Tech N9ne - Like I Ain't - Official Music Video

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Tech N9ne - "Like I Ain't"
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    Hip Hop/Rap Music Video | Strange Music
    Produced By: Freek van Workum, ItsNicklus & HNDRC
    Kathartic Episode 2: Like I Ain't
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  • Byrum McBride
    Byrum McBride 2 hours ago

    I hate that you rap..said MGK wearin a fanny pack at his waist, on a date with gay asian boys with great taste

  • Youwitch
    Youwitch 2 hours ago

    ceza ile feat lütfen

  • D Isu N Una
    D Isu N Una 3 hours ago

    collaboration with Tom Donald

  • Tomislav Pavelić
    Tomislav Pavelić 4 hours ago

    Token sent me here

  • Juice Mane
    Juice Mane 12 hours ago

    Need you tonight

  • J Kobyluck Music
    J Kobyluck Music 13 hours ago +2

    My question is why the hell does Tech have to prove himself at this point!?!?

    Seriously, people be sleeping

  • Topher Prather
    Topher Prather 17 hours ago +1

    He had crazy beats when I was like 10... I’m 30 now and shit still bangs! 🔥🔥💯

  • Micoly 4
    Micoly 4 18 hours ago

    no one:
    not a single fucking soul:
    me trying to freestyle: 1:08

  • Mark Würtzen
    Mark Würtzen 20 hours ago

    Iso thinks he's hot, sorry iso but tech is a goat only live artist that can hang with em and krizz and 59 , just being a 100 pay homegde and you might get there 🌵👊😎👊🌵

  • Mark Würtzen
    Mark Würtzen 20 hours ago +1

    Wtf the actual fffff 10 mill views you mad crazy G fffffrffffff bro you getting acknowledge out here 🌵👊😎👊🌵

  • luna stays
    luna stays 21 hour ago

    tech just talking is my favorite thing

  • Mathew Dearborn
    Mathew Dearborn 22 hours ago

    4:28 shout out to the gathering and all the juggalos

  • TNT Toxic
    TNT Toxic Day ago

    MASTER !

  • Bmchaney Bmchaney

    what couldn't kill us...makes us strange...

    RANDOM BOIII Day ago

    Bro teach me how to rap plz i can rap on beat but and rhyme but it doesn't make since

  • Theo Atkins
    Theo Atkins Day ago

    Man I love yall for this one , A true classic to save .

  • Rob P Z
    Rob P Z Day ago

    This dudes on another level.

  • robbidierobbe
    robbidierobbe Day ago


  • Felicia Andrews
    Felicia Andrews Day ago

    You are the best I love your songs Tech Nine

  • William Laroque
    William Laroque Day ago


  • Hip Hop Lover
    Hip Hop Lover 2 days ago

    He got a song with pac for real tho 🙏

  • Joshua McDowell
    Joshua McDowell 2 days ago

    It's like he ain't never kicked it with the juggalos :/

  • Roderick Dunn
    Roderick Dunn 2 days ago

    . break
    2. crack
    3. breach
    4. spread
    5. disruption
    6. interruption
    7. opening
    8. col
    9. chasm
    10. disparity
    11. deficit
    12. imbalance
    13. gulf
    14. shortfall
    15. disparities
    16. divide
    17. void
    18. mismatch
    19. discrepancy
    20. differe

