How To Cook The Perfect Pasta - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Jan 9, 2014
  • Top tips on how to how to cook angel hair pasta - with principles that you can apply to cooking any shape. If you have any others, let us know - always keen to learn.
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    LEOPARDTWO 3 hours ago

    Recommend not adding oil to the water. More work to clean the pot! Add the oil to the cooked pasta in the bowl.

  • Clemente Imperiali
    Clemente Imperiali 22 hours ago

    Bevi del cianuro

  • Clemente Imperiali
    Clemente Imperiali 22 hours ago

    Datti fuoco

  • Clemente Imperiali
    Clemente Imperiali 22 hours ago


  • Clemente Imperiali
    Clemente Imperiali 22 hours ago

    Olio nell acqua

  • Manuel fire
    Manuel fire 22 hours ago

    Guys please go here
    🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹

  • Orangeee
    Orangeee 22 hours ago

    Its bland

  • Amtul Rahim
    Amtul Rahim Day ago

    U are a i

  • 1970harleybike
    1970harleybike Day ago

    Go Piss Moron..

  • Matteo Ri.
    Matteo Ri. 2 days ago +1

    Praticamente un italiano qualsiasi è praticamente meglio di uno chef americano

  • Grecia
    Grecia 2 days ago

    Are you british english?

  • Acciangelo Magari
    Acciangelo Magari 2 days ago

    No, no, no
    Non serve a nulla mettere olio nell’acqua di cottura. È uno spreco alimentare !!!!!
    L’ olio si usa solo per condire la pasta quando è cotta
    I tempi di cottura sono, di solito, indicati sulla confezione della pasta
    E, buon appetito a tutti 😋

  • Retro 80's
    Retro 80's 3 days ago +7


  • Lisa Summer
    Lisa Summer 3 days ago

    Oil in the water..... 🤦🏻‍♀️ it does not separate the noodles....

    • Yusuf Noor
      Yusuf Noor 3 days ago

      It does but it also prevents the sauce from sticking to it

  • Satans Daughter
    Satans Daughter 3 days ago

    He looks like he’s in a rush

  • Badazlingg
    Badazlingg 3 days ago

    You guys are dumb, to know if your noodles are done,
    They have to stick to the wall.


  • Justin White
    Justin White 4 days ago +1

    Directions unclear lost a leg.

  • cazz'in culo non fa figli ma fa male se lo pigli

    Questo tipo si crede "il re della cucina" ma non è neanche degno di portare le scarpe alle nonne/bisnonne italiane

    This is believed to be "the king of the kitchen but is not even worthy to bring the shoes to italian grandmothers/great grandmothers,believe me

  • Surianath
    Surianath 5 days ago +1

    *Italians have left the chat*

  • Alex Surh
    Alex Surh 5 days ago +8

    Is he always on speed or somthing? lol

  • Lalala life
    Lalala life 5 days ago

    Why does he look like he really needs to use the washroom?

  • Emily Contreras
    Emily Contreras 5 days ago

    olive OOL

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 5 days ago


  • RedstoneGuy929 Gaming
    RedstoneGuy929 Gaming 6 days ago +28

    **puts oil in water**
    Italians: **inhuman noises**

  • Mark Conmigo
    Mark Conmigo 6 days ago

    Wow awesome! Also try this link on how to cook perfect sphagetti

  • chris52lad
    chris52lad 6 days ago

    To test my pasta I throw it at the wall If it sticks it's ready.

  • That Kid Kenji
    That Kid Kenji 7 days ago +1

    No one should put oil at a pasta,it makes it slip and slide away

    • Alex Surh
      Alex Surh Day ago

      yea its really annoying trying to eat it and it flies off the fork

  • luigi marotta
    luigi marotta 7 days ago

    Ma ch sfaccimm t stai magnann

  • Stella's Tube
    Stella's Tube 7 days ago +2

    as an italian I'm really disappointed

  • Hidden Desire
    Hidden Desire 7 days ago +2

    I can easily agree with the whole easy to overcook or undercook bit when it comes to making Angel Hair. Never did try pepper on my pasta, but oil and salt were always present in the preparation.
    Also is it just me or does anyone else just fully soak the pasta when adding it to the bowl? I’ve had people badmouth my practice, but honestly it is so it cooks evenly, not overly soft at one end and firmer at another.

  • marvinc999
    marvinc999 7 days ago +5

    Olive oil with water ? April Fool's Day - right ?

  • Agent Andrew Milton Pinkerton detective Agency

    looks like he is falling is he drunk

  • Shaw Tearlach
    Shaw Tearlach 7 days ago

    What song is in the background?

  • Dave Kessler
    Dave Kessler 8 days ago

    For everybody losing their shit about the oil-- he's cooking capellini, not papardelle. Even if you get a hand made bronze die cut capellini it's just not going to have the surface texture of the larger pastas that gets "fuzzy" and makes the sauce stick. In this case, there's so much more surface area because of how small the diameter of capellini it's probably fine to use some oil because it's gonna take a lot more sauce anyways. Gordon probably does so here because he's used to working in a kitchen where the convenience of not having to babysit pasta can make a world of difference on your multitasking tap.

