• Published on Jul 22, 2018
  • This video was really difficult but I hope you guys can understand.
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  • FaZe Censor
    FaZe Censor  4 months ago +8428

    Thank you guys for all the support

    • PrettyBoyPot
      PrettyBoyPot Month ago


    • Fenris6 M
      Fenris6 M Month ago

      FaZe Censor you are an inspiration to all independant men!

    • illustrious1
      illustrious1 2 months ago

      When Yanet has hit the wall you will still be smashing young hot women for fun.

    • Isaac Lal
      Isaac Lal 3 months ago

      500 comment

    • Jobeth Larenas
      Jobeth Larenas 3 months ago

      I can feel the pain...:'(

  • Mike Alpha
    Mike Alpha 15 hours ago

    Dont have a LEGAL disclosure or waiver
    Lol... To many men are STUPID with PUS$Y... Take TOM LEKYIS rules
    Morons still need a agreement on her presence in the video waive... Moron will have to pay... Lol

    THE DANI 2 days ago

    WhatsApp stupied🗣️

  • Floppy doggo
    Floppy doggo 3 days ago

    Choses games over love you fuckt up mate

  • Jovante Siglar
    Jovante Siglar 3 days ago


  • Altumish Ghafoor!
    Altumish Ghafoor! 4 days ago

    Not the full story search up
    “Papa censor spills all”
    Truth of yanet

  • dakota deswarte
    dakota deswarte 5 days ago

    says he wont regret this... stops playing pro cod a month later... bet you regret it now O.o

  • dakota deswarte
    dakota deswarte 5 days ago

    so the girl that he went all the way to mexico just to talk to and somehow turned one trip into a relationship. bought a house with. against all odds made a life with. you left for cod... OH and you QUIT COD a MONTH later... idiot.

  • BMV The Movie Fanatic

    COD Block

    LOUIS DA PEELZ 9 days ago

    Nice one 'practice' what practice its cod. A 5 year old can be good. Try cs real men game.

  • Владислав Княжич

    Give her chance

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz 10 days ago

    Everyone who hates on him is dumb. You have to be in his shoes to truly know. He wants to fulfill his personal goals first. He is still young and still has a whole life to live. The one will come in one day and he will know it.

  • Barry Ramírez
    Barry Ramírez 11 days ago

    Stop roasting him.. im currently single, but when i was in a relationship, i chose my playstation over my gf too. And my car. Maybe its not right, but we all have bad habits i guess.

  • Adam Xie
    Adam Xie 12 days ago

    This is all your fault she is not happy your the only one that is happy you better change your life and get back together

  • noah benz
    noah benz 12 days ago +1

    You are retarded.

  • INCOOM13
    INCOOM13 13 days ago

    You don’t look like the kind of guy to be able to manage a relationship and pursue a career. I feel bad for her, she wasted time with you.
    “I don’t have time for a girlfriend” then you shouldn’t have gotten in a relationship in the first place.

  • Pavel Nedved
    Pavel Nedved 13 days ago

    Didn’t he love yanet or what?? What a retard he is

  • Tuco Salamanca
    Tuco Salamanca 13 days ago

    That's a real alpha. mission > wemon
    Chapeau dude

  • Luis Vilca
    Luis Vilca 13 days ago

    Late but you have done well dude us before them

  • Axrty
    Axrty 13 days ago

    He made the right choice. If didn’t want to be in a relationship then why would he stay in one. I don’t think people would want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be in one even if they are match for them.

  • Jeffery Fogarty
    Jeffery Fogarty 14 days ago


  • Another One
    Another One 14 days ago

    She was hot but annoying. Good decision

  • adrian arizaga
    adrian arizaga 16 days ago

    I have to give my dogs attention. Hhhahhahah
    Mas puto..
    It's to much women for you and you Can not hendle..
    She need a man...
    Not a boy playing video games..good decision...

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob 17 days ago +1

    can you blame him? a woman wants him to basically give up his only hobby, that makes him 900k a year, and he ditches her. I would dump her ass too lmao

  • Helen Nagooyen
    Helen Nagooyen 18 days ago

    this really was the year of breakups lol. i found him on that video with ricegum a while ago and then found yanet through him but wild that it's over.

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez 19 days ago

    damn broke up wit a fine ass girl over cod witch your team is ass LMFAOOOOO

  • Sammy San Pedro
    Sammy San Pedro 20 days ago

    you don't love her. don't say you do bro.

  • Johnathon Woss
    Johnathon Woss 20 days ago

    Anyone who has picture of themselves in their room says a lot about that person

  • Marissa Paradis
    Marissa Paradis 20 days ago

    If it’s true love, everything he’s saying is too hard, would be worth it. I hope they both find the right person.❤️

  • Filip Brenecki
    Filip Brenecki 25 days ago +1

    I will never understand that competitive game shit, dude u can do so much stuff in your life and you choose to play fucking game?

