Ultraman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • The larger than life legend who defined a generation, now returns to usher in a new one.
    All new Ultraman, streaming only on Netflix, starting April 1st, 2019!
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    Ultraman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 7 107

  • Sir J 2000
    Sir J 2000 20 hours ago

    Who loves the manga too

  • Ginnex 875
    Ginnex 875 2 days ago +2

    Ultraman Jack
    Ultraman Ace
    Ultraman Taro
    Which one is your favorite ultraman.

  • lagraser master
    lagraser master 3 days ago

    I really don't care about people comparing ultraman to ironman...most of these people are from the west anyways.
    For us asians...we grew up watching ultraman..heck we don't even know about ironman or the avengers when we're kids...i do know about superman and xmen though (influenced by my older cousins)

  • Riqueury Alejandro
    Riqueury Alejandro 3 days ago

    At 15fps?????????

  • WerteeMc
    WerteeMc 7 days ago

    and everytime when he is fighting villians,he will go beep boop beep boop and finaly ends the villian with an ultimate move

  • BrumGamerBR
    BrumGamerBR 8 days ago


  • Alaric Winchester
    Alaric Winchester 9 days ago +2

    Oh man, I have this manga
    Super cool!! ❤️

  • Salman 1223
    Salman 1223 11 days ago

    When Will The Film Be Shown Right On TheXvid

  • Ân Mai
    Ân Mai 12 days ago

    Siêu nhân tiga 😂😂😊

  • Steve Alexander
    Steve Alexander 12 days ago

    As long as there is a English version we're all good if not smh

  • Sony Emerson
    Sony Emerson 12 days ago

    It looks like a Gundam and ultraman have sex with maskrider..

  • ArifZaim
    ArifZaim 13 days ago

    April 1st? Is did an April Fools joke? 🤔... Nevertheless, can’t wait for it 🤗

  • Masgkick Mas0N
    Masgkick Mas0N 13 days ago

    What are you doing to my childhood Netflix XD

  • SelereGendok
    SelereGendok 13 days ago +1

    yang dari indonesia, mending subscribe gw deh.

  • Rap thalia
    Rap thalia 13 days ago +1

    My childhood ultraman it's back uwu

  • Janny Jin
    Janny Jin 14 days ago

    omg I didnt know theres a remake ultraman coming soon on Netflix, I just searched something for my youtube channel and this is the first one I see! good to know! I watched ultraman in my childhood, will watch it for sure!

  • Nizwan Nazri
    Nizwan Nazri 14 days ago

    April fool!

  • HAMED Mohammed
    HAMED Mohammed 15 days ago

    We just love Japane

  • es kurniawan
    es kurniawan 16 days ago

    Its like ironman x son goku

  • Assrol
    Assrol 17 days ago

    Woah what an upgrade 🙌🏼

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 17 days ago

    I’m getting Pacific Rim vibes.

  • Thud Thud
    Thud Thud 17 days ago

    Ultr-iron Man.

  • your roommate
    your roommate 18 days ago

    Ultra Iron Man

  • Colossus Titan
    Colossus Titan 18 days ago +1

    Ironman ripoff. Shameful.

  • Gabriel Cardoso
    Gabriel Cardoso 18 days ago


  • TC YangstaMusic
    TC YangstaMusic 19 days ago

    awesome! i always wanted an anime adaption of the manga

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 19 days ago +1

    Fan since it hit the state's back in 70

  • Shinryu Gamer
    Shinryu Gamer 19 days ago

    Is the Shin Hayata character is the same actor from the original?

  • Tony
    Tony 19 days ago

    Not crazy about 3D

  • Mike Cardinale
    Mike Cardinale 19 days ago

    So probably no english dub...

  • Aziz Elgy
    Aziz Elgy 20 days ago +1


  • Nimuni
    Nimuni 21 day ago


  • TurtleGaming2306
    TurtleGaming2306 21 day ago

    wonder if this will be set in the godzilla earth timeline it would be sick seeing ultraman against goji but probably isnt set in that timeline since godzilla earth already ended but it would be cool seeing one of the characters inheriting ultraman's powers

  • Armando Júnior
    Armando Júnior 21 day ago

    Like an UltraGuyver ! That's AWESOME !!!!!

