Honest Trailers - Batman: The Animated Series

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
  • Before he was swole, before he was depressed, before he was a cartoon, he was a swole depressed cartoon - it's Batman: The Animated Series
    Watch the Honest Trailers Commentary to see an inside look from the writer's perspective!
    Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
    Title Design: Robert Holtby
    Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, Lon Harris
    Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr & Max Dionne
    Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
    Honest Trailers - Batman: The Animated Series
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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  5 months ago +7695

    Mark Hamill is the greatest Joker of all time, change our minds...

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    • Sean Selig
      Sean Selig Month ago

      Heath Ledger try me

    • Arjun Jupally
      Arjun Jupally 2 months ago

      “Why so serious”

    • Grant Wilson
      Grant Wilson 3 months ago

      I don't want to change your minds, I think he's the best too

    • Madalin Grama
      Madalin Grama 4 months ago

      Impossible! Because you're right.

    • thefutureye
      thefutureye 4 months ago

      Wasn't "the dark knight" released before you posted this comment.

  • Camille B
    Camille B 31 minute ago

    yesss thank you the animated series is my favourite, it's so well done and looks amazing and Mark Hamill's Joker laugh is the best

  • Ish
    Ish Day ago

    5:38 God it’s like watching Schindler’s List again

  • Jared Kauffman
    Jared Kauffman Day ago

    If you don’t think Mark Hamill is the best joker, you’ve never seen it

  • Shadowlyger
    Shadowlyger Day ago

    Now do Batman Beyond.

  • Jacob Glaser
    Jacob Glaser Day ago

    One of the best TV shows EVER!

  • Laycee Parker
    Laycee Parker 3 days ago

    Please do Adventure Time?

  • pavan gangawane
    pavan gangawane 3 days ago

    This is one of the best honest trailers

  • Godfather9814
    Godfather9814 3 days ago

    That dial up Internet moment killed me 💀😂

  • Back yard Specialist

    Best version of Batman

  • Kirk Eby
    Kirk Eby 4 days ago

    100% best joker

  • Knight
    Knight 4 days ago

    This series also started the dc animated universe

  • G Larabie
    G Larabie 5 days ago

    Now I know where Zack Synder got his idea for blowing up Metropolis.

  • Gerson Monroy
    Gerson Monroy 5 days ago

    "The people are rectangles" lol

  • Chukwuemeka Ofoegbu
    Chukwuemeka Ofoegbu 6 days ago

    The bullets curved around the police woman, that’s next level terrible🤣

  • ZeeshaanBukhari22
    ZeeshaanBukhari22 6 days ago

    Kevin Conroy Is Batman

  • jeff okello
    jeff okello 6 days ago

    A city trapped between 1932 and 1992 bwaaahhhaaaa

  • complex9999
    complex9999 7 days ago

    Explosions💥 💥 💥

  • DarkeCrimson
    DarkeCrimson 7 days ago +1

    'dot jif'? GTF Outta here, man. =P

  • Your Name
    Your Name 7 days ago

    Dressing sense of Dwight Schrute.... excellent observation

  • KARMA Official
    KARMA Official 7 days ago

    Miss this😪😪

  • Autumn Detamore
    Autumn Detamore 7 days ago +1

    You should do Avatar: The Last Airbender tv show 🙏🏻

  • [OG] Old Gamers 2M8ER

    Needed this reboot to my past

  • Ida Motedayen-Aval
    Ida Motedayen-Aval 8 days ago

    Do supernatural

  • aswath sudarsan
    aswath sudarsan 8 days ago +1

    Make Batman Beyond 1999 !!!!
    Please !!

  • Al John Cornejo
    Al John Cornejo 8 days ago +3

    Mark Hamill as Joker is probably as iconic as Adam West as Batman

  • Rozen Moraga
    Rozen Moraga 8 days ago

    People are rectangles. Lol. XD

  • Chidera Lilian
    Chidera Lilian 9 days ago

    Batman's "oh face" got me 💀💀💀

  • wearwolf420 PSN#codeguess

    Please say Luke you are the joket!

  • Clayton Barnes II
    Clayton Barnes II 9 days ago +1

    Yea, it's so epic even honest trailers didn't have any real disses

  • Josh E.
    Josh E. 10 days ago +1

    Now we need one for the best batman show ever! Batman Beyond!

