Morehouse College commencement speaker will pay off student debt for Class of 2019

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Billionaire technology investor Robert F. Smith is reportedly spending an estimated $40 million to send the graduating class off without debt.
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Comments • 200

    MALCOLM OBAMA 26 days ago +1


  • don brassco
    don brassco 29 days ago +1

    Giving Back👏👏👏

  • J
    J Month ago +1

    I remember something Michelle Obama said once. She said "When you reach the door of success, don't just walk through and slam the door behind you...reach back and help pull someone else with you". In this case, Mr. Smith pulled 400 others through with him!! Imagine what a fabulous world we'd live in if EVERYONE in the 1% did the same!! Wow! The things that would be accomplished in this world!

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator Month ago

    Maybe he should have them sign a waiver stating the money that was going to pay the loans will now be put into savings acct & or wisely

  • Wn W
    Wn W Month ago

    I love some HBCU’s. Some loved us...others were greedy unfortunately. God bless this man’s efforts so it comes to fruition.

  • Luly
    Luly Month ago

    GOD is GREAT

    WOKEN'T Month ago +1

    While it's awesome to see someone doing something for MEN for a long-overdue change, it's just being done for BLACK men, isn't it? Damn all you white boys ... as usual. But no racism here!

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 28 days ago

      @WOKEN'T Predominantly White Institutions. And why don't you tell me why you think Black institutions were necessary. Let's see if you know your history.

    • WOKEN'T
      WOKEN'T 28 days ago +1

      @Charles Edward Yeah, there wouldn't be any blacklash _at all_ to white boys flooding into Morehouse ... puh-LEEZE. You _do_ understand the *B* in *HBCU* stands for *Black,* right? I would, however, like to know what PWI stands for ... Predominantly White Institution, maybe?

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 28 days ago

      @WOKEN'T If white folks don't go to Morehouse, that's on them. Unlike PWIs HBCUs have always been open to anyone.

    • WOKEN'T
      WOKEN'T 29 days ago +1

      @Charles Edward Yeah, both of 'em.

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 29 days ago

      You do realize that white men also attend Morehouse?

  • Rhonda Smith
    Rhonda Smith Month ago


  • Frieda A
    Frieda A Month ago +3

    That's the kind of challenge we need! Best wishes to all!

  • TearsLikeRain87
    TearsLikeRain87 Month ago +2

    yes lord!!! this is beautiful and wonderful. god bless him and his family and all the class of 2019

  • Archie James
    Archie James Month ago

    White people punching the air rn

  • Arthur Johnston
    Arthur Johnston Month ago

    Never once heard of anyone ever paying for 1 white persons or Asians college loans. Guess all of our privilege got in the way.😂

  • Fartholomew McMew
    Fartholomew McMew Month ago


  • MachineRoom SoundLounge

    so beautifuL!!

  • Shaun Riley
    Shaun Riley Month ago

    Thank God! A few millennial out of debt helps Soceity! We dont have to hear them crying about the decisions they've made

  • Arthur Johnston
    Arthur Johnston Month ago

    This will only hurt them. “Free things” is what have hurt black people for decades. They will not respect themselves like they would of if they didn’t get another break. It’s proven that giving things to people they did not earn only hurts them. This man just hurt these people.

    CHRISTINA Month ago +1

    This is beautiful God Bless him and the class of Morehouse 2019💕❤️



  • Joe Beram
    Joe Beram Month ago +6

    This guy is a true patriot and a great American he just lifted generations of black Americans out of poverty with a stroke of a pen. God bless you sir

  • Richard Fucker
    Richard Fucker Month ago +1

    Lol all black what are the odds

    • Zedic Black
      Zedic Black Month ago

      The odds are high because its an HBCU... LOL, Dodo Bird!!!

    • Chrenda Dotsy
      Chrenda Dotsy Month ago

      Hmmm, I wonder why this school was opened in the 1st place... don't be upset because it backfired.

    • Jorge Vespucci
      Jorge Vespucci Month ago

      Yeah tribalism masquerading as philanthropy is sickening.

  • depité senatè
    depité senatè Month ago +2

    And the white people went crazy screaming reverse racism because a black men decide to help a few black people like himself. White people help their own.. No prob, its normal, Jewish ppl, no prob, its normal, Latinos, no problem its normal, Asians, no prob its normal, Indian, no prob, its normal. Black men... That is just unacceptable, a disgusting sign of reverse racism, how dare he decide to do what he want with his money. Haha☕ sweet tears. 😂😂😂

  • Mamiya Phan
    Mamiya Phan Month ago

    Well, he's a billionaire but still a black man. He probably won't follow through. (My father's side of family is black, I know based on experience). Black men talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

  • Matt Renfro
    Matt Renfro Month ago +1

    And they will never appreciate it.

