• Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Sarah has never tried boxing before but jumped straight into the deep end and sparred with me. She had one stipulation - I have to be blindfolded LOL.
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Comments • 809

  • Arczan95
    Arczan95 Hour ago

    Cullux is getting cucked

  • Erz
    Erz 5 hours ago

    Mr Steal your girlll

  • tired af
    tired af 6 hours ago

    Ssd thing is cal cant do shit when vidal steals his girl 😂😂

  • Aaron Parkin
    Aaron Parkin 16 hours ago

    So when are you shagging

  • John Boshop
    John Boshop 19 hours ago

    She’s hot lemme smash

  • J HC
    J HC 20 hours ago

    Bruh the sexual tension is mad

  • Operation Blackout
    Operation Blackout 21 hour ago

    *callux has left the chat*

  • Brendan Nd
    Brendan Nd 21 hour ago

    I'm sorry but Sarah is mad ugly

  • rilz 7
    rilz 7 Day ago +1

    Sarah still landed more punches than joe had on jj..

  • Reese King
    Reese King Day ago

    Callum hates this

  • A Goat
    A Goat Day ago +10

    Imagine he just takes off the blindfold and just goes ham

  • Aman Messinezis
    Aman Messinezis Day ago

    yo lux

  • TheSmallFox
    TheSmallFox Day ago

    Unlucky cal, it’s game over

  • LuCasEclipz
    LuCasEclipz Day ago +1

    this looks like ksi in the first round vs logan paul

  • Jimmy Johnston
    Jimmy Johnston Day ago

    She looks good with those leggings on

  • The ECE
    The ECE Day ago +1

    There's a video going up on PornHub later where Sarah is blindfolded.

  • Hi There
    Hi There Day ago +1

    Ultra instinct? 11:12

  • Kayan Hamer
    Kayan Hamer Day ago

    What was the background song at the start

  • br4ndon jam3s
    br4ndon jam3s 2 days ago

    She through more hits then deji ever

  • Scambodian TV
    Scambodian TV 2 days ago

    Rah flirtation

  • King Tomo720
    King Tomo720 2 days ago +1

    Vidal wouldn’t dare smash her because he know they would ruin his connections and TheXvid career with the sidemen as they would side with cal

    • Sean Ukagba
      Sean Ukagba 18 hours ago

      +King Tomo720 it depends on the level of friendship between your "boy" and you which I don't think TheXvids portrayal really shows. I saw ksi and Vidal with each other alot since I live near the sidemen house and they actually looked like genuine friends when there was no camera

    • King Tomo720
      King Tomo720 18 hours ago

      Sean Ukagba i think he would sleeping with your boys girl is something u don’t do it’s fucked up

    • Sean Ukagba
      Sean Ukagba 18 hours ago

      +King Tomo720 of course he won't throw callux under the bus but he wouldn't cut ties with vidal

    • King Tomo720
      King Tomo720 20 hours ago

      Sean Ukagba and I have also been watching jj for many years and I know for a FACT he wouldn’t throw cal under the bus for Vidal what shit r u smoking

    • Sean Ukagba
      Sean Ukagba 23 hours ago

      +King Tomo720 I have been watching ksi for years now and I know for a fact he wouldn't throw Vidal under the bus so easily because of callux

  • IntenseBoi
    IntenseBoi 2 days ago

    Callum somewhere punching the air rn smh lol

  • Scorch
    Scorch 2 days ago

    You know Sarah wants that BBC

  • Will Orth
    Will Orth 2 days ago

    How was that sparing if it was just her punching

  • ShadowDMR
    ShadowDMR 2 days ago

    Blame KSI for this dislike for what he said to do in his try not to laugh video with u😂🤣

