The Weird Side Of Amazon

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • What this Amazon doing? Why this is Amazon doing this? Haha and we talk about Jeremy Renner too ok
    also sorry this video is so dark and looks like an apology video or something we just moved and i don't know how to use my house yet
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 12 859

  • Depressed pita bread Studios

    _you own me the ride of my life_

  • Kathryn Shawn
    Kathryn Shawn 7 hours ago

    hearing you say the word daddy over and over gave me anxiety

  • *Andre*
    *Andre* 10 hours ago

    Why does this nigga make so many bangers

  • Gacha Brianna
    Gacha Brianna Day ago +1

    **daddy saddle ride intensifies**

  • strawberry 666
    strawberry 666 Day ago

    I thought the first part of the video was a add, but there was no skip button

  • Nikiardo
    Nikiardo Day ago

    The Jeremy Renner Amazon store is no longer available. You monster, leave my Jeremy boy alone already 😨.

    P.S It's a joke I don't actually care

  • Night Of Wishes
    Night Of Wishes Day ago

    _Everything said after he brought up the dad saddle was c u r s e d and should've never had been said._

  • husna
    husna Day ago

    daddy carriages 😂

  • Forzaly
    Forzaly Day ago

    2:15 i laughed so hard

  • Vincent Santangelo
    Vincent Santangelo 2 days ago

    you remind me of a young youtuber version of John Mulaney

  • karo-lion
    karo-lion 2 days ago

    for science I need to know if laura was another room listening to her husband screaming "pony up, daddy" at various levels of aggressiveness

    on another note, i absolutely d e s p i s e the word "daddle"

  • Gillian Noffert
    Gillian Noffert 2 days ago

    *_real state_*

  • Babi Babs
    Babi Babs 2 days ago

    I love how he had SO many opportunities to make the pony up daddy sentences dirty and about sex in general but didn't. So innocent. you go Danny. You go.

  • Steller RPGs
    Steller RPGs 2 days ago

    When it said saddle I immediately thought bondage

  • Sierra Jade
    Sierra Jade 2 days ago

    The best part of this is that cashel makes REAL saddles and tack for REAL horses.

  • Fire Fingers
    Fire Fingers 3 days ago


  • Stuff Of Sam
    Stuff Of Sam 3 days ago

    13:40 Danny is having way too much fun omfg

  • Explosive Cherry
    Explosive Cherry 3 days ago

    Pony up Danny

  • Sleeping Repurr
    Sleeping Repurr 3 days ago


  • LizzyGucci
    LizzyGucci 3 days ago

    is Jeremy Renner Canadian Tire

  • the.inkdeath
    the.inkdeath 4 days ago

    My little brother was paralyzed for a couple weeks because he was riding my dad like a horse and was bucked off..

  • sprite cranberry
    sprite cranberry 4 days ago

    i just imagined a 2 year old kid pointing a finger gun at a dad and yeling "pony up, daddy!!!!"

  • smiley• flower
    smiley• flower 4 days ago

    I am so tired of all of those ads for the turning popping up literally everywhere it’s making me insane

  • The Bunnies
    The Bunnies 4 days ago

    The daddy saddle lol 😆 I died of laughter 😂😅🤣

  • gavyn g
    gavyn g 4 days ago +1

    daddle saddle

  • hufsa
    hufsa 4 days ago

    where is the child?

