Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp - Official Trailer #2


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    Comparing D’s

  • Moneybags Hastings
    Moneybags Hastings 2 days ago

    Hahahha the fight medley music from Iron Man II XDD

  • Manuqtix Manuqtix
    Manuqtix Manuqtix 2 days ago

    This ant man destroyed my pizza tonight! but he failed! At sunrise I will hunt him down and have his skin hanging on the wall!

  • Kid's Play
    Kid's Play 4 days ago

    this is so cool..



  • Shidaharth Nikam
    Shidaharth Nikam 5 days ago

    Spiderman ke fan thooko like

  • Ating
    Ating 6 days ago

    I know why scott lang get out in the quantum realm because of the ant drumming at the post credit scene hehe my theory

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza 7 days ago

    Would love to see Ant-Man (Scott), The Wasp (Hope), and the Bee (Luis). Chose Bee as all these insects belong to the same family.

  • Ginger Plays
    Ginger Plays 8 days ago

    looks amazing

  • untxu 948
    untxu 948 9 days ago +1

    Tu dejarle a deadpool salir en alguna pelicula

  • BornToShipViktuuri
    BornToShipViktuuri 9 days ago

    This is what Fay wanted

  • Bullet Ignacio
    Bullet Ignacio 13 days ago +1

    The wasp is a badass chick. :)

    • skye starz
      skye starz 10 days ago +1

      The Wasp is now my favorite MCU super hero :)

  • Huginn Evuson
    Huginn Evuson 14 days ago

    1:31 I Wanna Rock Right Now

  • Preetham Cs
    Preetham Cs 17 days ago +2

    When is the next part coming

  • Seth Winters
    Seth Winters 17 days ago +1

    Hope looks good after having her baby. It's almost like she was never pregnant. Whoever her husband is, he's a lucky guy.

    • skye starz
      skye starz 10 days ago +1

      Hope's hairdo in Ant-Man was a subtle tribute to the original Wasp in the comic book.

  • Lozza Sparkles
    Lozza Sparkles 18 days ago +1

    Who else thinks the Wasp looks waaay Better with this hairstyle to her Antman days with a short hair and fringe?

  • Tim K
    Tim K 20 days ago

    wow! Kiki is alive? 0:33

  • Melinda Lee
    Melinda Lee 20 days ago +1

    The best badass duo.

  • fatihah ezora
    fatihah ezora 21 day ago


  • ricky roach
    ricky roach 21 day ago

    who's here after watching Endgame? The movie. not the trailer. That's right peasants... I watched the movie courtesy of my cousin working for the Marvel Studios!

  • Emanuele Cala
    Emanuele Cala 21 day ago


  • skye starz
    skye starz 24 days ago +3

    The Wasp should've been introduced in Civil War like Black Panther, Ant Man, and Spider Man... just saying.

  • Huginn Evuson
    Huginn Evuson 24 days ago

    What's next? “Spider-Man And Venom”?

  • ruth malonzo
    ruth malonzo 27 days ago

    So the quantum physics saves him from thanos

  • Deplaneetegmont
    Deplaneetegmont 29 days ago +1

    Next up: Crocodile man, Cockroach man, Eagle woman, Giant Turtle, Kangoeroe man, The Green Grasshopper, Mr. Sparrow, ..

  • Steve Wertz
    Steve Wertz Month ago

    I like so much that sequel, I hope the future movies will be also great. I watched using boxxy software, with german dubbing.

  • A penguin with Depression of a meme

    whats the trailers song called?

  • Astrid Hardy
    Astrid Hardy Month ago

    Holy crap, that was awesome!

  • Guntur Wibowo
    Guntur Wibowo Month ago

    so its actually connected with thanos

  • Mia E
    Mia E Month ago

    your in my fan book ant man and wasp even white villian

  • Radio Mothra
    Radio Mothra Month ago

    For me, Ant Man is like the PG-13 version of Deadpool XD

  • Vaden Rade
    Vaden Rade Month ago

    the end of that movie was the best part of it

  • Huginn Evuson
    Huginn Evuson Month ago

    1:51 Ooh, That’s a Good title

  • georgy roy
    georgy roy Month ago +1

    If you havent seen this movie yet...then let me tell u...tracer from overwatch is the villain....