    • Arthur Johnston
      Arthur Johnston Month ago

      The Prodigal never voted for trump but I see what his supporters say about TDS

    • Arthur Johnston
      Arthur Johnston Month ago

      Trump?? What r u talking about?

    • The Prodigal
      The Prodigal Month ago +2

      Go fys Trump cultist!

    • Arthur Johnston
      Arthur Johnston Month ago

      No they will prob do buy 100,000 dollar cars to replace the debt they just unloaded.

  • Marc Baker
    Marc Baker Month ago +1

    You might just as well pile the cash up and burn it for the good it will do

  • MyChilepepper
    MyChilepepper Month ago +3

    Mannn this is many times better than Trump flushing 1.5 billions down his swamp drain hole of failed businesses and 6x bankruptcies. Or useless lobbying in millions of fees.

  • Wedi Hamasien
    Wedi Hamasien Month ago +1

    Wow he did that.
    By 2025 Majority of Lawyers in America will be black per-capita.

    • Jorge Vespucci
      Jorge Vespucci Month ago

      Well when the majority of their clients are black it might just work out.

  • John Dough
    John Dough Month ago


  • madeline welsh
    madeline welsh Month ago +2

    Finally something good happened

  • Michael Thiel
    Michael Thiel Month ago

    Gautantee there's no whites in that class
    Imagine if a white billionaire paid off a whole graduating class of whites?????....
    Wed never hear the end of it

    • Michael Thiel
      Michael Thiel 27 days ago

      @Kevin Adams liberal arts????
      Isn't that the pointless degree uneducated students get when they cannot get through a class that could land them a job.... Just to say they st least have a degree??
      Yup...... Sure is.. Lol
      "I've got a degree!!!" ! (in liberal arts)

    • Kevin Adams
      Kevin Adams Month ago

      Morehouse College is a private, all-male, historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia. The college is one of the few remaining traditional men's liberal arts colleges in the United States.

  • Georgie Is MGTOW
    Georgie Is MGTOW Month ago +2

    Well this is a HBCU it’s not like their degree is worth anything anyway.

    • Chrenda Dotsy
      Chrenda Dotsy Month ago

      You to do some research...

    • Mariana
      Mariana Month ago

      Morehouse has high standing, especially in Atlanta.

  • Hot caramel
    Hot caramel Month ago +1

    Just wonderful, this is z man of humanity, but most rich people can only compete with another rich person to say They have more money than the other, even they are sad, disgusted,unhappy,and miserable in their lives.

  • Paper Book
    Paper Book Month ago +2

    The funny thing is education from cradle to grave is free in some countries in Europe and around the world. I can't remember the last time USA really invested in their people.

    • Paper Book
      Paper Book Month ago

      @Cougars & Tigers ok, what part of free education didn't you understand?

    • Paper Book
      Paper Book Month ago

      @Arthur Johnston firstly if everyone increases their knowledge and has a master degree then what's the problem? You're acting like an increase in knowledge and competency is impediment to society. Secondly, people are not forced to get a master degree but those who do want to improve their social mobility, so they putting in a lot hard work and effort i.e. a lot of input because they want to increase their output in life.

    • Arthur Johnston
      Arthur Johnston Month ago

      Paper Book yes. If everyone has a masters then a masters will be a high school diploma. This country is great bc your input directly reflects your output. Work=success. Wake up!!

    • Paper Book
      Paper Book Month ago

      @Arthur Johnstonbut the question is does free education crumble a country?

    • Arthur Johnston
      Arthur Johnston Month ago

      Settle down. Free stuff makes countries crumble.

  • John Preston
    John Preston Month ago

    pay attention Cadet Bonespurs...
    this is what class looks like...
    something your money will never have the power to purchase for you...

    • Jorge Vespucci
      Jorge Vespucci Month ago

      So... It would be classy if Presidnet Trump payed off an all white schools student debt? Oh wait, we arent allowed to have those. More black privilege.

  • raymond weaver
    raymond weaver Month ago


  • Jaimin Desai
    Jaimin Desai Month ago +3

    @TheXvid all the people who dislike this video, they are trolls and fake accounts

    • Jorge Vespucci
      Jorge Vespucci Month ago

      Or just people who realize when tribalism is being called philanthropy. Its an important distinction.

  • Neeshpeesh1234
    Neeshpeesh1234 Month ago +7

    Yass! These are the kind of investments we need to see in the black community!

    • Shaun Riley
      Shaun Riley Month ago

      @Neeshpeesh1234 just correcting you.... it's ok.

    • Neeshpeesh1234
      Neeshpeesh1234 Month ago +1

      Shaun Riley i said what I said. And i meant exactly what I said.