  • Narcissus
    Narcissus 9 days ago

    Gordon is shaking because he wants to pee or go to the restroom.

  • Variety Flavors
    Variety Flavors 9 days ago

    I want to follow this guy’s recipes, but he doesn’t give your recipes he just shows you what he does

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 9 days ago

    Somebody touch a my spaghet

  • Gayan Rajith
    Gayan Rajith 10 days ago

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  • Gayan Rajith
    Gayan Rajith 10 days ago

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  • Alex Starkey
    Alex Starkey 12 days ago +1

    I love how everyone thinks he’s on drugs or some sort of stimulant but if you actually work In a kitchen it’s actuallly reallly fast paced. He’s probably jittery because he’s worked so long at a fast pace that it’s probably weird for him to work like this with “ all the tine in the world” .

  • Ed Deme
    Ed Deme 12 days ago

    Amazing this is so informative I can't wait to have mine and I'm so hungry now . For more recipe tutorial you may visit for more details.

  • Goo gle
    Goo gle 12 days ago

    Another 5 star chef said not to add oil to the oil because the sauce cannot properly adhere to the spagetti

  • Giuseppe Sacco
    Giuseppe Sacco 12 days ago

    Every time someone add olive oil to the water of the pasta, an Italian chef dies!
    Not even the ABC of how to cook the Pasta and he is making billions just pretending to be a chef. :)

  • Must Stay Anonymous
    Must Stay Anonymous 13 days ago +3

    But, But,

  • Butt Hole
    Butt Hole 13 days ago

    tell me he's not on cocaine

  • Mia Chan
    Mia Chan 14 days ago

    .i have stomach problem and can not eat any pasta if its not well cooked or how some say over cooked now what Gordon ? any advise ?

  • the legend
    the legend 15 days ago awesome now i learn how to cook pasta sweeeeeeet chick thes link in how to cook pork rebs

  • Iam Matrix
    Iam Matrix 15 days ago +1

    For the first time I see that the kangaroo can cook and can talk about it

  • Iam Matrix
    Iam Matrix 15 days ago


  • David Haddad
    David Haddad 15 days ago

    Oil stops the pasta from adhering to each other, yes. It also stops it from adhering to the sauce you nobhead

  • Delfo Movi
    Delfo Movi 16 days ago

    Who ever disliked can't cook lol.

    DJ SPACE INVADER 17 days ago +3

    I just had a break up and my friend who is obsessed with spaghetti sent me this 😂😂😂😂

  • The Retro Theater
    The Retro Theater 18 days ago

    notice no running cold water over the noodles. You have to do that if you aren't serving it right then as Ramsay is. If you don't cool the noodles before seasoning them they will continue to cook and angel hair cooks so quickly it will turn to a sticky mess quickly unless the pasta is going to be instantly plated. Ramsay is a restaurant chef not a family home kitchen cook.

  • Tony Lawlor
    Tony Lawlor 18 days ago

    You want the pasta to be sticky so that the sauce sticks to the pasta when you are eating say a bolognese sauce with it. I am not Italian but even I know putting oil in the water is just plain stupid.

  • 11nf3n0
    11nf3n0 19 days ago

    Nana b’s spaghetti is better

  • Mikey Guiban
    Mikey Guiban 20 days ago

    Thank you Chef.

  • brOnze sUn
    brOnze sUn 20 days ago

    thank u Mr Ramsay - brOnze sUn

  • Ryu Tanada
    Ryu Tanada 20 days ago

    Tried this, ended up with chow mein

  • Deeper Forest
    Deeper Forest 20 days ago

    Is he on meth or some? LMFAO

  • Roevynel Sentillas
    Roevynel Sentillas 20 days ago

    woow i like this

  • Simon Truöl
    Simon Truöl 20 days ago

    And i thougt Gordon Ramsay would be a perfect cook but he puts oil in the water the sauce wont stick to the Pasta

  • Cinema Klasik
    Cinema Klasik 21 day ago

    Amazing video on how to cook pasta.Check this link on how to cook spaghetti

  • stellina Libera
    stellina Libera 21 day ago

    allora l'olio serve forse per non fare attaccare la pasta...è un trucco per fare separare i capelli d'angelo in modo in teoria l'olio d'oliva non s dovrebbe usare magari meglio usare l'olio di semi che non invade tanto il gusto ma ne basta poco olio un quarto di cucchiaio nell' acqua di cottura

  • Emman024z34 YT
    Emman024z34 YT 22 days ago

    I want to see you react to the pasta n more product and the meme Version of it

  • Neil Tequin
    Neil Tequin 23 days ago

    amazing video on how to make a pasta. check this link also on how to cook a delisious filipino spaghetti

  • jvounike s
    jvounike s 23 days ago +1

    Raga ma dite tutti che gordon a buttate l'olio nel aqcua . È il sale?? Vergognia 😂😂 senza sale fa schif😂😂.

