Tech N9ne - Like I Ain't - Official Music Video

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Tech N9ne - "Like I Ain't"
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    Hip Hop/Rap Music Video | Strange Music
    Produced By: Freek van Workum, ItsNicklus & HNDRC
    Kathartic Episode 2: Like I Ain't
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  • DJ Daffy Dizzle
    DJ Daffy Dizzle 15 hours ago

  • Lauri Belle number2
    Lauri Belle number2 16 hours ago

    T9, hell yeah man... fuck all this! Im fucking in!

    xXG3TPWNEDXx 19 hours ago

    People have been sleeping on tech for too long. He's always been killing it.

  • Minburi Mobile
    Minburi Mobile 20 hours ago


  • PackRunners
    PackRunners 20 hours ago

    That feeling you get when your strange music scares neighbors.

  • sisi n9ne
    sisi n9ne 22 hours ago

    2:03 I love the part when he bites into the Appel ah huh

  • Infinite Holographic Multiverse

    Pshh, they dont get that much time to sit and eat

  • Brittania McKnight
    Brittania McKnight 23 hours ago

    I want you T9

  • Brittania McKnight
    Brittania McKnight 23 hours ago

    Jason its Lauryn Campos

  • FreeTony
    FreeTony Day ago

    USOOOOOOOO respect from NZ mah UCE

  • greg whitehead
    greg whitehead Day ago

    tech has been in my playlist for like, my life.

  • Montavious Williams

  • Chris Kearsley
    Chris Kearsley Day ago

    Rip it till their back ends are split 7 ways from Sunday Tech. Boss

  • Daryl Udarbe
    Daryl Udarbe Day ago

    LIkE a aiNT TiReD

  • Hasiger Hase
    Hasiger Hase Day ago

    what is wrong with this beat? his rap does not fit to it and it sounds chaotic together. i wish rappers would not make such weird beats and ignore the rhythm of the beat.


    This makes me wanna sell money

  • Kazimierz Bosman

    I don't see what is this about... is he ok?


    Ayy, like I ain't on 1, 2, 3-Pac
    Like I ain't finna bust when my homeboy make the fuckin' beat drop
    Bustin' a cap in the wack when I'm rappin'
    You really need to trust in the fact that I'm back and I'm slappin'
    The industry for ducking the cat when he rap with a passion
    When I'm in this piece, I crush in a fashion
    Like I ain't never ate in this game (Chuh)
    Like I ain't never seen or had me some big thangs
    Like I ain't been around the world and with so many different girls
    And kinky parties that it could lift the spirit of Rick James (Jesus)
    Like I ain't a fixture and never knew Twista
    And never did music for the Alpha Dog picture
    Like I never script the pledge in the scripture
    Or had a hit song 'bout my own liquor mixture
    Do it like I wasn't a starter that was on the Carter (Weezy)
    Wasn't in art of my cousin, the Water (Fizzy)
    Nothing was bartered, we're bussin' and touchin' the heart of
    People that's lovin' the hardest stuff ain't no charted (Pleasies) (Chuh)
    Like I never got signed (Woah)
    Not a one, not a two but three times (Chuh)
    Like I never did get the cheddar or see shine
    Like it's sleep time for peeps' minds on T9
    Like, if these rhymes (What?) really never ever happened (Chuh)
    'Til right now, like pow, I got it crackin'
    With the pen and pad, without no back end
    Tryna stack and get action
    And pull the cash in is the way that I'm rappin'
    Like I ain't rich, like I ain't sold
    Not a ne'er record Platinum or ne'er Gold
    Like I ain't dripped, like I ain't froze
    Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show
    Like I ain't big, like I ain't huge
    Like I ain't shit, like I ain't pay dues
    Like I ain't full, like I ain't cool
    Like I ain't build a empire in the 'Zou
    Like I, like I ain't
    Toured with the Jay Rock, with the homie K-Dot
    Like I ain't never had the allure for the pay slots
    Stressin', like I didn't step in the session with the Seven
    Never guessin' the effin' cure is to spray thoughts (Brrt)
    Like I never had a shot (Pow)
    Or a song with the white guy Dre got (Woo)
    Like I didn't have a lay lock
    Never went on the set of Ballers with Mr. Baywatch (USO)
    Like I didn't meet Trav yet, like I never had assets
    Bad with the pen, but never cashed checks
    Rappin' like I ain't even close to havin' the bag yet (No)
    Like I'm tryna be the best up in this hip-hop (Chuh)
    And do a track with the king of Atlanta, T.I.P.-top (Chuh)
    Then turn around and go switch it up, and do big rock
    Tryna ride all the way up to my homie in Slipknot (Maggot, chuh)
    Like I never heard fans yell it
    Not The Calm, not The Worst, even Anghellic (Word)
    Before they told me that I can't sell it
    Before I went to the reunion of fam', Nelly
    Like I didn't have this new watch (Chuh)
    And it never would tic and never do toc (Chuh)
    Like I'm rapping myself into learnin' brew hops
    Rappin' like I ain't never did a record with 2Pac
    Like I ain't rich, like I ain't sold
    Not a ne'er record Platinum or ne'er Gold
    Like I ain't dripped, like I ain't froze
    Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show
    Like I ain't big, like I ain't huge
    Like I ain't shit, like I ain't pay dues
    Like I ain't full, like I ain't cool
    Like I ain't build a empire in the Zou
    Like I, like I ain't
    Skippin' my job, yeah (Yeah), like this is a process
    Try'na get from the projects, so I spit like I got next (Woo)
    And I trip if you object (Yeah), like I'm itchin' to fly, Tech
    Whipping in kitchens with Pyrex (Woo), to the mission that God set (Yes!)
    For me, rippin' these quick and will not rest
    Like no flippin', Techn9cian is obsessed (Chuh)
    Like I didn't know when I was droppin' (Chuh)
    Independent music, I wasn't toppin' (Chuh)
    And all the bad bitches wasn't jockin'
    I rap like I didn't know I'd do a record with Hopsin (Chuh)
    They call me Tecca N9na, I'ma shoot this
    If you're dissin', you really don't wanna do this
    Niggas wanna try me, then you're gonna lose it
    I rap like I never did a record with Joyner Lucas (Hungry)
    Like I never knew maestros
    Like I didn't know Trae was a asshole
    Like I didn't have a stash full of cash flow
    Rappin' like I am back in the past with my afro
    Like I never ever knew Strange
    Would put the name Tech N9ne in my shoe strings (Chuh)
    Like I didn't know I was spittin' the butane
    And I grew fame with the homie Bobby and 2 Chainz
    Like I ain't rich, like I ain't sold (Yeah)
    Not a ne'er record Platinum or ne'er Gold
    Like I ain't dripped, like I ain't froze
    Like I ain't made a quarter mill' for a show
    Like I ain't big, like I ain't huge
    Like I ain't shit, like I ain't pay dues
    Like I ain't full, like I ain't cool
    Like I ain't build a empire in the Zou
    Like I, like I ain't