  • Cristian Hesse
    Cristian Hesse Month ago

    Name of the song at the end? Please.

  • AnshAnmol Gamer
    AnshAnmol Gamer Month ago

    Awesome movie

  • bima f
    bima f Month ago +3

    Who's here for seeing scott after he arrived in avengers 4 trailer ??

  • Uvindu Imantha
    Uvindu Imantha Month ago

    What the hell this is so curious. Finally pym, his wife and hope went dust. Antman in a quantum realm. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Eskimo pal
    Eskimo pal Month ago

    Liked the first part... but this one is possible the worst of all marvel cinematics...

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton 15 days ago

      Eskimo pal so is Incredible Hulk 2008.

    • Eskimo pal
      Eskimo pal 15 days ago

      Ryder Barton concur! Thor 2 was garbage

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton 20 days ago +1

      Eskimo pal you been watch movies too long. Thor 2 took a cake.

  • llara wilson
    llara wilson Month ago +1


  • Tae hyung
    Tae hyung Month ago

    He can just smash Thanos with his barefoot lol

  • shadow of death
    shadow of death Month ago +4

    Who's watching this after ant man appeard on avengers 4 trailer ?

  • Gurveen’s Gacha
    Gurveen’s Gacha Month ago +3

    This movie will never be the same without Stan Lee :(

    • Finn The Human
      Finn The Human Month ago +1

      Gurveen’s Gacha stan lee made a cameo in the movie tho

  • Harshal Chavan
    Harshal Chavan Month ago +5

    Who is here after avengers 4 trailer 🤔

  • Все не так и сложно

    friends, let's be friends channels

  • Donny Ohakam
    Donny Ohakam Month ago +1

    Wish they had put his signature giant man laugh in the movie

  • Bubble Gaming
    Bubble Gaming Month ago

    Anyone here after watching the Endgame trailer?

  • something bad
    something bad Month ago +2

    Who is here after avengers endgame trailer

  • A K
    A K Month ago

    Who is here after Avengers End Game trailer ☠️

  • C H A R L I E T H A R G I C

    *Who's here after the AVENGERS ENDGAME TRAILER?*


    Me la acabo de ver cual va aser entonces el desenlase de todas las peliculas ya que por la destrucion de tanos se desaparesieron tambien estos personajes estoy ansioso por ver que va pasar si se van a recuperar los que desaparecieron tambien en avengers infinity.. marvel studions ?

    THE JURASSIC KING Month ago +1

    Evangeline Lilly is HOT!!!!!

  • Dharma Chatterji
    Dharma Chatterji Month ago

    Ant Man & Spider Man,

  • skye starz
    skye starz Month ago +3

    When can we get this movie on Netflix? I cannot wait any longer.

  • G D
    G D Month ago

    I want my money back lame sequal

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton 15 days ago

      G D your Expectations went too high.

  • Vaseem shaik
    Vaseem shaik Month ago

    December 2018 any one here for background.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago

    best eva

  • pink larz
    pink larz Month ago +1

    STOP DISLIKING MARVEL VIDEOS JUST BECAUSE YOUR TRAILER HAVENT RELEASED! this is a company that works so hard on giving us amazing quality in EVERY single film, your getting avengers 4 before Saturday and I can promise that. Your also getting Spider-Man far from home this week so be thankful of these amazing hard working and gifted people who slave away for our entertainment.

  • T.L. Productions
    T.L. Productions Month ago

    "Hiya champ! How was school today?"

