How Competitive Smashers See Casual Smash


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  • IntroSpecktive
    IntroSpecktive  10 months ago +918

    Happy 2018! This will be a fun year on this channel! Hope you all stick around :)

  • VictorSora135
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  • anchuto
    anchuto 2 days ago

    Casual is the way the game is supposed to be played, competitive players are doing it wrong.

  • The True Blue Blur
    The True Blue Blur 3 days ago

    13% *Win rate*

  • Super Mario Plush Gamer

    Im not good enough for for glory

  • Cheriable
    Cheriable 5 days ago

    Ya know, I feel like the title should be the other way around

  • [NUT] Willzy
    [NUT] Willzy 5 days ago

    Why am i so bad at for glory?! 😔

  • TheReal Skullz
    TheReal Skullz 6 days ago

    I watched this video at school then it said the f word and I got in trouble lel

  • Bossitronio2014
    Bossitronio2014 6 days ago

    Butterfree! *[Palkia spawns]*

  • Lakikakku
    Lakikakku 6 days ago

    It’s called *button mashing*

  • Imani Cartwright
    Imani Cartwright 7 days ago throw deodorant...away...that's nasty.

  • Jacob Nicolas - Central Peel SS (2522)

    LOL yasuo in next smash confirmed 2:25

  • SpookTunes
    SpookTunes 7 days ago

    Yo its the pokerap

  • Seb’s show
    Seb’s show 8 days ago

    2:43 oh yes that is a dragonite

  • SwigtimeFoxy
    SwigtimeFoxy 9 days ago

    You could’ve got electrode right, but you didn’t.

  • SecIsKing
    SecIsKing 10 days ago

    Only 13% win rate? Lmao!

  • SecIsKing
    SecIsKing 10 days ago

    Only 13% win rate? Lmao!

  • StupidCerberus 25000
    StupidCerberus 25000 11 days ago

    So glad you used the pokerap

  • Kai Inkorporated
    Kai Inkorporated 12 days ago

    Apparently Palkia is butterfree XD

  • Pikachu Troll
    Pikachu Troll 13 days ago

    R.I.P Poke Rap...
    Also, why does Ash look so weird in Sun and Moon?

  • Dean Pikoulos
    Dean Pikoulos 14 days ago

    2:38 who got annoyed when electrode was shown after his name was said

  • Lunaley
    Lunaley 15 days ago

    Gardevoir as Gastly 😂🤣

  • Avery Patrick
    Avery Patrick 15 days ago

    Ugh this roster looks so small

  • Ninja jack 64
    Ninja jack 64 15 days ago

    I play for glory because when I play for fun everyone just stand still and end up winning. I like for glory even though I’m a casual player

  • Nintendo Boy
    Nintendo Boy 16 days ago

    For Fun is supposed to be For Fun in For Fun is for people who don't care about being the best and just want to have a good time.

  • Flaming X
    Flaming X 17 days ago

    Introspektive: “Thanks Pokerap, I know all of them now!”
    Palkia: *casually flips the whole world upside down*

  • Fluffy
    Fluffy 19 days ago

    "competitive smashers"

  • said gamerpro
    said gamerpro 19 days ago

    How to NOT learn how to play casual smash

  • Pokemaster Charlie
    Pokemaster Charlie 23 days ago

    * Pokerap Begins *
    *Moves directly to electrode*

  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas Martin 24 days ago

    I play casual style...

  • Noah Young
    Noah Young 24 days ago +1

    Fletchling = Electrode

    Edit: Electrode = Diglett

  • Spark937
    Spark937 25 days ago

    Yeah i don't think palkia is a butterfree

  • Heavy Tank 95
    Heavy Tank 95 28 days ago +1

    The one thing I don't like about for fun in Smash online is that the items don't spawn as much as I thought they would and the players don't even gonas intense as I thought they would.

  • Justice Miles
    Justice Miles Month ago

    #amiibo farmer

  • Konny Ezeama
    Konny Ezeama Month ago +1

    2:46 Lmfao Labels the Legendary Pokemon of Space as a Butterfree😂😂

  • Random_Internet User

    Everyone over here is talking about butterfree as palkia, but hasn't no one noticed electrode over fletchling and after that, electrode shows up?