    • Shaun Riley
      Shaun Riley Month ago

      In American Society****

  • Clint Burford
    Clint Burford Month ago +1

    Winning at life

  • Earth 'n
    Earth 'n Month ago +2

    I love when I can feel this good about life, humanity and this world. Thank you

  • TJ
    TJ Month ago

    Nice Idea, But a bigger help would be to find & correct students being ripped off by colleges. With today's technology it should be half the price. Also the gentleman will use it as a tax right off, which is perfectly legal. So tax payers are actually paying for the $200 never touched book.

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 29 days ago

      A tax write off is not the same as a tax credit. Also do you think that he had to do this for the sake of taxes?

  • Aaron Amos
    Aaron Amos Month ago +2

    How about people's credit card, car payments, life insurance, car insurance, mortgages etc!!???

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 29 days ago

      @Aaron Amos If you're serious then you're an idiot.

    • Aaron Amos
      Aaron Amos 29 days ago

      @Charles Edward I'm serious

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 29 days ago

      @Aaron Amos Are you serious or are you just trolling?

  • Africa Everything
    Africa Everything Month ago +12

    May God continue to BLESS this BEAUTIFUL man n his entire family for all times🙏 Truly inspiring!!!

    KNOW HOPE Month ago +2

    Massive respect to this billionaire for spending $40 million to send the graduating class off without debt.

  • Cheryl Comrie
    Cheryl Comrie Month ago +4

    Hallelujah! You're blessed to be a blessing 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • william jarrett
    william jarrett Month ago +3

    That's really paying it forward amazing job

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez Month ago +11

    I’d be crying my eyes out

  • India Burke
    India Burke Month ago +2

    OMG 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • wendy b
    wendy b Month ago +9

    Where are the rest of the millionaires doing this for all colleges and univeerities they graduated from -- you know, the ones who live those billion dollar mansions with 50 rooms and only two of them living there.

  • mormegil thurin
    mormegil thurin Month ago +7

    Didn't we end segregation. In-group preferences is real.

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 28 days ago

      @mormegil thurin Morehouse several years ago had a white valedictorian. There are definitely white students at Morehouse because I have been on the campus and have seen them. If there were none in the class of 2019, too bad.

    • mormegil thurin
      mormegil thurin 28 days ago

      @Charles Edward look in that crowd do you see anyone.

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 29 days ago

      What segregation? Anyone can attend Morehouse.

    • The Prodigal
      The Prodigal Month ago

      @Cougars & Tigers You can wait all you want, it won't change facts. He did defund efforts to fight against white nationalism.

    • The Prodigal
      The Prodigal Month ago

      Kinda ironic to complain about considering a white nationalist is president.

  • T Weston
    T Weston Month ago +26

    If more overtly wealthy people did Acts of Random Kindness like this, the world would be a better place. I recently learned that the 3 wealthiest people in America have more money than the rest of the country combined.
    Thank you for your generosity sir! You will be richly blessed!

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 29 days ago

      @Adam You act like customers buy things just to help the people they are buying from. No. They buy things because the want/need them.

    • Adam
      Adam Month ago

      Shaun Riley you realize without the customer they wouldn’t be billionaires...

    • Shaun Riley
      Shaun Riley Month ago

      @Adam you still state that the customer deserves some recognition, they dont. && That Billionaires should help, give some of their wealth somewhere, they shouldn't. It's all very simple. You get as far as you want and that's it, no matter the creed religion etc. No one needs help, they need to help themselves

    • Adam
      Adam Month ago

      Shaun Riley the point went well over your head

    • Shaun Riley
      Shaun Riley Month ago

      @Adam Their indiviual profits are not meant to be shared, the businesses profits are not meant to be shared either. Its perfectly ok for people to make obscene amounts of money.

    SAWADOGO MALGBA Month ago +2

    God Bless you..

  • Samantha eichhorn
    Samantha eichhorn Month ago +1

    What a blessing👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • G FK
    G FK Month ago +4

    So AMAZING!!! Thank you sir! His closing words were amazing!
    “May the sun always shine upon you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    And may God always hold you in the cradle of HER hands.”

    • Kxrrin
      Kxrrin Month ago +1

      *Soulja Boy's voice* Her?! Her??? FATHER GOD is a male

  • SnarlaRae
    SnarlaRae Month ago +2

    Ha! In yo face FREEDOM!!!

  • George Washington
    George Washington Month ago


  • George Washington
    George Washington Month ago

    This is ridiculous. Get them out of here. Vatican 2 is a huge failure. Mexico and catholic countries must intervene in N Korean affairs.

  • Joseph Magalhaes
    Joseph Magalhaes Month ago +1

    How many you think weren’t going to pay anyways they says high % of kids don’t honor there student loans But it’s awesome this guy is giving black Americans a leg up

    • Chrenda Dotsy
      Chrenda Dotsy Month ago

      You must do your research on Morehouse Graduates... majority go on to have very successful careers and pay their loans

    • Arthur Johnston
      Arthur Johnston Month ago

      Another leg up.

