Here's How to Become a Car Dealer

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage  Year ago +423

    Guys, I know the sound sucks, believe me. I’ve spent literally thousands on microphones and sound recorders only to find I can’t figure out how to work them properly or they aren’t reliable. I don’t have a cameraman or a sound guy. I’ve never been much of a techie either.
    Currently my freshly purchased zoom recorder $$$$$ locks up when I try to format an SD card. And my very expensive Seinheuser microphones constantly have interference
    It also doesn’t help that it’s very windy in Kansas. I’ve really run out of ideas, and throwing money at the situation didn’t solve it...

    • Oliver R.
      Oliver R. 5 months ago

      Talk to tavarish

    • Neon TV
      Neon TV 6 months ago

      @Jimmy Grant I think you mean "I couldn't care less"

    • mustardymayo
      mustardymayo 8 months ago

      It is simple really, hire a sound guy to teach you how to do the sound correctly. You don't need lots of $ for gear, just a great technique.

    • Arc Mas
      Arc Mas 9 months ago

      Forgot to close your garage door.

  • Christian Carter
    Christian Carter 13 days ago

    I work at McDonald’s. 😂

  • Imran Rasooli
    Imran Rasooli 2 months ago

    Why the rich people had shit style?

  • Saugus center Taxi
    Saugus center Taxi 2 months ago

    Love this guy .. 🤙

  • ReCycle Spinning
    ReCycle Spinning 2 months ago

    Never did this..but>>> been self employed almost my whole life. Rule one buy the real estate where you sell..rule 2 no partners... if you have enough money you can finance the cars. Example: 1000 down on a 4000 dollar car. The money is in the financing.. PS . hire a good part time mechanic and safety check all the cars. Last rule... reputation...reputation ...reputation....

  • gary ba ba booey
    gary ba ba booey 3 months ago

    I love the show and battman has a good show to

  • Ruck Bogers
    Ruck Bogers 3 months ago

    I always shudder when I see people touching a PT Cruiser. Even years after the fact.

  • Lambo Brad
    Lambo Brad 4 months ago

    love your vids, stumbled on your channel recently, creative stuff!

  • Trump Nigga
    Trump Nigga 4 months ago

    First thing u have money

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 5 months ago

    train horn lol

  • gavin endsley
    gavin endsley 5 months ago

    My school is literally a train station. I feel your pain.

  • ironymatt
    ironymatt 5 months ago

    4:40 - 4:55 Porsche getting blown out of the water by a cement truck...

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator 5 months ago

    Ah yes,the old “I gotta talk to the wife” trick...I’ve used it a few times.

  • John M
    John M 6 months ago

    How to turn a small fortune into an even smaller fortune ;)

  • DID Arthur
    DID Arthur 6 months ago

    Wichitans are nuts on car prices. Dealers take bidding personal and always have buyers remorse. Within two weeks same cars end up at another auction

  • Phillip Loyal Book
    Phillip Loyal Book 7 months ago

    How'd you become a used car dealer

  • Lucian Spampinato
    Lucian Spampinato 7 months ago

    Your 911 looks like such a fun car to drive. I want one so bad.

  • Kamran Danish
    Kamran Danish 7 months ago

    load of rubbish talks and completely unless video.. alot stuff you have mixed with the video it seems like you don't know what are you talking about rubbish video

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 7 months ago

    Who you working with Hubcaps Lesh?

  • Nebekenezer Gnomegeezer

    Your in car microphone stinks, barely can hear you.

  • 07films
    07films 8 months ago

    I got my insurance question answered on this video. Thanks

  • Mach1 MustangGuy
    Mach1 MustangGuy 8 months ago

    You’re worse the. Me my man! I thought I was a masochist

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check 8 months ago

    Any wonder why a certain company avoided the entire shit show?

  • Matrick Galius
    Matrick Galius 8 months ago

    I’ll never be a car dealer

  • Michael W
    Michael W 8 months ago

    or become everoyones favorite, the curber.

