Osaka Japan Street Food Tour! Dotonbori Food Guide

  • Published on Feb 12, 2017
  • I went to the Dontonbori area of Osaka Japan and tried out the delicious street food there. This is where takoyaki was orignated and the home to osaka's version of Okonomiyaki also known as japanese pizza.
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  • twitty frick
    twitty frick 15 hours ago

    Superb CRONCH lol

  • Rooster D
    Rooster D 22 hours ago +1

    I hate asperagus even tho i dont know what it tastes like

  • Rooster D
    Rooster D 22 hours ago +1

    Isnt this guy already have history channel?

  • Mead Juice
    Mead Juice Day ago

    15:50 "I hope they didn't come to take away my pudding!" - "no sir, there has been a string of violent sex murders in this area."

  • Peach Glow Reyah

    i swear u look like jackie chan
    and your video was brilliant the language u use to describe the food is sumptuous i can't wait to go japan!!!

  • Anna Jcb
    Anna Jcb Day ago

    I went to Osaka two months ago and had the grilled king crab, it was soooooo good but I’m allergic to crab so I had to share it with my friend 😭😭😭 also, the amount of Takoyaki vendors is so overwhelming I didn’t know which one to go but eventually we went to a vendor near the shiba cafe and the they were really delicious! also had rice dumplings, sushi, okonomiyaki and udon like man my food experience felt so magical. planning to go go Tokyo soon!

  • TacoMeat FijiWater
    TacoMeat FijiWater 2 days ago +2

    Mike can single-handedly trigger a food crisis every time he uploads

  • halil pasho
    halil pasho 3 days ago

    Looks really nice... but this is way too expensive compared to my country. Way too expensive

  • Luma Shining Star
    Luma Shining Star 5 days ago

    When you watch anime and you know what half these foods are, especially purin

  • Alisa Spencer
    Alisa Spencer 5 days ago

    Your videos are so distracting (in a good way) ;) The food you are eating looks amazing, you are super handsome and it looks like you are having the time of your life. Thanks for such great content.

  • du1roger
    du1roger 6 days ago +1

    10:17 nah. The soft boiled one from Ichiran Ramen, Japan.

  • Chas Travels
    Chas Travels 6 days ago

    This food looks amazing! Gotta get over to Osaka!!! I want that cotton candy bruh!!!

  • Kayagorzan
    Kayagorzan 6 days ago +5

    I was in Osaka 4 days ago
    But didn't eat the KushiKatsu because my dad thought that the oil smell would ruin our jackets...

  • essma ebbasta
    essma ebbasta 6 days ago +1

    watching this during Ramadan ok

  • Burning Wang
    Burning Wang 7 days ago

    If I’m feeling lot hungry I just watch one of your videos and then I’m hungry again

  • Lonzo GOAT
    Lonzo GOAT 9 days ago +3

    Everyone mentioning the ranma reference but leaving out the casual shana with melon pan :(

  • Peter Zang
    Peter Zang 12 days ago

    His videos are really entertaining

  • tinni das
    tinni das 17 days ago

    u r goood!!!!

  • temmie flakes
    temmie flakes 17 days ago +1

    Woah its expensive

  • Mysterious17
    Mysterious17 17 days ago

    who else is eating chips while wtching this?

  • Rainier Lim
    Rainier Lim 17 days ago

    I alway's thought the flaky stuff on takoyaki were onion skin

  • BV the Sage
    BV the Sage 18 days ago +1

    Mikey, please review the IMPOSSIBLE BURGER!!!

  • Alpha Joe
    Alpha Joe 20 days ago

    I saw something moving

  • du1roger
    du1roger 23 days ago +2

    The two deep fried quail eggs are kind of like the Filipino kwek kwek, other than things like the orange batter.

  • Aria Skye
    Aria Skye 26 days ago +1

    I absolutely love the way you describe the foods you eat and it justifies why you love or didn't love in all your food videos. XD

  • keithtko
    keithtko 26 days ago +1

    I don’t know $9 for cotton candy? I mean bowl of ramen is usually less than that. Too bad you don’t like oysters I’d eat all yours they are dilish.

  • Rohan
    Rohan 27 days ago +1

    Ranma half was my first anime that i watched and i absolutely love it 😍

  • phamdoug
    phamdoug Month ago

    Food review for entertainment I understand. But what's the point of food review when the food is miles away and can't be bought or tasted.

