• Published on Apr 19, 2020
    Today I play Total drama island on Roblox a survivor game based on the actual tv show total drama island
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  • Antacid
    Antacid 2 years ago +1098

    It's actually crazy how close this game was to the actual show. Owen and Gwen were almost the last 2 people left, Owen wins, and people even seemed to be acting their part as if they were really the character.

    • axolotl
      axolotl Day ago

      @Jasmine Soliman I think they meant the show

    • axolotl
      axolotl Day ago

      @Antacid I think they meant the show

    • Astrogig
      Astrogig 2 months ago

      @• n o o d l e • m o o n • You spoiled it for yourself by reading comments before watching the video.

    • Goalless Madeline
      Goalless Madeline 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, like Izzy sending hearts to Owen

    • Jasmine Soliman
      Jasmine Soliman 4 months ago

      @Narancia Ghirga what did you think the comments would be about?

  • Bubble from BFB
    Bubble from BFB 5 months ago +106

    Fun Fact: Duncan in this video was the last one safe in every elimination ceremony he was in until he got eliminated.

    • Pumpimated
      Pumpimated 4 days ago


    • Chocsise
      Chocsise 8 days ago

      Bubbles yt account has been found

    • itzmintyfresh
      itzmintyfresh 14 days ago

      times I but that's never seems to happen to me and never has first of all it's supposed to be a joke not to say that's she shouldn't have fans ok?

    • name time
      name time 14 days ago

      @itzmintyfresh bro there are people with no videos with fans, the amount of content doesn't dictate having fans

    • • Lemon •
      • Lemon • 23 days ago


  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust 3 months ago +73

    this... this is the most happy and positive i've ever seen albert. like wow, he's genuinely having a great time. he's being nice to people, he's being supportive when needed, and harsher to people who are in the "letting down" stage of the game, he's excited, you can hear it in his voice every time he pops off.. i'm happy with this albert. the happy, supportive, excitable albert. not the egotistic, depressed, ragey albert. the normal albert. i know, i'm tallking out of my rear end here, since this is the first comment i've made on this channel ever, but like... wow, i genuinely smiled for him. happiness in others brings out happiness in me. it's just so gratifying to see him have a good time. i know we all watch him for the funny hahas but... it makes me happy seeing him this happy about a tdi game, seeing him just palling around with other players. i really hope to see this kind of albert in the future. i want to see him this happy more often than not. i like it when he's serious, when he's being funny for the video, for the content, i like seeing him all spooked by games, but this is something we all seldom see in his videos. love you guys, hope you're all well, even with everything the world's coming to. stay safe, peace out.

    • Kate
      Kate 2 months ago +5

      Same but I’m not even watching alberts new videos I’m watching the older ones because of it

    • Avocado Suppliers
      Avocado Suppliers 3 months ago +5

      honestly same, i get bored when i see albert rage, and actually entertained when he's having fun.

  • MelkuOriginal
    MelkuOriginal 2 months ago +25

    Reasons why this is one of favorite videos of Flamingo.
    1. The people in the server was very entertaining. Like they weren’t use saying one or two words.
    2. Although Flamingo was ‘faking’ it, it was nice seeing everyone say sweet things to eachother.
    3. The game is pretty fun!

  • Danganronpa_Obsessed #roadto80 #PrayForUkraine

    I remember I started so much drama unintentionally in this game! All I remember is I was Izzy and I was in an alliance with Lindsay and Heather, and they falsely accused me of betraying them. I then started screaming. They then accused me of bullying, so I started screaming even more, eventually, everyone voted me out.

  • Govin288
    Govin288 2 years ago +1023

    Albert: “I remember a episode were Owen sucked at doge ball.” In the episode: Owen literally dominates for most of the game

  • Kristy McKenzie
    Kristy McKenzie 5 months ago +3

    I really enjoyed this video because you could tell Albert didnt want to get voted out, and when he found out he got a marshmallow you could tell he was genuinely excited and grateful

  • vibes
    vibes 5 months ago +13

    the way his attitude instantly changes as soon as he wins 😭😭😭

  • 𝐫𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐫𝐢
    𝐫𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐫𝐢 3 months ago +2

    the fact that albert said “i think i remember an episode where owen sucked at dodgeball” but owen was literally a GOD at dogdgeball.