  • Michael Ackerman
    Michael Ackerman 8 months ago

    Hey Hoov, thanks for this video. I was seriously considering investing about $10,000 into my first small car lot. I always wanted my own small car lot, but after this video you scared me straight. Thanks for saving me $10,000.

  • Collin Parsons
    Collin Parsons 9 months ago

    That's kinda scary that the dealers were willing to bid so high on the Rav4 with 2 accidents and a check engine light. You just know that they're going to try and hide the problems and get someone into that car with a likely high interest loan and they'll be screwed when the issues creap up again.

  • Zakariah Lafreniere
    Zakariah Lafreniere 9 months ago

    Porsche 911 getting passed by a cement truck4:55?? Ha ha ha ha.

  • Zakariah Lafreniere
    Zakariah Lafreniere 9 months ago

    Translation: I AM A LOSER.

  • István Gáspár
    István Gáspár 9 months ago

    My subwoofer just used 1 kWh during this video :D

  • TheBobbalu
    TheBobbalu 10 months ago

    Hey Tyler my name is Bob. I love watching your videos you make me and my wife laugh which isn't easy these days my wife is a cancer patient she has been for some time now and we've been going through some crazy times but when I say you make us smile it's not that easy I meant it when I said it Hope to see more of your work you videos are informational as well as entertaining we find them interesting just a lot fun to watch you make it look easy but I know it's hard work so just THANK YOU very much

  • Korbin Schoolfield
    Korbin Schoolfield 10 months ago

    Give her the beans

  • Dan of Bearwood
    Dan of Bearwood 10 months ago

    Sounds like home! You have good taste.

  • joe fattal
    joe fattal 10 months ago

    My new favourite channel.

  • AudieHolland
    AudieHolland 10 months ago

    So you're like a car junkie who has to keep selling cars so that he can keep buying cars for himself to fix? Gruesome.

  • Rick Allman
    Rick Allman 10 months ago

    Good, informative vid!

  • rabbitss11
    rabbitss11 10 months ago

    I'm none the wiser

  • amy macgregor
    amy macgregor 10 months ago

    I would take the f355 over that

  • Trife
    Trife 10 months ago

    He is so humble all he wants to do is break even

  • Appalachian Ridgerunners
    Appalachian Ridgerunners 10 months ago

    Your saying, If I go in to business, the first thing I need to finger out is, how to make it with out customers? Lol 😝 already then

  • Lee McCauley
    Lee McCauley 10 months ago

    I don't care about owning a lot and trying to sell cars for a living i just want the license for auctions.

  • DoN Mayor
    DoN Mayor 11 months ago

    very informative video, thanks.

  • Os A
    Os A 11 months ago

    1:57 I thought he said "a little pussy to motivate you to have a car¨ lol

  • DeviouS
    DeviouS 11 months ago

    lol.... That idiot will buy anything!

  • Musa Biyikli
    Musa Biyikli 11 months ago

    Have a rich daddy

  • nick parkin
    nick parkin Year ago

    first guy who bought from me bought two used stretch Limousines and I made $1500 as well. Its just beginners luck

  • Brian O'Neil
    Brian O'Neil Year ago

    The production value of this far outweighs its instructive value. Hope that's not an insult. You guys could make more as fictitious car guys for Hollywood than actually selling cars. The Hoovie character is straight out of that movie Bottle Rocket. Great stuff, and I am sure the lessons taught are true, just enjoying the entertainment.

  • Dave Gray
    Dave Gray Year ago

    Want to become a used car dealer and attend dealer only auctions. You don’t have to. I can show you how to become a licensed Auto Broker or Dealer Agent and you can work under a licensed auto dealer in Georgia and SC . Email:

  • Randomly
    Randomly Year ago

    Next video.
    I got a new car for 7k. It’s a jaguar.

