• Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Sarah has never tried boxing before but jumped straight into the deep end and sparred with me. She had one stipulation - I have to be blindfolded LOL.
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  • DeathWolf1122
    DeathWolf1122 13 days ago

    Vidal should do this with ksi

  • Yasoi Skipper
    Yasoi Skipper 16 days ago

    this is the cutest thing ive ever seen ❤️

  • Bitch
    Bitch 25 days ago

    Mr steal your girl

  • Bitch
    Bitch 25 days ago

    Viddal looks at TheXvid see girls looks at girl round him and choose that nigga Sarah

  • Myna_ gaming
    Myna_ gaming Month ago

    Jake paul videos

  • extreme gamerrr7
    extreme gamerrr7 Month ago

    This is how it was for black people in the past 😳😳

  • Setsuna
    Setsuna Month ago

    she's hot. Definitely gonna bang her on that night.

  • Mario Robe
    Mario Robe Month ago

    Maaaan, I'd be scared as shit sparring Viddal even if he was blindfolded...my soul is going to leave my body if this guy punches me...

  • Adetokunbo the LEGEND

    viddal green is ugly

  • Shaun Galloway
    Shaun Galloway Month ago

    Fkn hell Vidal you been drinking stella artois

  • brandon h
    brandon h Month ago

    Can you do this with more youtubers

  • Joaquin Hernandez
    Joaquin Hernandez Month ago

    How funny would it have been if Ksi switched with Sarah after he blind folded himself 😂

  • Dedbite
    Dedbite Month ago

    Imagine if Viddal just fucking dropped sarah with a single shot in 10 seconds

    OMW2FYB Month ago +2


  • bamie16
    bamie16 Month ago


  • Absolute Bollocks
    Absolute Bollocks Month ago

    Hasn't her crush on Viddal been obvious for ages?

  • Blu Brin
    Blu Brin Month ago

    Matt would body the shit out of jj and viddal

  • Blu Brin
    Blu Brin Month ago

    My mind is going places 😂

  • Football King
    Football King Month ago +1

    Vid starts 9:54 your welcome

  • Blake
    Blake Month ago

    Athletic white thot teen takes her first BBC in gym (public)

  • زنيد الهاجري


  • Scythe 1
    Scythe 1 Month ago +1

    Callum is getting cheated on

  • Chris Mukorovi
    Chris Mukorovi Month ago

    once you go black u wont go back sarah👀

  • Xanninja
    Xanninja Month ago

    I somehow left that shit feeling bad for Callux lmfaoo

  • Jan Wan
    Jan Wan Month ago

    Why does he film in 720p

  • Samatar Mohamed
    Samatar Mohamed Month ago

    “She wants to fuck me, she wants my dick in or around her mouth." -Jonah hill (*cough cough* Viddal)

  • Banana Daily
    Banana Daily 2 months ago +1

    I can see Callum punching the air

  • Tim Ronan
    Tim Ronan 2 months ago

    Can you do another spar and munch .The first was unreal

  • Enrique Ramirez
    Enrique Ramirez 2 months ago

    That’s my guy viddal take cal’s girl jkjk 😂

  • joe duru
    joe duru 2 months ago

    How tall is vidal?

  • V gamerAK47
    V gamerAK47 2 months ago

    When Is Vidal doing the ksi

  • Dead Now
    Dead Now 2 months ago


  • Casey Irwin
    Casey Irwin 2 months ago

    stg all the comments are just disrespecting saz. she’s so sweet and genuine, and she’d never cheat on Cal. to all the immature lil bitches that can’t see two adults in their early/mid twenties being friends, go fuck yourselves.