  • jxlly_pan_
    jxlly_pan_ 4 months ago +1

    I love seeing Albert happy it makes me happy

  • logga
    logga 2 years ago +2619

    This video:
    1% Game
    99% Albert talking about how attractive the cast is

  • Get monked
    Get monked 5 months ago +1

    Flamingo you can cheer me up when I’m sad and can put a smile on my face I really like your channel keep up the great work

  • Renae Forrey
    Renae Forrey 3 months ago

    I love how confused everyone is after he wins and then she still friends him-

  • Pedro Jimbo
    Pedro Jimbo 4 months ago +9

    Man, I really do miss old flamingo . ;”) Good times…

  • Phaez
    Phaez 3 months ago +1

    Albert takes this game into reality...his reactions are quite intreeding.

  • Blank_Toxic
    Blank_Toxic 8 months ago +727

    1. Act kind to EVERYONE. On the other team or not, you gotta be kind. Because if they get voted off or it gets to the solo rounds, you want then to be on your side when they become the Jury.
    2. Never try to be first, or else people will try to vote you off in the end for being too much of a challenge to win against.
    3. YOU vote the ones winning the challenges, because in the end, you’ll be up against bad players and give it your all to win.
    4. Always act like you don’t know who to vote, but then vote someone you don’t want around. Then nobody will hold any grudges against you for voting them because they don’t know who it was.

    • Hamon boi
      Hamon boi 14 hours ago

      I never got voted off for being real

    • NotASomebody
      NotASomebody 7 days ago

      I think I’d try voting someone who might be on your side, because they’d pick you to win

    • Hei BK201
      Hei BK201 17 days ago

      @Version_Object depends on the situation

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 3 months ago +2

    “Nice bald spot Cody”- Albert
    The man has spoken

  • •Kagami Simp•
    •Kagami Simp• 2 months ago +1

    "I remember how Owen sucked at dodgeball"
    Owen:Literally rushing round 2

  • Abbie_duhh
    Abbie_duhh 2 months ago +3

    I love when Albert screams of excitement whenever he gets a Marshmallow!

  • Danganronpa_Obsessed #roadto80 #PrayForUkraine

    Izzy hitting on you was a complement. Izzy was the best character! She was so hilarious!

  • A is For Apple
    A is For Apple 7 days ago +1

    "All people are nothing but tools. It doesn't matter how it's done. It doesn't matter what needs to be sacrificed. In this world, winning is everything. As long as I win in the end...That's all that matters."

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 2 months ago

    Can we just agree that Albert can make us traumatized?

  • Lunii
    Lunii 4 months ago +1

    I love how albert just voted Beth for being nice because he thought it was fake. But in the end he accepted her friend request XD.

  • Den
    Den 4 months ago

    19:10 albert being happy makes my day

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight 11 months ago +833

    “If I don’t win, I lose.”- Albert Truer words have never been spoken before.

    • xX6olxiesxX Studio
      xX6olxiesxX Studio Month ago

      But didn’t mikasa say that in AOT?

    • Im Muffin
      Im Muffin 2 months ago

      @SophieTheLazy yes

    • SophieTheLazy
      SophieTheLazy 2 months ago

      breathing is when you breath - me. is that truer?

    • Im Muffin
      Im Muffin 3 months ago +1

      @Sero more like zero no because last night you kissed me

    • Sero more like zero
      Sero more like zero 3 months ago +1

      If I kiss someone will it hurt?😩🥺

  • gacha_games_#2
    gacha_games_#2 Month ago

    Tbh, my favorite part was def when Gwen said “Jinx! Knock on wood!” And Albert said “she just starts slamming Beth against a tree” 😂

  • Ms. Umbrella
    Ms. Umbrella 14 days ago +1

    Funfact: this is how i started watching total drama, and i came here to thank you

  • SS27
    SS27 4 months ago +1

    Replace Beth with Heather, you make the tdi final 4, replace Gwen with Courtney, you get the tda final 5

  • S1mpSl4y3r
    S1mpSl4y3r Month ago +1

    "Heather was a babe.... No wait I actually hated Heather" that's some serious character development right there 💀💀💀

  • Sheeway
    Sheeway 2 years ago +546

    Albert: I can’t see who lives or who dies.
    Literally everyone watching: Neither can we.