  • Pedro Mansilla
    Pedro Mansilla 26 days ago

    Thats the kind of choices one have to make when your find out you are with a GD. :/

  • Shaly Sophia
    Shaly Sophia 26 days ago

    Everyone’s making it seem like he chose video games over a girlfriend, no he chose a career over a girlfriend. If they’re meant to be they’ll come back to each other.

  • VeGasX
    VeGasX 27 days ago

    I dont get why they couldnt of just stayed together. They dont have to be 1p feet from each other all the time

  • Gladiuz Maximuz
    Gladiuz Maximuz 27 days ago +1

    obviously a gay fuck boy.

  • bloodnum
    bloodnum 28 days ago

    she was too good for you anyways. That you broke up with her because you wanted to play video games that sad dude i mean like i like play video games but this is just sad you have a problem the fact you chose games of her like damn.

  • FlamingoChillz
    FlamingoChillz 29 days ago

    Myth plays Fortnite and got laid after Fortnite man get ur shit straight people

  • FlamingoChillz
    FlamingoChillz 29 days ago

    No Nut November

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim Month ago

    If you think he did wrong, you're probably still too young. There thousands of beautiful girls out there, maybe you need to open your eyes and go out once in a while. But chasing your dreams and making it happen is once in a lifetime thing. You'll understand when you're old enough and stop thinking like a child. With the money this guy is making he'll find someone just right for him and maybe even hotter than her.

  • Ariol Xotza
    Ariol Xotza Month ago

    Now you see pic of yanet and jerkk off

  • Alex Tapisevic
    Alex Tapisevic Month ago

    How this asshole can have so mucho money and get this amazing girl???... how Geezus.

  • Da Bome
    Da Bome Month ago +1

    So many pathetic and butt hurt "good guys" here. You wimps are something that no woman wants.

  • Jimmy Gary
    Jimmy Gary Month ago

    Juanito is going to pipe your girl bro

  • florin22xxl
    florin22xxl Month ago

    Look at all the unsuccesful punks in the comments.This guy is living his dream,working harder than all.of you.combined,while you guys cry over some pussy?

  • Nick Serrano
    Nick Serrano Month ago

    What nobody realizes is that he is happy what he does and that’s his career it makes him happy. Having an amazing hot girlfriend and breaking up with her doesn’t make him a dumb ass give him a fucking break yeah she is hot who gives a fuck he is doing what is best for him and it makes him happy.

  • almonies
    almonies Month ago

    lol, sure you gave up a girl that you say is so amazing for a game? for taking care of your dogs? lol Does anyone actually believe this ?

  • Dan Mccraven
    Dan Mccraven Month ago

    All of you stupid idiots. If you couldn't see how much Doug was in love with Yanet, you can't see. I see in every video. And in this video. Ragii she left. And she has before. Sometimes no ones is at fault. So give your kidney, and your brain. It's not that big anyway.

  • Miki Maus
    Miki Maus Month ago

    she s ugly

  • yunnior _lit_1
    yunnior _lit_1 Month ago +2

    You messed up hard

  • yunnior _lit_1
    yunnior _lit_1 Month ago +1

    Who came because of Drama Alerts to see the full video?

  • The GNC Anarchy
    The GNC Anarchy Month ago

    Most of y'all are saying he has played COD his whole life so he made the right decision? Wtf?! He looks strong, but he's probably a pussy. Get a motherfucking career that isn't what a 16 year old plays. To me, you're finna stay single. Get a real man job. Be a *successful man*

  • Mr behind science
    Mr behind science Month ago +1

    in every video's with her you was like "i love you!!!!!"
    no response from her sooo

  • Rafael Velasquez
    Rafael Velasquez Month ago

    Omg really dude

  • Executnr
    Executnr Month ago

    Just say the relationship distance is to long, dont let it out of your mouth about call of fucking duty SMH

    DILEMMA GAMER Month ago

    I really appreciate wt u said..u just earned my trust..i just subscribed. Investment in urself is best b4 that..i totally understand wt u said.. i really am impressed by how u still feel and talk good abt her.ur the real man.dude...i knw u frm venom..

  • carlos surbano
    carlos surbano Month ago

    Pelotudo importante sos!

  • toyreviews anime
    toyreviews anime Month ago +2

    Her face is a 6

  • Yup1996
    Yup1996 Month ago

    Yanet, was out of your fucking league keep playing your fucking video games. What Yanet needs is a real man not a fucking little fucking boy playing fucking video games. ''Hot ass pussy or fucking video games'' I wouldn't hesitate I go for the hot ass pussy=Yanet

  • Zombiehunter_465
    Zombiehunter_465 Month ago +3

    I support you , ignore the negativity , they're only opinions .

