Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp - Official Trailer #2


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  • Rafael Domingus
    Rafael Domingus 6 hours ago +1


  • Captain Blubby
    Captain Blubby 23 hours ago +1

    Ant man is the only one who can defeat Thanos...... Change my mind!

  • WillBrink
    WillBrink Day ago

    Easiest way to review this movie is to say, if you enjoyed the first one you'll enjoy Ant-Man and The Wasp. These movies work because they don't take themselves too seriously, quality cast, good CGI, some funny dialogue. Some of the action scenes get tedious, slightly convoluted plot lines, but all in all, a fun time. A-/B+

  • Hey! Listen!
    Hey! Listen! Day ago

    Just rented this. Zzzzzzzzz so boring.

  • Romantic guru.
    Romantic guru. 2 days ago

    Like as unbliveable movie

  • Helena Krieger
    Helena Krieger 2 days ago

    Antman 3: Antman's daughter becomes antgirl

  • Leszek Badiere
    Leszek Badiere 2 days ago

    You know I want to like marvel movies, but when they put in PC Bullshit, I wonder their total existence

  • Denis Sokhom
    Denis Sokhom 2 days ago

    This movie was fucken trash Oml ON MY MAMAS LIFE OKAY. It has funny moments but jokes were shut

  • Brendan Shields
    Brendan Shields 3 days ago

    To Paul Rudd. I'm sorry this movie wasn't well received. I just finished it. My wife, son and my brother all loved the movie. I thought I was great. I think people have a skewed idea of what movies are supposed to be. Or if it's not exactly like they wanted, they hate it. But they're not the actors or the directors. I've learned to enjoy things in life, because you only get one go. Why waste it hating everything. Thanks for the movie Paul.

  • Mohamed AL mahfoodh
    Mohamed AL mahfoodh 3 days ago

    I liked the trailer and a movie very much everything....
    It's great [action, comedy, drama, story plot] everything ... It's true that Moo wonderful part I, but also beautiful and fun

  • aleksmeister92
    aleksmeister92 3 days ago

    first time i see this ultrawide youtube format >:(

  • wussboyd1
    wussboyd1 3 days ago

    Sooooo am i the only one who noticed the Destiny Hunter known as Ghost?

  • PowerRedBull
    PowerRedBull 4 days ago +1

    The wasp was really a Mary Sue in this movie I think..I mean. She had no real personality, other than being this perfect person that was more capable than antman in pretty much every possible way....I really liked his personality and possibly I would have liked hers, if she actually had one..
    Apparently it's feminist enough to have female superhero's, but not feminist enough to actually give them a real personality with flaws..... They just have to be these ultra badass machines without any emotion, that want to lead and make the (suphero) men look weak or dumb...

  • Zumuhamad Adillah
    Zumuhamad Adillah 4 days ago

    Yes i Like so do you know what i see is THE TEENY TITAN wite DC FIGURES

  • madhusudan behura
    madhusudan behura 4 days ago

    get speed

  • Anisa Putrii
    Anisa Putrii 5 days ago


  • Emanuel Dor-chay
    Emanuel Dor-chay 5 days ago

    Don't watch this movie on shrooms

  • September2004
    September2004 6 days ago

    Is it just me or can Evangeline Lilly really rock a pony tail? Most girls, when they wear a ponytail, it doesn't look like their 'natural' self and seems temporary. But Evangeline actually looks best with her hair tied back.

  • Topher Aguilar
    Topher Aguilar 6 days ago

    *comparing sizes*

  • MatinPlayz
    MatinPlayz 6 days ago +1

    I saw this movie today ... and it's ... aa ... it's so amazing so cool.
    This movie made my today.
    thanks MARVEL :D

  • T'challa
    T'challa 7 days ago

    Evangeline Lilly is such a beautiful woman, pure natural beauty.

  • Keean Yap
    Keean Yap 7 days ago

    Hey Marvel what if Dwayne Johnson would be wolverine?

  • Zachary Ralston
    Zachary Ralston 8 days ago +1

    I don't remember seeing anything about this movie

  • Terra Titan
    Terra Titan 8 days ago

    Spoiler alert post credits scene thanos snaps his fingers and Scott lang is stuck in the quantum realm

  • Jaime Fernandez
    Jaime Fernandez 8 days ago

    In this movie there is Michel pena and in the movie end of watch theres him in it

  • Baindra Syafrudin
    Baindra Syafrudin 9 days ago

    sepertinya trailer dari MCU banyak yg tdak masuk film

  • tarun makker
    tarun makker 11 days ago +1

    Ending is connected to avengers infinity war , just to create a hype for next film to be released . Same did for infinity war and now everyday a new theory comes up or answering peoples questions. What a stupid way to make more money in future .Play with peoples minds let them wait for next movie and earn in millions.

