Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp - Official Trailer #2


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  • ThePhantomWolf
    ThePhantomWolf 3 hours ago

    ant-man can shrink and kick out the infinity stones from the gauntlet

  • Rainy Days
    Rainy Days 10 hours ago

    This film was shit

  • ღMayaღ
    ღMayaღ 15 hours ago +1

    I watched it in cinema... *IT'S* *SO* *FICKING* *GOOD* *I* *JUST* *LOVE* *IT* *OMG*

  • Wanmai DD ใหม่

    On the Rocks right now

  • Filipe Simões
    Filipe Simões 2 days ago

    Hey champ, how was school today?

  • BangDaffyDang
    BangDaffyDang 2 days ago

    And fbi stands for
    Forever Bothering Individuals

  • Kdream's Cosmos
    Kdream's Cosmos 2 days ago +1

    Plot twist- they bring the old lady from quantum realm and she suddenly fades away because thanos snapped his fingers.. and the look on the old man's face... Lol

  • Thirada Auttama
    Thirada Auttama 3 days ago

    I like Marvel Studio verymuch

  • sumit creation
    sumit creation 3 days ago

    Gjb he yrr
    Super Hit

  • Brian Mittoo
    Brian Mittoo 4 days ago

    Only remember going on my first date back in the eighties with Evangeline Lilly. The date was wonderful, I couldn't ask for a better night. We laugh, giggle, we also looked into each other's eyes. It was getting late, I decided to walk her home. We got outside her front door she gazed into my eyes, she gently put her hands on my face she moved forward to kiss me, unfortunately alarm clock went off and I woke up

  • Mary M
    Mary M 4 days ago +1

    Just watched Ant Man. Can’t wait to see Hope and Scott as a duo.❣️✨

  • Peractys Z
    Peractys Z 5 days ago +2

    I’m watching it in theaters tonight!! EXCITEMENT!

  • Tommylad
    Tommylad 5 days ago

    Only thing that made me question the logic of this film was when when Louis managed to be shrunk in the car without a suit...wouldn't he of been squished?

  • Md Omer
    Md Omer 5 days ago

    if sony returns the all marvel characters rights back to marvel then it will be even more fun

  • Trace Y
    Trace Y 5 days ago

    is this a good date movie for 2 people who recently just fell in love? when i watched this trailer it seemed the right thing to watch, i'll watch incredibles 2 on our 40th

  • arniebarb123
    arniebarb123 5 days ago


  • Przemyslaw Szymankiewicz

    I love this movie and I love this cast

  • Gaming Daniyal
    Gaming Daniyal 6 days ago

    Best flim antman and the wasp

  • VirtualMining
    VirtualMining 6 days ago

    Haha the man character is Phoebes boyfriend in season 9 from friends (:

  • upendar bommarathi
    upendar bommarathi 6 days ago

    Very nice trailer

  • danktroll
    danktroll 7 days ago

    The film was BRILLIANT!!!! The wasp is now my favourite female marvel character. 😍 (did anyone else think that hope in the wasp suit was badass yet sexy? I think that’s a good combination for a female superhero) 🤭😊
    but the post credits....😞😰😭 wasp and ant man had something going but big man thanos had to snap those fingers, hope he get what he deserves in the second film. (But good for marvel to have a change where the villain wins for once, keep things spiced up) but r.i.p all beloved heros of the marvel universe.

  • herbivi - cus
    herbivi - cus 7 days ago

    The only way to defeat Thanos is using the truth serum

  • Jabari Jefferson
    Jabari Jefferson 7 days ago +1

    The movie was just as good as the trailer made it out to be.

  • Um canal de games
    Um canal de games 7 days ago

    Music name??

    AWSOMUS LATEST 7 days ago +1

    How much better is this compared to the first?

  • Abdulsalam _XP
    Abdulsalam _XP 7 days ago

    Guyz guyz guyz!!! , I just thought of something
    If you didn’t watch infinity war please don’t read this , here it goes : if thanos wipes half of humanity when he snapped with his fingers and as we saw in infinity war that half the heroes turn into ash , then why didn’t ant-man notice that , I mean isn’t he and the avengers are in the same universe as we saw in captain America civil war ?? , please if the mentions that half of humanity was wiped out please care to reply Bcuz I didn’t watch the movie :D

  • Ripcord XLR8
    Ripcord XLR8 8 days ago

    When i first realized this trailer was out N watched it myself i looked at how many views it had and (WITHIN) 12 hours the trailer had just over 2 million views.
    That's right i am NOT joking the very first trailer of Antman and the Wasp on the first day it was released out 2 the public B4 (12) hours had passed it had oh roughly around 2,001,365 views by people.
    That's a lot of Marvel fans out there i say. WOW 😮😮😮

  • SirDuarte
    SirDuarte 8 days ago +1

    Yo Guys , Is This Movie Worth Watching in 4DX ?

