How Competitive Smashers See Casual Smash


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  • IntroSpecktive
    IntroSpecktive  Year ago +1029

    Happy 2018! This will be a fun year on this channel! Hope you all stick around :)

  • ThatOnePerson
    ThatOnePerson 7 days ago

    Everything about this is right

  • dennis michael
    dennis michael 10 days ago

    exactly how I play the pokemon rap.

    HYPER-REQUIEM 12 days ago

    2:39 it’s so unsatisfying to watch the Poké Rap guy say Electro before Electro actually comes up

  • Just a guy 1356
    Just a guy 1356 12 days ago +1

    2:44 since when was eevee a dragonite

  • Thingsandstuff365
    Thingsandstuff365 15 days ago

    I hope that certificate was a photocopy

  • zestes :D
    zestes :D 17 days ago

    Wait yasou is in that game?xDD

  • mikethecoolgu y
    mikethecoolgu y 18 days ago

    That’s means 9100 wins

  • Lime Alucard
    Lime Alucard 18 days ago

    2:39 *shows fletchling while saying electrode*
    0.2 seconds later
    Rap: electrode!

  • altextreme
    altextreme 19 days ago

    Something about the names he gives to the items and assist trophies makes me laugh.

  • Marth Lowell
    Marth Lowell 20 days ago

    Dood just read the description dud

  • Mythical Marcus
    Mythical Marcus 24 days ago

    i miss smash 4 but i don’t miss smash four at all smash ultimate is superior don’t argue

  • Siturba
    Siturba 25 days ago +1

    I never noticed that Wonderboy was a assist trophy 😕

  • James V
    James V 27 days ago

    Okay, so you do have a parody of both ways around. That's cool. That's fair. I'd only be pissed if you just made fun of casual players.

  • No Chill
    No Chill 28 days ago

    That Pokémon black and white music in the background is giving me chills literal chills

  • mota Joao
    mota Joao 29 days ago

    Actully for fun is about "fun" Not kicking him or her ass

  • Cool Cookie
    Cool Cookie Month ago

    2:43 Totally pidgy

  • Aethan Ly
    Aethan Ly Month ago

    Yep cuz palkia is a vaporeon

  • Barrels
    Barrels Month ago

    Ew Wii U

  • GachaTuberAndy YT
    GachaTuberAndy YT Month ago

    *_When you finally realize it's not Super Smash Bros Ultimate_*

  • Mien Melee
    Mien Melee Month ago

    Gotta love how when the song said Butterfree it showed Palkia

  • Captain VaNNNNN
    Captain VaNNNNN Month ago

    Sakurai himself said there’s no correct way to play the game. I enjoy playing 4 player games with items on hyrule temple at family parties but I also equally enjoy getting together with my friends and having a tournament of 1v1 no items on battlefield. I mainly play the more competitive way of smash but I have no issue with either play style. Watching people on both sides of this argument get so upset over which ones other people prefer is toxic and only hurts the smash community. That is all.

  • OhBunnies
    OhBunnies Month ago

    i love that outro

  • Jed C
    Jed C Month ago

    0:25 Brut, the deodorant made from purified everclear

  • Ryan Higgins
    Ryan Higgins Month ago

    Karingggeee karingggee

  • Mittens
    Mittens Month ago

    How everyone but competitive smashers see competitive smash: They don't.

  • aaronvlee7
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  • belmin sagliydcjywdakgbkyuewjds

    Happy 2019 mofos

  • Brandon Fuller
    Brandon Fuller Month ago

    Watching EXACTLY one year later

  • TrueStoryGaming
    TrueStoryGaming Month ago

    Now 1 year old

  • weegingercooper
    weegingercooper Month ago +3

    Happy 2019! Anyone else watching this exactly a year after this was released

  • ID IZ ME
    ID IZ ME Month ago

    Was there an actual league of legends refrence...I'm very suprised...

  • iPlayFortnite lol
    iPlayFortnite lol Month ago

    *secretly DailyDoseOfInternet*

  • JCMorcas
    JCMorcas Month ago

    "The Casual Realm"

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift Month ago

    13% Win Rate hahahahahaha

  • voltorb vlogs
    voltorb vlogs Month ago

    You aren't supposed to hurt people in for fun

  • [SS] Mebo
    [SS] Mebo Month ago

    I love how he showed electrode right after the pokerap said electrode.

  • saksağan
    saksağan Month ago +1

    how 2 make combos in casual play:
    step 1:timer
    step 2:profit

  • That 1 Emerald Kirb

    Did you really just crumble up a piece of paper? Should have burned it.

  • Axle Fullbuster
    Axle Fullbuster Month ago

    I just got the deodorant joke

  • MPC
    MPC Month ago

    I just realised how much of a casual I really am...

  • DS Dude
    DS Dude Month ago

    0:37 music?

  • Alex Alcantar
    Alex Alcantar Month ago

    2:39 says electrode, is the next one

  • Isaac
    Isaac Month ago


  • BlockMaster
    BlockMaster Month ago

    1:19 its the smash ball... dumbass >:(

  • WheezyJes _
    WheezyJes _ 2 months ago

    Palkia appears... BUTTERFREE

  • Motivational Hat
    Motivational Hat 2 months ago

    i have mastered both fight me i have parsec and cemu

  • Roberto Ibarra
    Roberto Ibarra 2 months ago

    Happy almost 2019

  • Aiden
    Aiden 2 months ago

    But Casual doesn't exist

  • Adhish Raakulan
    Adhish Raakulan 2 months ago

    *"wait yasuos in this game?!"*

  • Aquinn21
    Aquinn21 2 months ago

    Literally when my parents walk in they hear causal is so sexual

  • Samuel Cho
    Samuel Cho 2 months ago

    13% win rate...

