Joe Weller on KSI vs Logan Paul 2 & Who Will Win

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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Comments • 1 775

  • Tom Abela
    Tom Abela 9 hours ago

    His a boxing promoter not a youtuber

  • Tommyth
    Tommyth 4 days ago

    What the hell are you doing in Lofoten anyways?

  • Artificial Data
    Artificial Data 4 days ago

    joe weller is so sexy

  • Pierre-Luc Asselin
    Pierre-Luc Asselin 4 days ago

    JJ's strategy would be just fine except with no head guards that's just not gonna fly. I don't give him 3 rounds until he hits the mat.

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 6 days ago

    Eddie Hearns owes DaZone subscribers for his end of the bargain he has only brought 70;000 new subs to DaZone so far ! That’s why he promoted this fight

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 6 days ago

    Videll is going to America with JJ he’s the head coach no way do they spit up that close to the fight

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 6 days ago

    kids stream

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 6 days ago

    Faze would kill Gibbs

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 6 days ago

    What happened to Gibb vs Weller?

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 6 days ago

    I wanna see KSI knocked out.

  • TheNavajoWay Ps4
    TheNavajoWay Ps4 6 days ago

    Logan will win lol it's common sense, as long as he doesn't gas himself & throw a shit ton of punches he can easily win. He just needs to defend & defend punch & then look for the knockout. But as far as power, speed, length etc Logan has it all (no homo lmao) plus JJ needs to be surrounded by his boys so he can think he's the man cause he's a self centered pussy know it all type of guy, when you're away from that it's alot different, you can tell he don't wanna fight Logan lol his lines in both press conferences were so weak

  • Eibraj_
    Eibraj_ 6 days ago +1

    as u saw second round logan was going all in on punches and ksi almost got down now without headgear if that happens again hes gettin down

  • Dean Smithers
    Dean Smithers 6 days ago

    KSI can’t box for shit because I’m a boxer and I know my shit so don’t hate me but Logan ain’t much better

  • SA1513
    SA1513 6 days ago

    Come on now you fought him two years ago don't you think his power and strength could have improved

  • Hasnain Yaqub
    Hasnain Yaqub 7 days ago

    Ksi is going to surprise everyone

  • Inutsiaq Petersen
    Inutsiaq Petersen 7 days ago

    I have been watching Jj for a couple of years, but i think that Logan has a real chance of winning.

  • Billy Bob JR
    Billy Bob JR 7 days ago

    Go, Logan, 🇺🇸

    • Billy Bob JR
      Billy Bob JR 2 days ago

      Joe London It's just my Opinion don't take it personally

    • Joe London
      Joe London 5 days ago

      I’m saying your probably about twelve, and inbred so stop commenting Logan’s name in the comments.

    • Billy Bob JR
      Billy Bob JR 6 days ago

      Joe London What are you saying? Learn to punctuate

    • Joe London
      Joe London 6 days ago

      Your mams probably your sister shut up

  • AJ Mckenzie
    AJ Mckenzie 7 days ago

    I get what joe means. Putting on weight when your skinny is so hard. Its disgusting stuffing food down your throat after eating already ,makes me gag. I'm skinny and still tryna bulk it's so so so hard.

  • Joshua Valsan
    Joshua Valsan 7 days ago

    JJ Thrives on People hating on him tho: the US crowd's booing will only make him more determined.

    • Nomaxiq
      Nomaxiq 6 days ago

      lol wtf no one booing JJ in u.s and good boxer doesn't care about thriving shit, it all depends on the boxing ability /skill. if one person does better then he will win.

  • TheBass SOL
    TheBass SOL 8 days ago +1

    I’m really hoping KSI wins but I’m worried man

    • Nomaxiq
      Nomaxiq 6 days ago +1

      I want logan to win but may the better boxer win this fight.