    • - wren -
      - wren - Month ago

      @KweenKassidea i don’t care if this was two years ago i just wanted to say i literally thought the same thing

    • •• Jack Flamingo ••
    • Moonziii
      Moonziii 2 years ago

      IRR_LVNT I thought my screen was broken

    • KweenKassidea
      KweenKassidea 2 years ago +1

      "Who lives who dies who tells your story" I'm crying now hold on

  • Dem
    Dem 2 months ago

    8:40 had some action gameplay there, although he almost won.

  • Clark Pearson
    Clark Pearson 4 months ago

    8:28 no he was very good at it then the WHOLE other team started attacking him to get him out

  • Shaler Paul
    Shaler Paul 4 months ago +1

    I've never seen Albert so happy in a video

  • Karl Caton
    Karl Caton 5 months ago

    4:53 made me laugh really hard

  • salma a
    salma a 7 months ago +478

    I love how Albert laughs during videos having fun and hes doing it to entertain us, he really works hard and us fans need to show appreciation.

    • Valiant D’arktanyan
      Valiant D’arktanyan 12 days ago +1

      @XxSAVAGExX and yes he does work hard so just stop… just… stop.

    • FluffyKittyzz
      FluffyKittyzz 21 day ago


    • XxSAVAGExX
      XxSAVAGExX 2 months ago +1

      He does not work hard he lives the best life with admin commands🤣😂😂

  • Frogs_Are_Cool
    Frogs_Are_Cool 2 months ago

    I love how Albert dosent have an intro and just starts talking

  • Gary Buyak
    Gary Buyak 4 months ago

    Good job albert!!!!!!!! also i love you laugh when your happy.

  • Gabbie Vega
    Gabbie Vega 2 months ago

    I love how Albert is always celebrating when he gets a marshmellow its like he never got one😂

  • B Á Ç K  R Ø Ø M  F Ø Ø T Ā G Ę

    At the end he made me laugh soo hard 🤣

  • wolfpoly
    wolfpoly 2 years ago +171

    Owen: "What."
    Geoff: "Oh, sorry."
    Geoff" "Should I go?"
    Owen: "No, it's okay."
    Geoff: "Sorry about earlier."
    Owen: " Me too, lets start over."
    *Both shake hands*

    • wolfpoly
      wolfpoly 28 days ago

      @Saphira Dzioba Just realized that lollll

    • Saphira Dzioba
      Saphira Dzioba 28 days ago


    • Furrball
      Furrball 2 months ago

      @Dalia Arthy ?

    • Dalia Arthy
      Dalia Arthy 2 years ago

      Guys read it backwards

    • omgblex
      omgblex 2 years ago +1

      🐺 ikr

  • BarneyThEDoGe
    BarneyThEDoGe 3 months ago

    16: dj
    15: Eva
    14: izzy
    13: Ezekiel
    12: courtney
    11: Geoff
    10: cody
    9: tyler
    8: trent
    7: noah
    6: heather
    5: harold
    4: duncan
    3: gwen
    2: beth
    1: owen

  • Squirrel_Slapper
    Squirrel_Slapper 2 months ago

    This got me into total drama island. I owe you one, Albert.

  • ApplyingFast
    ApplyingFast 3 months ago +1

    Congratulations on 20M!

  • gloss.x.brooke
    gloss.x.brooke 4 months ago

    Owen lowkey actually won the game!

  • シ
     Year ago +119

    If only Izzy knew she was talking to a 23 year old man with a girlfriend 💀💀
    Edit: thanks for the likes!

  • 𝐫𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐫𝐢

    i just like the way albert pronounces “killer bass” its so funny, like its not pronounced like “killer base” its pronounced like “killer bas”

  • InsertName
    InsertName 5 months ago +6

    Cody’s literally predicted the future as he was leaving on the boat 😂

  • Sophia Recinos
    Sophia Recinos 5 months ago

    You always make my day and night I always watch you i love you’re videos!♡

  • UnderCode
    UnderCode 5 months ago

    8:25 funny thing is I just finished watching the total drama action series and I remeber the episode a bit. Apparently owen was a ABSOULOUTE legend and got like 6 people out.