  • Zombruh
    Zombruh Month ago

    There was an all on item button

  • DJ Dice 4life
    DJ Dice 4life Month ago +1

    1millionth veiw

  • StarioLax
    StarioLax Month ago

    This video has 999k views (at the time of this comment)
    Congrats on 1 million views

  • Cat_Mage
    Cat_Mage Month ago

    I wish there were casual tournaments

  • René Sánchez Reyes

    No mamen, decir que no saben como se llama la smash ball porque no la usan, o decir que jugar en casual es para mancos, hace a los jugadores competitivos más pendejos de lo que ya son. Salu2.

  • Guille Medina
    Guille Medina Month ago

    Almost 1.000.000 views!

  • FrickenPigeon
    FrickenPigeon Month ago


    *_D R A G O N I T E_*

  • Chase Gamer
    Chase Gamer Month ago

    0:38 that music though


    “Is this Yasuo “

  • Cameron Wasowski
    Cameron Wasowski Month ago

    1:39 It's funny how the announcer sounds like he has no life.

  • MLG_DragonHunter
    MLG_DragonHunter Month ago

    When people think they are better because they play competitive. Lol

  • Project: X
    Project: X Month ago

    3 people teaming up on me happens to me ALL THE TIME

  • Nicolas Garcia
    Nicolas Garcia Month ago

    When it comes to gaming, I’m more of a casual player. I don’t understand why to be worked up over a set of code. I just try to enjoy myself.

  • NegativePikachu 94
    NegativePikachu 94 Month ago

    I love how in the poke rap part, electrode comes a slot AFTER he was said

  • JK
    JK Month ago


  • I Herd U Liek Mudkipz

    Poke Rap said Electrode when Electrode was sent out. LuL

  • Swaroma909 Dair
    Swaroma909 Dair Month ago

    I'm a mix.
    Casual is like going in a jacuzzi as a professional swimmer.
    Except that I'm not pro

  • Michael Brian
    Michael Brian Month ago

    You don’t ban things in casual play. Correction: smash ball. You don’t know how to casual. The pokerap part is too funny... electrode came right after they said electrode.

  • Jord3n 104
    Jord3n 104 Month ago +1


  • Nompete
    Nompete Month ago

    who do you main

  • Benjamin Liang
    Benjamin Liang Month ago

    Why do you want them to ban the mr game and watch reference it’s lion taming chair map

  • Mason Ewing
    Mason Ewing Month ago


  • Pokemon Piplup
    Pokemon Piplup 2 months ago

    Palkia i mean butterfree is the best

  • Pickle Chicken
    Pickle Chicken 2 months ago

    Did he really just do tha5 to his certificate

  • Werner Werman
    Werner Werman 2 months ago +1

    *B U T T E R F R E E*

  • Connor Andresen
    Connor Andresen 2 months ago

    i have actually run into players with a for glory level skill inside of for fun... i want to die

    • Sickle
      Sickle Month ago

      People who I play against are good... I want to die.

  • Ivan12 The Pichu
    Ivan12 The Pichu 2 months ago

    Luigi *lenny face*

  • Psychoscan 73
    Psychoscan 73 2 months ago

    Why does introspektive sound like a casual smasher?

  • Obsidian8R
    Obsidian8R 2 months ago

    It's funny how my fg win ratio with 10 000 battles played is 69%... ok

  • EZ BOI
    EZ BOI 2 months ago

    Fak u

  • WonderBlocksTalks
    WonderBlocksTalks 2 months ago

    that pokemon rap was false

  • Piranha Plant
    Piranha Plant 2 months ago

    Im one of those friendly for funners but i will play for glory or team smash whenever i want to actually fight. Tbh in my opinion both have their own bad side. Other than that this was hilarious and i almost died when you called ashley toon lucina

  • Sickle
    Sickle 2 months ago

    It's funny how the casual players complaining about toxic competitive players are just as if not more toxic.