  • Nick Edwin
    Nick Edwin 2 days ago

    You should do this in a real boxing match bet you would still knock them out lol

  • Rory Grant
    Rory Grant 2 days ago

    Sarah is a beautiful sort 🤤

  • JD Ocgna
    JD Ocgna 2 days ago

    Dont @ Callux lol

  • Thomas Gisselmann
    Thomas Gisselmann 2 days ago +4

    13:35 callux your Girl is gone m8

  • just_ aleah
    just_ aleah 2 days ago

    Mr. Steal your girl is back

  • Robe Liam
    Robe Liam 2 days ago

    ngl they look cute together

  • Jonny Patriot
    Jonny Patriot 3 days ago

    Viddal is a woman beater😂

  • Noah Alexander
    Noah Alexander 3 days ago +3

    Mayweather would’ve knocked her out and said, “PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES”

  • Ghost Star
    Ghost Star 3 days ago

    Why was the whole video viddal touching Sarah. Callux better be careful

  • Jamie
    Jamie 3 days ago

    Is this like the intro to some weird ass porn where callux is the cuck

  • Boxing By Abbas
    Boxing By Abbas 3 days ago

    Is she fighting fangs

  • ewan walkden
    ewan walkden 3 days ago

    Try vr boxing

  • Иван Федорович

    For stupid people, when Viddal blind his thinking his have super heavy opponent

  • Evan AuCoin
    Evan AuCoin 3 days ago

    the flirt is real!

  • Matt
    Matt 3 days ago

    Don’t worry cal, she’s clapped anyway.

  • VoicedMule Gaming
    VoicedMule Gaming 3 days ago


  • Bhaklund
    Bhaklund 3 days ago

    Yooo sarah is lowkey into viddal

  • Haye
    Haye 3 days ago

    10 Minutes of nonsense, 2 minutes of pointlessness.

  • Jpinthehood
    Jpinthehood 3 days ago

    You know Viddal smashed and Callux is mad

  • Aaron.
    Aaron. 3 days ago +1

    She tryna get the BBC

  • William Larabie
    William Larabie 4 days ago +1

    show us how u wrap your hands

  • Dylan Barker
    Dylan Barker 4 days ago

    Viddal that man

  • HassanK15
    HassanK15 4 days ago

    Vidal won

  • Singh Gaming
    Singh Gaming 4 days ago +1

    Huh I saw another video that had the same, setting just like this on a website 😐😂

  • Gamer Ninja
    Gamer Ninja 4 days ago

    People are childish aff

  • Ryan Vickers
    Ryan Vickers 4 days ago

    Lux cant even save his girl viddal mr steal your girl

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James 4 days ago

    Well that was ambsolutely hurrendous

  • Aleks Todorov
    Aleks Todorov 4 days ago

    Why u sparring a girl spar me

  • youngTurner awc
    youngTurner awc 4 days ago

    Give me two reasons why you think viddal did not smach her after this video

  • The Anonymous Contract

    Man looks like a fish out of water

  • Rostaing Adrien
    Rostaing Adrien 4 days ago +2

    Vidal in your opinion,prime tyson or prime ali? Or you 😂😂

  • Harley Murkin
    Harley Murkin 4 days ago +4

    She did more damage than the people who he has actually had a fight with

  • HTP 123
    HTP 123 4 days ago +1

    Deffo shaggin

  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron Jackson 4 days ago

    The person who recorded this jesus annoying as fuck her laugh made me wanna kms and the part where he got his gloves was dragged out

  • Lenovo Thinkvision
    Lenovo Thinkvision 4 days ago

    Sarah’s ass is so nice

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 4 days ago +1

    Vidal has touched Sarah's hands more times in this video than Callux ever has

  • Milan Huits
    Milan Huits 5 days ago +1


    Can we talk for sec about how big the Realist man is...


    love the content!!

  • The SK Brook
    The SK Brook 5 days ago

    Don’t do anything without asking jj please don’t

  • kev hold
    kev hold 5 days ago +1

    11:02 amazing how he picked up his gloves completely blind folded

  • Jay Hernandez
    Jay Hernandez 5 days ago +1

    This video honestly pissed me off I am very disappointed in Sarah. Viddal she may be gorgeous but Callux is a nice guy and no one deserves to be left stuck on stupid. I am unsubscribing to both of you and wish you both the best. #CHEERS

  • Elkhan Aykhan
    Elkhan Aykhan 5 days ago +2

    Meanwhile Callux: Where is Sarah?