  • ASMRHype
    ASMRHype Month ago +4

    No white ppl at all. I guess segregation is back

    • Joseph Hill
      Joseph Hill Month ago +1

      Reddoberman 03 thank you for being willing to think of it from another point of view. I personally believe that we don’t have to change each other‘s minds, but it is a massive step forward when we choose to understand other views. You my friend, are part of the solution!👍🏿

    • Joseph Hill
      Joseph Hill Month ago

      Arthur Johnston I saw the same documentary, I believe you are confusing some students for all of them. Look at all sides. I respect you and am grateful for your contribution to the dialogue!

    • Joseph Hill
      Joseph Hill Month ago +1

      Todd Bailey well said!

    • Reddoberman 03
      Reddoberman 03 Month ago +2

      @Todd Bailey that makes a lot of sense thank you for making me think from another point of view very enlightening

    • Todd Bailey
      Todd Bailey Month ago +1

      @Reddoberman 03 HBCUs were created during segregation when black people could not attend white schools. The schools are not closed off to other races, but most white people do not even consider these schools for higher education. However, many other minorities (latin and asian) and some white people have begun attending these schools in greater numbers over the past few years.

  • I'm gone
    I'm gone Month ago +9

    Black privilege at it's finest.

    • Charles Edward
      Charles Edward 29 days ago

      @I'm gone Are you a fool? Obama was not the mayor of Chicago. It was not his job to run it. Go take a civics course.

    • Chrenda Dotsy
      Chrenda Dotsy Month ago

      If they had so much privilege, they never would have had loans in the 1st place.

    • SnarlaRae
      SnarlaRae Month ago

      @Adrienne King ok

    • Adrienne King
      Adrienne King Month ago +1

      @I'm gone The fact that you're not white makes me want to have a bigger pity party for you. Peace and Blessings.

    • Adrienne King
      Adrienne King Month ago

      @SnarlaRae I was not being sarcastic. The slow clap was real.

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI Month ago


  • horus heru
    horus heru Month ago +13

    Yes someone with good sense and the heart to match is left still on the planet!!!

  • HUTCHfromBA
    HUTCHfromBA Month ago +8

    Wow ! Thank you.

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI Month ago


  • A. Osman
    A. Osman Month ago +8

    What a great guy.

  • Master of Mashup
    Master of Mashup Month ago +2

    Vote for Bernie for free college education.

  • Christen Ford
    Christen Ford Month ago +19

    God is real and He's out here making moves through people like this billionaire ✌🏾

    • TUES
      TUES Month ago

      So God is only good when it throws money at you? You "people" are unreal associating money w god. Ridiculous

    • Arthur Johnston
      Arthur Johnston Month ago

      Yah!! More free stuff!!

    • Ruth Nunes
      Ruth Nunes Month ago


    • Christen Ford
      Christen Ford Month ago

      @Chase of Spades not sure, you'd have to ask Him✌🏾

    • Chase of Spades
      Chase of Spades Month ago

      So he only acts in kindness or does your God provide Disease, death, famine, etc as well

  • Herbal Shaman
    Herbal Shaman Month ago +14

    Blessings from the Most High.

    HOLYBANANAS1968 Month ago +1

    Racist pigs

  • Make Racists Afraid Again


  • Akfr0zen
    Akfr0zen Month ago +37

    Who TF would dislike this video?

  • Paula Kay
    Paula Kay Month ago +31

    Faith in humanity restored!

  • Steven Browne
    Steven Browne Month ago +36

    Awesome, this is amazingly wonderful!

  • Mrsvlc
    Mrsvlc Month ago +19

    🙌🙏🏿👏👏👏 Awesome family!!

  • chronicle realm
    chronicle realm Month ago +9

    That's what's UP💜

  • Qasr Dubai TV
    Qasr Dubai TV Month ago +8


  • EnigmaticChris
    EnigmaticChris Month ago +3

    Is Morehouse a gay school?

    • Charlet Holley
      Charlet Holley Month ago

      What is a “gay college”. Mating Luther King Samuel Jackson and many many other famous educators entertainers are Morehouse Alumni. Just putting this out there as an FYI for others because I really think u r a troll

    • MrHoldbrook
      MrHoldbrook Month ago +2

      What does it matter?

    • EnigmaticChris
      EnigmaticChris Month ago

      @Make Racists Afraid Again actually, I'm 13 thank you very much

    • Make Racists Afraid Again
      Make Racists Afraid Again Month ago +5

      EnigmaticChris is 12 years old

    • Mrsvlc
      Mrsvlc Month ago +8

      The more you know💡

  • melvina smith
    melvina smith Month ago +9

    Look at God!

  • dmgillis
    dmgillis Month ago +33

    BEAUTIFUL!!! God bless!!! 🙏🏽✊🏽