but just different

  • Sephiroth Cardenas
    Sephiroth Cardenas 17 days ago

    Poke rap was funny

  • Switch Gamer 436
    Switch Gamer 436 18 days ago

    1:25 smash sphere LOL

  • CollieDawg Playz
    CollieDawg Playz 18 days ago

    Smash ball

  • Darius Animations
    Darius Animations 18 days ago

    thats a big butter free ya' got there

  • Christina Gaming1029
    Christina Gaming1029 22 days ago +1

    Butterfree is my favorite legendary Pokemon

  • dxrkxngxl
    dxrkxngxl 23 days ago

    2:28 yasuo LOOL

  • Ness Earthbound
    Ness Earthbound 23 days ago

    Why I hate competitves.

  • Optimistic Charizard
    Optimistic Charizard 24 days ago

    Butterfree, the Lord and distorter of Space itself.

  • Eddick World network
    Eddick World network 24 days ago

    Lmaooo the pokemon rap part has me dying

  • Mikey Randazzo
    Mikey Randazzo 24 days ago

    I barley played For Fun mode online. But I did play 8 player smash, etc.

  • sean robinson
    sean robinson 25 days ago

    2:12 Ashley the magical witch

  • Tin Can
    Tin Can 27 days ago

    is it bad that it took me until he clicked on for fun Smash to realize he was kidding about only going to one local?

  • Joxic 56
    Joxic 56 27 days ago

    O o h h , S H I E T .

  • T 40
    T 40 28 days ago

    1:57 That isy favorite song in Black. Everytime I go back just to listen to that music

  • Geo Metric Yoshi
    Geo Metric Yoshi 28 days ago

    Why you do dis to dark blue yoshi xddd

  • Zack
    Zack Month ago

    1:11 he got ko by a stage hazard. What a noob 😂
    (Obviously a joke)

  • Izzabell Winecoff
    Izzabell Winecoff Month ago

    Can you do a daddy sakurai supercut

  • Jack Curran
    Jack Curran Month ago

    2:44 this killed me in laugher

  • Tanala Duncan
    Tanala Duncan Month ago

    None of those were right

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi Month ago

    I play trigglypuff, always have :)

  • Kun毛むくじゃら

    Pokemon 101

  • Mudkipper Pokévid
    Mudkipper Pokévid Month ago

    I am dead without my costume ninja fwog so I don’t go online that much.

  • Chris Patterson
    Chris Patterson Month ago

    Sunday Morning, nice

  • 8Bit Beefalo
    8Bit Beefalo Month ago

    The fact that You destroyed something with the name of the smash god on it... actually hurts me. That better be a fake or copy!

  • silver lucario
    silver lucario Month ago


  • silver lucario
    silver lucario Month ago

    BUTTERFRY oh shit that aint buttrrfry

  • Miranda Tagliamonte

    *Pokérap says “Electrode”, the Pokémon is not Electrode*
    *Pokérap says “Diglett”, the Pokémon is Electrode*

  • Yusuf Gazi
    Yusuf Gazi Month ago

    Hope that certificate was a photo copy..

  • My Profile Picture is God

    2:38 “Electrode!” (Shows Fletchling)
    “Diglett!” (Shows Electrode)

  • Jax G
    Jax G Month ago

    2:25 HASAGI

  • painterjosh
    painterjosh Month ago


  • painterjosh
    painterjosh Month ago


  • TheNotSoAvid
    TheNotSoAvid Month ago

    2:19 Intro plays LoL?

  • *Riki Bros*
    *Riki Bros* Month ago


  • Two Brothers chaine abandonnée

    I hate those competitive guys who see the casuals a s sh*t

  • Jhourdan
    Jhourdan Month ago


  • Dry Bonez
    Dry Bonez Month ago

    2:38 he just showed electrode after they said electrode

  • Pootis man
    Pootis man Month ago

    My strategy: spam air attacks

  • Excell _
    Excell _ Month ago

    100% accurate Pokémon rap.

  • Vyonn II
    Vyonn II Month ago

    1:58 - 2:07 all of what he said there was stolen from one of alpharads videos

  • Werner Werman
    Werner Werman Month ago +1

    Boi, casual play is not a fight.

  • Yasei
    Yasei Month ago

    Palkia is now butterfree. Thanks Pokerap !

  • Clown Report
    Clown Report Month ago

    If only we had Intro to save us from Sm4sh EVO grands

  • Brian White
    Brian White Month ago

    One wrong name

  • HanShadow HD
    HanShadow HD Month ago

    In fact, I never play online.
    It just keeps crashing.
    What I do is beating up this weak Lv. 9 CPUs all day and traib for the hardest challenge I evee came along since now, which is beating classic mode on level 9
    (I am playing on 3DS >_>)

  • Erica Trent
    Erica Trent Month ago

    *shows eevee*

  • Geenobe
    Geenobe Month ago

    How'd you even find a game.