  • MANX
    MANX 5 days ago

    damn if viddal takes cal's girl tf he gone do?

    JOE & GAB SQUAD 5 days ago +1

    Undercard for JJ Faze Sensei Vs. Viddal

    • _SEA _
      _SEA _ 3 days ago

      JOE & GAB SQUAD are u retarded sensei is good but vidal is 10 times better have u seen him he’s a pro boxer🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  • kakarealmadrid
    kakarealmadrid 5 days ago +5

    I have seen enough porn to know where this is gonna end xD

  • Panda
    Panda 5 days ago

    vidal has ultra instinct wtf 11:11 - 11:16

  • Smithy YT
    Smithy YT 5 days ago

    True Geordie

  • Aaron YT
    Aaron YT 5 days ago

    Now do this with Deji lol

  • Alex Morris
    Alex Morris 5 days ago

    Sarah flatter than an iPhone

  • Saimon Hawaz
    Saimon Hawaz 5 days ago

    Callum bout to be a single nigga

  • ManLikeJango YB
    ManLikeJango YB 5 days ago

    Lux is sitting there all triggered

  • ZeRo Chucktown
    ZeRo Chucktown 5 days ago

    Ain’t that callix girl

  • saxon barrington
    saxon barrington 5 days ago +1

    Sarah cheating again getting that bbc

  • Joe Crosby
    Joe Crosby 5 days ago

    So can we agree that Callux is a cuck

  • eetu hietanen
    eetu hietanen 5 days ago

    You KNOW sarah likes viddal. #freesarah

  • KLXrevenger
    KLXrevenger 5 days ago

    She hits like a vegetarian

  • NextGenClips
    NextGenClips 5 days ago +1

    Imagine being in a real fight and going “DID I JUST STAND ON YOUR FOOT”

  • Romulus Draco
    Romulus Draco 5 days ago +1

    Rip callux

    CERTIFIEDrOADMAN68 5 days ago +8

    I think callums the only one who's blind

    CERTIFIEDrOADMAN68 5 days ago +1

    720p this a PewDiePie vid or something

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor 5 days ago

    vidal gave her that bbc

  • Corey Percival
    Corey Percival 5 days ago

    Blind folded sparing with KSI but ur both blind

  • Mohammed Adam
    Mohammed Adam 5 days ago

    Did u box for West Ham boys boxing club as an amature

  • HotFirE Gaming
    HotFirE Gaming 5 days ago

    YAAH DAT WAA 8:05


  • Mitchell Adlem
    Mitchell Adlem 5 days ago

    Are her and Callux still together

  • Titan XD
    Titan XD 5 days ago

    11:22 my man hit Ultra Instinct

  • BWG25
    BWG25 5 days ago

    50 in the world on trending keep up the great work..future boxing champion right👌🏽👌🏽🔥

  • HoaXeN Trinity
    HoaXeN Trinity 5 days ago

    Bird box viddsl edition

  • Sonny King
    Sonny King 6 days ago

    I came here for that asss

  • Hhh Hhh
    Hhh Hhh 6 days ago

    You should have said gone sexual on the title

  • Kev C
    Kev C 6 days ago


    JENS VITTRUP 6 days ago


  • Kaiyto
    Kaiyto 6 days ago +2

    Fucking hell all you 12ies, a guy and a girl can just be friends... doesn't mean they are flirting or that they like each other. Everyone posting these types of comments are honestly the type of people that when a girl says "Hi" to them they are like "Oh yep, she likes me" grow tf up.

  • YaBoiKring
    YaBoiKring 6 days ago +2

    *I F S H E B R E A T H E S, S H E 'S A T H O T*

  • YaBoiKring
    YaBoiKring 6 days ago +4

    Callux doesn't treat her to enough fried chicken.

  • Coriander
    Coriander 6 days ago

    If I was Cal I'd be slightly worried