  • Yummcore Damian Nunes

    Like I ain't going to skip to 2 minutes and 16 seconds in past the intro lol👍👍😈

  • Kartik adsul
    Kartik adsul 2 days ago +1

    Tech 9's one song has more words than lil pump's 2 lifetimes combined😂😂

  • TheBirdtaco
    TheBirdtaco 2 days ago

    loved the track but the video not so much

  • Queen Wavy
    Queen Wavy 2 days ago

    Whoop whoop mmfwcl

  • Queen Wavy
    Queen Wavy 2 days ago

    Song is epic!!! Love it

  • MAGaming
    MAGaming 2 days ago +1


  • mindseeker
    mindseeker 3 days ago

    2.22 Song starts 😃

  • Tanya Van Meter
    Tanya Van Meter 3 days ago +1

    Im in love😍😘🔥🔥

  • Adrienne Grimmer
    Adrienne Grimmer 3 days ago

    Zvzy4hd gameing 😎🎩🎮🎧🖥

  • Melissa May
    Melissa May 3 days ago


  • Adrienne Grimmer
    Adrienne Grimmer 3 days ago

    Tech n9ne sucks 😡😇but like his music 🎵

  • Kosis Snow
    Kosis Snow 3 days ago

    'Like this is tha process, tryin' to get from tha projects so i spit like I got next.' That's Real HipHop!! TY FOR BEIN U TECH!!

  • Shadow Caliber
    Shadow Caliber 3 days ago

    My Power Went Out, Probably Cause This Song Is So Fire.

  • Junta drelinger
    Junta drelinger 3 days ago

  • Elizabeth Lepcha
    Elizabeth Lepcha 3 days ago +1

    What bugs me is people know bad and boujee but don't know Nina.

  • Roy O
    Roy O 3 days ago

    Song at 2:23

  • Abi Maxwell
    Abi Maxwell 3 days ago

    Fully o.g tech you a real one since day dot!!!!!

  • _01 james
    _01 james 3 days ago

    Tech n9ne oklahoma militia.. cyber warfare division..

  • Midwest Crazy
    Midwest Crazy 3 days ago

    Just waiting for him to bring his newest tour to Iowa

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 3 days ago

    Dope Tech! Fire

  • Robert Patterson
    Robert Patterson 3 days ago

    This song goes hard. It's 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • melody lyons
    melody lyons 3 days ago


  • Robin Williams
    Robin Williams 3 days ago

    Tech is my favorite rapper for life n death

  • SneakOne_
    SneakOne_ 3 days ago

    Like I ain’t the greatest rapper alive -Tech N9ne

    BADGERN9NE 3 days ago

    I'm still over here playing this non stop and still wondering what Iso was rapping🔥🔥

    • Jesse Ruiz
      Jesse Ruiz 3 days ago

      I got you

  • Aaron Hagedorn aka Big True

    Fuck wit me tech!

  • Walyko
    Walyko 4 days ago

    Where did Tech get the Daedric daggers from? Ifykyk

  • Neva Nelson
    Neva Nelson 4 days ago

    I still be bumpin this song like it just came out!

  • Quentin Clark
    Quentin Clark 4 days ago


  • Daphne Scott
    Daphne Scott 4 days ago

    Technician I am in life and in death

  • Angela Stroble
    Angela Stroble 4 days ago

    Much Love

    ROBRO_45 ROBLOX 4 days ago


  • JayRodriguez
    JayRodriguez 4 days ago


    Like i aint finna buss when my homie make the beat drop........


  • Geofrey Peterson
    Geofrey Peterson 4 days ago

    independent HipHop at its finest

  • Gracie Leviste
    Gracie Leviste 4 days ago

    Like I ain't stop listening to this song

  • MrFuchew
    MrFuchew 4 days ago

    Tech kills the hook

  • Low Key Macias
    Low Key Macias 5 days ago

    The video real af. Hits home. This one and #icaughtcrazy

  • bosstown bullys
    bosstown bullys 5 days ago

    Tech you just like fine wine! My dude! You get better with age!

  • Future Vision
    Future Vision 5 days ago +7

    I love how he goes “ and when I get outta here, imma be a big shtar”

  • Däeion Fuller
    Däeion Fuller 5 days ago

    I enjoyed this video 🔥🤩😍🤯✨👑 did anyone notice how King ISO was like the only one who wasn’t laughing at Tech when he mentioned he was a big rapper? 🤔🤓

  • Kristopher Weese
    Kristopher Weese 5 days ago

    If you think that Tech N9ne is better click like.
    If you think that Eminem is better comment.