  • TorNix Houssém
    TorNix Houssém 12 days ago +2

    GTA:SA Radio Station

  • F dL
    F dL 12 days ago

    Dang, Paul Rudd is ripped.

  • Brave Boy
    Brave Boy 12 days ago

    If my theory is right, Antman would be saved by the ghost because she still hadn't had the power of the quantum realm therefore she is still out there unlike other particles she's not disappeared.

  • Greay Statia
    Greay Statia 12 days ago

    Te hel is dis ... sum kinda ant man movie or sum?🤔🐷

  • Noel John G. Quezon
    Noel John G. Quezon 13 days ago +1

    Ant Man more like ULTRAMAN.

  • wolfe1970
    wolfe1970 14 days ago

    BIG issue i have with the film, is shrinking, yes, in theory it can be done, but shrinking a molecule doesn't mean it will be lighter, just compressed, so that building would still weight thousands of tons, just like in a neutron star, were they say a table spoon of dirt weights as much as a small city
    Yes, i know its just a

  • Buddy Bunny
    Buddy Bunny 14 days ago

    Doctor Strange(A:IW): "There is no other way...."
    Ghost : "This is the way...."
    Well that seems important for an Avengers 4 Quantum realm theory....

  • Awesome Videos
    Awesome Videos 14 days ago

    Outstanding movie

  • Imam Faisal
    Imam Faisal 14 days ago +2

    Luis is gonna kick thanos ass for sure

  • Samii Playz
    Samii Playz 14 days ago

    I just watched the movie and i loved it (its the first ant man movie i have watched)! It was really funny but thrilling. The plot was kind of like big hero six, but better lol.

  • zen poe
    zen poe 15 days ago

    It was one of the worst movie I've ever watched

  • Nitesh Chowdhury
    Nitesh Chowdhury 15 days ago

    When janet was in Scott's body/mind or whatever it is (2nd time)...... She instantly began to use the laptop.... How did she know how to use a laptop if she was in the quantum realm for 30 years !!!

  • Rekha jangid
    Rekha jangid 15 days ago

    Nice movie

  • Nano
    Nano 16 days ago

    As a big fan of Ant man movies, looking at the post-credit scenes was my biggest mistake.

  • Roberto Cruz
    Roberto Cruz 16 days ago

    Then get the heel out of here and do not mess with the best comics and movies in the world bra .

  • Bishakh Sen
    Bishakh Sen 16 days ago

    did any1 hear, *it takes a suit to make a thing go right?*

  • Royyan Firdaus
    Royyan Firdaus 16 days ago

    gooddddd 😊

  • Roman Gaming
    Roman Gaming 16 days ago +1

    BOBO YAGA!!!

  • Ayush Gupta
    Ayush Gupta 16 days ago

    I m still shocked and amazed after watching that mid credit scene.......😐
    And those who didn't watched it doesn't know that this is the darkest scene of the movie 1:17

  • Hernan Bonilla
    Hernan Bonilla 16 days ago

    A-ma-zing. I love it.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 17 days ago

    I wanna rock right now

  • HunterNidus
    HunterNidus 17 days ago

    It was a good movie, but also a filler movie.

  • Waqas Ali
    Waqas Ali 17 days ago


  • Abel Chipepe
    Abel Chipepe 17 days ago +1

    I try hard but cant get it. just hate it

  • Lloyd Rivera
    Lloyd Rivera 17 days ago

    The best in the mcu

  • poke School
    poke School 17 days ago

    *Like a girlfriend*

  • Mr.Hanafi GITU2
    Mr.Hanafi GITU2 17 days ago

    the last ending ..thanos did that

  • ManLikeAliyPlays
    ManLikeAliyPlays 17 days ago

    Watched this in cinema a couple months ago. It’s hilarious, action packed and a great entertainer. Plot is a bit dodgy but if you want laughs and entertainment then this movie is for you :)

  • Eqoualizer
    Eqoualizer 17 days ago

    00:07 Plastic looking cars . ;)

  • Nico
    Nico 17 days ago

    Everything with this movie was great. Great special effects, great casting (well it's the same cast as in the first one) and acting, solid special effects, great pacing, fun action scenes, overall a great MCU movie. Except for the plot, it sucks, plain a simple. A lot of the subplots and the motivation behind what the characters do and how things work and end up just made no sense, to me it's Thor Dark World all over again. And yes I'm being a bit nitpicky on this one because I held Marvel movies at a significantly higher standards after their amazing work with Civil War, Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther and Avengers, Ant Man and The Wasp is a good movie, but not anywhere near the quality of Marvel's recent movies.