  • Kenny Mitchel
    Kenny Mitchel Month ago +7

    I like this dude's food channel more than that Mark Weins with fake orgasm expression every time he taste food which is getting predictable.

  • Yasu Leone
    Yasu Leone Month ago

    Lol... You got so many looks for vlogging.

  • manvil espadero
    manvil espadero Month ago

    Here I come for your food

  • Austin
    Austin Month ago +2

    *(Subtitles on)*
    ”I don’t know what porn is, but I’m gonna find out.”

  • Neelay Kanvinde
    Neelay Kanvinde Month ago

    Ive such a crush on you.. and jelly

  • nilobee
    nilobee Month ago +5

    First time I tried Takoyaki I burned my mouth. The second time I ate Takoyaki, I burned my mouth again.

  • kayla christine
    kayla christine Month ago

    0:12 pobelter?

  • Clint Ferguson
    Clint Ferguson Month ago

    This is pure torture watching this guy enjoy all this delicicious food and here I am like....GIMME NOW!!!

    FENRIR-ART Month ago

    10:20 A certain One Piece movie had the cook make a gigantic food like that and it looks yummy. :)

    FENRIR-ART Month ago

    Melon bread sandwich looked yummy.

    FENRIR-ART Month ago

    Nice event

  • Sora’s keyblade Adan Adan

    I love ranma akane is my favorite girl shampoo is cool too

  • el fancy pants
    el fancy pants Month ago

    Did he get mad at the end when they were watching him eat his crab

  • Yashvardhan Deoda
    Yashvardhan Deoda Month ago +16

    Middle part is lemon
    It's quite lemony
    I was expecting it to taste like strawberry 😂😂

  • RADO
    RADO Month ago +1

    Ice cream sandwiched on bread! I thought only us Filipinos do that. 😂

  • Shanty Town
    Shanty Town Month ago +1

    this is y i eat when watching his vids

  • SnapCn Gossage
    SnapCn Gossage Month ago


  • Nicolle Van Dyke
    Nicolle Van Dyke Month ago +1

    Time to make some food so I don’t drool on the screen. 🍛🍲🍜🍡

  • yan bag
    yan bag Month ago +6

    17:45 is that thing still alive?

  • Annaed Rey
    Annaed Rey Month ago +5


  • kiwidubz
    kiwidubz Month ago +1

    5:15 juicy

  • Alejandra Orozco -mendoz

    I tried making okonomiyaki but i used lettuce on axedent

  • xHarm The Blink
    xHarm The Blink Month ago +1

    I am watching from Osaka

  • ZaxxGamez
    ZaxxGamez Month ago +1

    I was getting mcdonalds delivery waiting i my house watching this the time the food came im like "This looks nothing like the food this mans eating"

  • Ewabound57
    Ewabound57 Month ago +2

    Good job with the Pablo. Loved that place

  • ツShinigami
    ツShinigami Month ago +3

    At 2:00 the girl thinks damn i need that

  • Van TARTS
    Van TARTS Month ago +2

    did you meet the mad dog of shimano?

  • s r
    s r Month ago +1

    7:43 1st I think that is a japanese burger...

  • thicc glucose god
    thicc glucose god Month ago +2

    help my salvitory glands are dying

  • Valeria Desiba
    Valeria Desiba Month ago +4

    Mike :"so many things to see, so many things to do, so many things to eat"
    Me : Also so many people looking at you 😂

  • Arunachal Food and Hobbies

    Ur presentation is so Good 😊 Facing all those crowd . Thank you
    Bdw Can a fast food place earn more than a cafe?🤔

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis Month ago +1

    Love your energy, awesome videos!

  • Phoebe Raymond
    Phoebe Raymond Month ago +5

    I love your wide range of tastes how you're honest about what you like and don't like. glad I found this channel

  • Foodiana Jones
    Foodiana Jones Month ago

    the ice cream sandwich of matcha tastes absolutely nothing, I bought it there and at only 3 bites because being honest the. calories were not worth it.

  • Russian Reaper
    Russian Reaper Month ago

    I had sex with my hand while watching.. Fml

  • Kc San Juan
    Kc San Juan Month ago +1

    When mike says eat he says yeet lol

  • Pablo Camareno
    Pablo Camareno Month ago +3

    Why can't you double dip? Asking for a friend

    • Giovanna Persaud
      Giovanna Persaud Month ago

      Pablo Camareno Germ's Asians are extremely clean n healthy for a reason.
      We wear face mask eat a lot of veggies and fresh foods keeping vital nutrients for our body. What I'm trying to say cleanliness is next to goodly Ness!🙏💘💛💚🇬🇾

  • sarah lemon
    sarah lemon 2 months ago


  • It’s Matt
    It’s Matt 2 months ago +2

    God I need to go to japan right now

  • Jacob JacobJacob
    Jacob JacobJacob 2 months ago


  • Roxa S
    Roxa S 2 months ago +1

    Hi Mikey. I have visited Japan twice but have never stated at a ryokan. Have you ever stayed at a ryokan.