    • Stella's Tube
      Stella's Tube 7 days ago

      ma che cazz
      non si è capito niente
      e comunque il sale va messo dopo che l'acqua bolle
      e l'olio non va messo nell'acqua

  • 織田信長
    織田信長 24 days ago

    Thx cheaf ❤❤❤

  • Mauro Ferretti
    Mauro Ferretti 24 days ago

    Lascia perdere gli spaghetti , non fanno per te . Occupati della cucina americana , lascia stare l'italiana che non fa per te .

  • anjocute te
    anjocute te 25 days ago

    amazing video on how to cook pasta. Check this link also on how to cook spaghetti.

  • Alessio Martinolli
    Alessio Martinolli 25 days ago

    No non si fa così a fare la pasta non si mette l'olio nello scolapasta con il sale e il pepe.... Gordon translate this please

  • Michael Reda
    Michael Reda 26 days ago

    Olive ol

  • Arjay Rosel
    Arjay Rosel 26 days ago

    check this out simple way to cook filipino pasta

  • Tom tonka
    Tom tonka 27 days ago +1

    Now this idiot thinks he is an authority on Italian cuisine. Stick to your beef wellington that literally anyone can make you Scottish pig.

  • lol MoonlightGentleman

    when he grabs a noodle it's not that hot,when I grab it IT FUXXING BURNS

  • Young Avatar
    Young Avatar 28 days ago +15

    I see all these people arguing about everything in this video, but no one talking about how hes saying PASta.

  • NEON
    NEON 29 days ago +1

    He gives me anxiety. 😬

  • Audrilco Broi
    Audrilco Broi 29 days ago

    Oil in the water for what? The oil is up. It's no use. It has nothing to do with the pasta that is below.

  • Leonbo1 il Giocatore
    Leonbo1 il Giocatore 29 days ago

    Per carità divina, mettere l'olio nell'acqua mentre bolle è inutile, per il condimento serve una pentola a parte in cui si fa soffriggere il sugo, oppure aggiungere condimenti come il pesto direttamente nel recipiente in cui la si serve!!!

  • Outsider 001
    Outsider 001 Month ago

    I don’t have olive oil :(

  • jeezuschryst
    jeezuschryst Month ago

    you are absolutely not supposed to add oil. i can't believe he did that

  • WillMac Lopez
    WillMac Lopez Month ago +2

    I once cooked my chicken, "al dente" lol jk

  • Nikita Jouchims
    Nikita Jouchims Month ago +6

    I don't have a nice large pan 😭

    • Nikita Jouchims
      Nikita Jouchims 24 days ago

      Were broke and my husband likes Pakistan/Punjab not soup ;")
      Short pasta just ain't the same!

    • nebula cincinnato
      nebula cincinnato 24 days ago

      It is better to cook pasta in a pot btw

    • nebula cincinnato
      nebula cincinnato 24 days ago

      You... Don't need it...
      If you want to make spaghetti you need a medium/big pan. For short pasta you can use every pan.

  • Xpert User
    Xpert User Month ago

    does this work in any other pasta?

  • Import Fanboy
    Import Fanboy Month ago

    no salt dummy bad ramsy

  • Papyrus
    Papyrus Month ago

    ( ͡ಠ ͜ʖ ͡ಠ)

  • Tigre904
    Tigre904 Month ago

    Dio porco

  • Chiara Carrero
    Chiara Carrero Month ago

    voto 6,5

  • Alex Mark
    Alex Mark Month ago

    wtf why oil wtf

  • filippo rindone
    filippo rindone Month ago

    ma perchè il sale prima di far bollire l'acqua????? ma poi l'olio boh io non lo so ceh

  • TheTraiano
    TheTraiano Month ago

    Va bene tutto, ma il sale sulla pasta scolata è proprio un abominio

  • akshay yadav
    akshay yadav Month ago

    Than put lots of ketchup on it it

    OMEGALAH Month ago

    Momma Mia!

  • MobileCanal
    MobileCanal Month ago

    Che schifo... It's not al dente and he didn't have to add salt(???), oil and pepper while the pasta was in the colander

  • LIBY
    LIBY Month ago

    porco dio
    fuck off gordon, I've always liked your recipes but no you are going very very down
    no way
    first. you put the salt when the water is boiling and not when it's cold
    second. the oil when water is cold, really!?!?!
    third. the pepper

  • invokise
    invokise Month ago

    Face swap Angelina jolie lmao

  • Jacob Molyneux
    Jacob Molyneux Month ago

    guys, pasta is one of gordon's specialities. He has 17 michelin stars and extremely high standards, and has been cooking for over 20 years professionally. He has travelled all over the world to learn new cuisines to be authentic. You arent the only country to cook pasta dishes. Grow tf up. If everything was dome the same way as it was first made, we wouldnt have any new invented dishes or anything original. grow up.

  • Nunzio Castronovi
    Nunzio Castronovi Month ago

    A sto punto matteohs>gordon

  • Ludo Claroni
    Ludo Claroni Month ago +1

    This is the perfect over cooked pasta

  • Aron Steinsen Jónsson

    Wow I did the actually the same thing and it was delicious

  • Skoll Memes
    Skoll Memes Month ago

    This is a great video and all, but whats paehsta