  • RamenShaman
    RamenShaman 21 day ago

    copying ironman nice

  • Dusty Thegaminglemon29

    This was my child hood

  • Kappa Falls
    Kappa Falls 21 day ago +2

    dude ultraman monsters used to scare the shit out of me i hope they add those kinds of monster designs back

  • febrian hamada
    febrian hamada 22 days ago


  • Jiujitsusilencer Lee
    Jiujitsusilencer Lee 22 days ago

    Ultra man was fine as it was, why they gotta went all Ironman on him.

  • Slugger boy
    Slugger boy 22 days ago

    New iron man😂😂

  • SMP2390
    SMP2390 23 days ago

    Wait isn't Ultraman like 20 feet tall?

    • The iron Empoleon
      The iron Empoleon 21 day ago

      This is alternate universe we’re hayata had a child who got the powers of ultraman except to turn into a giant

  • ツDERA
    ツDERA 23 days ago

    1 April = HOAX

  • ツDERA
    ツDERA 23 days ago

    Inuyashiki vs Ultraman??

  • Ken Aria
    Ken Aria 23 days ago

    Low FPS

  • K 1
    K 1 23 days ago

    I missed the old simple ultra man, not this robotic themed one..

  • edwar pratama
    edwar pratama 23 days ago

    Sssaaahhh..... sssaaaahhhh....

  • Ryan Yan Yan
    Ryan Yan Yan 23 days ago

    Itu sihpantesnya ironman bukan ultraman.

  • wan asma v
    wan asma v 23 days ago

    Standard American greedy capitalist, copy cat then claimed as truly theirs

  • Albert Lawu
    Albert Lawu 24 days ago

    i tried to scream, but still there was no seiyan aura, ultraman laser, gundam trans-am
    sad to be ordinary

  • juan dela cruz
    juan dela cruz 24 days ago

    Knock off for Iron man?

  • Abhishek Kujur
    Abhishek Kujur 24 days ago

    Watashiwa Inuyashiki !!!

  • redeyegravy
    redeyegravy 24 days ago

    I love Ultraman so much. I'll take whatever I can get. Animated or not.

  • Attack on Titan
    Attack on Titan 24 days ago

    I wish Netflix could remake or continue with a second season Claymore and Gantz those are such good animes that desever a great coming back

  • Jason
    Jason 24 days ago +2

    I hope this is not a April’s fools joke since it’s coming on April 1st

  • Ajay Narayanan
    Ajay Narayanan 24 days ago

    That one was a major hit of nostalgia

  • Demetri Harlan
    Demetri Harlan 24 days ago

    I wish it was real animae and not cgi.

  • MrCrazybadbastard
    MrCrazybadbastard 24 days ago

    Damn shame about the cgi

  • Juragan Alat Berat
    Juragan Alat Berat 25 days ago

    litle LAGGY animation or CGI

  • chevloco
    chevloco 25 days ago

    Nani ??!

  • Ro Mel
    Ro Mel 25 days ago

    Ultraman ft. Ironman

  • diaz connell
    diaz connell 25 days ago

    April fools for sure

  • Ali akbar Haci oglu
    Ali akbar Haci oglu 25 days ago

    Guys stay calm! This is 1 april joke!

  • TheJessy8888
    TheJessy8888 25 days ago


  • Syahbeni Putra Zen
    Syahbeni Putra Zen 25 days ago

    Dyna, Taro, gaia? 🙅🏼‍♂️

  • Saa Kun
    Saa Kun 25 days ago

    iron man?

  • Shiv Kamal Upadhaya
    Shiv Kamal Upadhaya 25 days ago

    Fps is low 😓 right?

  • Stanley Chau
    Stanley Chau 26 days ago

    april fools!!!!

  • Josh Pendleton
    Josh Pendleton 26 days ago

    Why TF do they keep using this horrible stiff 3D animation??? Cut it out!

  • Een Nata
    Een Nata 26 days ago


  • no name
    no name 27 days ago

    Netflix adaptation Ultraman= Ironman

  • Xipe Totec
    Xipe Totec 27 days ago


  • Rob C
    Rob C 27 days ago

    Looks OP AF.