  • Samuel Greaves
    Samuel Greaves 2 months ago +2

    Callums girl is most likely cheating on him unfortunately

  • Adil Davies
    Adil Davies 2 months ago

    Can you train me

  • Dafydd Owain
    Dafydd Owain 2 months ago

    Vidal take Callux girl and he could do fuck all bout it

  • Arek Mieszko
    Arek Mieszko 2 months ago

    Cullux is getting cucked

  • Erz
    Erz 2 months ago

    Mr Steal your girlll

  • tired af
    tired af 2 months ago

    Ssd thing is cal cant do shit when vidal steals his girl 😂😂

  • Aaron parkin
    Aaron parkin 2 months ago

    So when are you shagging

  • John Boshop
    John Boshop 2 months ago

    She’s hot lemme smash

  • J HC
    J HC 2 months ago +2

    Bruh the sexual tension is mad

  • Operation Blackout
    Operation Blackout 2 months ago

    *callux has left the chat*

  • Brendan Nd
    Brendan Nd 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but Sarah is mad ugly

  • rilz 7
    rilz 7 2 months ago +2

    Sarah still landed more punches than joe had on jj..

  • Reese King
    Reese King 2 months ago

    Callum hates this

  • A Goat
    A Goat 2 months ago +19

    Imagine he just takes off the blindfold and just goes ham

  • Aman Messinezis
    Aman Messinezis 2 months ago

    yo lux

  • TheSmallFox
    TheSmallFox 2 months ago +1

    Unlucky cal, it’s game over

  • LuCasEclipz
    LuCasEclipz 2 months ago +1

    this looks like ksi in the first round vs logan paul

  • Jimmy Johnston
    Jimmy Johnston 2 months ago

    She looks good with those leggings on

  • The ECE
    The ECE 2 months ago +4

    There's a video going up on PornHub later where Sarah is blindfolded.

  • Hi There
    Hi There 2 months ago +1

    Ultra instinct? 11:12

  • Kayan Hamer
    Kayan Hamer 2 months ago

    What was the background song at the start

  • br4ndon jam3s
    br4ndon jam3s 2 months ago

    She through more hits then deji ever

  • Scambodian TV
    Scambodian TV 2 months ago

    Rah flirtation

  • King Tomo720
    King Tomo720 2 months ago +1

    Vidal wouldn’t dare smash her because he know they would ruin his connections and TheXvid career with the sidemen as they would side with cal

    • Sean Ukagba
      Sean Ukagba 2 months ago

      +King Tomo720 it depends on the level of friendship between your "boy" and you which I don't think TheXvids portrayal really shows. I saw ksi and Vidal with each other alot since I live near the sidemen house and they actually looked like genuine friends when there was no camera

    • King Tomo720
      King Tomo720 2 months ago

      Sean Ukagba i think he would sleeping with your boys girl is something u don’t do it’s fucked up

    • Sean Ukagba
      Sean Ukagba 2 months ago

      +King Tomo720 of course he won't throw callux under the bus but he wouldn't cut ties with vidal

    • King Tomo720
      King Tomo720 2 months ago

      Sean Ukagba and I have also been watching jj for many years and I know for a FACT he wouldn’t throw cal under the bus for Vidal what shit r u smoking

    • Sean Ukagba
      Sean Ukagba 2 months ago

      +King Tomo720 I have been watching ksi for years now and I know for a fact he wouldn't throw Vidal under the bus so easily because of callux

  • IntenseBoi
    IntenseBoi 2 months ago

    Callum somewhere punching the air rn smh lol

  • Scorch
    Scorch 2 months ago

    You know Sarah wants that BBC

  • Will Orth
    Will Orth 2 months ago

    How was that sparing if it was just her punching

  • ShadowDMR
    ShadowDMR 2 months ago

    Blame KSI for this dislike for what he said to do in his try not to laugh video with u😂🤣