    • Taylor
      Taylor 11 months ago

      I got 5 Jaguars for free. It's not that difficult. And he threw in a million dollars and a 250,000 square foot mansion on the beach.

  • P W
    P W Year ago

    This a masters class in starting (or not) a used car business; costs, costs, costs.

  • P W
    P W Year ago

    "Pray on it!" Gotta add that to the repertoire!

  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill Year ago

    Wheres the video on how I went broke as a used car dealer gone? I never got to watch it :(

  • dr34dh34d
    dr34dh34d Year ago


  • Drew Sneed
    Drew Sneed Year ago

    just found your channel, it's funnyaf man. what a hustle these mom and pop dealerships have to work

    CITYSCAPE333 Year ago

    This video explain why dealerships in this town are so over priced . Seriously man I had to drive all the way to OKC for a reasonable price point for my current car . Wichita for imports like Honda’s seem to always cost 3000 more then places like NJ or Texas .

  • Autobahn247
    Autobahn247 Year ago

    The Apollo 911 looks awesome from the side!

  • big ike
    big ike Year ago

    Did you get passed by a concrete truck, while driving a Porsche?

  • RICKS WORLD dereaux

    THIS IS A CRAPAUCION>>>no profit....go to texas,calif....or florida,,...

  • RICKS WORLD dereaux


  • RICKS WORLD dereaux

    YOU DOING OK WITH THAT BIG HOUSE>>>>tell that ferrytell to the IRS>>>>

  • AlmightyFSM
    AlmightyFSM Year ago

    great audio

  • Scott Meridew
    Scott Meridew Year ago

    How to move your arms around way too much. Very distracting

  • G Rider
    G Rider Year ago

    Luv ya work mate, only just tuned in of late great stuff

  • Eyan Curtis
    Eyan Curtis Year ago

    Lost focus when I noticed you on K96. Funny I came across this video randomly from the same are I live in

  • R3D-1 Truth
    R3D-1 Truth Year ago

    My Cadillac Escalade is in lot better shape...come on, you know you have just a bit interest ...mileage means nothing when we’ll taken care off. 2nd owner suv!!

  • TheSteelTech
    TheSteelTech Year ago

    Jeez....i can't believe dealers are paying that much. This has been pretty informative. Man the used car market is pretty screwed up right now.

  • Rapture Kicks
    Rapture Kicks Year ago

    I use to live right around here.. I mis it kinda. I Live in Cali now and I just said I miss Kansas lmao

  • A. H.
    A. H. Year ago

    I was very entertained watching this. Good vid.

  • Platinum Rose
    Platinum Rose Year ago +2

    🌹 I love how you discourage people from becoming dealers but you're STILL in it!! 😜LOL!!! You're also "broke" but have a ton of cars!! #iLoveCars #iLoveBeingADealer #DealerLife

    • suffolk6311
      suffolk6311 Month ago

      The internet auctions and Ebay motors have created much more competition. You must really think about it.

    • Smooth Operator
      Smooth Operator 5 months ago

      Platinum Rose These guys broke are what actual broke people call

  • Vag T
    Vag T Year ago +1

    Younger Jeremy Clarkson!Nice video

  • Matt Rieger
    Matt Rieger Year ago

    1 out of 10 is a very low closing ratio even for a beginner

  • Milan Djuricic
    Milan Djuricic Year ago

    I wish i had 14k i would totally buy it :D

    • Milan Djuricic
      Milan Djuricic Year ago

      I am in a similar situation, got a car, invested far to much in it, (didn't want to sell it to someone as a crap that it was), and now, there is no freaking way to sell it for a profit.

  • Pasidu At YoUtUbE
    Pasidu At YoUtUbE Year ago +1

    I’m Batman. 😂

  • south9563
    south9563 Year ago

    Step 1. Make youtube channelStep 2. Make money off ads.Step 3. Make shit load of money and be able to buy all sorts of cars and become a dealer

  • Brian The Explorer

    I’m crackman...i mean Batman

  • Medic311
    Medic311 Year ago

    i don't think anyone actually wants to be a car dealer, they just want access to auctions lol

  • Panic_Angelo
    Panic_Angelo Year ago

    *im batman*

  • mikixP
    mikixP Year ago

    What kind of auction let’s your start the car ?