  • Inept Gamer
    Inept Gamer 27 days ago

    April 1st.
    So,it's a joke, then....

  • The Spider-Man
    The Spider-Man 27 days ago

    0:31 what I came for.

  • Anhilliator1
    Anhilliator1 27 days ago

    Just letting all y'all know, it's based on the 2011 manga that serves as a direct sequel to the original. Don't believe me? Take a closer look at 0:30, then research a bit.
    Due to the fact that Shin couldn't use a transformation item, Ide designed the Ultra Suit, a powered armor that would draw upon it's user's Specium Energy. Hence why the Color Timer's still present, effectively serving the same function as the original.

  • Proton Sagua
    Proton Sagua 27 days ago

    F Netflix. This is the OG Ultraman.

    • Anhilliator1
      Anhilliator1 27 days ago

      This is based on the 2011 Manga...

  • jmedwick
    jmedwick 27 days ago

    God, this looks awful.

  • Daya GaminG
    Daya GaminG 27 days ago

    20 FPS 😩

  • Justin H
    Justin H 28 days ago

    Aw man, somehow I thought it would be live action like the original...😥

  • Rahul Gahlawat
    Rahul Gahlawat 28 days ago

    April 1 cant wait. I hope it isnt a prank 🤣

  • David Wan
    David Wan 28 days ago

    Watched the original Ultraman in the 60’s and 70’s. Absolutely loved it.
    My favourite scene was the one where the guy misplaced his Ultraman activation controller and kept pressing a spoon by mistake.

  • hunterxd
    hunterxd 29 days ago


  • KrystCyclone
    KrystCyclone 29 days ago

    So apparently, characters with power armors are considered Iron Man rip-offs. Who cares? This looks awesome, especially as someone who both watch the Ultraman franchise up to this day with R/B and also read this manga.
    So, when will we have a Kamen Rider anime? There's Ultraman and Garo already got 3 anime series and 2 anime movies.

  • Dollay Bahagia
    Dollay Bahagia 29 days ago

    ultra iron man ?

  • KhocokPie
    KhocokPie 29 days ago

    Oh yeahyeah

  • Fauzi D Fauzi
    Fauzi D Fauzi 29 days ago

    iron man mark 100

    FRISHR 29 days ago

    Ultraman: Age of Ultron

    FRISHR 29 days ago

    Ultraman: Age of Ultron

    ΛXCEL 29 days ago

    Lmao they make ultraman smaller.
    released on 1 april...meh...
    must be april fools joke.

  • Mysterious Unknown Gamer

    Must watch

  • Eztos
    Eztos Month ago

    April 1st?

  • GG7 PL
    GG7 PL Month ago

    It would be quite interesting. But this graphic unfortunately look's unwell.

  • Aniket Sawant
    Aniket Sawant Month ago +1

    Holyshit!!!!!!! I can't fuckin wait❤️

  • Sharpine X
    Sharpine X Month ago +3

    Apparently anything that has a red suit and a blue thingy on it's chest, is an iron man this rip off

    Yes, I realized that

    • hot pateita
      hot pateita 23 days ago

      It's a color timer, so ultraman cannot stay in earth for 3 minutes long if ultraman stayed on earth for 3 minutes+ the color timer will go red and blinks

  • Ruben Velasquez
    Ruben Velasquez Month ago

    My Dad was big Ultraman fan back in the late 60's. It's crazy to see that the original Ultraman passing the legacy to his son. Hopefully my Dad and I will bond some more watching the new series!

  • Aulia Kurnia Hady
    Aulia Kurnia Hady Month ago

    where is "SSSSHAAAAAAHH"...??

  • Kei Kurono
    Kei Kurono Month ago

    April Fools motherfucka

  • Cosmopavone
    Cosmopavone Month ago

    Hit dislike if u watched ultrMan in childhood

  • Kyle Crofts
    Kyle Crofts Month ago +1

    I know people have issues with CG anime but this looks fucking awesome.

  • lante07
    lante07 Month ago

    NETFLIX, WE NEED NARUTO. DONE RIGHT. NO HALF ASSING. You want a game changer?? Do Naruto correctly and you can put it in theaters across the WORLD Craig!