  • EvanSol919
    EvanSol919 11 days ago +1

    Can you please do Batman Returns and Batman Beyond?

  • MJ Knight
    MJ Knight 11 days ago

    Say "Thunderbirds Are Go!"

  • G Stone
    G Stone 11 days ago

    No ! Jack Nicholson is the best Joker ever !

  • durg122
    durg122 11 days ago

    Jif? You guys are psychopaths

  • MistuhRobe
    MistuhRobe 12 days ago +5

    Batman suplexed an alligator. Your argument is invalid.

  • Andrew Cheshire
    Andrew Cheshire 12 days ago +3

    Alright, now we need an Honest Trailer for Batman Beyond!

  • proud2bpagan
    proud2bpagan 12 days ago

    @Scene Junkies the guy who voiced Alfred on BTAS also read the entire KJV of the Bible on tape..so i heard him on tv when I got home from school during the week,and again on tape when i couldn't sleep on weekends,lol!

  • upintheairstudio
    upintheairstudio 13 days ago

    Now do Superman the Animated Series!

  • jennifer stewarts
    jennifer stewarts 13 days ago

    you forgot to mention, that this kicked off the entire DCAU... Superman animated - justice league, justice league unlimited, static shock, batman beyond, project zeta, all stem from and make reference too... the original Batman TAS

  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt 13 days ago

    Terrible marksmanship? Stormtroopers?

  • Enrique Magdaleno 9
    Enrique Magdaleno 9 14 days ago

    The best joker animated or Live A..
    The voice in latin spanish is gorgeous

  • TonkarzOfSolSystem
    TonkarzOfSolSystem 14 days ago

    I believe the idea is that they had already robbed the bank and blew it up to hide the evidence. You know they are badguys because they stopped and had shifty eyes.

  • Erin Mahrer
    Erin Mahrer 14 days ago

    Please do an honest trailer for 1966 batman

  • Nietflix
    Nietflix 14 days ago

    Best Batman series ever.

  • Mr. Joe
    Mr. Joe 15 days ago

    God I almost died at the end when he talks about the show's intro! (ᗒᗨᗕ)

  • Debvin Aplaca
    Debvin Aplaca 15 days ago +4

    "The best joker ever. Yeah, i said it."
    You said it, i said it, we all said it.

  • karna pratap singh
    karna pratap singh 16 days ago

    its GIF not JIF

  • Smileybo0y 15
    Smileybo0y 15 18 days ago

    Batman eyes when he says "OH"😭😂😂

  • samuel lamarche
    samuel lamarche 18 days ago

    END OF THE VIDEO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez 19 days ago

    Do Justice League Unlimited.

  • cameron fridge
    cameron fridge 20 days ago +1

    What episode does that yell come from at 0:20?

  • Kunal Mozumdar
    Kunal Mozumdar 20 days ago +2

    Do Daredevil. The Netflix one.

    MADJID MJD 21 day ago

    *ضوء لمع وسط المدينة*

  • Professor Know it all

    Do justice league unlimited!!!

  • Jonathan Kinney
    Jonathan Kinney 21 day ago

    Best joker EVER

  • albino shamrock
    albino shamrock 23 days ago +1

    I never realized how many times he gives Gordon a small heart attack, just so they can have a conversation. Batman, you're kind of a dick.

  • Joseph Crandon
    Joseph Crandon 24 days ago

    Why did you say jif?

  • Sebastian Trost
    Sebastian Trost 24 days ago

    1:55 Alfred in Smash?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 25 days ago

    Heath Ledger is the best joker ever. Period

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 26 days ago +1


  • Nana Bonna
    Nana Bonna 27 days ago

    This series had o many great memories and helped define animation. Also is the introduction/reason why Batman is my favorite hero

  • Nonya Bidness
    Nonya Bidness 27 days ago +1

    woah woah woah, let's not hold the killing joke movie's sins against batman TAS.
    they're two _very_ separate things.

  • Berries 20
    Berries 20 29 days ago +1

    The next time some sweaty greaseboy tries to insult you for cosplaying Harley Quinn without reading her comics, you can tell him she's originally from this animated series.