  • Kemi
    Kemi 17 days ago

    Only know the wasp chick from Lost

  • Arsyad Arsyad Rifaie Alakbar Johari

    He say he is real

  • Arsyad Arsyad Rifaie Alakbar Johari

    I am a fan of ant man he has a rainbow katana

  • Evang Moises
    Evang Moises 18 days ago

    Good movie

  • Cal Van Buskirk
    Cal Van Buskirk 18 days ago

    You know wasp is traditionally black... Think about that one

  • Khaki Nazim
    Khaki Nazim 18 days ago

    Background music stolen from GTA SanAndreas..

    F-MOVIE 18 days ago

    Watch movies in us channel's

  • Nick Gk
    Nick Gk 19 days ago +1

    Crap movie.. waste of time

  • Ott Sumerian
    Ott Sumerian 20 days ago

    Ant man is trapped automic world

  • Yes Sir!
    Yes Sir! 20 days ago

    Funny how everyone in the theater had their soy face on when I went to watch this one.

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones 20 days ago

    antman and the wasp..
    m up for antman and the wasp and the family.

  • Sero Gerinide
    Sero Gerinide 20 days ago

    30 years in the quantum realm, how did she feed herself there?

  • arsenal gunners
    arsenal gunners 20 days ago

    This movie is out i had no idea. Not much advertising

  • Hafizha Sarah
    Hafizha Sarah 20 days ago

    If I met Paul on the street, I hold his hand and started to dancing and singing with him..That's all I want before I die

  • Malcolm James
    Malcolm James 21 day ago

    This looks good,Think I give this a watch on DVD

  • cyigen85
    cyigen85 21 day ago

    so when will the flowerman come out?

    RAUNAQ DHINGRA 21 day ago

    Mike's here ? Where d hell is Phoebe Buffay ?? :P

  • hummingbirdcity
    hummingbirdcity 22 days ago

    Ghost, bringing us one step closer to a Thunderbolts movies.

  • Silver Moon
    Silver Moon 23 days ago

    "Damit freckles"

  • Himansu Sekhar
    Himansu Sekhar 25 days ago

    Osm Ant-men & Ant woman comission wow

  • sanlove maly
    sanlove maly 25 days ago

    my hero

  • MrSecretSentai
    MrSecretSentai 26 days ago +1

    To bad they showed all the cool parts in the trailer

  • nba73
    nba73 26 days ago

    Spider-Man homecoming, Thor 3, and infinity war seemed to have corrected their problem with color. But this movie went back to that stylistic choice...

  • David D
    David D 26 days ago

    the future is female, stay at home dads and single moms. Why do all movies make men look stupid?

  • Piyush Adhikari
    Piyush Adhikari 26 days ago

    M ganta hu ant man kon h

  • Tabish Iqbal
    Tabish Iqbal 27 days ago +1

    Guys guys guys.
    Ant man and the wasp will return?

  • 1EnderSlayer
    1EnderSlayer 29 days ago

    Marvel Entertainment is the best

  • SKYCAM20196
    SKYCAM20196 29 days ago

    The music does not mix well with what's going on the scene, specially when the ant man was running as a midget the whole movie looked and sounded like it was made by some cheap company and not

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    “If you two are finished comparing sizes.”

  • Md Ibrahim
    Md Ibrahim 29 days ago


  • Kid Savage
    Kid Savage Month ago

    Spiderman and any an partners in crime

  • basel alkreny
    basel alkreny Month ago

    i dont like the idea that antman has a partner

  • Y So Serious Channel

    Great video ! I am going to so it !

  • AR shab
    AR shab Month ago

    The soundtrack off this trailer same like gta sa soundtrack, did you hear like that?😂

  • Edlie Puth
    Edlie Puth Month ago +1

    Who else is here after watching the movie

  • Shut da hell up
    Shut da hell up Month ago +2

    i haven't watched it yet, is it still worth it?

  • Skibidip Ch
    Skibidip Ch Month ago +1

    Before watch the credit scene : “ok happy ending”
    After watch the credit scene : “nevermind i hate it”

    JOHNPAUL KUN Month ago

    why can they just get the outfits 100% right...

  • Victor Silk
    Victor Silk Month ago

    Anyone after captain marvel trailer?..

  • Top Listers
    Top Listers Month ago

    ALL SUPER HEROS Transformational Videos Watching for Top listers

  • no
    no Month ago +2

    Honestly I was really disappointed by this film.

  • Figgy5119
    Figgy5119 Month ago

    I don't recall the whole "I've got wings, why should I go low" thing. Did that happen in the movie and I just missed it?

    • skye starz
      skye starz Month ago

      this only featured in the trailer. Wasp saying "Follow My Lead" also didn't feature in the movie.

  • Giorgi Mamalashvili