    • Kristopher Weese
      Kristopher Weese 5 days ago

      @Gavin Devine it's why I posted it. I wanted to see people's opinions. I personally prefer T.N.

    • Gavin Devine
      Gavin Devine 5 days ago

      Kristopher Weese that’s impossible to decide

  • kpresnell45
    kpresnell45 5 days ago +3

    Episode 1: Can only be seen on Tech's "It Goes Up Tour"
    Episode 2: Like I Ain't
    Episode 3: Disparagement
    Episode 4: EF-U
    Episode 5: I Caught Crazy! (4EVER)

  • JobeDavies
    JobeDavies 5 days ago

    Why that guy sound like e_40 thooo

  • Candy Morrow
    Candy Morrow 5 days ago +1

    Howzit, I'm from Hawaii Westside Oahu,.. I am a TechaNina.... Thanks Strange Music.. I jus freaken love Tech Like a like I ain't....

  • omar abushaala
    omar abushaala 5 days ago

    we are sleeping on 1 of the greatest rappers tech 9

  • jake statethegr8
    jake statethegr8 6 days ago

    Empire in the ZOU

  • southend bois
    southend bois 6 days ago


  • Stewart Neff
    Stewart Neff 6 days ago

    Song should have 100M views

  • Purse Ptnk
    Purse Ptnk 6 days ago

    [Verse 1]
    Ayy, like I ain't on 1, 2, 3-Pac
    Like I ain't finna bust when my homeboy make the fuckin' beat drop
    Bustin' a cap in the wack when I'm rappin'
    You really need to trust in the fact that I'm back and I'm slappin'
    The industry for ducking the cat when he rap with a passion
    When I'm in this piece, I crush in a fashion
    Like I ain't never ate in this game (Chuh)
    Like I ain't never seen or had me some big thangs
    Like I ain't been around the world and with so many different girls
    And kinky parties that it could lift the spirit of Rick James (Jesus)
    Like I ain't a fixture and never knew Twista
    And never did music for the Alpha Dog picture
    Like I never script the pledge in the scripture
    Or had a hit song 'bout my own liquor mixture
    Do it like I wasn't a starter that was on the Carter (Weezy)
    Wasn't in art of my cousin, the Water (Fizzy)
    Nothing was bartered, we're bussin' and touchin' the heart of
    People that's lovin' the hardest stuff ain't no charted (Pleasies, chuh)
    Like I never got signed (Woah)
    Not a one, not a two but three times (Chuh)
    Like I never did get the cheddar or see shine
    Like it's sleep time for peeps' minds on T9
    Like, if these rhymes (What?) really never ever happened (Chuh)
    'Til right now, like pow, I got it crackin'
    With the pen and pad, without no back end
    Tryna stack and get action
    And pull the cash in is the way that I'm rappin'

    Like I ain't rich, like I ain't sold
    Not a ne'er record Platinum or ne'er Gold
    Like I ain't dripped, like I ain't froze
    Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show
    Like I ain't big, like I ain't huge
    Like I ain't shit, like I ain't pay dues
    Like I ain't full, like I ain't cool
    Like I ain't build a empire in the 'Zou
    Like I, like I ain't

    [Verse 2]
    Toured with the Jay Rock, with the homie K-Dot
    Like I ain't never had the allure for the pay slots
    Stressin', like I didn't step in the session with the Seven
    Never guessin' the effin' cure is to spray thoughts (Brrt)
    Like I never had a shot (Pow)
    Or a song with the white guy Dre got (Woo)
    Like I didn't have L.A. locked
    Never went on the set of Ballers with Mr. Baywatch (USO)
    Like I didn't meet Trav yet, like I never had assets
    Bad with the pen, but never cashed checks
    Rappin' like I ain't even close to havin' the bag yet (No)
    Like I'm tryna be the best up in this hip-hop (Chuh)
    And do a track with the king of Atlanta, T.I.P.-top (Chuh)
    Then turn around and go switch it up, and do big rock
    Tryna ride all the way up to my homie in Slipknot (Maggot, chuh)
    Like I never heard fans yell it
    Not The Calm, not The Worst, even Anghellic (Word)
    Before they told me that I can't sell it
    Before I went to the reunion of fam', Nelly
    Like I didn't have this new watch (Chuh)
    And it never would tic and never do toc (Chuh)
    Like I'm rapping myself into learnin' brew hops
    Rappin' like I ain't never did a record with 2Pac

