Joe Rogan Experience #1398 - Lil Duval

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Lil Duval is a stand-up comedian and recording artist.

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  • teamJPCx3
    teamJPCx3 12 hours ago

    This might be rogan's best interview

  • 2DNoodles
    2DNoodles 22 hours ago

    This podcast was brought to you by Weed.

  • SomeGirlNamedJolene
    SomeGirlNamedJolene 23 hours ago

    Jville represent!!!!

  • A1 TV
    A1 TV Day ago

    When you 40 prepare for 60 that's deep.

  • Tydras
    Tydras Day ago

    duval legit looks like a south park character, tiny ass hands lol

  • Negus6
    Negus6 2 days ago

    Joe rogan makes people from around the world 🌍 To be comfortable being their true selfs beyond the labels careers degrees jobs etc

  • milkball
    milkball 2 days ago

    Chris Rock sounds way different than I remember...

  • michael castillo
    michael castillo 2 days ago

    No ones ever died or had permanent brain damage from acid. If they did, it’s wasn’t acid

    JUAN QUEZADA 2 days ago

    You know joe is high af when he forgets in a split second what point he was trying to make lol 1 of my favorite JRE so far!

  • carlos garcia
    carlos garcia 2 days ago

    This guy just speaks in idioms lol

  • hiddenkoncept08
    hiddenkoncept08 3 days ago

    Anybody got a link for that mine documentary?

  • mek0 Lo
    mek0 Lo 3 days ago

    Lil Duval from my home town and neighborhood in south Florida

  • Mario Zamarripa
    Mario Zamarripa 3 days ago

    In my opinion All the science is 100% true cause there’s evidence but spiritually and with my faith I believe god created me and eventually when I die I’ll go to hell or heaven depending on my decisions I took when in my body

  • Ethan Vowels
    Ethan Vowels 3 days ago

    Tornadoes be fuckin america up every year fam

  • Jorge Rivera
    Jorge Rivera 3 days ago

    Mexicans don’t get paid 2 dollars an hour. That’s ridiculous. Not enough people want to do manual or trade labor. Any tradesman makes more than double minimum wage papers or not.

  • Nikki ShayeB
    Nikki ShayeB 3 days ago

    18:15, Joe’s face when he says, “We are in the party bus.” 😂

  • Abraham Herrera
    Abraham Herrera 4 days ago

    They was high as hell 😂😂

  • dustmart84
    dustmart84 4 days ago

    Lil duval is legend. Interludes.

  • Currently procrastinating

    You got your facts all wrong about the Hong Kong protests, also you got the pro-protester, AKA western version of the news. News media doctored video clips (BBC, many American respected news companies), completely editing them out of context, it is shocking to see the blatant lies being spread about this. Nobody was extradited in Hong Kong, the law was drafted because of a murder committed by a Hong Kong citizen in Taiwan, the extradition bill was so they could send that guy to Taiwan to stand trail, but Taiwan is part of China, so extradition to Taiwan means extradition to China, but HK is part of China you ask? One country two systems, and supposedly there are rich and powerful people who don't want to be potentially extradited to China for Chinese laws that they broke, it became a kind of hysteria almost, it really is all fucking bullshit, and western countries are loving it, shitting all over China, current favorite enemy #1.

  • Las Martinez
    Las Martinez 4 days ago

    Do it for the culture


  • Smurphzilla BANGGANG this guy is brazy 😁😎🤔

  • Little Sister
    Little Sister 4 days ago +1

    ~a theory~
    Guys, in a sense, I think we may be aliens. *hear me out*
    In reference to the zodiac signs, think about it.. they come from and are all connected to
    constellations, star patterns, the moon, outer space type shit. And Each of our signs , our zodiac signs, I think there’s like 13 of them or how ever many, are specific to each type of person, and each person within that zodiac sign fit into a specific kind of group of people. So I’m kinda thinking there’s sort of a bigger picture about the different zodiac signs where it’s almost like it’s different tribes of people within the specific zodiac sign / group you know what I’m saying??

    • Brought to you by marijuana, indica

  • Martin Henson-Webb
    Martin Henson-Webb 6 days ago

    The moon is stuck in one position!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    BISHOP WXlf 6 days ago

  • CreepyPastaReads
    CreepyPastaReads 6 days ago +4

    “We all want the same thing, we just want it packaged different.” One of the smartest quotes I’ve ever heard. Much respect for Duval.