  • Zaid
    Zaid 8 days ago +1

    We want Gib vs Jake. Gib is more relevant than Jake now. Gib is getting more views on his videos than Jake, his tweets get way more likes than Jake and his sky sports interview also got 3-4 times more views than Jake's sky sports interview

  • Cool boy 83
    Cool boy 83 8 days ago

    What if JJ won the first Ksi vs Logan Paul, would JJ Be fighting a different person. Would this podcast be of JJ fighting a totally opposite TheXvidr And would JJ win this or lose is that the end of JJ boxing career will he continue? But that’s just a theory A TheXvidR THEORY

  • Assist King Özil #Arsenal

    Honestly want a Joe vs Ksi rematch

  • Vyxz
    Vyxz 8 days ago

    At the end oh da day.... Joe Weller is a great bloke, am i wrong m8, hell to the no maaajjjjttt. Theo aswell innit

  • haq
    haq 9 days ago

    Loool where the f is elliot. Please interview that guy

  • HellsSelectiveAiden69
    HellsSelectiveAiden69 9 days ago +6

    I hope logan wins, I'm sick of seeing ksi's mug everywhere, only time I wanna see it now is with a squashed tomato on his face.

    • Smash that like button
      Smash that like button 6 days ago

      He giggled at the situation not because he thought that suicide is funny if u actually watched the video u would see that the rest of the video he said that suiside is not a good choice but I don't blame u because u just listened to every body who said false things about the video but the thing he did wrong was to film the body like it was vlogging material and the thing with the dead rat which I personally did not think was that bad sorry for my English Im not that good have a nice day :)

    • Lethal Flow
      Lethal Flow 6 days ago


    • Lethal Flow
      Lethal Flow 6 days ago

      @HellsSelectiveAiden69 oh so...what does that make you?
      Worse than a disgrace?
      Because I doubt your TheXvid commentating,
      Fuckin narcissistic racist,
      Salty ass has accomplished half what he has
      He probably accomplished more than your entire fam
      Ever had or will
      Just somehow for your non existant,
      ratass to come along and be a cunt about it?

    • HellsSelectiveAiden69
      HellsSelectiveAiden69 6 days ago

      @Lethal Flowdon't even care about logan, only care about ksi losing, he's a disgrace.

    • HyperKiwi
      HyperKiwi 7 days ago

      @HellsSelectiveAiden69 u want ksi to lose fuck off

  • lisa hoggart
    lisa hoggart 10 days ago

    i so want ksi to get knocked on his arse

  • rams fan and dan
    rams fan and dan 11 days ago +1

    can u talk about what happend wi u and elliot

  • emin eroglu
    emin eroglu 11 days ago

    YO JOE IS SUCH A HATER! Still hating on KSI Come on fam just stfu

  • Obtainzs - Mw2 and Bo2 only.

    Are these two fucked anison gib vs faze ?

  • Gamestudio 16
    Gamestudio 16 15 days ago

    Hi joe if you read this can you talk about how Jake Paul is a pussy and will he really fight JJ after Logan thanks 🙏

  • Branden be Ballin
    Branden be Ballin 15 days ago

    Most people are forgetting that there’s no face guards so a knock out could be considered from logan or ksi

    PUNGOOLIE 888 17 days ago

    JJ has heart and determination, and it if there both equal in skill heart and grit always wins

  • River Banks
    River Banks 19 days ago

    its crazy that theyre cold enough to wear those jackets, i walk outside here in texas and melt

    • Joe London
      Joe London 6 days ago

      River Banks there in Norway you idiot

  • Lil Ginger
    Lil Ginger 19 days ago +1

    You should bring Theo to the abandoned mental asylum for a vid

  • Oli Mercer
    Oli Mercer 20 days ago

    I think this fight quality wise will be so much better, an extra year or whatever of training. Logan will look class, we'll see about ksi

  • wrath of zeus
    wrath of zeus 23 days ago +1

    What about joe weller vs anesongib

  • Kay Donnelly
    Kay Donnelly 25 days ago

    Logan will win

  • nayrilo
    nayrilo 26 days ago

    Very good podcast keep this up. Very good content

  • Juju
    Juju 28 days ago

    viddal will be with jj in vegas with the mayweathers lmao viddal is also trained by them why would he not go