  • Mike Turner
    Mike Turner Day ago

    Tech going back to the original touch mixed with the new shit he always smacking the game in a new direction I fuckin love it

  • SunnySinclair1979

    Song starts at 2:23

  • A1 Yola
    A1 Yola Day ago

    KC King!!!

  • KenTGravity
    KenTGravity Day ago

    The song is DOPE but my favorite part is 4:55 , this part really woke me up in the morning

  • lia lia
    lia lia Day ago +1

    my name is nika kvirikadze i love you techhh

  • lia lia
    lia lia Day ago

    greatest of alll timeeeeeeeeeeee

  • lia lia
    lia lia Day ago


  • dagi men
    dagi men Day ago +1

    where is the ceza in this song ceza is best ı love ceza songs

  • Samuel Martin
    Samuel Martin Day ago

    like i aint ever did a record with tupac

  • Shawn Keating
    Shawn Keating Day ago


  • Milan sharma
    Milan sharma Day ago

    Like I never had a shot
    Or a song with the white guy Dre got (Woo)
    Like I didn't have a lay lock,
    Never went on set of Ballers with Mr. Baywatch (USO)

  • Jermaine Young
    Jermaine Young Day ago

    a.k.a. Fresh outta JAMAICA

  • Eric Dupuis
    Eric Dupuis Day ago

    I think this is your best song yet...

  • Tylar Jarvi
    Tylar Jarvi 2 days ago

    I love you Tata

  • Diet Water
    Diet Water 2 days ago

    I swear I fucking hate the 'Oxygen' thing on every fast real song, go to Homicide by Logic every comment is "haha what's Oxygen", "Eminem: what's Oxygen?" It's genuinely annoying.
    *Come up with something new*

  • redbeams75
    redbeams75 2 days ago


  • Emty
    Emty 2 days ago +1

    im so happy tech got his shit off on this. Dude accomplished so damn much in his career and dont get the props he deserves.

  • Mister Krazy_Kid
    Mister Krazy_Kid 2 days ago +1

    Real nikkas from kc🤞🏽🤞🏽💯

  • DrkMMarks Gaming [Dwayne R]

    Tech 9 owes me a new phone. It wasnt expecting this flow, caught fire and exploded 💥💣💥

    • DrkMMarks Gaming [Dwayne R]
      DrkMMarks Gaming [Dwayne R] 2 days ago

      +LEGENDofROUQ checked it out 👍

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago +1

      DrkMMarks Gaming [Dwayne R] lool yeah dude its soo lit. You should deff check out my reaction that I just did.