  • Logan Durant
    Logan Durant Year ago +1345

    Accepting ideas!
    Order of events:
    Albert picked Owen
    Owen joined the team called "slimey snails"
    The challenge jump off a cliff is selected
    Alberts team wins
    Geoff and Beth drama
    DJ was eliminated
    New challenge climb a cliff is selected
    Alberts team wins
    Izzy gets annoying
    Beth, Geoff, and Owen drama is settled
    Eva gets eliminated
    Spleef challenge
    Killer bass wins
    First-time slimey snails were UFE
    Albert tells people to vote for Izzy
    Izzy gets eliminated
    An obby challenge is selected
    Killer bass lost
    Courtney gets eliminated
    Albert is an idiot
    Dodgeball challenge
    Killer bass wins
    Cody gets eliminated
    Dodgeball again
    Killer bass wins again
    Trent gets eliminated
    Heather wins the challenge
    Noah gets eliminated
    Owen wins the challenge
    Heather is eliminated
    Owen wins the challenge
    Harold gets eliminated
    Owen wins the challenge
    Duncan gets eliminated
    Owen wins the challenge
    First one vote difference
    Gwen is eliminated
    Final 2
    Owen wins it
    If it was outlaster:
    Team wins: Owen
    Merge wins: Owen
    Least votes: Beth and Owen
    Most votes: Beth
    Most eliminations: Beth
    Most team votes: Beth
    Most merge votes: beth
    Most drama causing: Owen
    Most work for the team: Owen and Beth
    Beth wins
    Elimination ceremonies
    Round 1 ( killer bass)
    ✔ = safe
    ❌ = eliminated
    Noah: ✔
    Eva: ✔
    Tyler: ✔
    Ezekiel: ✔
    Heather: ✔
    Gwen: ✔
    Courtney: ✔
    DJ: ❌
    Round 2 (killer bass)
    (Ezekiel left)
    Noah: ✔
    Heather: ✔
    Gwen: ✔
    Courtney: ✔
    Tyler: ✔
    Eva: ❌
    Round 3 (slimey snails)
    Owen: ✔
    Round 4 (killer bass)
    Heather: ✔
    Round 5 (slimey snails)
    Round 6 (slimey snails)
    Round 7 (everyone)
    ✅ = immunity
    Round 8 (everyone)
    Round 9 (everyone)
    Round 10 (everyone)
    Round 11 (everyone)
    Round 12 (jury)
    Beth: ❌
    Please like, I spent a long time making this
    every time someone was an idiot (including Albert)
    5:00 (Albert)
    8:15 (Albert)
    9:52 (Cody)
    10:38 (Albert)
    most popularity
    1. Owen
    2. Gwen
    3. beth
    4. Ezekiel (he left but he was liked by his team)
    5. Duncan
    6. Harold
    7. Heather (also left but liked)
    8. Noah
    9. Trent
    10. Izzy
    11. Geoff (Meh but left)
    12. Tyler
    13. Courtney
    14. Eva
    15. DJ
    16. Cody
    if I'm missing anyone tell me
    Team popularity:
    Slimey snails:
    1. Owen
    2. Beth
    3. Duncan
    4. Harold
    5. Trent
    6. Noah
    7. Izzy
    8. Geoff
    9. Cody
    Killer bass
    1. Gwen
    2. Ezekiel
    3. Heather
    4. Tyler
    5. Courtney
    6. Eva
    7. DJ
    Highest ranking team (closest to getting the win from players): Slimey snails
    Recommended: characteristics
    Owen: character : thick and cool
    username : flimflam
    Beth: character: social and weird
    username: Candyrudy016
    Gwen: character: emo and awkward
    Username: AMORYBLAZE
    Duncan: character: odd and helpful
    Username: Unknown
    Harold: character: nice
    Username: Unknown
    Heather: character: quiet and helpful
    Username: Unknown
    Noah: character: useless
    Username: Unknown
    Trent: character: quiet and useless
    Username: Unknown
    Cody: Character: mean and a savage
    The max length of a comment hits here, shame

