"I have little sympathy for Man City" | Roy Keane on City's injury problems

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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    Roy Keane says he has little sympathy for Manchester City's injury problems, saying that they've dealt with their Premier League title setbacks poorly.
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Comments • 1 547

  • Kieran Coleman
    Kieran Coleman 15 days ago

    Roy Keane should be managing Manchester United

  • Sam Cotten
    Sam Cotten 20 days ago

    Ah, I see Keane is still a bitch. If he played nowadays he’d suffer a career ending injury

  • WhatWAsThatClip !
    WhatWAsThatClip ! 24 days ago

    Same question on United “I feel bad for them they don’t deserve it they deserve to be winning the league”

  • Ashley Hallows
    Ashley Hallows Month ago

    I'm a Manchester city fan and I 100 % agree with Roy Keane he's right.

  • irish1
    irish1 Month ago

    Everything was bullshit until Roy Keane spoke. Who agrees

  • MrMowky
    MrMowky Month ago

    You know how many injuries Bournemouth have!? They're down like 8 first team players!!!!

  • Rick Barlow
    Rick Barlow Month ago

    I was mesmerised by the zips on micah Richards suit 😂😂😂😂

  • DAV G
    DAV G Month ago

    Hala Madrid

  • G S
    G S Month ago

    Pep won the league twice in once season. History has been made. Sir Alex, Arsen Wenger get on your knees.

  • Peter James Eastham

    Sky gone up again £££, let's have less presenters, that's where all the money's going, and adverts every five minutes 😡😡😡🇬🇧

  • Zahir Shaikh
    Zahir Shaikh Month ago

    It's True just imagine Liverpool without Van dik , sane , Robertson will they be the same.? City have lost key players that's why they are like this season And also thanks to some help from VAR and good diving skills from Mane. 😂

  • Ishan A
    Ishan A Month ago

    Who’s the neecro in the beginning of the video? Seems stuck in the past

  • TrulyF4
    TrulyF4 Month ago

    Roy Keane " He can't live in the past, if you're a big club like United" man actually says Guardiola can't live a year or two in the past yet he's 9 years in the past calling united a big club. I'm dead.

    • Ben Taylor
      Ben Taylor Month ago

      Your not dead your just dumb and don't know the difference between best and big Manchester United may not be as good as they were but they still have 650m fans worldwide and generate more income then any team in world football whilst still not even qualifying for the champions league and are currently the worlds most valuable football club so they are still one of if not the biggest club in world football

  • Dark Raider
    Dark Raider Month ago

    Keano has balls like an elephant, takes no prisoners on either on the pitch or on the TV box .

  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones Month ago

    Even as an LFC fan I like the way Keano turned the table around on this conversation to: "....we all know how difficult it is to win three years in a row, not many teams do that!" belt-drop 🤣😂😅

  • New Thought
    New Thought Month ago

    City NOT winning the league is a disaster? What a STUPID world we live in!!

  • Liam Murray
    Liam Murray Month ago

    "Next year he goes and wins the league twice".
    Some man

  • Jay Something
    Jay Something Month ago

    Roy Keane was a thug of player and a failure as a manager. What makes him the expert to criticise managers who have a history of winning.

    • Ben Taylor
      Ben Taylor Month ago

      You mean have a history of buying trophies? i bet Keane could manage this team and win the prem

  • markie9 kay
    markie9 kay Month ago

    City fans will now become Liverpool fans. Deffo

  • Eddie Bitar
    Eddie Bitar Month ago

    Of course they have to deal with it, but they are missing Laporte desperately not to mention Kompany who basically retired. Their defense was the reason United won today

  • Bobafetting
    Bobafetting Month ago +1

    “It’s really hard to win three titles in a row. Not many teams have done that”

  • Trafford Sec
    Trafford Sec Month ago

    Micah's jacket reminds of the glory days of pundits like Barry Venison and John Barnes wearing some absolute shockers.

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago

    Love Kelly and Laura, need more women talking about sport in a passionate way

  • Brunix7000
    Brunix7000 Month ago

    Bald fraud loading

  • yp py
    yp py Month ago

    I have little sympathy for Roy Keane a Anthony Hopkins wannabe

  • Miguel Baptista
    Miguel Baptista Month ago

    Abu Dabi FC won't win now.

  • Miguel Baptista
    Miguel Baptista Month ago

    Where's Mourinho?