  • Even Hatling
    Even Hatling Month ago

    you are fucking stupid

  • JackGeezy
    JackGeezy Month ago

    Good fucking dumbass, you still made money from this stupid ass video though

  • CluelessGmer
    CluelessGmer Month ago +1

    wise decision. shes a gold digger

    SWELLUMUP Month ago +1

    i respect ur decision and complete agree wiv it

  • David Cardona
    David Cardona Month ago

    If someone is making you earn money, the smartest thing to do is to share your earnings. This guy took a poor decision

  • Venus JCM
    Venus JCM Month ago

    So why in the other video you bashed her Your are not stable on your statements. This one you talk nice and then you talk bad. You keep messing up. And people doesn’t see it. 😡

  • Velazquez Andalusians

    Fucking idiot!!! It’s funny this is the video he’s had most views hahaha

  • Hazel Marie
    Hazel Marie Month ago

    It looked like he really liked her though, I think there’s more to the story that he’s not saying and that’s okay

  • MoniMozarella
    MoniMozarella Month ago

    You are such a dick

  • smegma
    smegma Month ago +1

    i feel like they never had sex. only hugs and kisses

  • Oh Sloppy
    Oh Sloppy Month ago

    Nah yanet ignorant ass girl. But I’m glad money over bitches

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago +2

    There are plenty of fish in the sea..

  • isabella josephine
    isabella josephine Month ago

    there is nothing wrong with
    video game's you should be
    happy it's your choice no one should tell you to give up anything.

  • Michael Machado
    Michael Machado Month ago

    Got to make money kid
    Do you

  • Kipe
    Kipe Month ago

    this nigga gay lmaooo

  • Christopher Giordano Ayala Turpo

    Yo hubiera ganado si tuviera a Yanet xD

  • King Pirate
    King Pirate Month ago

    Im not a huge COD or Faze fan I feel like that middle school brand died in me when I got to high school but I really have to say that this video was powerful and I am surprised how much impact it had on me. Great vlog.

  • Maki Mare
    Maki Mare Month ago +1

    This guy is really hot

  • Ali Blue3z
    Ali Blue3z Month ago

    Y’all ain’t shit. When did it become a bad thing to know your worth & do what’s better for you? Smh, fucking kids grow up life isn’t just about sex.

  • Skyla Vega
    Skyla Vega Month ago

    Youre a child. She needs a man.

  • primstar44
    primstar44 Month ago

    All of the guys angry because he chose HIS JOB over a girl are stupid and prob virgins that think that having a hot gf is everything

  • RevampedElite
    RevampedElite Month ago

    Idiot could have gone to Mexico and still played. Dumbass smh

  • Jagjit Singh
    Jagjit Singh Month ago +1

    he's hot. he's probably got a new girl. CHOICES.

  • Novo_Eden
    Novo_Eden Month ago

    COD over, basically, the hottest most charismatic weather girl ever.
    dude, seriously.....

  • JamesLovinn
    JamesLovinn Month ago

    If I was him I wouldn’t care because I got the homies

  • JamesLovinn
    JamesLovinn Month ago

    Fuck Yanet bruh I’m trying to smash pokimane dawg

  • RedRum
    RedRum Month ago +1


  • Fun with Steph
    Fun with Steph Month ago

    Guys give him a break, he’s obviously a good person. He didn’t leave her for COD. He had his reasons. He’ll find the right one eventually. She’ll even love COD like he does. I hope everything goes the best for you

  • dawnpatrol20
    dawnpatrol20 Month ago

    You'll learn one day, certain things are absolutely none of anyone else's business

  • ManSlayar
    ManSlayar Month ago +2

    A lot of you guys don’t have the balls to do what he just did, chase your dreams #respect

  • Bayron Olivares
    Bayron Olivares Month ago

    Pussy you are pussy

  • Flako
    Flako Month ago

    you are good bro, you will get be over it soon and get another hot girl. there are plenty out there, you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • UltimateEnd0
    UltimateEnd0 Month ago

    Psh you'll always be a hitscan noob. J/K

  • Andreamary’s Family
    Andreamary’s Family Month ago +1

    Work comes first

  • Juan Manuel Hernandez Saenz

    No seas mamon we subelo con subtítulos perro

  • Ruben Ahl
    Ruben Ahl Month ago

    You know that you are really stupid

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams Month ago

    So, you made the adult decision. Well done. You recognized that the relationship no longer served the best interest of the two of you.

  • Henry Yanes
    Henry Yanes Month ago

    Realest nigga ever

  • Gage Pogue
    Gage Pogue Month ago

    Wish my life was this difficult

  • cahzy
    cahzy Month ago +2

    half the niggas in the comment section haven’t even had a gf stfu before you speak

  • Partizan
    Partizan Month ago

    so what if people say that he dumped her cus of cod, its the mans ambitions and his future... just like people break up cos of wanting to chase their career as a professional football player or something else