  • Mr sniper 5675
    Mr sniper 5675 2 months ago +1

    Damn 1 mil views congrats

  • Zeval
    Zeval 2 months ago

    13% win rate.

  • david pilemalm ahlström


  • God
    God 2 months ago

    WOW.... Cool guy

  • Nator Gator142
    Nator Gator142 2 months ago

    Electrode came right after he sang it

  • Manzanito :3
    Manzanito :3 2 months ago

    Competitive smash: martial arts tournaments.
    Casual smash:street fights with no rules, nothing that stop others to cheat, everthing is out of your control and your knowledge about martials arts won't help you a lot to survive.

  • Scub
    Scub 2 months ago

    tbh I’m a mix of both

  • Epic Terry
    Epic Terry 2 months ago

    I hate playing online bc of the lag

  • KitKat Kid
    KitKat Kid 2 months ago

    I play casual. COMPETITIVELY

  • Landmel’made
    Landmel’made 2 months ago

    Palkia is butterfree

  • L
    L 2 months ago +1

    0:25 is this why everyone smells at competitions?

  • Ceezi
    Ceezi 2 months ago +1

    i like how the rap does electrode and then the next one is actually electrode

  • MP Studios
    MP Studios 2 months ago

    You got that sweet 13% win rate

  • SomeOtherYoshi
    SomeOtherYoshi 2 months ago

    2:45 butterfree got buffed

  • SuperMarioFanlox
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  • X Man/ Sky Guy
    X Man/ Sky Guy 2 months ago

    This always happens to me... even though I'm a casual player... who only uses the smash ball in matches

  • dude_uli
    dude_uli 2 months ago

    Dragonite *eevee*

  • akatobias
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    PRAISE ATUA 2 months ago

    I always play for fun i went on for glory once and got rekt by a cloud and bayonetta

  • Le Show de Mirai Toad
    Le Show de Mirai Toad 2 months ago

    3:02 True Combo

  • Le Show de Mirai Toad
    Le Show de Mirai Toad 2 months ago

    2:14 Toon Lucina :D 😂

  • VictorSora135
    VictorSora135 3 months ago


  • anchuto
    anchuto 3 months ago +1

    Casual is the way the game is supposed to be played, competitive players are doing it wrong.

    • Sickle
      Sickle 24 days ago

      Yeah, because it's not like Smash is a game of OPTIONS.

  • The True Blue Blur
    The True Blue Blur 3 months ago

    13% *Win rate*

  • Super M4R10
    Super M4R10 3 months ago

    Im not good enough for for glory

    • Super M4R10
      Super M4R10 2 months ago

      I never said you couldn't lol

    • Vindingus
      Vindingus 2 months ago

      I'm not either but that doesn't mean I still can't play For Glory

  • Cheriable
    Cheriable 3 months ago

    Ya know, I feel like the title should be the other way around

  • Lewd Pink Gold Peach
    Lewd Pink Gold Peach 3 months ago

    Why am i so bad at for glory?! 😔

  • TheReal Skullz
    TheReal Skullz 3 months ago

    I watched this video at school then it said the f word and I got in trouble lel

  • Bossitronio2014
    Bossitronio2014 3 months ago

    Butterfree! *[Palkia spawns]*

  • Lakikakku
    Lakikakku 3 months ago

    It’s called *button mashing*

  • Imani Cartwright
    Imani Cartwright 3 months ago throw deodorant...away...that's nasty.

    • Alexander Sheffield
      Alexander Sheffield 2 months ago

      It's in reference to the fact that people tend to smell bad at tournaments

  • Jacob Nicolas - Central Peel SS (2522)

    LOL yasuo in next smash confirmed 2:25

  • SpookTunes
    SpookTunes 3 months ago

    Yo its the pokerap

  • Seb’s show
    Seb’s show 3 months ago

    2:43 oh yes that is a dragonite

  • SwigtimeFoxy
    SwigtimeFoxy 3 months ago

    You could’ve got electrode right, but you didn’t.

  • StupidCerberus 25000
    StupidCerberus 25000 3 months ago

    So glad you used the pokerap

  • Kai Inkorporated
    Kai Inkorporated 3 months ago

    Apparently Palkia is butterfree XD

  • MikoL? Boi
    MikoL? Boi 3 months ago

    R.I.P Poke Rap...
    Also, why does Ash look so weird in Sun and Moon?

  • Dean Pikoulos
    Dean Pikoulos 3 months ago

    2:38 who got annoyed when electrode was shown after his name was said

  • Lunaley
    Lunaley 3 months ago

    Gardevoir as Gastly 😂🤣

  • Avery Patrick
    Avery Patrick 3 months ago

    Ugh this roster looks so small

  • Ninja jack 64
    Ninja jack 64 3 months ago

    I play for glory because when I play for fun everyone just stand still and end up winning. I like for glory even though I’m a casual player

  • Nintendo Boy
    Nintendo Boy 3 months ago

    For Fun is supposed to be For Fun in For Fun is for people who don't care about being the best and just want to have a good time.

  • Flaming X
    Flaming X 3 months ago

    Introspektive: “Thanks Pokerap, I know all of them now!”
    Palkia: *casually flips the whole world upside down*

  • Fluffy
    Fluffy 3 months ago

    "competitive smashers"

  • said gamerpro
    said gamerpro 3 months ago

    How to NOT learn how to play casual smash

  • Pokemaster Charlie
    Pokemaster Charlie 3 months ago

    * Pokerap Begins *
    *Moves directly to electrode*

  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas Martin 3 months ago

    I play casual style...