  • Gabriel Prado
    Gabriel Prado Month ago

    Did anyone notice that the Palmira was called a butter free but all the other Pokémon were right

    • DJFalcon
      DJFalcon Month ago

      Gabriel Prado Uhh no they were all wrong

  • Joaquim Marçal
    Joaquim Marçal Month ago

    *d r a g o n i t e*

  • Vegito Bluer
    Vegito Bluer Month ago

    Palkia = butterfree

  • Perez Wolf
    Perez Wolf Month ago

    I think I’m going to play competitive when smash bros ultimate comes out because I’ve been playing smash bros for years and I’m pretty sure I can beat anyone but with a character that I choose

  • Gaming with Krik
    Gaming with Krik Month ago

    umm that gardivoar, not gasley

    • DJFalcon
      DJFalcon Month ago

      Gaming with Krik No I'm pretty sure that's Gastley

  • DiamondGamingBros 2016

    1:47 he didnt destroy the official diploma,right

  • Wario Time
    Wario Time Month ago

    2:13 Oh boy am I excited to see the pissed WarioWare fan weebs.

  • MelvinTube :l
    MelvinTube :l Month ago

    Butterfree! *Palkia shows up*

  • Nathan Graham
    Nathan Graham Month ago

    *All the competitive things that this guy does*
    He has played 70,000 For Glory Matches (no surprise...)
    He gets dramatic when entering For Fun. (Dun Dun *DUUUUUUUN!*)
    He learns the AFC mindtrick.
    He gets mad because of the map.
    *(BAN THAT)*
    He didn't remember what the Smash ball is called.
    He calls Sheik (Zelda and Dark Pit, too, I geuss.) Low Tier in Casual Smash for having a straight-shot type of final smash.
    He doesn't know what the assist trophies' names are, much like THE AMIIBO FARMER.
    He said there are no combos in Casual Smash.
    *Nice acting once again! Happy super late new year!*

  • Andres E. Gomez M.
    Andres E. Gomez M. Month ago

    You forgot something: No edgeguarding allowed

  • Caden Booth
    Caden Booth Month ago

    It was funny when the poke rap said electrode as the first one and then when the second one said digglet, it was electrode

  • Luigi Da Half-Skele

    I left For Glory because...(insert traumatic 1v1 flashback)...uh...

  • Jack Sindone
    Jack Sindone Month ago


  • Cloud Pup
    Cloud Pup Month ago

    Amazing intro haha

  • Keating Presnell
    Keating Presnell Month ago +2

    There is one Item that steers competitives from casual, GUST BELLOW!

    OK not true, many of the Items are rediculous.

  • Sebastian C.C
    Sebastian C.C Month ago

    Wii u = Dead

  • Keys60Datman
    Keys60Datman 2 months ago

    "There too many Pokémon for me to remember"
    Plays Castellia city in the bg

  • Liam O CANADA!
    Liam O CANADA! 2 months ago

    “Palkia appears” BUTTERFREE!!

  • Sean the Barbarian
    Sean the Barbarian 2 months ago

    3:02 how long did that precise mathnatics take?

  • JMTeen13
    JMTeen13 2 months ago

    So true

  • Wreckbot
    Wreckbot 2 months ago

    to be completely honest, the PokeRap in this video was more accurate than the original

  • Musha4DaWin
    Musha4DaWin 2 months ago

    CASTELIA CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Josiah Houck
    Josiah Houck 2 months ago

    Wait Mrbeast is that you?

  • Link The Destroyer
    Link The Destroyer 2 months ago

    Palkia = Butterfree

  • Tee Vee Does Youtube
    Tee Vee Does Youtube 2 months ago

    ban that!
    ban that...

    *bAN THAT!!*

  • Woomy
    Woomy 2 months ago

    R.I.P Printed paper ;_;

    • Woomy
      Woomy 2 months ago


  • Lucas Lucas
    Lucas Lucas 2 months ago

    2:14 you triggered me that's frickin Ashley

  • Queen Awesome Gaming
    Queen Awesome Gaming 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who sang along with the pokerap

  • Timothy Chang
    Timothy Chang 2 months ago

    Eevee = Dragonite
    Palkia= BUTTERFREE!
    (screw you)

  • ARS
    ARS 2 months ago

    1:58 Love the gen 5 music 👌