Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp - Official Trailer


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  • Cal.
    Cal. 34 minutes ago

    give ant-man and the wasp the hype that it deserves!

  • Sh3llz
    Sh3llz 40 minutes ago

    Thanos kills everybody at the end of the movie

  • Patrick Castillo
    Patrick Castillo 2 hours ago +1

    C'mon people let's watch this up to 20M views!!! For MARVEL!!

    EPHRAIM HOLMES 3 hours ago

    the song that plays in this trailer also played in iron man 2

  • Jason Vang
    Jason Vang 4 hours ago

    the villain girl looks cute

  • Poliward v:
    Poliward v: 5 hours ago

    Esta película es antes o después de Infinity War?

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 5 hours ago

    :32 Action 52

  • king of games and anime

    So...this is before infinity war, right? Because everything seems a little bit too normal to be happening AFTER half the people in the world turned to dust with no warning or explanation.

  • Kendonte Harris
    Kendonte Harris 7 hours ago

    What song is playing in the back?

  • Foxtroll Killer
    Foxtroll Killer 12 hours ago

    I bet one penny that in the beginning of the movie he's going to turn into Ash, in the post credit scenes are still the Avengers Infinity War cast, since he's in phase 2, he should turn into ash.

  • Gamer 6875
    Gamer 6875 12 hours ago

    Just two problems
    If the suit needs a helmet to work, how the hell can a can have open windows?
    and If you're really small, wouldn't oxygen be an issue? Because there is such thing known as Oxygen Poisoning, probably explains why the mask. I'm just pointing this flaw out there, you geniuses out there figure it out for us.

    P.S. Marvel, if you're reading this, please explain.

  • Titus
    Titus 13 hours ago

    So infinity war just passed by
    Did Ant man not get a memo or something?

  • Anuragh Dey
    Anuragh Dey 17 hours ago


  • Joshua Chow
    Joshua Chow 17 hours ago

    who else realised the song is the song played during the fight scene between iron man and war machine in the house in Iron Man 2

  • Dusk Dawg
    Dusk Dawg 17 hours ago

    The first one was brilliant, this one also looks like it's also going to be amazing. Nice choice of soundtrack too. It gets you pumped!

  • Kevin Morin
    Kevin Morin 18 hours ago

    Hi I have been a sci-fi fan since the beginning (60s) WOWSER ha a very special shoutout of THANKS to MARVEL & DC for bringing my childhood back!!!!!

  • 2uze
    2uze 20 hours ago

    Ant man is the next best marvel movie after doctor strange

  • orang utan makan kue
    orang utan makan kue 20 hours ago

    Me chanel . Chanel me

  • Siti Aisyah
    Siti Aisyah 23 hours ago


  • UltraGamer
    UltraGamer Day ago

    That trailer was lit! 👌

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant Day ago

    Did I just see a giant ant playing the drums?🤨 AWESOME😍😍😍😍

  • 양호띠앙
    양호띠앙 Day ago


  • No Name
    No Name Day ago +1

    Evangeline Lilly kinda looks like Elite Agent in Fortnite. Plus, I'm loving her curly hair back. I wasn't so keen on that short one in the last movie.

  • NoNo Gaming
    NoNo Gaming Day ago


  • carLos Cantu
    carLos Cantu Day ago

    Sixe doesn’t matter one bit

  • TechnicalSniper
    TechnicalSniper Day ago

    Wonder if this will have any Infinity War tie ins to this.

  • Filip Vancik
    Filip Vancik Day ago

    Mark my words... Hank Pym will die in this one

  • TitanPanda
    TitanPanda Day ago

    I dont feel so good..

