Thousands of stolen parcels litter LA railway - BBC News

  • Published on Jan 15, 2022
  • Thousands of parcels have been scattered across the railway tracks in east Los Angeles.
    According to locals, thieves have been targeting trains, both moving and stationary, to try and steal packages.
    This section of railway is being cleared by Union Pacific who operate the line - they've had to do so multiple times over the last three months.
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  • Inam Ghafoor

    looking like a developing country right there

  • random name

    Seeing that humira pen was truly sad. That's life saving medicine for someone that costs thousands of dollars and sometimes a long battle with insurance to obtain :(

  • Inku Ing
    Inku Ing  +778

    This is baffling. I live in a developing country with cops that are famous of being useless but something like this is unimaginable. There must be something really wrong with the system if crimes of this scale keep happening with nothing done from the police or the government. Citizen's quality of life must be really horrible as well if so many people resort to petty crimes like this.

  • Velvet Rose

    In all my experience living in developing countries for many years, never have I ever lost a package. Only the usual issues. Either they send me a damaged or wrong item, but never lost it. This is insane.

  • acertainlistenerI

    As someone who's living in a third world country, I'm actually surprised that this happens in a first world country, in one of their most popular city at that.

  • Misceletric

    This is what happens when people who commit crimes aren’t held accountable and are ignored for so long the problem turns from a small spark to a wildfire.

  • Millynda Parvin

    This is disgusting not just for the thievery but for all the trash on the ground. No one cleaning it adds to the problem even more

  • Kevin Smith

    People of the world. There are no words for the embarrassment I have for the people of California. Especially L.A.

  • Gil Bang
    Gil Bang  +965

    Time to bring back armed guards for trains like in the old times.

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S  +203

    I left CA three years ago and it was the best decision I ever made.

  • Vitaliy Gyrya

    Having an issue for months before addressing it is a prime sign of failure. Not cleaning up the mess is the sign that the lessons were not and will not be learned.

  • Copper Aboriginies

    This is sick! Train robbers of items that people have paid for and are waiting for delivery. That’s a lot of packages on those tracks Damn.

  • An. tes
    An. tes  +5

    As someone who lives in LA I’m embarrassed this is being shown on the BBC for the rest of the world to see. Our Mayor Eric Garcetti clearly feels no shame as this is just a small piece of a larger crime spree problem that’s growing.

  • Red Cube
    Red Cube  +144

    Says a lot about how broken America is. Not only are there people who are so desperate that they need/want to steal from these trains every day. But also those in authority/the community are doing nothing to sort out the theft or the mess on the train line. From the outside, looking in, it looks more and more like a third world country.

  • SystemZ3RO
    SystemZ3RO  +714

    The news article fails to mention that Union Pacific cut jobs in 2020, including their security patrols. That area alone used to have 50-60 patrols, now its only down to 7.

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B  +35

    This seems incredibly suspicious; the LAPD is a huge and very well funded organization, and there are only so many freight rail lines in the entire city. Not to mention that freight trains are enormous, so ransacking one even with a relatively large group of conspirators isn’t exactly like grabbing a bag of chips from 7-11 and dashing out the door without paying. Monitoring these lines for and preventing theft should therefore be a trivial task.

  • kirin-rex
    kirin-rex  +96

    For those asking why no one cleans it up,

  • Kerry Pittington

    With the technology we have today, it would be easy to put a stop to this issue.

  • ryukiT3
    ryukiT3  +4

    I hope this developing country progresses soon. 😭 Poor citizens.

  • taran1900
    taran1900  +129

    People in California (most of them) have been indirectly voting for this kind of thing for decades. Electing the same kind of people over and over again and expecting stuff like this not to happen is insanity.