  • Amathamsanqa Chirengendure

    This song slaps when you're Baked

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago

      Amathamsanqa Chirengendure lool.. u get high as hell and listen to music huh.. you should deff check out my reaction of this if you get chance

  • Steve Freitas
    Steve Freitas 2 days ago

    Really?? Good Lord. This is some 1st grade bs

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago

      Steve Freitas lol thats what I said. You should deff check out the video reaction that I just did when you get a chance

  • dee locs
    dee locs 2 days ago

    Fr where is the first episode?

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago +1

      dee locs ikr couldn’t find it.. check out the reaction I just did if you get a chance

  • TheKlumpman
    TheKlumpman 2 days ago


  • Tyler leah Bygrave
    Tyler leah Bygrave 2 days ago

    Kathartic is going to be the new k.o.d

  • TonyHamilton Ck
    TonyHamilton Ck 2 days ago

    when i see that YOU only have 6m views lets me know ill NEVER have a shot

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago

      TonyHamilton Ck no dude!! You have a shot at whatever you wanna achieve. You just gotta believe. You should also deff check out my reaction of this if you get a chance

  • Yvng Aj
    Yvng Aj 2 days ago +1

    Crazy how you could tell people you'll be a star, they laugh in doubt, then it actually happens.

  • Dustin B
    Dustin B 2 days ago

    Lyrical assassin!!

  • Jamie Cox
    Jamie Cox 2 days ago

    Droppin more names tan Schindlers list

  • Bikram Thapa
    Bikram Thapa 2 days ago

    Tech is underrated .. but he's 🔥🔥🔥🔥..

  • Jenn Wojack
    Jenn Wojack 2 days ago +2

    There are only a hand full of people that really hit my soul with their music.... Tech N9ne on the top of that list, right next to Enya and Mozart...

  • Jigsaw_TheKiller
    Jigsaw_TheKiller 2 days ago

    Wait... is that Daylyte?

  • zaher nasser
    zaher nasser 2 days ago +1

    That's awesome
    I liked it very much.
    Good job 😎👍

  • Aesow
    Aesow 2 days ago

    ich war vor ner mille hier Fuck this is shit in the Hall of Fame dass ist dass krasseste seit langem iloveit

  • Samantha Martin
    Samantha Martin 3 days ago

    No shit

  • Eric L
    Eric L 3 days ago

    Like I ant you

  • Ashley Virnelson
    Ashley Virnelson 3 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for this album my whole life

  • Thomas Edward
    Thomas Edward 3 days ago

    For Suresh

  • Contoir
    Contoir 3 days ago

    This song goes harder than my uncle on a Tuesday night

  • Ken Sulewski
    Ken Sulewski 3 days ago

    People say he is better them em he not better this man better that man better let me tell u it don't fucking matter em way different he's awesome this nigga tech in his own category he built his own genre style just like in my own opinion tech and Rittz and Hopsin better then Eminem that's my personal opinion everybody got they own opinions all of them are awesome none the less but I prefer listening to tech over Eminem this dude is sick as fuck

  • The Grind KE
    The Grind KE 3 days ago

    This will go Platinum

  • SROKA 49
    SROKA 49 3 days ago

    Idk what happened

  • Jonathon Perez
    Jonathon Perez 3 days ago +1


    • Saif Farooqui
      Saif Farooqui 3 days ago

      Jonathon Perez We Need Another ILL mind feat. Tech

  • Shin Drad
    Shin Drad 3 days ago

    Wow no ads? Finally can watch a video whole

  • Shin Drad
    Shin Drad 3 days ago

    You know shits fire when he says slipnkot and maggots

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 3 days ago +1

    I'm still trying to understand how he gets hated on for any reason. Been jammin tech for over 10 years . He's doing everything and has done so much in the industry. He's a icon,a pioneer,a visionary,the GOAT. PERIOD.

  • Joshua Normandeau
    Joshua Normandeau 3 days ago

    I ain't a ghost ?

  • TJ Dwire
    TJ Dwire 3 days ago

    I have a hard time thinking how those old white actors that were in his video, the guards and dr, how though they may be actors, they must of taken this gig because you can assume they listen to tech9, right? Lol. Would look odd to see them newly branded grandads in their neighborhoods bumping tech from their soccer Van's.

