Anything You Draw, I'll Buy It - Challenge

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • WHATEVER YOU DRAW, ILL BUY FOR YOU CHALLENGE!! (Morgz vs Morgz Mum Buying Eachother Apple iPhone, Xbox, PS4, Lamborghini Supercar, Mansion, Diamond Rolex & MORE)
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  • Morgz Mum
    Morgz Mum  Month ago +2119


  • mega noob
    mega noob 25 minutes ago +1

    Morgz is so good

  • mega noob
    mega noob 26 minutes ago +1

    I hat morgz mom

  • Chris R.
    Chris R. Hour ago

    Lol she is so so Brock

  • Chris R.
    Chris R. Hour ago

    I like Morgan better then dumb mum god mackup

  • lulike
    lulike 2 hours ago

    SUB TO WillNE

  • Darthvader A
    Darthvader A 2 hours ago

    15:39 ten nine seven

  • Vijithabarathy Rasakulasingham

    you are so funny

  • aston sshenette
    aston sshenette 3 hours ago

    at 7o6 find trump

  • Fudge kid
    Fudge kid 6 hours ago


  • Fudge kid
    Fudge kid 6 hours ago

    Fudge cake

  • Emma Tottey
    Emma Tottey 6 hours ago

    It looks like a willy with the lip stick

  • Olivier Plays
    Olivier Plays 7 hours ago


  • Chloe Getgood
    Chloe Getgood 9 hours ago

    What the cake says is so true

  • Bayleigh Sharp
    Bayleigh Sharp 11 hours ago +1

    Hit this if you subbed

  • immy Jensen
    immy Jensen 15 hours ago


  • Medo Elabbasy
    Medo Elabbasy 16 hours ago +1

    If i was mom i would take morgz credit card and buy 1000000000 cost of a car

  • Medo Elabbasy
    Medo Elabbasy 16 hours ago

    I lost my brain

  • Slayer _
    Slayer _ 17 hours ago +1

    Morgz and you are in a room together he try’s to kiss you

    Live to prevent it

  • TT box
    TT box 19 hours ago +2

    Why doesn't Morgz blink

  • parsa erfan
    parsa erfan 21 hour ago

    U r sun is better than u

  • Shadaria Seaberry
    Shadaria Seaberry 22 hours ago

    I'm on team jail

  • Marcus Boulbria
    Marcus Boulbria Day ago

    Mogzo mum Loser

  • Laïla Vløgz
    Laïla Vløgz Day ago +4

    Y'all need to give that money to charity because you never give it away but I bet Jill cares about McDonalds more than fans

  • Abdullah MasoodGD
    Abdullah MasoodGD Day ago +1

    Please subscribe to my channel I only have 0 subscribers so please subscribe

  • Nitan Pasicolan
    Nitan Pasicolan Day ago +1

    Morgz got a new IPAD PRO😎😎 mine is IPAD-AIR

  • Bon Chen
    Bon Chen Day ago

    you're awful morgz mom

  • johan11052008
    johan11052008 Day ago +2

    7:30 I look like Donald Trump 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Sophie Bartley
      Sophie Bartley 11 hours ago

      True she does looks like a girl version of Donald trump because of Morgan ( very ) good makeup style

  • Noor Eddin Kreidieh

    Stupid Morgan

  • Sarah Pittman
    Sarah Pittman Day ago


  • General Z
    General Z Day ago

    RIP the mini lamborghini

  • Super plushy Lengend

    15:39 10 9 7 on Apple iPad Pro Jill doesent know how to count 😂😐

  • Kareem Husien
    Kareem Husien Day ago

    I'm not gonna suscribe to mum

  • Shana Brown
    Shana Brown Day ago

    You suck

  • Garren Thibodeaux

    I’m subscribed to Morgan not morgz mum

  • SuperninjaYTbro
    SuperninjaYTbro Day ago +2

    Oh yeah, you can buy stuff, like dirt, no wait
    You can buy...

    Cash, seriously?

  • Guy Cajucom
    Guy Cajucom Day ago

    It is smelling ink of the markers

  • Dawson Souza
    Dawson Souza Day ago +1

    you always look like trump

  • Esther Ibarra
    Esther Ibarra Day ago


  • Azhar Hossain
    Azhar Hossain Day ago

    Morgz mum

  • Awatea BRADLEY
    Awatea BRADLEY Day ago

    Cool cars am I right

  • Fahad Almannai
    Fahad Almannai Day ago

    Fat mum

  • Sophie Bartley
    Sophie Bartley Day ago +1

    At 15:38 Jill said 10 9 7 where did the 8 go

  • Harold Smith Jr.

    you fucking suck noob morgz is the best team mum ugly as hell

  • Jake the bake 269

    Morgan ind better

  • Rockin With Rockruff

    10 9 7 C`on jill like. If you cought that

  • Comfort Shifu
    Comfort Shifu Day ago


  • Comfort Shifu
    Comfort Shifu Day ago


  • Judy Danao
    Judy Danao Day ago


  • willy tube fnf
    willy tube fnf 2 days ago

    No 😐..............