    Like I ain't rich, like I ain't sold
    Not a ne'er record Platinum or ne'er Gold
    Like I ain't dripped, like I ain't froze
    Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show
    Like I ain't big, like I ain't huge
    Like I ain't shit, like I ain't pay dues
    Like I ain't full, like I ain't cool
    Like I ain't build a empire in the Zou
    Like I, like I ain't

    [Verse 3]
    Skippin' my job, yeah (Yeah), like this is a process
    Try'na get from the projects, so I spit like I got next (Woo)
    And I trip if you object (Yeah), like I'm itchin' to fly. Tech
    Whipping in kitchens with Pyrex (Woo), to the mission that God set (Yes!)
    For me, rippin' these quick and will not rest
    Like no flippin', Techn9cian is obsessed (Chuh)
    Like I didn't know when I was droppin' (Chuh)
    Independent music, I wasn't toppin' (Chuh)
    And all the bad bitches wasn't jockin'
    I rap like I didn't know I'd do a record with Hopsin (Chuh)
    They call me Tecca N9na, I'ma shoot this
    If you're dissin', you really don't wanna do this
    Niggas wanna try me, then you're gonna lose it
    I rap like I never did a record with Joyner Lucas (Hungry)
    Like I never knew maestros
    Like I didn't know Trae was a asshole
    Like I didn't have a stash full of cash flow
    Rappin' like I am back in the past with my afro
    Like I never ever knew Strange
    Would put the name Tech N9ne in my shoe strings (Chuh)
    Like I didn't know I was spittin' the butane
    And I grew fame with the homie Bobby and 2 Chainz

    Like I ain't rich, like I ain't sold (Yeah)
    Not a ne'er record Platinum or ne'er Gold
    Like I ain't dripped, like I ain't froze
    Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show
    Like I ain't big, like I ain't huge
    Like I ain't shit, like I ain't pay dues
    Like I ain't full, like I ain't cool
    Like I ain't build a empire in the Zou
    Like I, like I ain't

    Strange Music
    2019 and beyond, baby
    This shit crazy
    Tech N9ne, baby

  • Nedim Mršić
    Nedim Mršić 6 days ago

    i so wanna se him with vin jay..

  • Jürgen Steinwurf
    Jürgen Steinwurf 6 days ago

    Here before 10 Million Clicks!!! Technician forever!!!

  • Jakethasnake
    Jakethasnake 6 days ago +2

    Yknow what i always loved about tech? How hes always remained humble, and takes care of his guys under him. Much respect.

  • Shaun Smith
    Shaun Smith 6 days ago

    Tech n9ne is an underrated legend

  • Maverick Fisher
    Maverick Fisher 6 days ago

    Best new song in a long time i fucks with it

  • hue janus
    hue janus 6 days ago

    Like i aint

  • T Squad
    T Squad 6 days ago

    aye so tech n9ne is getting weird with the facepaint am I right?

  • MegaHerbsmoker420
    MegaHerbsmoker420 7 days ago

    So DOPE!!!!!!!! Tech is straight OG!

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook 7 days ago +1

    Where is episode 1? I can't make sense of the beginning. Any help fellow fans?

    • kpresnell45
      kpresnell45 5 days ago

      Episode 1: Can only be seen on Tech's "It Goes Up Tour"
      Episode 2: Like I Ain't
      Episode 3: Disparagement
      Episode 4: EF-U
      Episode 5: I Caught Crazy! (4EVER)

  • a6is 6eats
    a6is 6eats 7 days ago

    Man I'm kinda angry, where are the fuckin views, don't worry tech I ll listen to your songs, I ll make you another million views!