    • Rui Pereira
      Rui Pereira Month ago

      POV:You have a bunch of time on your hands

    • Puzzled Penguin
      Puzzled Penguin 2 months ago

      Well, it took me several minutes, but I got the users of every character involved here, don't bother asking why, I was bored. It was real complicated observation and such, but yeah. Here they are:
      Owen - rockeybot999 (aka Flamingo)
      Beth - Candyrudy016
      Gwen - AMORYBLAZE
      Duncan - BasicallyEmber
      Harold - nevaehhhannniscool
      Heather - ParvatiShallows
      Noah - s2rr
      Trent - Nikio10
      Cody - KidzBoppingKaren
      Tyler - NiceAriana247
      Courtney - acandelaria42
      Izzy - potatojordan1024
      Ezekiel - littledec123
      Eva - kittyslovelyhome2
      DJ - DhruvDog12

    • Jennifer Jarman
      Jennifer Jarman 2 months ago

      "Everybody being an idiot. Including Albert."
      I CAN'T-

    • Ali abdul
      Ali abdul 3 months ago

      Geoff left round 5

    • Helenmarie Stokes
      Helenmarie Stokes 4 months ago

      @Peter Phamif people don't want to get spoiled then dont go in the comments

  • Molten
    Molten 3 months ago

    Who else thinks that this is one of the best flamingo videos to this date? Like all the players were talking a lot and it is so entertaining to watch no matter how many times you’ve already watched it.

  • Bee 🐝
    Bee 🐝 24 days ago

    I love the fact that you kept calling the other team “Killer Base” when it’s “Killer bass” 💀💀

  • Kylie
    Kylie 2 months ago

    beth at the end: “yay good job for winning!”
    owen: “DIE!”

  • Doggo
    Doggo 23 days ago

    Your laugh genuinely made me feel happy

  • Yousef Abbud
    Yousef Abbud 2 years ago +252

    Cody was right lol, Albert lied to everyone on the team so he wouldn't get voted off. *And that's why we all love him*

  • Dexikitti
    Dexikitti 4 days ago

    Every time Albert sees his name in the ceremony,
    He's a child again

  • Definitelyhasfriendsyt
    Definitelyhasfriendsyt 4 months ago +3

    Gwen: "Nope."
    Gwen again: "I went afk."

  • •itsamee•
    •itsamee• 3 months ago

    Albert's mood swings at the end tho 💀

  • Kokichi's Grape Soda
    Kokichi's Grape Soda 3 months ago

    I doubt Albert has seen any season besides Season 1, and he'd probably hate Gwen and Courtney if he at least watched Season 2.

  • MarkulusRift
    MarkulusRift 2 years ago +127

    Owen didn't suck at dodgeball, he destroyed everybody on the other team, except harold

    • Astro copjr8
      Astro copjr8 2 years ago

      @MCBlazeHunter wouldv'e been funnier if it was harold bc in the show in the final match Harold caught Owens ball

    • Akimbo
      Akimbo 2 years ago


    • MCBlazeHunter
      MCBlazeHunter 2 years ago +2

      Funny how Albert ended up being beat by the one person left then

    • Astro copjr8
      Astro copjr8 2 years ago +4

      yeah harold dodged and caught

  • William Nelson
    William Nelson 3 months ago +1

    Don’t know how but I managed to beat total drama island on my first try

  • ton
    ton 2 months ago


  • Hassan Atris
    Hassan Atris 4 months ago

    4:56 one of the funniest moments!