  • Ash { quirk purifier BNHA}

    I'm Canadian but was born in regrets the food is awesome even though I have to wear a uniform in school lol

    • TamxA6
      TamxA6 Month ago

      Ash { quirk purifier BNHA} i wear uniforms

  • Joshua Andrews
    Joshua Andrews 2 months ago

    14:00dude should be in a starburst commercial

  • Sortaboring
    Sortaboring 2 months ago +1

    my dream is to go to Japan, try all the amazing food, and do the Mikey Chen head shakes after eating each dish

  • BrutalTurtle
    BrutalTurtle 2 months ago

    puru puru puruin

  • kayla ramirez
    kayla ramirez 2 months ago +1

    OK The What

  • kayla ramirez
    kayla ramirez 2 months ago +1

    The The The The k

  • Sam Aston
    Sam Aston 2 months ago +1

    I saw you at the airports

  • Dary Kuy
    Dary Kuy 2 months ago +1

    I will find this food when am in Tokyo

  • D Salty
    D Salty 2 months ago +4

    I wonder if that's the same Kani Doraku that Anthony Bourdain
    ate at during No Reservations. 💜

  • Roney Kaith Palmaria
    Roney Kaith Palmaria 2 months ago +2

    You honestly deserve ALL THE VIEWS AND SUBSCRIBERS!!! You’re the best in the food vlog world

  • Tip Aly
    Tip Aly 2 months ago

    That cotton candy reminds me of those tri-colored popsicles from when I was a kid.

  • Reynolds Colton
    Reynolds Colton 2 months ago +1

    One thing I could never stand about Japanese street food is the liberal use of mayonnaise.

  • RocketSauce
    RocketSauce 2 months ago

    Everytime he has food in front of him, I go "DON'T TALK JUST EAT IT!!!"

  • Sunnie Sunshine TV 호주 선샤인

    omg, your video make me very hungry
    Have a lovely weekend.

  • Beluchi Okeke
    Beluchi Okeke 2 months ago

    1:36 say worddd parents always say no😂

  • guesswho'sme
    guesswho'sme 2 months ago

    Wow fantastic baby 😁

  • Colleen Plaza
    Colleen Plaza 2 months ago


  • Mike-Eze
    Mike-Eze 2 months ago +15

    Yakuza 0 made me want to go to Osaka

  • Anushka Khasnobish
    Anushka Khasnobish 2 months ago

    Hey such an awesome video.. is there anyway you can list the food items and the restaurant names?

  • twee tak
    twee tak 2 months ago

    wow osaka is too crowded! Why you didn't try the steak skewer? It was the best hehe

  • Drusille V
    Drusille V 2 months ago

    I had the same experience first time eating takoyaki. I thought the katsubushi were alive and I freaked out!

  • sun flower
    sun flower 2 months ago

    very random / I'm a woman type of question - 14:15 - are you wearing 2 winter jackets? hm...creative.... lol...instead of let's say - sweatshirt or sweather 2!

  • doku dayo
    doku dayo 2 months ago +2

    You should Try Imazato Washoi Ramen in Osaka.
    It's the most delicious ramen in Osaka in my opinion.

  • idk
    idk 2 months ago

    the way he describes it makes me hungrier

  • xenia lewis
    xenia lewis 2 months ago

    Hate the idea of sharing sauce that hundreds of others have dipped from. Obviously someone is going to double dip 🤮 other than that it all looks super tasty. Love this channel

  • Travis K
    Travis K 2 months ago


  • Xion Memoria
    Xion Memoria 2 months ago

    Purin is the Japanese pronunciation of pudding, so you were right on the money with that one!

  • Jason Huang
    Jason Huang 2 months ago


  • Amin Limbu
    Amin Limbu 2 months ago


  • Lionel Richtea
    Lionel Richtea 2 months ago

    Honestly so addicted to these videos

  • Mce 1863
    Mce 1863 2 months ago

    Why do I watch food videos when I’m hungry.