  • Haci Yatmaz
    Haci Yatmaz 7 days ago

  • Take Away Kitty
    Take Away Kitty 7 days ago

    BOUT TIME TECH STARTED MAKING FIRE AGAIN! that fucking stupid main stream shit was getting old my dude

  • Joseph Knowles
    Joseph Knowles 7 days ago

    What's episode 1?

    • UltimateBlade
      UltimateBlade 5 days ago

      It was only on Tech's "It Goes Up" tour.

  • Rising Ogre
    Rising Ogre 7 days ago +1

    We need a track with Webby an analyst before you dip on the scene man

  • Nick Harris
    Nick Harris 7 days ago +1

    I'm pretty sure everyone missed the line, "Like I ain't paid dues." Tech was part of the PAID DUES tour the last year it went around.

  • DeepBlue Sea357
    DeepBlue Sea357 7 days ago

    Rumor said that tec9 always carry a tec9 with him hahahhaaha

    • Jason Heberling
      Jason Heberling 5 days ago

      hiz fire spittin never quittin ass is wasy hotter than a tech nine. more like 4000 rounds a min , mini gun spittin never runs outta never quittin. mounted to a huey chopper ,and no one ever stop him, so much ammo this brother has no need for camo,no stopin moving so fast , always ready to come mop ya , so much current like a solar flair or like hopsin or briefin you might have congress ,to me spittin lthis nonsense. its top level bevel trained on a spot like lazor level , never off always ready like the devil , spittin some sound like tracktor tech 9 always been a factor. if you use the line with no credit ,gonna have straight wack ya. neverhad thought to put you on blast like an abomb . turning or tuning me . like chainsaw i cant seem to stop this rymin shit im sayin song. never thought i was gonna make a hit ,finnally my ass is not illiterate found a way to write the hottest rhyms around povided theres some trees around to make a sound, i cant belive it to me so long . like an old man runnin amarathon.had to get head wrapeped tight like mummy but buddy u not dealin wit some even though im older than a mummy i , still spittin, used to only free style but now feel i can run maybe evena mile and maybe even futher maybe some its just murder . all i need is a few shots of parrabolin , then i really think thehy cant stop me

  • Tanner S
    Tanner S 7 days ago

    How is this so low on views?

  • Jesse Ezekiel Martinez

    His flow is just quick the entire time. I like it

  • Dust SceaWung
    Dust SceaWung 8 days ago

    Tech is a living legend, a beast. If you like tech check out my music on my TheXvid channel you might like my music too! 🤘

  • Bismuth
    Bismuth 8 days ago +2

    I love this melodic but technical style tech n9ne has.

  • Tarah Colwell
    Tarah Colwell 8 days ago

    I've been to the mental institution 8 times in less than a year. Cleared of everything. Yet my moms continued to try to have me committed..... So the bitch is going to cour now. She's trying to take my damn house from me. What if it's a bible Propecy the battle of the sunshines. I believe we're all frequency & balls of energy.

  • phreshian
    phreshian 8 days ago

    Bad with the pimpin never cash checks rappin like I ain't even l close to having the bag yet 🥶

  • Red Eye
    Red Eye 8 days ago

    2:23 You are welcome.

    KINGCANADAAYNB 8 days ago +1

    Hooked on this track!!
    If anyone has the time I would appreciate a listen of my track, building views and Subs and hope you can listen. Sub, like and comment if you enjoyed it. Thank you

  • Ryan Lee Kinney
    Ryan Lee Kinney 8 days ago


  • Casey Caddell
    Casey Caddell 8 days ago

    this song is amsing

  • MrMaka1984
    MrMaka1984 9 days ago

    like the ERF ain't FLAT..

  • Joe Dimino
    Joe Dimino 9 days ago +1

    Met this dude on a cruise....he is awesome