  • Owen Nolan
    Owen Nolan 2 days ago

    At the dog he said a real dog

  • Suraiya Patel
    Suraiya Patel 2 days ago


  • Kelly Allan
    Kelly Allan 2 days ago +1

    I can do a good job and get you to work on your tv

  • Kelly Allan
    Kelly Allan 2 days ago

    I love you r video

  • JoAnn Blas
    JoAnn Blas 2 days ago

    your mom is so uglyand stupid it's true

  • milesjoseph dominguez

    Your family is so loud

  • Jamie Reynolds Wallace

    You are right Mogz jell looks like Donald Trump

  • F2 Gaming
    F2 Gaming 2 days ago

    He wasn’t even at the apple store, he was at Curry’s in the apple section

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones 2 days ago

    Can I tell you my town and state and country it's Prescott valley arizona U.S.A aka United States of America

    • Rayne Boe
      Rayne Boe 2 days ago

      I'm going with my family

  • Frank Wijtman
    Frank Wijtman 2 days ago +2

    If u don’t sub it’s okay :)

  • Issabella Howland
    Issabella Howland 2 days ago

    If morgz is a bad youtuber then why does he have more subcrieders then u

    • Guyz Merty56
      Guyz Merty56 Day ago +1

      You spelled subscribers wrong Issabella

    • i luv food
      i luv food Day ago +1

      It's subscribers by the way

  • Alexander Roldan
    Alexander Roldan 2 days ago

    I like Morgan

  • Green Screen man
    Green Screen man 2 days ago +2

    Me: a cake idiot who did not go to school

    • Antonio Ortiz
      Antonio Ortiz 2 hours ago

      Green Screen man he dropped out of school for TheXvid

  • francisco camacho
    francisco camacho 2 days ago

    Give me a I phone

  • Arthur Croy
    Arthur Croy 2 days ago +1

    This is how much Brian has got bored being the camera man (AKA) 3rd wheeler in all the videos I feel sad 😔 for the man

  • juana orzuna
    juana orzuna 2 days ago

    You are the best

  • Norma Segovia
    Norma Segovia 2 days ago


  • Michael Nygren
    Michael Nygren 2 days ago

    Morgz I think you're the best TheXvidr in the world TheXvidr in the world😀

  • isssa XGH isa TMT
    isssa XGH isa TMT 3 days ago


  • Josh Horner
    Josh Horner 3 days ago +2

    I’m not just ready I’m ready

  • elene eristavi
    elene eristavi 3 days ago

    morgz you go to far.

  • Toby Crocker
    Toby Crocker 3 days ago


  • Doge dog
    Doge dog 3 days ago

    I swear Morgan your videos aren’t good

  • Mohammad Abu Hanif
    Mohammad Abu Hanif 3 days ago

    That doesn't count

  • pelstra
    pelstra 3 days ago

    Hhhhh. Uh

  • Kaiden Bolt
    Kaiden Bolt 3 days ago

    copyrightof faze rug

  • Hollie Withers
    Hollie Withers 3 days ago

    I love your vedios

  • cool weirdo person
    cool weirdo person 3 days ago


  • Jai Heness
    Jai Heness 3 days ago +1

    Milaheness ,like

  • Tre'jon Igess
    Tre'jon Igess 3 days ago

    15:13 Where the **** is the home button.
    Lol y’all are not so well at drawing but good at being a Good TheXvidr and making good videos.

  • elle:-* mac-8
    elle:-* mac-8 3 days ago

    I have subed

  • Frouwkje Renzenbrink - Tinga

    Je moeder is flauw het was een mooie auto

  • Kaden Tindall
    Kaden Tindall 3 days ago

    Cake yeeeeeeeeeeeeet his face is cake hahaha ha

  • ruben sinnathambu
    ruben sinnathambu 4 days ago

    at 15 38 she did not count 8

  • Mary Murray
    Mary Murray 4 days ago

    try a challenge morgz mum is siri for a day!!!

  • Hyper AlexGames
    Hyper AlexGames 4 days ago +4

    this how much mom is saying morgon

  • Ansis Ozoliņš
    Ansis Ozoliņš 4 days ago

    Morgz mum suks so bad

  • Ancient Toast breb
    Ancient Toast breb 4 days ago

    U a thot

  • Imidasui Xerodam
    Imidasui Xerodam 4 days ago

    *le epicly draws castle again*

  • R P
    R P 4 days ago

    15:35 morgz mum said 10, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and missed 8

  • Juliet M
    Juliet M 4 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice on the phone one
    She skipped 8

  • Yenia Barrios
    Yenia Barrios 4 days ago +3

    Morgz is so agressive when it comes to to talking to nobody (yt veiwers)

  • Yenia Barrios
    Yenia Barrios 4 days ago

    Morgan mum is so weird when she said a TV in the bathroom

  • Josh Perepeletza
    Josh Perepeletza 4 days ago

    I love you

  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams 4 days ago

    Jill cheated

  • Patricia Bacasmas
    Patricia Bacasmas 4 days ago

    They look ugly

  • HoLy Clan
    HoLy Clan 4 days ago +1

    She said 9 and then 7