  • Brian M
    Brian M Year ago

    Plasma TV lol

  • Crystal Bossi
    Crystal Bossi Year ago +1

    I live in Springfield Missouri not to fare from u

  • Kevin Duprey
    Kevin Duprey Year ago

    I'm guessing that Wisconsin is easier to do. Many people who didn't finish high school are running car lots !!????

  • Pete Davis
    Pete Davis Year ago

    @hoovies garage, what’s your view on the 2007 Lincoln Ultimate? I bought one a few months back as a family cruiser and have found its acceleration lacking a set of 🥜.

  • Sebastien L.
    Sebastien L. Year ago

    All I hear is reasons to not start a car dealership. Very strange way to give advice 😕

  • Carpe diem
    Carpe diem Year ago

    What about buying a used car with some work on it, repairing it yourself and making a profit that way. Repeat many times.

  • Brett Galdieri
    Brett Galdieri Year ago +2

    Lol. Pushed metal for 14years now im a local union worker. Stability is definitely better.

    • Grumpy Ken
      Grumpy Ken 6 months ago

      ha, 10 years here before I learned something useful. now I'm a welder. couldn't agree more.

  • 1C3 P1CK
    1C3 P1CK Year ago

    I have a PT with 196k. I see a lot of them with well over 200k and some near 300k

  • Robert Harvilla
    Robert Harvilla Year ago

    If you are scared away by a check engine light, then just bring a OBDII car diagnostic machine or adapter that can send signals to your phone. You can at least find out what the error codes are and if it's just an oxygen sensor or something really major. And then you reset the code so the next guy thinks it's fine and gets stuck with a huge repair bill. LOL

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin Year ago

    I'm sorry, but this looks like a miserable way to make money.

  • Edward Goose
    Edward Goose Year ago

    Dont be sneaky, you bought the Ferrari California didnt you?

  • toadstyle05
    toadstyle05 Year ago

    GIVE HER THE BEANS! -that's freakin fantastic man. going to be saying that for the next 30 days. you've all been warned.

  • Rus Finkel
    Rus Finkel Year ago

    Which Manheim is this?

    HEADS TAILS Year ago

    So he's a Gemini and can sell snow to an Eskimo...

  • Jay W
    Jay W Year ago

    Any chance you could do something for me bud? be very greatfull if you could, in your next video... rather than saying 23hundred dollers.. can you try two thousand eight hundred dollers? i would like to know if Americans can say the word Thousand... because I have never ever herd an American say that word.. I know I know its a huge challenge.. but have a go ;) just refer to me as ( The Dyslexic ) and I will know you mean me . Sound, nice one mukka! tallyhoe .. wot wot :)

    CEEPMDEE Year ago

    I once almost rolled a Land Rover Discovery, offroading it on a test drive. Returned it muddy. Good times.

  • francis cole
    francis cole Year ago

    Strike monitor admit talented segment permanent educator chop grandfather.

  • Ding Chavez
    Ding Chavez Year ago

    someone who gets his money from his rich ass parents, attempts to tell you how to be a stealer erm i mean dealer

  • Vision33r
    Vision33r Year ago

    My thing dealing with car dealers is to buy a car from them that they don't understand enough about it such as common issues that made the car appear to be unreliable or expensive to fix. Then I make them a low ball deal and they ran their calculators to see if it costs a lot to fix the issue and they will take my low ball offer. I go home and fix it myself for next to nothing.

  • Paul Sepich
    Paul Sepich Year ago

    This guy is addicted

  • C B
    C B Year ago


  • Joseph Panessidi
    Joseph Panessidi Year ago

    Repetitive hand motions are so distracting.