  • Griz Bear
    Griz Bear 2 months ago

    1:41 hold the phone! 1st, 2nd, 2nd, and 4th? Where is 3rd dammit

  • AscendtionArc
    AscendtionArc 2 months ago

    Woah casual play gets pretty sexual" - That broke me.

  • get hacked lol
    get hacked lol 2 months ago

    Dude that soundtrack from Pokemon white 2 abd black 2 is one of my favorites... thanks for bringing back some great memories, THEN ITS THE POKERAP! OMG MY CHILDHOOD!

  • ThatOreo 34
    ThatOreo 34 2 months ago


  • TheBulletBot
    TheBulletBot 2 months ago

    And I thought I was being original playing luigi.
    Time to start maining R.O.B

  • Elite
    Elite 2 months ago

    palkia = butterfree

  • Fail Meep
    Fail Meep 2 months ago

    Eevee is a dragon type 100%

  • Commander B
    Commander B 2 months ago

    I get that this is a joke video, but for me, I see competitive players as people who take a game way too seriously. Sakurai himself said that they ruined the vision he had for the games, fun quirky battles. Anyhow, aside from that Nintendo's online was utter shit with Smash4, I only played one game, and it was so laggy that I just couldn't even play, they should be ashamed. I'm not much of an online player anyhow, so with the Switch, I'll just stick with physical multiplayer. It's kinda sad that games are moving away from sit down couch play, it's like they want to spread the stereotype that gamers are friendless losers

  • Cremudgen Guy
    Cremudgen Guy 2 months ago

    so u meen how melee/sma5h smashers c brawl/sm4sh rite

  • Drunken Knight
    Drunken Knight 2 months ago

    Did the math and 13% of 70,000 is 9,100 which is fine I just don’t believe it

  • Jesse Keplinger
    Jesse Keplinger 2 months ago

    I like how he didn’t make the casuals seem dumb but just different

  • Sephiroth Cardenas
    Sephiroth Cardenas 2 months ago

    Poke rap was funny

  • Switch Gamer 436
    Switch Gamer 436 2 months ago

    1:25 smash sphere LOL

  • CollieDawg Playz
    CollieDawg Playz 2 months ago

    Smash ball

  • Darius Animations
    Darius Animations 2 months ago

    thats a big butter free ya' got there

  • Christina Gaming1029
    Christina Gaming1029 2 months ago +1

    Butterfree is my favorite legendary Pokemon

  • dxrkxngxl
    dxrkxngxl 2 months ago

    2:28 yasuo LOOL

  • Optimistic Charizard
    Optimistic Charizard 2 months ago

    Butterfree, the Lord and distorter of Space itself.

  • Eddick World network
    Eddick World network 2 months ago

    Lmaooo the pokemon rap part has me dying

  • Mikey Randazzo
    Mikey Randazzo 2 months ago

    I barley played For Fun mode online. But I did play 8 player smash, etc.

  • sean robinson
    sean robinson 2 months ago

    2:12 Ashley the magical witch

  • Tin Can
    Tin Can 2 months ago

    is it bad that it took me until he clicked on for fun Smash to realize he was kidding about only going to one local?

  • Joxic 56
    Joxic 56 2 months ago

    O o h h , S H I E T .

  • Geo Metric Yoshi
    Geo Metric Yoshi 3 months ago

    Why you do dis to dark blue yoshi xddd

  • Zack
    Zack 3 months ago

    1:11 he got ko by a stage hazard. What a noob 😂
    (Obviously a joke)

  • Izzabell Winecoff
    Izzabell Winecoff 3 months ago

    Can you do a daddy sakurai supercut

  • Jack Curran
    Jack Curran 3 months ago

    2:44 this killed me in laugher

  • Tanala Duncan
    Tanala Duncan 3 months ago

    None of those were right

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi 3 months ago

    I play trigglypuff, always have :)

  • Kun毛むくじゃら
    Kun毛むくじゃら 3 months ago

    Pokemon 101

  • Mudkipper Animates
    Mudkipper Animates 3 months ago

    I am dead without my costume ninja fwog so I don’t go online that much.