  • Canadian_TriLL 905
    Canadian_TriLL 905 6 days ago

    Joes reactions are priceless lmao, The thing about Duval is the shit he says sounds so ridiculous. Then it marinate in your brain and all of a sudden it make a tonne of sense and you feel all fucked up over it lmao

  • Zwerkk
    Zwerkk 7 days ago +1

    Yeah twitter/ social media is the same as talking and real life but only in a way because people are quick to talk on there phones but won’t say shit in real life that’s why everyone is so unattached from society because they’re attached to there phones

  • Hunter Gold
    Hunter Gold 7 days ago

    best podcast to get high too

  • Kactuskay115
    Kactuskay115 8 days ago


  • Mattymew
    Mattymew 8 days ago

    God I feel dumb after this. Don't know why Rogan had him on.

  • Discovering Parallel

    More Pot more reinventing the Wheel.

  • JamSessionSound S
    JamSessionSound S 8 days ago +1

    Man lil Duval has the happiest face and it makes me smile

  • G Hendrickson
    G Hendrickson 8 days ago

    "Skeet is space!!.......This is Top 10 JRE!!!
    What are the Top 10 JRE Shows??

  • Black
    Black 9 days ago

    Dame, I feel high now!

  • ZX9RinHollywood
    ZX9RinHollywood 9 days ago

    Definitely not listening to this for 3 hours.

  • Doug Doug
    Doug Doug 9 days ago

    These mfs BAKED baked LMAO

  • Riley Seidenglanz
    Riley Seidenglanz 9 days ago +1

    Have Daylyt on

  • ChaseThaDream
    ChaseThaDream 9 days ago

    Silicon Valley is already using Nature as their super power.

  • Caroline Guy
    Caroline Guy 10 days ago

    My dad and I always have these deep convos, and just like this one it starts with space and ends with "Is there a God?"

  • Nicole Roberts
    Nicole Roberts 10 days ago +1

    Joe "click my lighter" Rogan

  • Caroline Guy
    Caroline Guy 10 days ago

    Maybe if we all stand on one side of Earth and push on the ground we can get this planet a-movin'

  • lyxuary lynx
    lyxuary lynx 10 days ago

    everything they just said about space is very nearly true but just wrong enough to be fucking hysterical

  • lyxuary lynx
    lyxuary lynx 10 days ago

    "why the moon cold" I love this man

  • mir Life
    mir Life 11 days ago

    Mujh pyeju se zwand da beaqlano pa hagha khabara che ta waka hahaha

  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 11 days ago +1

    He isnt the sharpest tool in the box
    I liked that humble part.

  • Cisco Cabs
    Cisco Cabs 12 days ago

    stop the fucking clicking sound asshole

  • Vital Sokol
    Vital Sokol 12 days ago

    Maaaan, So professional from JR, I would have not lasted so long with all that clicking from Lil. D. JEEEZZ

  • ty nechee
    ty nechee 12 days ago

    Joe you should have asked Duval about skin walkers

  • Hayden Herbison
    Hayden Herbison 12 days ago +11

    I love this episode, but the clicking noise feels like Chinese torture.

  • NorthCoast Ind.
    NorthCoast Ind. 12 days ago

  • Courtney Jackson
    Courtney Jackson 12 days ago

    Tom cruise was a police officer n a movie where society could be arrested for their thoughts

  • seth k
    seth k 13 days ago

    I'm too drunk to taste this chicken... what a deep ass conversation

  • Hisham Abdalla
    Hisham Abdalla 13 days ago

    Jacksonville ouchea

  • Steven Dunn
    Steven Dunn 13 days ago

    A day without Mexicans in LA would only show just how much the Californian and the Federal government have deliberately ostracized American workers by refusing to hire them at a living wage.

  • Peter Knowz
    Peter Knowz 14 days ago

    Real pothead knows it doesn’t take 5 joints to get high. Stop fake smoking Duval.

  • Peter Knowz
    Peter Knowz 14 days ago

    Now Joe smoking weed for real

  • Peter Knowz
    Peter Knowz 14 days ago

    Most of these celebrities fake smoking weed. Fucking annoying. Blame Snoop for that. He’s the first fake weed smoker.

  • Hisham Abdalla
    Hisham Abdalla 14 days ago

    lil duval's suitcase is waiting in the reception

  • Nidz Mldnvc
    Nidz Mldnvc 14 days ago

    "I don't put that much emphasis on big things to entertain me, I keep it simple. If I can be entertained be just sitting here chillin, anything else is a bonus" - Lil Duval

  • Antonio Cromartie
    Antonio Cromartie 15 days ago +1

    21:19 “like if you go in the shade it’s fuckin cold as shit, 250 degrees below zero”