  • Vedran Petek
    Vedran Petek Day ago

    Well Stan Lee is definetly going to be there, so I will be there too

  • Francisco Prado
    Francisco Prado Day ago

    really, the Ghost? i know Ant-man dont have an impressive rogue's gallery... but they could at least considered using Crossfire or perhaps Goliath II/Atlas before jumping to an Iron Man villain

  • Jr.Dennis Nayak
    Jr.Dennis Nayak Day ago

    #1 trending on Asgard

  • Viz Malik
    Viz Malik Day ago

    is it that half of the population in the universe has already vanished bcoz of thanos will this movie show that (PS... not a marvel fan ...just a weird doubt )

  • trex advent
    trex advent Day ago

    Somebody should call Pacman to stop the ghost. What do you guys think about this?

  • trex advent
    trex advent Day ago

    How would it be if Hope Van Dyne stopped the ghost by herself since she's going to make her debut as the Wasp?

  • Musa Papa
    Musa Papa Day ago

    i cannot wait to see this movie

  • Joe Baumann
    Joe Baumann Day ago

    At :38 it looks like they are in the Quantum Realm to me. And with a ship that will carry more than one person. Have a feeling they will find Hope.

  • Gavrosh The Swift


  • JR Larsen
    JR Larsen Day ago

    Villain looks like a Hunter from Destiny.

  • Fruity Fruit
    Fruity Fruit Day ago

    So hyped for this

  • Dumbledore The 3rd

    I think this Antman got the shittiest marvel constume. Wasp nearly beats Antman. Comics did a way better job than the movie

  • sukhjiwan singh
    sukhjiwan singh Day ago

    Anyone tells me When will Avengers infinity movie come out on internet in 1080p

  • smily princess
    smily princess Day ago

    What a trailer

  • Hipster Mau6
    Hipster Mau6 Day ago

    *Ant man and her family and other perdons in the movie survive thanos Atack ?? This not have sense*

  • Bwin Tube
    Bwin Tube Day ago

    When will it be released?

  • onemanskits
    onemanskits Day ago

    Trailer is still better than justice league. Superman's mouth is when the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern CGI smashes into the budget of Monty Python and gets splashed on by bear then polished.

  • Ptrklal
    Ptrklal Day ago

    i really hope Goliath becomes an avenger

  • NIko Plays10
    NIko Plays10 Day ago

    Marvel are on fire 🔥 this year with those movies

  • skye starz
    skye starz Day ago +2

    I am so excited to finally see the Wasp in MCU on the big screen.

  • Hiken No Sabo
    Hiken No Sabo Day ago +1

    Where’s my Clint

  • Luka Djorem
    Luka Djorem Day ago +1


  • KenMax
    KenMax Day ago +1

    E X C I T E D F O R T H I S

  • Danial Dan
    Danial Dan Day ago

    This guy will always be crapbag to me

    • Aryan Lokagariwar
      Aryan Lokagariwar Day ago +1

      ahh mike from friends lol i wish they would include princess Consuela in the MCU

  • Andrew Flores
    Andrew Flores Day ago +4

    I'm so excited to watch ant man and the wasp

  • Don Hill
    Don Hill Day ago

    Sooooo when the quantum realm is introduced do you think that will be a play on the micronauts?

  • Lockon Stratos
    Lockon Stratos 2 days ago

    I want to be in this movie

  • Sino Si Mar?
    Sino Si Mar? 2 days ago

    Theres two wasp

  • Skask The Slod
    Skask The Slod 2 days ago

    Post credits
    Cassie/Hope/Hank/Luis: Scott I don’t feel too good

  • H3çTΩR
    H3çTΩR 2 days ago

    I love how he's giggling like an idiot when he turns big, like in Civil War.

  • Matthew Guerrero
    Matthew Guerrero 2 days ago


  • Chavez Gamer
    Chavez Gamer 2 days ago +1

    Before or after Thanos' snap? 🤔

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams 2 days ago +2

    DC: "This is why we can't have nice things!"

  • Elvin Garcia
    Elvin Garcia 2 days ago +1


  • A life that needs a life

    I wouldn’t be surprised that that new bad girl is Hanks wife and she forgot who everyone is.

  • Jared Jams
    Jared Jams 2 days ago

    Evangeline Lilly is so beautiful!