  • Mitella Blue
    Mitella Blue 9 days ago +1

    This movie brought smiles and laughs out from me. Most expensive comedy movies out there just don't cut it much any more. Really enjoyed watching. Amazing movie and effects.

  • Leumaz Dnazor
    Leumaz Dnazor 9 days ago

    1:27 did u notice how they took a line from kung fu panda?😂

  • T F M
    T F M 9 days ago

    Best marvel movie in the quantum realm

  • Wary Drake
    Wary Drake 9 days ago

    Where is the fantastic four

    • T F M
      T F M 9 days ago

      Ff aren’t in the mcu yet

  • YSM
    YSM 9 days ago

    0:18 the man in silver car doesn't feel any flying rock from the action

  • ADuckPc
    ADuckPc 9 days ago +1

    Here after the theater?

    • Zopplinc
      Zopplinc 5 days ago

      ADuckPc but overall?

    • ADuckPc
      ADuckPc 5 days ago

      The end credits are very sad xD

    • Zopplinc
      Zopplinc 5 days ago +1

      Is it good

    • T F M
      T F M 9 days ago

      ADuckPc yes

  • genevie lucious
    genevie lucious 9 days ago

    Loved antman and I know gonna like this one too.

  • Zuhayr
    Zuhayr 10 days ago

    "Snap your fingers. That gets them to look over there. Now that is misdirection. Easy-peasy."

    *Snap. Your. Fingers.*


  • Zuhayr
    Zuhayr 10 days ago

    "Snap your fingers. That gets them to look over there. Now that is misdirection. Easy-peasy."

  • TheRandomOne
    TheRandomOne 10 days ago

    Whats that Background Music after Hope says "Why would I go low"

  • Mason Laney
    Mason Laney 10 days ago


  • ELYSIA Dhanasar
    ELYSIA Dhanasar 11 days ago

    Ant man and wasp will return??

  • Evan Evan
    Evan Evan 11 days ago

    Saw the movie already XDDDD

  • revok94
    revok94 11 days ago

    What's the name of this song/mash up??

  • Central.Phalange Editz

    Am I the only one that sees mike from friends??🤣

  • skye starz
    skye starz 11 days ago

    Seeing the Wasp finally joining the OG Avengers to kick Thanos' ass in Avengers 4 will be the Best!

  • Rodrigo Serrano
    Rodrigo Serrano 11 days ago

    What is the song

  • Joe Victor
    Joe Victor 11 days ago

    In the bit where Wasp says I have wings why would I go low, it sounds so much like Maria Hill. It's only now I realised both actresses are Canadian

  • Nicholas TheBrave
    Nicholas TheBrave 12 days ago

    >Glenn reenacting his final moments IM SORRY GLENN

  • Tanish's music world 5

    The music at the end kinda reminds me of the Bill Nye the Science Guy's end credits music

  • Chandran chandra
    Chandran chandra 12 days ago

    Please release AVENGERS 4 WORLDWIDE on the same day 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now 12 days ago

    Heard it sucked,...let’s see,..let’s take a boring superhero no one ever heard of and put him in with another boring superhero no one ever heard of add a shit ton of over-cgi,some lame dialogue.Hollywood is to the point it just throws shit against the wall and sees what sticks. Zero effort put into plot and script these days just mindless cgi

  • show by your choice
    show by your choice 12 days ago

    2:13 its not about dick size🤔🤔

  • Darasimasu Channel
    Darasimasu Channel 12 days ago +1

    'Venom' coming soon

  • Carmanking playz
    Carmanking playz 13 days ago +1

    Wut about the infinity war promblem. Where half of the universe population is gone.

  • Smegul14
    Smegul14 13 days ago

    Ant man do you take the blue pill or the red pill.

  • rabia
    rabia 13 days ago

    Who saw the movies? is it good?

  • Thomas Originals
    Thomas Originals 13 days ago

    Who's here after watching the credit scene?

  • Flash Parks
    Flash Parks 13 days ago


  • Soulengo
    Soulengo 13 days ago

    love this movie

  • ferdy emvira
    ferdy emvira 14 days ago

    guess no one notice.. doesn't scott, hank and hope knows that iron man is missing? its spread on the news.. dude, can someone explain? at least they should heard a super giant alien donut ship appears on new york

  • Ocean Rose
    Ocean Rose 14 days ago

    Wow Michael was hilarious in the film I loved it! ❤️

  • Paul Kim
    Paul Kim 14 days ago

    2:10 "If you two are finished comparing *SIZES* " sorry I just HAD to point that out.