  • Ewan Hearns
    Ewan Hearns 28 days ago

    you can't have amateurs on a pro undercard, impossible to have a youtuber card in which logan and ksi can not where headguards unless you make 12ish youtubers go pro haha

  • ad34rt
    ad34rt 28 days ago

    It's a shame that the youtube undercards not involved anymore. I wouldn't have given it to Eddie. But I get why they haven't. KSI says he wants to become a pro fighter. Logan Paul didn't exactly get many youtubers supporting him, and is a bit of a lone wolf with his brother, he'll be fine with youtube undercards gone, and a pro fight benefits Logan paul, the switch of gloves favours him and in general Logan Paul has a wrestling tournament background. I think both don't really champion the whole idea boxing to boost youtube, it's not about that anymore.

  • Heather S
    Heather S 28 days ago

    Joeeeee Logan is a lot smarter than KSI !!! Logan is gonna do it !!!

  • SB99
    SB99 29 days ago

    Are u in Norway??? Come to Bergen!!

  • Steve Skocki
    Steve Skocki 29 days ago

    Logan will win. Easy. Ksi is not ready for this... ksi will be ko'ed... he's not training correctly

  • guinness780
    guinness780 Month ago

    Like anyone gives a shit

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu Month ago

    Logan’s gonna snap his hamstring and pull out

  • Fabian Wolfgramm
    Fabian Wolfgramm Month ago

    What are you doing in my homecountry?

  • i want a scrap
    i want a scrap Month ago +1

    Like If KSI is going to win.

    Reply Is KSI is going to win.

  • Manny Montes
    Manny Montes Month ago

    We are basically gonna watch a coyote attack a dog

  • SerpentiusTV
    SerpentiusTV Month ago

    Yo, why are you guys in Norway???

  • Alex Tomlinson
    Alex Tomlinson Month ago +1

    Joe and Theo should organise their own TheXvid fights. Fuck Eddie Hearn. Rent a half decent venue with a ring and pay the ref and judges. They can put out hype videos and interviews with the fighters/TheXvidrs. For the fights that Eddie won't make Joe and Theo can host the fights. Also they could commentate the fights and do post fight breakdown vids etc. Plenty of potential for a Weller and Theo takeover here. Could even do MMA instead of boxing and get Michael Bisping on board. Joe would be more successful in MMA he's stocky and can probs wrestle ok. Which is where mma fights are won. Could even get True Geordie back on commentary. Make the fights free to stream on YT and just charge for ticket sales/press conf. Tickets

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini Month ago

    The crazy thing is JJ actually said the fight would be in November. And logan doubted him saying jj was scared, now look what has happened #nov9th

  • Dyl
    Dyl Month ago


    No I don’t want you to sub to my youtube..
    But you can if you want

    • aola wili
      aola wili Month ago

      At least jj was a good fighter

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov Month ago

    Lat last time I payed for the PPV and still watched on twitch. round 2 or should I say 'another one'. hahah

  • Endrit Emerllahu
    Endrit Emerllahu Month ago

    Joe looks like a Shelby.

    • aola wili
      aola wili Month ago

      I would rather jj win just cuz he was there before Logan and should win but I feel Logan could cut it

  • Yanis Messan
    Yanis Messan Month ago

    how is Logan the harder hitter?

    • KM
      KM Month ago

      hes much bigger

  • Jimmy Craven
    Jimmy Craven Month ago

    KSI needs to be a different fighter then the 1st time he faced Logan or he will lose by DQ for all the illegal punches he threw and thats not counting the ones after the bell.

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov Month ago


  • monika laosi
    monika laosi Month ago

    Joe "it doesnt take a boxing expert to see that" Weller

  • Phil Roberts
    Phil Roberts Month ago +1

    Scrap the boring pro fights and have this as the undercard:
    Gib vs Jake Paul
    W2s vs RiceGum
    Racka racka vs racka racka
    Fade sensei vs ?
    Add more in the replies

    • Phil Roberts
      Phil Roberts Month ago

      KM 10X better than boring pro fights

    • KM
      KM Month ago

      all the 12 year olds would love this