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez Month ago

    I came here STILL waiting for infinity war trailer

  • luis salas
    luis salas Month ago

    Cmon publish the tráiler of avengers 4

  • Shakir Ali
    Shakir Ali Month ago

    my favourite Marvel favourite Thor Thor thor

  • Sanjeet Kr. Yadav 9934671163

    How ant man come out from countem field

  • Jonathan Chriqui
    Jonathan Chriqui Month ago

    dislike all marvel videos until avengers 4 trailer

  • Bubble Gaming
    Bubble Gaming Month ago

    Release the Avengers 4 trailer please.

  • Biki Majhi
    Biki Majhi Month ago

    Okay we found whereabout of Ant Man and the Wasp during Infinity War......But........what about Avengers 4 trailer?........Do you have it in your mind?

  • Skull Face
    Skull Face Month ago

    Meanwhile thanos destroying the world

  • Ullas Shome
    Ullas Shome Month ago

    The title of this movie reminds me:
    "Batman & Robin"

  • Jesper Vilhelmsen
    Jesper Vilhelmsen Month ago

    1/10 not enough wasp

  • Fırat KARA
    Fırat KARA Month ago

    Nasıl eğleniyorlar bi ben eğlence bulamadım

  • Hafizha Sarah
    Hafizha Sarah Month ago

    Dear Paul Rudd, let me tell you something :
    "Love of My life, you hurt me
    You broken my heart and now you leave me.
    Love of my life, can't you see,
    Bring it back, bring it back
    Don't take it away from me,
    You don't know what it's mean to me".

  • halokojm
    halokojm Month ago

    How does the villain get called ?

  • Ant-Man Fortnite
    Ant-Man Fortnite Month ago

    Hey antman come see my live channel I'm 6 year old best game player

  • fandi kakang
    fandi kakang 2 months ago

    dikirain full movie padahal tlayer😒😒

  • Spring Break
    Spring Break 2 months ago

    Looks dull and boring..yawn

  • Francesco Ramicani
    Francesco Ramicani 2 months ago +2

    I’d recommend seeing this movie, and it’s more on the family friendly side for a PG 12 movie. Saw with my family on boxxy software at home.

  • all in one
    all in one 2 months ago

    Any need ant man and the wasp full movie then see my videos and SUSCRIBE please

  • NarekNa
    NarekNa 2 months ago


  • HAPPY walek
    HAPPY walek 2 months ago +2

    She is hot the wasp

  • Now Available On Amazon

    RIP stan lee

  • Aikal Arief
    Aikal Arief 2 months ago

    Rip for stan lee
    One love for one like

  • Rehan Jackson
    Rehan Jackson 2 months ago

    I like this movie

  • wences louise
    wences louise 2 months ago

    R. I. P STANLEE the king of marvel you will not be forgotten😥🌹

  • Morgan XII
    Morgan XII 2 months ago +1

    Dutch ?

  • Hope Pierce
    Hope Pierce 2 months ago

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

  • Verum Venatus
    Verum Venatus 2 months ago

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

  • Marcos moraes da silva Silva

    luto Stanley

  • jagjit. singh
    jagjit. singh 2 months ago

    good 😮

  • Bravereesydc
    Bravereesydc 2 months ago


  • fitness motivation
    fitness motivation 2 months ago

    rip stan lee

  • DineroEli
    DineroEli 2 months ago +1


  • Ratul Hasan
    Ratul Hasan 2 months ago +3

    Anyone here after the death of Stan lee?😔

  • Rodrigo Serrano
    Rodrigo Serrano 2 months ago

    What is the song?

  • Yasir Ali
    Yasir Ali 2 months ago +1

    Watched it yet and it was best movie of marvel.Loved it.

    • Konrád Konrád Béla
      Konrád Konrád Béla 2 months ago

      i included this movie in my fav collection on boxxy software... sure i'll rewatch it asap with dubbing or subtitle and with great pleasure

  • LAAM
    LAAM 2 months ago

    Is this is mcu?

  • Yunan Helmi
    Yunan Helmi 2 months ago

    This movie is really really fun

  • Naulo Sanchar
    Naulo Sanchar 2 months ago

    Marvel have made super hero out of all the creature ... what creature is left now ??