  • mr castle
    mr castle 5 months ago

    Fun fact: Beth and Owen were the winners in the first two seasons also when flamingo died in dodge ball there was a problem of recording

  • KDH RC's
    KDH RC's Year ago +230

    Fun Fact : In the actual show Izzy never got eliminated, she was chased down by the “RCMP” but she was able to out run them and escape into the forest, and made Friends with the Beavers!
    Follow up Fun Fact : Izzy was First chased down by the RCMP in : Season 1, Ep. 8, “Up the Creek”. Then in : Season 1, Ep 15, “No Pain, No Game” : Both Izzy and Eva came back to the Island, as of Viewer Request. Finally in : Season 1, Ep 20, “Wawanakwa Gone Wild!” Izzy was Eliminated and Disappeared into thin air with what looked to be a Pink Smoke bomb???
    Edit : Wow I have never gotten this many likes 😳

    • Izzy
      Izzy Year ago


    • Jro pro
      Jro pro Year ago

      Spoiler alert xd y

    • Tyler's Clash_KEKW
      Tyler's Clash_KEKW Year ago

      ruined comment

    • Christy Wessel Powell
      Christy Wessel Powell Year ago +2

      Gurl like it or not ur spitting some facts

    • crémetsu
      crémetsu Year ago

      If Izzy didn’t “come back” she would still be in the finals (technically) with Owen o,o

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson Month ago

    I'm pretty sure Owen was the one who dominated at dodgeball but got hit at the last second and got, like, knocked out.

  • Niko_Network
    Niko_Network 4 months ago +1

    I like how he gets so exited whenever he gets a marshmallow

  • ✨Simply..Bella✨
    ✨Simply..Bella✨ 4 months ago

    I love how Albert ask like a 6 year old IPad kid when he wins or is safe! LOL

  • DerpyLemon OnYT
    DerpyLemon OnYT 4 months ago +2

    15:54 the 2 finalists of island and action… what are the chances?!?!

  • Mishti
    Mishti 6 months ago +340

    i have respect for everybody in this server.. they were so nice about it! and i love everything they do-

    • Chan
      Chan 10 days ago

      *Izzy in the back*

    • 🌸Akai🌸
      🌸Akai🌸 2 months ago

      @SHADZ you can like

    • Sero more like zero
      Sero more like zero 3 months ago

      Are you sure you’re not Beth from the video???! Ur to nice for this video

    • Mishti
      Mishti 3 months ago

      @Imaginebeingemo hm

    • Imaginebeingemo
      Imaginebeingemo 3 months ago +1

      One of the girls were an online dater? Albert is so old the girl is prob 5 😕

  • A snake
    A snake Month ago +1

    I LOVE THIS VID SO MUCH! Theres so much drama and the friendship finale is just the best

  • •{Shroom}•
    •{Shroom}• 3 months ago

    I love how he is so sweet just so he can win and as soon as he can mean again he is so mean it’s so funny!

  • Sarah Matheny
    Sarah Matheny 4 months ago

    If Chris was replaced with Albert I honestly think there wouldn't be a difference

  • Gamer Of Gamers
    Gamer Of Gamers 2 months ago

    Imagine him getting admin and changing the whole game to like “rock climb and fall to your doom for robux”

  • Bronco bohmer
    Bronco bohmer Year ago +431

    Let’s be real if Cody just kept his mouth shut Albert would have gone after dodgeball

  • Valino™
    Valino™ 3 months ago

    "if i don't win , i lose"' - wise true albert words

  • yoonsmaid
    yoonsmaid 3 months ago

    Who else feels likes Albert doesn’t actually remember what happened in the show and just guessing the characters personality’s by there looks

  • KoreanPop Industry
    KoreanPop Industry 5 months ago

    Also Flamingo: "Alright, I'll accept your friend request, she was really nice"

  • Iszrafiel
    Iszrafiel 5 months ago

    this actually follows the plot because Owen won in the real show

  • A Geek's Gamestream
    A Geek's Gamestream 6 months ago +190

    It's no coincidence that Owen & Beth got the same ranks they got in the original Canadian version of the show (despite it being in different seasons), Owen came in 1st in the Canadian version of ''Total Drama Island'' (Gwen in 2nd), & Beth in 2nd in the Canadian version of ''Total Drama Action'' (Duncan in 1st).

    • Astrogig
      Astrogig Month ago +1

      @Family Account Well considering that the show is 13 years old, that's on you if you haven't watched it.

