Honest Trailers - Batman: The Animated Series


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  21 day ago +6811

    Mark Hamill is the greatest Joker of all time, change our minds...

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    • Surya K
      Surya K 11 days ago

      Do tropic thunder

    • Alex Yorim
      Alex Yorim 11 days ago

      No doubt about it.

    • medexamtoolsdotcom
      medexamtoolsdotcom 17 days ago

      Why would anyone want to change your mind? It is an objective fact. I could see Heath Ledger being a close 2nd and Jack Nicholson a distant 3rd. But if you're just talking about a voice, for a cartoon, Hamill is perfect.

    • Scott n
      Scott n 19 days ago

      I liked Jack's wacky performance, I like Heath's dark tone he took to it. I liked Leto's mob boss (poorly written) portrayal. But when it comes to truly capturing the crazy of it. Hamill has everyone beat.

    • Alberitch Of the North
      Alberitch Of the North 19 days ago

      Agreed. I don't need to change you're mind. His the greatest.

  • Wiizardii
    Wiizardii 15 hours ago

    Do Dragonball z

  • eleskimo
    eleskimo 18 hours ago

    I love that this "honest trailer" is just a love letter to BtAS haha.

  • VJ Rei
    VJ Rei 19 hours ago

    This video took forever, I stopped watching it at 3:31.

  • Nathan Bevan
    Nathan Bevan 22 hours ago

    I'm getting to experience this series all over again with the bluray release and I'm loving it so much.

  • Tatenda Makumbe
    Tatenda Makumbe 23 hours ago

    Can you do an Honest trailer for Fresh off the boat

  • Mike Lytou
    Mike Lytou Day ago

    4:38 Yeah, @DC, is that really so hard?

  • MonguinAssassin
    MonguinAssassin Day ago

    0:14 Classic Nostalgia Critic joke is classic.

  • Mohammed Al-fatlawi

    The batman "huh" face should be a meme, like picatchu is

  • Teddy Riggs
    Teddy Riggs Day ago

    Do Netflix Daredevil!

  • Robert Michael
    Robert Michael Day ago

    Loved this series.

  • San San
    San San Day ago

    Please say "No gracias,soy alergico a los crustaceos"

  • Carl Ginland
    Carl Ginland Day ago

    no, Joker, i am your father

  • KO Knight
    KO Knight Day ago

    You forgot about the best Catwoman also

  • Salty Crew
    Salty Crew Day ago

    Omae wa mou shinderou

  • Lydia Robertson
    Lydia Robertson 2 days ago

    This series was probably the best for superhero series all round.

  • Son Kun
    Son Kun 2 days ago

    Killing joke movie did ruin a lot but you can't forget that barbara did have a crush on bats in btas as well......so basically given a chance she would have banged batman in BTAS too

  • Malthe Dahl-Spangby
    Malthe Dahl-Spangby 2 days ago

    Jeez and I thought the Stormtroopers were bad at aiming, in one of the clips a thug misses Batman even though he's right in freaking front of him

  • Blue Falcons Suck
    Blue Falcons Suck 2 days ago

    Say "floccinaucinihilipilification" then use it correctly in a sentence.

  • Anthony Velez
    Anthony Velez 2 days ago


  • Yoni
    Yoni 3 days ago

    “Grandpa cop” LOL

  • J C
    J C 3 days ago

    4:04 And that's how Batman got into Furries

  • Chris Bryant
    Chris Bryant 3 days ago

    That supercut of Batman scaring Commissioner Gordon! LMFAO!! I almost died

  • Tiberius Kirk
    Tiberius Kirk 3 days ago

    say Giggity Giggity Giggity in an epic voice

  • Bryon Devine
    Bryon Devine 3 days ago

    I agree he did it for a long time & the games were good too..This cartoon was-is BAD ASS I need to find it on Blu Ray ✌️✌️✌️✌️💯

  • Exdeath Therteen
    Exdeath Therteen 4 days ago


  • Matt Is Mad
    Matt Is Mad 4 days ago

    This is just my opinion but I think the batman arkham asylum joker is the BEST joker (even though there the same actor).

  • Dan Hughes
    Dan Hughes 5 days ago

    Dammit Batman. MICHAEL!

  • Jammy Sizlo
    Jammy Sizlo 5 days ago

    Say “It’s pronounced gah-if.”

  • Kenneth Saito
    Kenneth Saito 5 days ago

    Where's THE TEEN TITANS??? (the animated original)

  • Killjoy McGiggles
    Killjoy McGiggles 5 days ago

    If you don't read Joker's dialogue in Mark Hamil's voice, you're wrong. Also what the fuck is a Tony Stark? You mean Robert Downey Jr?

  • Фауст Мефистофелес

    please say "stop watching videos at youtube and return to your code"

  • r2 detudo1pouco
    r2 detudo1pouco 5 days ago

    Se inscrevam no meu canal R2 DE TUDO 1 POUCO

  • Thorpinator
    Thorpinator 5 days ago

    You know, batman could come up with some sort of signal to let Gordon know he was there. Something that only Gordon would know was the bats. Instead, he wants Gordon to be surprised every time.