  • SGK
    SGK Month ago

    roy keane says it how it is he does not sugarcoat anything

  • Mark Norman
    Mark Norman Month ago

    Teams have sussed how city play

  • David Saville
    David Saville Month ago

    I can't wait till (FFP ) Financial Fair Play catches up with City

  • Tauseef Ahmed
    Tauseef Ahmed Month ago

    Fair enough if they had 3 or 4 major injuries but not if one player is injured. They deserve no sympathy whatsoever.

  • Paul Chatteris
    Paul Chatteris Month ago

    Why should he? Spent 3 years acting like they're the definitive best premier league side in existence well it turns out they're not as deep as they thought.
    I will laugh my ass off if Arsenal beat them next week

  • Crypto World
    Crypto World Month ago

    roy keans life: "i have very little sympathy for everything"

  • Steve Gordon
    Steve Gordon Month ago

    Roy held back brilliantly. What he didn’t say summed it up. What a great pundit!

  • Steven Booth
    Steven Booth Month ago

    Why does anyone care what that thug Keane thinks! That thug was one of the violent people in any sport and as such is an utter disgrace.

  • veriteinternational

    None either for his managerial career. Only person who in coaching terms, cam make Neville look like Klopp.

  • Chris red
    Chris red Month ago

    Not many teams win 3 titles in a row but Manchester United did go on keano 😁

  • Richard EVANS
    Richard EVANS Month ago +1

    I'm a spurs fan and love Roy Keane, old school and says how it is, also city will never be bigger than Manchester United

  • Phuocc Boi
    Phuocc Boi Month ago

    Roy Keane has been a lot nicer recently....

  • Whoop Whoop
    Whoop Whoop Month ago +2

    Did anyone else notice that Keane wouldn’t call city a big club. 😂 good lad Roy, you know it’s right.

  • niadonnis
    niadonnis Month ago

    pep just needs more fullbacks 😂

  • ayman sarhan
    ayman sarhan Month ago

    who cares about ur bloody sympathy

  • Love London
    Love London Month ago

    Didn’t pep win the league in his third season at city?

    • Ben Taylor
      Ben Taylor Month ago

      Pep is currently in his 3rd season at City and is 14 points behind

  • Anime Banz
    Anime Banz Month ago

    Of course. With a budget and squad like that, they should have done better to replace their long time captain and important squad player. They have been very complacent and it has cost them the title.

  • Marco Samiric
    Marco Samiric Month ago

    Roy Keane: You can't live in the past
    Also Roy Keane (every time ManU is mentioned): I mean this is Man United we are talking about here, the biggest football club in the world...........

    • Ben Taylor
      Ben Taylor Month ago

      Man Utd may not play at the same level they did in the past but they still have more fans worldwide and generate more money then any other team in world football so yes they are still the biggest club in the world

  • Gary Marshall
    Gary Marshall Month ago

    Never thought Gary Neville was Pro IRA Corbyn

  • JSmugglers AKA YellowTeeth AKA KungFuManiac

    Missing Laport end of story

  • George Bate
    George Bate Month ago

    MIcah RIchards 07/12/19

  • Ian From Liverpool
    Ian From Liverpool Month ago

    Excuses Mr Richards. Pep the fraud will run back to Barca

  • my dog baily
    my dog baily Month ago

    why would manchester city want sympathy

  • Jay Skilton
    Jay Skilton Month ago

    Subscribe to my channel football fans for all football content.

  • Partha Pratim Kalita

    Who is the black guy??

  • Joe Jamieson
    Joe Jamieson Month ago

    Richards is so deluded

  • White Soda
    White Soda Month ago

    Should’ve kept Kompany

  • JapaneseSniper1983
    JapaneseSniper1983 Month ago

    "And you'll never win three in a row!"

  • Tobiaz Tobiaz
    Tobiaz Tobiaz Month ago

    Liverpool will win the league by 5 points over to Leicester C.

  • vanillasnowx
    vanillasnowx Month ago

    is it because the word city is next to the word manchester?

  • Mauz 7
    Mauz 7 Month ago

    Cheque book manager struggling without being able to throw money at the problem?
    How shocking

  • Marvin Smith
    Marvin Smith Month ago

    The citizens are alright and don't need anyone to feel sorry for them, they can raise their level any minute in keep it there for a while unlike United