    • Family Account
      Family Account Month ago

      dont spoil candian tda:(

    • PotassiumArtz
      PotassiumArtz 2 months ago

      @Astrogig oh, I see

    • Astrogig
      Astrogig 2 months ago +3

      @PotassiumArtz it's different depending on where you live, like in places in europe and asia it will be Gwen winning and Beth, while everywhere else like Australia, Canada and US it is Owen, and Duncan, and because the show is originally made in canada, Owen and Duncan are the true winners.

    • My123mon
      My123mon 3 months ago +2

      I saw the version where Beth won

  • Foxy Boy
    Foxy Boy 4 months ago +1

    Albert: The other team is like, so bad, they just go, “ByE *AvA*”
    Game dev: Let’s not get copyrighted, and rename Eva Ava!

  • SS27
    SS27 4 months ago +3

    ‘Courtney was so nice’
    Uhhhh, who’s gonna tell him

    • Terrence
      Terrence Month ago

      ya she always calls for her lawyer

  • mini minti
    mini minti Month ago

    How to win the game: play it nice 😏

  • Lazepic
    Lazepic 5 months ago

    Alberts elimination videos are actually so good

  • Music Ddx
    Music Ddx 2 years ago +64

    Albert being genuinely happy when strangers don’t vote him out

  • Cow girl Avery
    Cow girl Avery 5 months ago

    I’ve never seen him so competitive

  • DragonsDreams
    DragonsDreams 3 months ago

    Albert is encouraging himself it’s so cute

  • Dr xD
    Dr xD 3 months ago +1

    ahh... I missed the old days where we could't have to wear mask's....

  • Luca Esposito
    Luca Esposito 2 months ago

    Owen really did a Alejandro Move, Villain wins, we need more Wins like that

  • Butterscotch The wolfu
    Butterscotch The wolfu 2 years ago +229

    “Courtney was so nice!”
    Courtney literally sued the show and got seriously unfair advantages just because she wasnt featured on season 2
    She also forces Duncan to memorize and entire Like 35 page essay on everything he had to change if they had to work together and showed signs of manipulation
    But yeah Courtney was so sweet

    • Butterscotch The wolfu
      Butterscotch The wolfu 2 years ago

      • Honey Buzz • dude you had enough time it’s your fault you didn’t watch it

    • amb
      amb 2 years ago


    • kizzy k
      kizzy k 2 years ago

      @im a scorpio 👎

    • -M o o n l e t t e-
      -M o o n l e t t e- 2 years ago

      @alyx ♡ same ~_~♥

    • Axngel
      Axngel 2 years ago

      @Butterscotch The wolfu ye u hav a fair point but i never watched season 2 soo.. u kinda spoiled it for me too

  • Crimson
    Crimson 5 months ago

    Duude! You uploaded this in my birthday! So cool :) Thank you for this birthday present Albert :)

  • ∙Anime_squad∙
    ∙Anime_squad∙ 4 months ago +1

    “I had a fat crush on Gwen but she looks bad here” just made me die laughing

  • Zylan Sandifer
    Zylan Sandifer 25 days ago +1

    The final four are literally the people who made it to the finals in season 1 and 2

  • Infant🇺🇦
    Infant🇺🇦 3 months ago

    “ If I dont win… I lose “ Albert 2020

  • Roblox Girl Gamers
    Roblox Girl Gamers 2 years ago +53

    Idea/Suggestion: Play one of those "slide down to win" games and when you get to the end, mess around with the gears and ruin the game for other people. (I wish I could word that better)
    Example: If there's a trail of balls, use it to cover the rest of the gears, or block the path of the rest of the remaining players with it.

  • Latte Moon
    Latte Moon 14 days ago

    8:23 quite the contrary. Owen was amazing at dodgeball!

  • Sam Holborow
    Sam Holborow 5 months ago

    I made a comment three years ago this was the first episode I watched of you and ever since I couldn’t stop bc ur so funny

  • NotASomebody
    NotASomebody 7 days ago

    Albert: the boat must’ve caught on fire and exploded
    The ocean: *am I a joke to you?*

  • Fauna
    Fauna 4 months ago +1

    Albert must not have watched season 3 because Owen and Izzy are together 😂

  • Rose
    Rose 2 years ago +405

    When Courtney said “bye” I felt that.

    • Bonaventure Okafor
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