  • Piotr Gajda
    Piotr Gajda 5 days ago

    Just let out a primal scream of rage.

  • rosablackwell64
    rosablackwell64 6 days ago

    I didn't think you could make me love this show more... and then you did. *high-five*

  • schannoman
    schannoman 6 days ago

    You said jif. Unsubscribe.

  • Tribey !
    Tribey ! 6 days ago

    Please say, “I had a haddock in my padded paddock”

  • Zach Trapper
    Zach Trapper 6 days ago

    Do Batman Beyond next

  • Ted Hammarling
    Ted Hammarling 6 days ago

    Please do Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes and tell Marvel to bring it back! 😀

  • SuperSenshi
    SuperSenshi 6 days ago

    Since you've done BTAS, are you going to do Teen Titans?
    The original one, mind you. Teen Titans Go is a whole other subject.

  • Chris H
    Chris H 6 days ago

    Jiff?! You mean gif?

  • GoodOleUltraviolence

    Speak for yourself. Best Joker is Heath Ledger. We don't want crapton of cheap Batman stories. We want ambitious storytelling in feature films.

  • kolbyhoward
    kolbyhoward 6 days ago

    This was everything. Please do How High!!!

  • Hurley Francois
    Hurley Francois 6 days ago

    please say... hello hurley.

  • Filip -
    Filip - 6 days ago

    I also loved the Batman of The Future (or was it called Batman Beyond?)movie which featured old Bruce Wayne mentoring (if I remember correctly)a new younger Batman, facing a really scary Joker. Some cool backstory too from the days of younger Bruce.
    I actually rewatched it last year after over 10 years and it was one of those movies that didn't disappoint at all after all those years.

  • Jalon Fonseca
    Jalon Fonseca 6 days ago

    Oh, who are we kidding. This was the foundation of our childhoods and was absolutely AMAZING

  • ScottRay67
    ScottRay67 6 days ago

    Do "Justice League Unlimited"!!!!!!!

  • lucca ferla
    lucca ferla 6 days ago

    Why did they run to the top of a building during a fire... Batman actually waits till they do something suspicious before he jumps them and they pulled guns the moment they saw him... Yes I gotcha.

  • JaV P
    JaV P 7 days ago

    One time the Batman was chasing me, so I threw a rock at him...... It was a big rock...... Almost got em.

  • Trevor Naidoo
    Trevor Naidoo 7 days ago

    Can you do "The Batman" animated series?

  • evilgolfwang 2133
    evilgolfwang 2133 7 days ago

    Do the classic spider man animated series pleaseeee

  • Chris Oost
    Chris Oost 7 days ago

    Time for Spiderman the Animated Series??!!!

  • Jonathan Phillips
    Jonathan Phillips 7 days ago

    Dial up jokes NEVER get old

  • Sebastian R.
    Sebastian R. 7 days ago +1

    Dude do Batman Beyond

  • P Ferreira
    P Ferreira 7 days ago

    Poor Commissioner Gordon getting scared by Batman appearing. That was hilarious. Ha, ha!

  • Lex
    Lex 7 days ago

    Hehehehe...Batman Vs Black Panther

  • Zwordsman
    Zwordsman 7 days ago

    barbara is the reason for poor nightwing haha.
    well depending on which canon

  • Suncho
    Suncho 7 days ago

    still the best show ever
    as for the intro... i don't know. i guess they run away from the bank after leaving explosives there?

  • Timothy Creighton
    Timothy Creighton 7 days ago

    Considering he's not bullet proof and stealthy the cape actually makes sense for batman because it breaks his silhouette

  • Ari Helminen
    Ari Helminen 7 days ago

    Give us Game of Thrones honest trailers of the latest seasons !!!

  • Davis Jugroop
    Davis Jugroop 7 days ago

    Best cartoon, including spiderman and xmen animated series

  • Bill A
    Bill A 7 days ago

    The ending was amazing Hahahah

  • TransmetSpider
    TransmetSpider 7 days ago

    Do MST3K

  • Surprised Synth
    Surprised Synth 7 days ago

    was expecting multiple batman series

  • some guy
    some guy 7 days ago

    90's spiderman please!

  • yashika mishra
    yashika mishra 7 days ago

    Batman the animated series is the best Batman series ever!
    There I said it.

    • Tornado Chaser
      Tornado Chaser 7 days ago

      Everyone says that. Honestly, the implication here is that someone has forced you to say something you don't want to say. When people say "There I said it", it's usually because it's unpopular and invites criticism and judgement from those around you.

  • ThroatSore
    ThroatSore 7 days ago

    Get a mirror and, in front of, and looking in to it, say,
    'Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman.'

  • Dante Leung
    Dante Leung 7 days ago

    i don’t know how I feel about this movie

  • wurstbrotmitbutter
    wurstbrotmitbutter 7 days ago

    What is this hot garbage? It's not honest, it's not a trailer, it's not funny and it's editted just awfully. Who watches low tier crap content like this?