  • Stale Bread
    Stale Bread 2 days ago

    This is gonna be good!

  • EpicSpider57
    EpicSpider57 2 days ago +1

    Release date?

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 2 days ago +1

      July 6th, but it's coming out a month later in the UK.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 days ago

    I bet they'll use the Quantum Realm in A4 to go back in time.

  • shavanti1218
    shavanti1218 2 days ago

    Ant man should just go really small then go inside thanos and turn really big so thanos explodes

  • Life of Me
    Life of Me 2 days ago

    Here to ease the pains of Infinity War

  • Just Neutral
    Just Neutral 2 days ago

    Song name ???

  • Flow 101
    Flow 101 2 days ago

    I am betting that the woman is the old man's partner that shrank to nothingness.

  • Carlos Carranza
    Carlos Carranza 2 days ago

    His laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ninja master pro bro

    Ant man 3

  • Nico Ll
    Nico Ll 2 days ago


  • Shannon Vaughn
    Shannon Vaughn 2 days ago


  • Unknown One
    Unknown One 2 days ago

    So this obviously happens before infinity war so it will be
    Black panther
    Ant man and the wasp...Then
    Thor Ragnarok
    on my blu ray shelf

  • That One Kid
    That One Kid 2 days ago

    I’ll bet after the credits, they gonna show either ant man or the Wasp getting wiped out by Thanos

  • That One Kid
    That One Kid 2 days ago

    Isn’t half the universe wiped out ?

  • Savage suki
    Savage suki 2 days ago +1

    Stan Lee I don’t feel so good....

  • TheRogueLegend 54
    TheRogueLegend 54 2 days ago +1

    At the end of the movie...
    Luis: Yo, bro, I don’t feel so good. man, my friend just disintegrated but we good. I’ll be fine...

  • skellycow10
    skellycow10 2 days ago

    Omg they got the guy from blakish that said my highest was 21 feet

  • Jorge  Yanez
    Jorge Yanez 2 days ago

    For ant-man and wasp

  • FilmThemesAndScenes
    FilmThemesAndScenes 2 days ago

    Anyone notice the song used is the one during the Iron Man 2 Rhodes Vs Tony fight?

  • TheAverageZaminator
    TheAverageZaminator 2 days ago

    “if you two are done comparing sizes.” LMAO

  • play with kristena
    play with kristena 2 days ago

    i hear laurel

  • rapNative T
    rapNative T 2 days ago

    slap the bass!

  • A.R. A.S
    A.R. A.S 2 days ago

    Paul rudd is 49 years old ?? Oh my god

  • Saint MiniA
    Saint MiniA 2 days ago

    Ant Man Looks Like Ben Affleck

  • William Beasley
    William Beasley 3 days ago

    Achievement Hunter ruined this trailer for me

  • Montu shah
    Montu shah 3 days ago

    I always knew that a salt shaker will come in handy some day

  • Priya World Create
    Priya World Create 3 days ago +1

    Wonderful it's amazing

  • Griffin Tubridy
    Griffin Tubridy 3 days ago

    This better add to the avengers story

  • Aafaq Ahmed
    Aafaq Ahmed 3 days ago +1

    Wow superb

  • Will Huey
    Will Huey 3 days ago

    oh man i cant wait for this one and i loved the first film.

  • Renzo Tuano
    Renzo Tuano 3 days ago

    *Laughs in Ant Man*

  • chrispro 7
    chrispro 7 3 days ago

    Lol this comes out on my birthday

  • ckis amazing
    ckis amazing 3 days ago

    one day before my birthday nice!

  • michelle thompson
    michelle thompson 3 days ago

    I love the trailer song! Pure awesomeness!! Now i just need to find it....

  • Anakin Tano
    Anakin Tano 3 days ago

    There is a giant ant playing the drums.
    Scott, I think it's one of yours.

  • JSSTyger
    JSSTyger 3 days ago

    I want to see a giant Stan Lee pop his head out of the water.