  • Sierra Pollick
    Sierra Pollick 3 days ago +1

    I have been rockin' Tech N9ne since 07 in Sactown! Much love!!

  • abhi agarwal
    abhi agarwal 3 days ago +1

    *Daaaaaaaang Fiyaaaaaaaah* 😍⚠️

  • michael kool
    michael kool 3 days ago

    tech nine you was and Always will be NR. 1 on my playlist

  • Smollo
    Smollo 3 days ago

    idk why but part 2:33 makes me laugh...

  • Joann Hunter-Kemp
    Joann Hunter-Kemp 3 days ago +5

    That's right. It's "Like I Ain't" EITHER!!, signed by Old School with an ATTITUDE.

  • eyemme ohigho
    eyemme ohigho 3 days ago


  • martin perez
    martin perez 3 days ago

    Did he call cory from slipknot a faggit.

  • tim taylor
    tim taylor 3 days ago

    Tech is a fucking genius

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago

      tim taylor he is an absolute lyrical genius man!! You should deff check out my reaction to this when you get a chance

  • J P
    J P 3 days ago

    What song is Kathargic episode1? Please. This video said Episode 2. This song is fire.

  • Shane Dixon
    Shane Dixon 3 days ago

    What song is episode one?

  • shade-tree pilot
    shade-tree pilot 3 days ago

    Global warming was a myth.
    Then Tech starting spitting pure fire raising the Earth's temps 2 degrees per track.

  • Michael Morrow
    Michael Morrow 3 days ago

    Song starts at 2:23 if anyone wants to skip ahead to that

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago

      Michael Morrow lol helping out the views.. you should deff check out my reaction when you get a chance

  • Julia King
    Julia King 3 days ago

    love thes

  • Yamil
    Yamil 3 days ago

    Where's the person that writes the lyrics at?

  • Mr. Egerss
    Mr. Egerss 3 days ago

    This shit is sick with it

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago

      Mr. Egerss its hella sick man! You should deff check out my reaction when you get a chance

  • пижама lama
    пижама lama 3 days ago +1

    tec,I'm from Russia ,recording a fucking comment from an interpreter
    fuck .No . to cbat.I'm sitting fucking
    that's the best thing I've ever heard in my life.
    brotherly thanks
    I'm sitting in a pile of shit and realizing how fucking fucked up I am

  • Khagen Basumatary
    Khagen Basumatary 3 days ago

    Mgk is back with flames check this out

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith 3 days ago


  • g4k1ranger
    g4k1ranger 3 days ago +1

    Tech still got it....

  • Carbon2wheeler
    Carbon2wheeler 3 days ago

    Like i aint see tech at lake of the ozarks promoting absolute power! Still got that cd. Show me state 🤟🏻

    ROHAN AGALAWE 3 days ago

    1:47 i got song tupac? what he said?

  • Jaga Jonez
    Jaga Jonez 3 days ago

    Stupid question which video was episode one?

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago

      Jaga Jonez i got reaction videos of the episodes you should definitely check it out when you get a chance

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond 3 days ago +2

    Pure fire x love an god bless x huglife x planet breakdown x

  • momo
    momo 3 days ago

    The apple...

      LEGENDofROUQ 2 days ago

      momo lol the apple ikr.. you should check out what I had to say in my reaction video if you get a chance

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor 3 days ago

    Watching the end scene all I can think is Kanye West.

  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy 3 days ago

    Industry rappers: I’m the best rapp......
    Tech: hold my plate 👑

  • white fox
    white fox 3 days ago

    Didnt hear it but did or did he not name shout out token?

    • alphaomega887654321
      alphaomega887654321 2 days ago

      I think he would need a 38 min and 14 sec song to shout out all the names he worked with

  • KenticWolf Gaming
    KenticWolf Gaming 3 days ago

    Where can I find episode 1

  • Droid Gamer
    Droid Gamer 3 days ago +22

    The dislikes are from the fire 🔥 department

  • Music Maestro
    Music Maestro 3 days ago

    this guy is the greatest..nigga high as a helipad...nigga hit bars like my punchin dad...
    from jamaica

  • A Sss
    A Sss 3 days ago

    My 2 year old dances to it

  • Joanthony Almestica
    Joanthony Almestica 3 days ago +16

    He never had to assemble technicians they was in the clock 24/7

  • PeaNuT BuTTer
    PeaNuT BuTTer 3 days ago

    I love what strange music does but the mother fucking STRANGE! at the end of these songs ruins my playlist! like come on! I just want my songs to flow together, not be interrupted by a random STRANGE! before the next one. just sayin..

  • Jared Harris
    Jared Harris 3 days ago

    GOOSEBUMPS....... FUCK!!!!!!