  • Jay Woods
    Jay Woods 14 days ago

    I wanted to bring my kids to see a film, so I watched the trailer for this, fearing it would the same old tripe: role reversal, chicks kicking ass, women leading men... and sure enough, that's exactly what it is.

  • Scimitar_2002
    Scimitar_2002 14 days ago

    Everyone in my cinema went "Awwww" when Scott was crying from reading 'Fault in our stars'

  • King chamseddine TN
    King chamseddine TN 14 days ago

    What about captain marvel?

  • Boobbby Johnson
    Boobbby Johnson 14 days ago

    Watching in a few hours

  • Abijith Suresh
    Abijith Suresh 14 days ago


  • Mintchoc Fin
    Mintchoc Fin 14 days ago


    For anyone who has seen it, big hero 6....... anyone?

  • Nomad
    Nomad 15 days ago

    1:35 wasp has a red suit ???

    • Nomad
      Nomad 12 days ago

      Mr Diego Blue dude I saw the movie that scene has the new wasp in it

    • Mr Diego Blue
      Mr Diego Blue 14 days ago

      Nomad the original wasp

  • Sakar800
    Sakar800 15 days ago

    1:16 I give Peyton Reed credit for dropping that scene there that kinda looks funny but is creepy as hell in the actual movie.

  • Stanislav
    Stanislav 15 days ago +1

    looks crap

  • sherif irfan
    sherif irfan 15 days ago

    I love marvel movies😘😉

    DARCY WRIGHT 15 days ago +1


  • CoffeeBean
    CoffeeBean 16 days ago


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 days ago


  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 16 days ago

    I see this movie and it was so trash.....

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton 5 days ago

      Aaron Johnson you been watch movies too much. Thor 2 took a cake.

  • Prodigy81
    Prodigy81 16 days ago

    "Not me" 😂

  • Shasha Guled
    Shasha Guled 16 days ago

    How it is ???

    • Aaron Johnson
      Aaron Johnson 16 days ago

      Shasha Guled you can still enjoy but my opinion on it it wasn’t good.

    • Shasha Guled
      Shasha Guled 16 days ago

      Aaron Johnson 😰💔I was planning to go to see it this weekend, but I think butter change anther move 🙄..Thanks for ur reply

    • Aaron Johnson
      Aaron Johnson 16 days ago

      Shasha Guled I watch this movie and it was boring as hell....

  • lilian gh
    lilian gh 16 days ago

    I need to know what movie should i watch this weekend this movie or christopher robin i need help?

  • Neil Laverick
    Neil Laverick 16 days ago +1

    What a pile of shit

  • The Amazing Austin
    The Amazing Austin 16 days ago +1

    It takes two, action 52.

  • *YUZI*
    *YUZI* 17 days ago

    Spoiler, the wasp dies

  • nor azura abdullah
    nor azura abdullah 17 days ago +1

    There's to much kissing

  • Steve Forsyth
    Steve Forsyth 17 days ago

    Weird.. almost every one-liner in this trailer either wasn't in the movie, or was completely different.

  • Daniel Navaric
    Daniel Navaric 17 days ago

    Lol thanos in fortnite

  • Frank Herrera
    Frank Herrera 17 days ago

    Hollywood is dead.

  • kumar shri shresth kumar shri shresth

    sir please release the trailer of avengers infinity war

  • Potriono Tye
    Potriono Tye 17 days ago

    5 4 3 * *

  • Arnaud J.
    Arnaud J. 17 days ago +1

    *Whats the song?*

  • Godson Alvarado
    Godson Alvarado 18 days ago

    R.I.P. WASP.

  • :DStarQUEEN
    :DStarQUEEN 18 days ago


  • Hissane
    Hissane 18 days ago

    Ben Shapiro brought me here.

  • ja ad
    ja ad 18 days ago +1

    Batman rozjebał wszystko
    chuj wam w dupe

  • the art king 203
    the art king 203 18 days ago

    What is bruce banner doing in here

  • Sara Rahman
    Sara Rahman 18 days ago

    I know why ant man was not in infinity war

  • ChocoD
    ChocoD 18 days ago

    Watched Ant Man and The Wasp last night its really good very funny, and I would defiantly stay for the first extra scene in the credits it might be how they bring some of the Avengers back in Avengers 4. As for the end credit scene you have all seen that in the trailer anyway.

  • Deep Sinha
    Deep Sinha 18 days ago

    Please watch this movie on theatres, its worth for spending money.

  • ChocoD
    ChocoD 19 days ago

    I've just picked up my ticket for an (Odeon Limitless Only) secret screening tonight which starts in an hour. I have a few friends who work there and they said its either - Equalizer 2 or Ant Man And The Wasp - can't wait let you all know tomorrow.

  • Apex Predator 2230
    Apex Predator 2230 19 days ago

    I think either this or Deadpool 2 are the cure for the sadness after Infinity war