  • probotboyxxx
    probotboyxxx 7 days ago

    Cause he's Batman. -_-

  • Den Orange, Black and  White


  • Den Orange, Black and  White


  • Joshua ThreeFiveFour

    Seeing this makes me really want to see a Gargoyles honest trailer lol

  • lProN00bl
    lProN00bl 7 days ago

    Can we get one on the Justice League animated series?

  • M H
    M H 7 days ago

    eww you said jif

  • 1 McCaffery
    1 McCaffery 7 days ago

    now do an honest trailer for the best batman movie ever made, mask of the phantasm

  • DtWolfwood
    DtWolfwood 7 days ago

    o wow, that opening mindblown... the presumption was always there, but now that you've spelled it out, it is f* up

  • Uraz Oktay
    Uraz Oktay 7 days ago

    AHahahahah Aaamaaazing ahahahahah D

  • Evan Martinez
    Evan Martinez 7 days ago

    Great! Now do justice league/ JLU

  • thomdja1c
    thomdja1c 7 days ago

    Now how about mask of the phantasm

  • Nicholas Frank
    Nicholas Frank 7 days ago

    Oh my childhood

  • Anthony Leone
    Anthony Leone 7 days ago

    "The best Joker ever!" Damn right!

    I AM LOGAN 8 days ago +1

    Do you know WHY

    Edits:Because I'm *BATMAN*

  • Michael Gill
    Michael Gill 8 days ago

    Fantastic video...and thanks for not ruining a great show from my childhood, lol.

  • jake from estate farm

    Bro why you mess whit the batman

  • ThatOrangeDerp
    ThatOrangeDerp 8 days ago +1

    Police officer: *gets gassed*
    Police officer: hey

  • Sweet68Camaro
    Sweet68Camaro 8 days ago

    I recorded BTAS everyday. It was the most epic "cartoon". It had guns, violence, Harley Quinn and rectangle people. The whole 30's-40's era is was awesomely chosen for the gangster element. And the musical score was sooo good.
    Best Joker EVER!!
    He did not give a rats ass about anything.
    The mask of the Phantasm was genius.
    Ok. I'm done.

  • Juan Jose Lee Horna
    Juan Jose Lee Horna 8 days ago

    Please say: "69 Brothers, in Tau Kappa Phi"

  • Duan coviero
    Duan coviero 8 days ago

    AOL reference on point! 🤣🤣🤣

  • WL Shao
    WL Shao 9 days ago +42

    I always hate the ship of Bruce and Barbara. It makes me uncomfortable. Barbara is at the same generation with Dick, often described together too. And Dick is like Bruce's son. Bruce/Barbara is not wrong but…I hate it. Hope it never appears again.

    • WL Shao
      WL Shao 5 days ago +1

      +charles kidney So I said it isn't wrong, just don't dig it. But in Batman Lego movie, which Dick is still a kid, and in Killing Joke animation, which Dick wasn't mentioned, the ship is easier to accept imo.

    • WL Shao
      WL Shao 5 days ago +1

      +charles kidney In recent comics, it is. Still the whole Batman/Batgirl thing don't work on me. Sometimes in old comics, comics with different universe or other materials, it implies Dick is like Bruce's son, even told by characters. IIRC there are some lines about this in recent comics too…can't recall which one tho.

    • charles kidney
      charles kidney 5 days ago +1

      Dick was never supposed to be seen as Batman's son. It was more a big brother type of relationship. And why not Barbara and Batman. When you think about it, she must have had a vexation on Batman for years. I mean she grew up on stories of him, fixated on Batman, like a twilight fan and devoted years of her life to be able to become Batgirl. She has wanted this for a long time.

    • WL Shao
      WL Shao 6 days ago

      +Chris H Just let it fades with time. I want to hide this memory in the corner of my deepest mind.

    • Chris H
      Chris H 6 days ago +1

      Shin-yu Shao don’t forget that Batman basically deep dicked his son’s girlfriend and busted inside of her, making her pregnant.

  • Tiia Mannix
    Tiia Mannix 9 days ago

    The greatest thing about Batman ever made
    I love the Dark Knight but this show... oh man...

  • Warden Leo
    Warden Leo 9 days ago

    Best Batman? Conroy
    Best Joker? Hamill

    JUSTIN CODY 9 days ago


  • Julie Puma
    Julie Puma 9 days ago

    Do gotham

  • The One & Only C. R. Martin

    Hey Jon. Can you say “Ai ai ai, I’m your little butterfly. Green, black and blue, painting colors in the sky”? Thank you.

  • KM Vlogs
    KM Vlogs 9 days ago +1


  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Such a cool art style, and Bruce Timm (lead designer) is self-taught.

  • Alexander Elderhorst

    "Alfred Pennyworth, Butler of Batman, but king of sick burns!" Hah lol so true

  • Josie A.
    Josie A. 9 days ago

    Do Young Justice next