  • Glenn Tamés
    Glenn Tamés Month ago

    Does anyone noticed the Gray Ghost bluerays?

  • Jaka Pratama
    Jaka Pratama Month ago

    Where people are rectangle... *died*

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar Month ago +1

    I can never see that intro same way again

  • John Perry
    John Perry Month ago

    This is amazing.

  • UndyingHunter1
    UndyingHunter1 Month ago

    Please do Batman Beyond!

  • Bernard Finucane
    Bernard Finucane Month ago +1

    Billionaire psychopath likes to dress up in skin tight latex and beat up poor people.

  • 914ThePro
    914ThePro Month ago

    what a insult, you didn't even mentioned the sequels: The new batman adventures, justice league, justice league unlimited and batman beyond

  • Bryson Bauer
    Bryson Bauer Month ago +1

    Justice league/ justice league unlimited!!

  • Araceli •Chely•

    Well, the two guys from the intro were very suspicious though, so is implying that they had to do something with the explotion of the bank, or at least it seems that way x)

  • Bradley Weibel
    Bradley Weibel Month ago +1

    Still no King Arthur: Legend of the Sword honest trailer 😞

  • Bradley Weibel
    Bradley Weibel Month ago

    Still no Stranger Things season 2 Honest Trailer 😝

  • jujitsu guy
    jujitsu guy Month ago

    That new teenage mutant Ninja turtles versus Batman movie it should have used the drawings from this Batman movie

  • natoman123
    natoman123 Month ago

    Now do superman tas

  • harsh virraghavan
    harsh virraghavan Month ago

    You said it man!!!! The BEST JOKER EVER

  • Nia Nia
    Nia Nia Month ago

    Has this guy did anything else

  • Kgodiso Tloane
    Kgodiso Tloane Month ago

    1:37 guys i saw this dancing part on the lego batman movie but i didnt think it was a legit batman movie. Its just too weird

  • Nikhil Topno
    Nikhil Topno Month ago

    At 03:56, it was the same dialogue used in Batman Arkham Knight game

  • F Off
    F Off Month ago +2

    Also has an amazing singing voice.

  • Johnathan Dougharty

    1.3k people are just angry he used the other pronunciation of GIF.

  • Shruthesh B Shetty
    Shruthesh B Shetty Month ago +3

    Please create The Honest trailer for "Arrow"

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong Month ago

    This is the best cartoon ever.

  • Paul Design&Comics
    Paul Design&Comics Month ago +1

    Batman o face. Lol

  • Parsha Shaira Sarwar
    Parsha Shaira Sarwar Month ago +1

    Say I am vengeance, I am the knight, I am Batman!

  • Wolfen
    Wolfen Month ago

    Stark have the money of Wayne...

  • Maria De Los Angeles Castro Villalba

    Do Honest Trailers - Teen Titans Go! Now

  • Hermes GodofTheives
    Hermes GodofTheives Month ago +1

    Good now do Batman Beyond

  • Elfo
    Elfo Month ago +1

    The nostalgia make me cry.

  • Whyse Gaming
    Whyse Gaming Month ago

    Anyone else creeped out as a kid during the manbat episode?

  • AndrewTheAwesome100
    AndrewTheAwesome100 Month ago +1

    Honestly tho this Joker and especially Harley Quinn were without a doubt the best

  • Uncomfortable Truths

    "And the best joker ever.. yeah I said it." ahahahahhaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... (Dolphin squeaking noises... cannot breathe.... call... hel..) ....hahahahahhahahhahahhahhahah

  • Solus Darkcoat
    Solus Darkcoat Month ago

    new adventures of batman were better

  • D0n't @ Me
    D0n't @ Me Month ago

    Batman would've gave steve Irwin a run for his money here.

  • Hawk Talon
    Hawk Talon Month ago

    Somehow I missed seeing this honest trailer when it first came out.

  • Jacob Rodda
    Jacob Rodda Month ago +1

    Do Batman beyond

  • Joel James
    Joel James Month ago

    I hate this show!

  • Frenkablooddrop
    Frenkablooddrop Month ago +1

    This made me realize margot robbie did great job as harley