  • Nick Edwin
    Nick Edwin 2 months ago

    You should do this in a real boxing match bet you would still knock them out lol

  • Rory Grant
    Rory Grant 2 months ago

    Sarah is a beautiful sort 🤤

  • JD Ocgna
    JD Ocgna 2 months ago

    Dont @ Callux lol

  • Thomas Gisselmann
    Thomas Gisselmann 2 months ago +9

    13:35 callux your Girl is gone m8

  • just_ aleah
    just_ aleah 2 months ago

    Mr. Steal your girl is back

  • Robe Liam
    Robe Liam 2 months ago

    ngl they look cute together

  • Jonny Patriot
    Jonny Patriot 2 months ago

    Viddal is a woman beater😂

  • Noah Alexander
    Noah Alexander 2 months ago +6

    Mayweather would’ve knocked her out and said, “PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES”

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 months ago

    Why was the whole video viddal touching Sarah. Callux better be careful

  • Boxing By Abbas
    Boxing By Abbas 2 months ago

    Is she fighting fangs

  • ewan walkden
    ewan walkden 2 months ago

    Try vr boxing

  • Иван Федорович

    For stupid people, when Viddal blind his thinking his have super heavy opponent

  • Evan AuCoin
    Evan AuCoin 2 months ago

    the flirt is real!

  • Matt
    Matt 2 months ago

    Don’t worry cal, she’s clapped anyway.

  • VoicedMule Gaming
    VoicedMule Gaming 2 months ago


  • Bhaklund
    Bhaklund 2 months ago

    Yooo sarah is lowkey into viddal

  • Haye
    Haye 2 months ago

    10 Minutes of nonsense, 2 minutes of pointlessness.

  • Jpinthehood
    Jpinthehood 2 months ago

    You know Viddal smashed and Callux is mad

  • Aaron.
    Aaron. 2 months ago +1

    She tryna get the BBC

  • William Larabie
    William Larabie 2 months ago +1

    show us how u wrap your hands

  • Dylan Barker
    Dylan Barker 2 months ago

    Viddal that man

  • HassanK15
    HassanK15 2 months ago

    Vidal won

  • Singh
    Singh 2 months ago +1

    Huh I saw another video that had the same, setting just like this on a website 😐😂

  • Gamer Ninja
    Gamer Ninja 2 months ago

    People are childish aff

  • Ryan Vickers
    Ryan Vickers 2 months ago

    Lux cant even save his girl viddal mr steal your girl

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James 2 months ago

    Well that was ambsolutely hurrendous

  • Aleks Todorov
    Aleks Todorov 2 months ago

    Why u sparring a girl spar me

  • youngTurner awc
    youngTurner awc 2 months ago

    Give me two reasons why you think viddal did not smach her after this video

  • The Anonymous Contract
    The Anonymous Contract 2 months ago

    Man looks like a fish out of water

  • Rostaing Adrien
    Rostaing Adrien 2 months ago +2

    Vidal in your opinion,prime tyson or prime ali? Or you 😂😂

  • Harley Murkin
    Harley Murkin 2 months ago +4

    She did more damage than the people who he has actually had a fight with

  • HTP 123
    HTP 123 2 months ago +1

    Deffo shaggin

  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron Jackson 2 months ago

    The person who recorded this jesus annoying as fuck her laugh made me wanna kms and the part where he got his gloves was dragged out

  • Lenovo Thinkvision
    Lenovo Thinkvision 2 months ago

    Sarah’s ass is so nice

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 2 months ago +1

    Vidal has touched Sarah's hands more times in this video than Callux ever has

  • Milan Huits
    Milan Huits 2 months ago +2


    Can we talk for sec about how big the Realist man is...


    love the content!!

  • The SK Brook
    The SK Brook 2 months ago

    Don’t do anything without asking jj please don’t

  • kev hold
    kev hold 2 months ago +1

    11:02 amazing how he picked up his gloves completely blind folded

  • Jay Hernandez
    Jay Hernandez 2 months ago +1

    This video honestly pissed me off I am very disappointed in Sarah. Viddal she may be gorgeous but Callux is a nice guy and no one deserves to be left stuck on stupid. I am unsubscribing to both of you and wish you both the best. #CHEERS