  • S.A.M Unknown
    S.A.M Unknown 5 days ago

    Wait is that the guy from the marvel movies

  • Meegan Garrity
    Meegan Garrity 5 days ago

    Danny said “pony up, daddy” AJ *uncomfortable* amount of times in this video

  • Weird Person
    Weird Person 5 days ago +2

    So I’m a girl and my friend is a boy and we were talking about this video at school and I was making a joke and in the joke I said “pony up daddy” and everyone around us was like “wtf, what are they talking about”

  • ettanasf
    ettanasf 5 days ago

    Ok. The bdsm community has been doing the daddle forever!! lol

  • Kendall K
    Kendall K 5 days ago

    The happy dad was photoshopped--the lighting on his face is at the wrong angle

  • Aaron Pena
    Aaron Pena 5 days ago

    I watched with subtitles and when Danny said “can we play the game when your a horse” it showed “daddy can we play the game where your a whore”

  • tola the dutchie
    tola the dutchie 6 days ago

    Hi I'm *Greg young face* and I'm here to demonstrate the *pony up daddy* so *get on your knees daddys*

  • tola the dutchie
    tola the dutchie 6 days ago

    *pony up daddy*
    *cocks gun*

  • Sam Gold
    Sam Gold 6 days ago +1

    me: watches this video
    my parents: walk in
    danny: oooh yeah pOny up daddy

  • Daniel Lomas
    Daniel Lomas 6 days ago +1

    tbh this video has kind of a pedophile vibe...

  • Bryleebear Pointer
    Bryleebear Pointer 7 days ago

    Noticaions on 😊

  • Just a youtube commenter

    Oh my god this is the grain silo video

  • Arcanine-Espeon
    Arcanine-Espeon 7 days ago

    We put the SAD in SADDLE!

  • Arcanine-Espeon
    Arcanine-Espeon 7 days ago

    I hope that Drew got his 16000 (or whatever it was) fucking stars refunded

  • wizzaroot. The CRINGE Channel

    12:02 are we not gonna talk about how the dinosaur sequence has a fucking flaming meteor hurtling towards Earth?

  • Brianna Cotter
    Brianna Cotter 7 days ago

    "I'm gonna ride you around for hours...happy Father's day"

  • Elizabeth Nesinov
    Elizabeth Nesinov 7 days ago +1

    Yee haw? More like
    *nEe HaW* 😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Nesinov
    Elizabeth Nesinov 7 days ago

    I like the music in the beginning tho thats pretty cool lol
    And danny too, I guess.

  • Psycho Milk
    Psycho Milk 8 days ago

    Oh cool! I always wanted to ride my dad!

  • Tresus
    Tresus 8 days ago

    Yo I ripped and then he said ohh stinky😂

  • aye b0ss
    aye b0ss 8 days ago +1

    You can ride your dad.

  • A Random Account
    A Random Account 8 days ago

    “Why is there so many bows” hmm idk

  • auroraッ
    auroraッ 8 days ago


  • Ektatic
    Ektatic 8 days ago

    This whole "real Jeremy renner" reminds me if this weird chatroom i saw ages ago where evryone had the same name, that name being the creator of the chatroom and literally evryone was like "who's the real burey" burey was his name LMAO

  • Mya Reynoso
    Mya Reynoso 8 days ago

    I that intro tho ❤️🤣

  • rehana salim
    rehana salim 8 days ago

    Am I *bold*
    Am I _italic_
    Will you hold
    Something that rhymes with italic

  • Xenia Varoufaki
    Xenia Varoufaki 8 days ago

    i forgot that the rest of the video wasn't about Jeremy Renner and got so confused

  • Julia Boon
    Julia Boon 8 days ago

    “Yee haw on yer Pa” you missed a perfect opportunity there.

  • Nadine Hatbell
    Nadine Hatbell 9 days ago +1

    The intro tho,it just was kinda creepy at 5he end of it.Just my opinion

  • Artificial Idiot
    Artificial Idiot 9 days ago

    I hate Jeremy Renner's gaze

  • Chloe Alexandra
    Chloe Alexandra 9 days ago

    So when are we getting the Pony-Up Danny?

  • Movies Are Dope
    Movies Are Dope 9 days ago

    12:00 wow. They really have the comet that killed the dinosaurs in the background 😂

  • Movies Are Dope
    Movies Are Dope 9 days ago

    11:52 oh God please stop 😂

  • Bookie
    Bookie 9 days ago

    Oh gosh the strong sexual undertones in this one